UGO Acquires 1UP… Mass Layoffs… EGM Dead

As numerous sources are reporting, Hearst’s UGO Entertainment has acquired 1UP from financially-troubled Ziff-Davis. Along with the 1UP sale, ZD is ceasing publication of Entertainment Gaming Monthly. Perhaps the best-known print publication for video game enthusiasts, EGM has been in operation since 1989.

Joystiq has a list of 1UP and EGM staffers who have lost their jobs. Among these are some well-known game journos, including James "Milkman" Mielke and Shane Bettenhausen.

Reactions have come swiftly and many are saddened by the layoffs:

Kombo has a list of Twitter accounts wherein several former and current 1UP and EGM staffers are tweeting about the situation.

-Former Computer Gaming World (yet another defunct ZD mag) editor Jeff Green blogged:

A sad day for all the folks at… my condolences go out to all those now looking for work. The list of people they decided to lay off is just crazy. Don’t ask me to make any sense of it, because I don’t see any.

R.I.P. They may keep your URL, there, but we all know better.

God of War designer David Jaffe blogged as well:

My heart goes out to all those 1up and EGM folks who lost their jobs today. It’s a real shame considering what an important part you guys/gals have played in the US gaming world all these years. Thanks for the many, many years of great, entertaining work.

-Valve Software tweeted a condolence:

Sorry to see things go down like that. Best of luck to the guys at EGM and GV

UPDATE: Jeff Green added a bit of a rant

UPDATE 2: EA’s Peter Moore weighs in:

I was saddened to see the announcement this afternoon that Electronic Gaming Monthly is closing its doors as  part of the Hearst acquisition of the Ziff Davis Media gaming assets. EGM has been a print publication mainstay of our industry for two decades, and while the real-time nature of web sites has put long-lead magazines and print media in general across most genres under real pressure, it is a sad day when such an important icon in gaming has to say goodbye.




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  1. GrlGmr says:

    No more Electronic Gaming Monthly?

    EGM was a mainstay of my gaming habit for 20 years. While I didn’t always have a subscription, I would usually pick up the latest issue or read the magazine at the bookstore when I didn’t have the cash. I have fond memories of crouching around the latest issue with a flock of fellow gamer nerds in Software Ect the early 90s, and chatting with the employees behind the counter. I currently have a subscription, and would look through the magazine at work since the firewall blocks most gaming related web pages.

    No more Seanbaby’s The Rest of the Crap? No more Quartermann? No more hoaxes in the April issue?

    Really, I feel like a part of me has died.

  2. Keddren says:

    UGO is still around for the same reason that IGN is still around:  their owners have mojor financial backing.  Let’s ignore the fact that both sites are, with regards to content as wlel as from a technical standpoint, heaping piles of excriment that I wouldn’t inflict on a Gitmo inmate.

  3. Prawninator says:

    Can you HONESTLY blame Sam for saying what he did? 

    Times are bad, he’s lucky enough that he got to keep his job as it is. I know many people (including Jeff, it seems) have this little goblin called BETRAYAL nom’ing on their shoulders, but really, what can you do during times like these? Money tends to speak louder than camaraderie at this point.

    Sam merely told the interviewer (and his bosses) what they want to hear, not necessarily what he wanted to say. Because losing your job right now, even if it may mean not standing by your co-workers and resigning when they get fired is just not the smart thing to do; after all, because of times like these there will be people CLAMOURING to fill up that empty seat.

  4. cristiana says:

    When I read this yesterday my heart sank, and I felt like I lost a good friend.  I started reading EGM with issue 2, and read every issue since then now 20 years later it is gone.  Plus it was bought out by (in my opinion) one of the worst gaming sites out there, I remember looking at UGO years ago, and thinking they were trash.  I was actually surprised they were still around, and even more surprised that they had enough money to purchase a gaming Institution.

    Even though I get a lot of my gaming information from the net, I still looked forward to getting the magazine every month in my mailbox.  I also never did mind the fact that their info came out later than every website.  It was also the only place I trusted for reviews, because after hundreds of issues with only a few review missteps, I felt their opinion was valid.

    I wish to say farewell to a magazine that has been with me most of my life, and I even shed a few tears over the loss.

  5. TBoneTony says:

    It is sad that one should bite the dust after so long in publishing a Games Mag.

    Back in the early 90’s when our fav 2D games were big and Mario Vs Sonic was a big thing. There was never any real games story that the newspapers ever printed,

    So that was when Videogame Mags entered the fray and they thrived.

    Of course some countries, like Australia, had to get copies from the UK and US 3 months behind everyone else until Hyper Magazine came allong Down Under.

    I feel sad for all those who love EGM as I was lucky to get a few of their issues.

    Do you guys in America get mags from the UK like GamesTM and Retro Gamer?

    Those are the ones I recogmend as they are both good reads of classic games and also moddern games…


  6. JustChris says:

    Been a subscriber since ’99, and now what should I read next? Play Magazine? Game Informer? Play is a joke to me and GI’s reviews seem too generous.

    I know magazines were made obsolete by the internet a long time ago, but we spend enough time as it is sitting in front of a screen, and laptops aren’t my idea of bathroom reading material.



  7. xemefex says:

    I love video games… so I have created a website for people who want to become a game tester.  You can check it out at **********.  I just thought that maybe you might be interested.

    AE:  No spam please.  Thanks.

  8. mootyslayer says:

    Although I have not subscribed to this magazine for awhile. It was one of my favorites growing up.

  9. PHOENIXZERO says:

    Not at all surprised this happened, it was only a matter of time. Still sucks since IMO EGM was the last decent cross platform game magazine.


    Has GamePro gone out of business yet?

  10. Keddren says:

    Son of a bitch there goes one of my favorite podcasts.  I hope everyone that just got raped right through the pants comes out of this alright.

  11. Tyriku says:

    …i…ihave nothing to say


    i’ve been a major reader of this mag for years and years

    now it’s gone


    i think i’m going to cry

  12. MrKlorox says:

    I’m offended that ZD/UGO would treat its employees and customers like this. After my EGM subscription gets switched and runs out, I’m finished with ZD media. And I have never, and will not knowingly support UGO at anytime in the future.

    I am especially offended at the way UGO is talking about this aquisition. They say great things about how the folks at 1UP are the hardest of hardcore about what they do and how awesome that is for the UGO network. Well all those great people that made 1UP work, you just fucking fired!

  13. MrKlorox says:

    That’s a shame. Gamepro is for 9 year olds and GI is for manchildren. The rest are for fanboys. I guess I’m officially done with print media.

  14. Derovius says:

     You really have nothing original to add, do you? All this internet culture you keep spewing in here looking for attention only makes you look stupid, you do understand that right? Oh wait, let me prempt your reply:


     There, I said it, you can go to bed now Shadow, the internets is safe for another day.

  15. MrKlorox says:

    Exactly. I know it’s a "blue" subject, but what the heck am I going to read when in there now? I specifically re-subscribed to EGM three years ago for that exact reason.

  16. garrett says:

    There goes my favorite bathroom reading material. So much better than that "other" magazine – something Informer. Used that one for so much TP.

    Seriously, EGM was the best, and deserves much better then that. I wish the best to all of them.

  17. MrKlorox says:

    They don’t even get to have a farewell issue or podcasts. Nothing at all. UGO/ZD could have at least let them make the January 2009 issue (with Wolverine on the cover) the final issue when it was being designed, as opposed to the (ironically fitting) "Hell Freezes Over" caption in the "next month" section.

  18. SimonBob says:

    Another victim of the slow death of the printing press.  They should go out on a huge, scathing story about a particularly terrible game, like Game Players did when they printed their Cosmic Race review.

    The Mammon Industry

  19. Waffles says:

    No NO!

    EGM was the only gaming perodical that actually knew what they were talking about, and now they’re gone!?


  20. Zerodash says:

    EGM only started doing any PC coverage after CGW/GFW shut down.  They spent the vast majority of their time as a console-only mag.

  21. Praetorian says:

    Now, I know I’ll get flak from the EGM’ers out there, but I didn’t think that mag was all that great. I just didn’t see a whole lot on PC games in the issues so it was a big let down for me.

    It’s sad to see people lose their jobs in the gaming market though, considering it’s the only market worth devoting anytime to these days.

    Good luck with your job hunting guys.


    "I’ve been told I’m the resident skeptic, but I wouldn’t believe that."

    ECA Seattle Chapter

  22. Doomsong says:

    Damn… 15 years ago EGM was the only real gaming mag out there… oh how the mighty have fallen

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  23. Zerodash says:

    As much as I can’t stand him, Shane Bettenhausen has a sizeable following.  Letting him go was the biggest suprise of all. 

  24. HungryHungryHomer says:

    This sucks beyond all that has sucked before! I’ve had a subscription to this magazine since like, issue #5!

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