Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For Scholarship

January 7, 2009 -

The Entertainment Merchants Association, the trade group which represents a large slice of video game retailers, has announced that it is accepting applications for its 2009 Entertainment Merchants Association scholarship.

Grants are awarded to incoming freshman as well as current college students. In order to be eligible, the student, a parent or spouse must work for an EMA-member company. Since 1987, more than 215 students have received over $1 million for college expenses.

EMA CEO Bo Andersen commented on the scholarship program:

The EMA Scholarship Foundation is more important than ever in these tough economic times. We are pleased to be able to assist the employees of EMA member companies and their immediate family members to be able to afford higher education.

Click here for scholarship application details.


Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For  evden eve nakliyat

evden eve nakliyat

Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

Drats, Drats, Drats.

I work in a small time video game retailing store for seven years now. I am in my last semester in college and I didn't see this opportunity coming.

-Your friendly video game lobbyist

Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

Better than nothing though, I think thats probably the point and if people are working already, they probably need a bit less financial help that full time students.


I'd apply for one myself except that they'd probably discriminate against me based on the fact I'm not in an american university and I'm not working in game retail. To quote Bender: This is the worst kind of discrimination, the kind that affects me!

Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

I'm not trying to be a negative creep or anything, but the amount seems a bit modest. Perhaps shame on me saying that. I dunno. I'm in agreement with the points made about actual costs today and how far this cash could go. It seems wrong for me to be negative about something good. *hopes that karma doesn't exist*

I'm new, so be gentle on me!
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Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

cannot help but point out that these scholarships are small.... while anything is enough to help, i'm wondering how many people got the scholarship and still didn't do anything.

1 million divided by 215 = ?

Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

$4,651.16 Just so you know.

For most people that would cover 1-2 semesters. That is a big Help.

I wish I knew about this when I worked for EB back in college.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA
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Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

i'd actually done the math, i just typed it out like that so peple had to do thier own work :)

My brother went to University a few years ago, 4600 bucks wouldn't have even covered his first semester, and all he took was the basic stuff, plus a physics course. Fortunately the military was paying for all that.

I guess college is more popular in the US though, where here in canada everybody goes for University (well, most anyway)

Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

My college was $3,200 the first semester and $3,800 the last semester.  The college my sister went to was between $2,500 and $3,000, cheapest college in the state, but still top 3 for her field.  It just depends where you go. 

It bottoms out around $2,500 for credited state universities in the right state from what I have seen, and $5,000-$8,000 is common.  Different schools within the university can cost more too.  The art program at my old university would be $6,000 a semester.  Prices can get up into $40,000 per semester.

For those interested in going into the game industry, DigiPen is $5,700 per semester.

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Re: Work for Game Retailer? You Might Be Eligible For

My wife is going to a University this semester and the semester is only around $4500. At college that would cover 2 semesters.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA
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