The After-party Buzz on Second Life’s Obama Inaugural Balls

Yesterday, we mentioned that numerous Obama inauguration-themed events would be occurring in Second Life.

This morning, Bixyl Shuftan of Second Life Newspaper recaps a pair of virtual inaugural balls which took place in SL:

I checked Netroots, the group of liberal political bloggers… There were about 40 people in their dance floor area, with a musician singing live on stage…

At one point, one attendee asks, “Looking for an American.” This was followed by cheers, “Yay, we love Americans!” “You done great today – keep it up!” “Happy day for Americans, and I hope for everyone else too.” “CONGRATS AMERICANS …. From DOWNUNDER!” Almost everyone was in formal wear, with two ladies wearing dresses with Obama’s likeness on the skirt…


Gemma and I then went to the Inaugural Ball at the Capitol Hill sim… As an officially neutral area, Obama didn’t get the lavish kind of praise he got at the Netroots as he did here, but he did get some, “Oh yes, one of the best days in American history.” “It is hard for me to define…. but if nothing else I do have an increased sense of optimism and pride in my country.” “Obama will certainly have an impact on streaming media.”


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