Obama’s Choice to Chair FCC is Net Neutrality Advocate

President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to head the Federal Communications Commission seems like a win for gamers and online businesses, among others.

As Ars Technica reports, Julius Genachowski (left) is a proponent of Net Neutrality (and if you’re not sure why that’s important to gamers check out the ECA’s Gamers For Net Neutrality advocacy page). Genachowski is also said to be against media consolidation.

Ars Technica quotes Josh Silver of media reform group Free Press on Genachowski:

Under Julius Genachowski’s leadership, the FCC’s compass would point toward the public interest.

Meanwhile, Steve Augustino, a Washington, D.C. attorney who works with Net Neutrality issues, praised Genachowski:

Genachowski was a senior advisor to former FCC chairman Reed Hundt in the 1990s and went on to an Internet business career afterward.  He was leading Obama’s Technology Working Group prior to this designation.  This is very good news for Internet-based businesses.  The FCC will have a chair that understands your issues.

FULL DISCLOSURE DEPT: The ECA is the parent company of GamePolitics.

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