Can You Save the Economy? Play The Bailout Game

While the current state of the economy isn’t much fun, The Bailout Game offers a somewhat entertaining look at the financial mess wrought by the ugly marriage of Wall Street greed and governmental ineptitude.

The web-based offering uses board game-style interface and challenges the player to selectively bailout financial institutions and the auto industry, all the while trying to keep one step ahead of recession.

Although we found the game worth a try, Ian Bogost of Water Cooler Games was less enthusiastic:

The game itself is a repetitive and seemingly meaningless trudge from square to square (bank to bank), each offering the same basic question: Do you bail out: YES or NO? No matter your answer, you’ll get an animation or video with some vaguely related news bit or textual riff…


I was never able to determine why or how the game wanted me to chose to bail out specific banks or to let them fail, save for invoking the "Ask a Greenspan" button or following obvious hints on the playing cards. It’s games like this that make me wonder if I should give up tracking them entirely.

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