Soccer Game Has 90% Piracy Rate But Will Not Add DRM

Although PC soccer management sim Championship Manager is experiencing a 90% piracy rate, its publisher is not planning to add DRM to the mix.

Roy Meredith of Beautiful Game Studios told CVG:

[The 90% piracy figure is] not just a number in the air, we can measure it and we know that there are a huge amount of pirated copies. There’s a real issue around DRM … I’d love to defeat pirates, but actually, with all this mess on Spore and Football Manager, which I haven’t been able to play this year… I spent about three hours trying to go through this registration process and I really want to play it but I’ve got other things to do with my life.

There are actually other ways of dealing with piracy too. One is to compete price-wise. We haven’t got to pay [console licensing] royalties to Sony or Microsoft, so we can go into territories and price compete.

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