Publisher Responds to “Islam is the Light” DS Game Controversy

Earlier this week GamePolitics reported on an Indiana mother’s complaint that her daughter’s Baby Pals game for the Nintendo DS uttered the phrase "Islam is the light."

We asked Crave Entertainment, which publishes Baby Pals, to comment on the claims, which mirror a similar controversy involving a Fisher-Price doll last autumn.

We’ve just received a response from Crave’s Marketing Director, Doug Panter:

In creating the Nintendo DS game “Baby Pals”, the game developer Brain Toys / InXile used sounds files to simulate the life like baby noises and babbling.  The sounds are publicly available for license.  It is a recording of a 5 month old baby babbling non-intelligible phrases.  In over 200 hours of testing the product, no recognizable English words or phrases were discernable.  

The sound in question of this babble may sound like the words night, right or light, but it is only coincidence as the baby recorded was too young to pronounce these words let alone a whole grammatically correct phrase.

We at Crave Entertainment and InXile regret that there was any misinterpretation of the baby noises and in no way have intentionally put any words or phrases into the baby sounds.

We hope this eases any concerns and fans continue to enjoy playing the game.

GP: Crave’s explanation that it licensed the baby talk sound file helps make sense of how "Islam is the Light" plagued the Little Mommy Cuddle and Coo doll as well. Fisher-Price probably licensed the same audio.

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  1. rhondi61 says:

    It is interesting to me that not a single posting has been made from the standpoint of actual linguistics. There are a lot of emotional tirades and judgmental, even hypocritical statements, but not much intelligent discussion. Regardless of what Crave Entertainment’s publicity statement has been, if you listen carefully and with an unbiased, intelligent ear to the sound clip you cannot possibly agree that it is meaningless or random babbling "noises." It has the cadence and form of purposeful language.

    Whether or not the content of the language is "offensive" to some, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves if we want the possibility — and I stress POSSIBILITY, because CRAVE has stated this was a "coincidence" if you choose to believe that — of our children’s toys being used as vehicles for messages we are unaware of? What if it was a sinister message that YOU would have absolutely ABHORRED your children being exposed to? For some of you, there may be NOTHING in this world that would apply; but I think for the majority of you caring, involved parents there ARE things you would choose to monitor at certain ages, and you would not consider yourselves "stupid," "paranoid," "racist", or "bigoted" for doing so. Children of all ages are like sponges; they’re constantly learning, soaking up information from every experience and everything around them. To say that "it doesn’t matter" or "they’re too young too understand" is a cop-out!

    How many of you have been embarrassed by your two-year-old mimicking something you’ve said or done that you didn’t want exposed in public? And believe me, they can understand a lot more than they can say back to you at a VERY young age, even before they can walk! So to discount the intelligence of children by saying it doesn’t matter what their toys say or do is to do them a great disservice.

  2. Doomsong says:

    I’m sure the attention is a big part of this story. If this were the 80’s she would have magicaly heard "Black Mass is tonight" or "Ollie North is always right"… Honestly it sounds to me like it says "Trophy wife, get a life"

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  3. asmodai says:

    We at Crave Entertainment and InXile regret that there was any misinterpretation of the baby noises and in no way have intentionally put any words or phrases into the baby sounds.


    A better way to have said this would be:

    We at Crave Entertainment and InXile regret that there was any idiot out there stupid enough to misinterpret baby noises in to a pro-Islam message.  We obviously didn’t set the "lowest common denominator" bar low enough on this, our bad…

  4. chadachada321 says:

    I showed my sister the audio clip, without any predisposition, and she could only hear "God" at first, then "God….Light." Just goes to show what kind of idiots are out there…


    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  5. travelsize says:

    I prefer the Olly from Sifl & Olly; he’d be just as imbalanced but also hock Precious Roy products 😛

  6. Briggs says:

    You’re right. Let’s go live to Olly for his take on this. Olly?


    Thank you Olly, now on to Asian reporter Tricia Takenawa.

  7. Adamas Draconis says:

    Wasn’t that one of the times Black Sabbath got sued because someone was listening to one of their record when he rode the 38 special out of town?

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  8. Lex-Man says:

    There was a court case in England over records being played backwards giving satanic messages.  The band responsible went out and bought the first record they could lay there hands on played it backwards and found a phrase that sounded a bit like "Do you want some lemonade"  they played it to the judge and it was thrown out of court.

  9. mogbert says:

    What? That really doesn’t make any sense. All we need are GOOD reporters, and someone higher up in the mamagement chain that doesn’t cave to the least common denominator.

    As a test, I played the babbling to my wife over and over, I asked her to try and here what it is saying. She said she thought there was something there, but she couldn’t hear any distinct words. If you aren’t listening for those words, you don’t hear anything, and now we know that it was done by a 5 month old baby… man those DEEP undercover terrorists are the worst. 

  10. JustChris says:

    We need more Muslim reporters on American news stations to prevent bullshit like this from getting on the air. We have black reporters, Hispanic reporters, Asian reporters, and hopefully soon Muslim female reporters, and maybe wearing a hijab so it is clear to the audience that she is Muslim.


  11. mogbert says:

    I would just like to point out that I nailed this in the first post on the other story, I guessed it was simply a licenced library of baby sounds!

    I don’t have a dedicated victory phrase, so if you don’t mind, I’ll be doing my victory dance over here.

    <(‘-‘<) <( ‘-‘ )> (>’-‘)>

  12. Zevorick says:

    I heard it and was managed to translate "islam is the light" but that was probably due to the coverage saying "that’s what it says!". When the brain expects a certain message to come out it will often plug in missing consonants and other sounds so that you hear exactly what you want. It’s the brain fooling itself in this case.


    So basically not only is this attention whore starving for attention, but she has ruined a perfectly good toy and video game for hundreds of other childishly and ignorantly protective parents

    Honestly, why is the phrase so danged offensive in the first place? Jesus Christ crucified to a pogo stick, quit being so religiously close minded.

    I remember the Penn & Teller bullshit episode on profanity in which a woman would replace god damnit with Buhda darnit, because she said "if you are going to take a diety’s name in vain, it might as well be someone you don’t worship". Oh yeah, it’s perfectly fine to defame the name of another god and "insult" those who follow it, but when it’s YOUR God, suddenly it’s time to make a constitutional amendment.

  13. shady8x says:

    Well people supposedly see the light when they die so…

    Plus most light comes from huge infernos in the sky… approaching them is deadly…


    anywho like I said in the previous thread on this:

    This sound in dolls is the great terrorist invasion that Bush warned us about for 8 years… We blew up Iraq to prevent such things from happening but the election of the Irish president has withdrawn bush’s protection!!! We are now all doomed…damn you liberals what have we done!!?!?!?

    P.S.(yes obama is part irish…)

  14. Austin_Lewis says:

    The other thing that’s a good tip off is when they have the ‘exclusive’ interview.  Much like that woman who changed genders and then got pregnant, it indicates you’re in it for the attention, not for whatever’s actually happening. 

  15. Nocturne says:

    I think that’s very likely, surely most people would just think "Hey that sound’s a but like it’s saying Islam is the Light, how odd" and leave it at that, it’s not like it sounds like "Death to the West"

  16. chadachada321 says:

    I can definately here it, but I can hear it being other words too. And I’m not paranoid or a bigot..

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  17. chadachada321 says:

    Lol, it was still stupid of Sony to have done it in my opinion. And if they get any flak, just openly say, "Hey, you guys are intolerant, racist bastards, and this is JUST A GAME"

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  18. Arcanagos says:

    That’s a bit different, correct me if i’m wrong, but i think it was the publisher’s own choice to recall it before it offended anyone (and who can blame them, with all the "OMGZ IZLAMZ IZ EVIL!!!!11one" hysteria…. this is just someone crying out for attention from the media because she doesnt have anything better to do

  19. Neeneko says:

    I actually suspect it has something to do with native accent.  It seems like people from certain regions can hear it and others can not.  Though it could also be the high percentage of scared paranoid bigots in those areas too…..

  20. MaskedPixelante says:

    Well, actually it IS possible. If you stick one finger in your ear, turn up the volume on your tv, put your open ear to the speaker, and have a disabling brain condition that translates unintelligable babblings into "Islam is the light" then yes, you would hear it.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  21. -Jes- says:

    Seriously.. Just listening to the blabber from that video..


    HOW IN THE 7 LAYERS OF HELL did that hag manage to get "Islam is the light" out of that jibberish?!!

    Sheesh, talk about selective hearing.

  22. Bennett Beeny says:

    I’m sorry, but even if the baby DOES say ‘Islam is the light’, what difference should that make?  It’s a meaningless phrase unless you add a lot of context that kids that age just aren’t ready to internalize.  Saying it’s worrisome is like saying the phrase ‘fixing carburettors is enjoyable’ is dangerous for kids to hear.  Both phrases are completely meaningless to kids unless you add some sort of in-depth explanation to them.

  23. IsoNeko says:

    Personally, I would have turned it back on the Mother.


    It’s odd how both the toys she finds, both have the exact same audio file inside them, and both times she reported it to the press, and both times they get lengthy news coverage. I’m convinced here, that theres something bigger going on, a conspiracy by the news possibly, anti-Islam paranoia, and coming from me, who absolutely hates Conspiracy Theorists, is a big statement.

  24. GoodRobotUs says:

    Personally, my response would have been.

    ‘Dear Critics, we at Crave Entertainment and InXile have lives, we suggest you try one, it’s fun!’

  25. Kalerender says:

    I can’t help but laugh everytime I see that youtube video, the ‘still’ that it starts on via previews makes her look more then a bit damaged in the brain.

  26. olstar18 says:

    Not sure if its paranoia, racism, bigotry, or idiocy myself. Might also be a more than healthy dose of media brainwashing.

  27. gamadaya says:

    I’m not going to say these parents are paranoid for noticing (although they are stupid for caring about it). My friends little sister had this doll, and he asked me to listen to what it was saying. I listened, and it took me only about 3 times to determine that it was, in fact, "Islam is the light." He didn’t tell me beforehand what he thought it said either, we both came to the conclusion separately. All he told me was that it said something really weird. And even if it doesn’t sound like "Islam is the light," it still sounds really, really out of place. The other sounds sound like noises a baby would make, while this one sounds like inteligible speach


    Internet troll > internet paladin

  28. hellfire7885 says:

    Oh please, if a company did a mass recall every time someone was offended by something, real or percieved, then no one would make any money.

    All kids would be left with are sticks, then there’ed be a demand for a recall on those because little johny pretended one was a gun

  29. Neeneko says:

    Well is it not obvious? This baby must actually be a stealth jihad islamist out to corrupt other babies!

    I am sure after listening to this game droves of good Christian girls will demand that they be put into arranged marriages with 60 year old forigners.

  30. Freyar says:

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed in the video if I hadn’t had a biased pre-disposition for it. I was listening for "Islam is the Light" to see if I could find it, and because it’s random babbling, it’s what I heard. No problem on Crave or InXile’s part.

    —- There is a limit for both politicians against video games, and video games against politicians.

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