Madden Predicts Steelers Will Win… What About You?

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win Super Bowl XLIII by a score of XXVIII – XXIV.

At least, that’s the word from EA Sports. The publisher used its best-selling Madden NFL 2009 to predict the outcome of today’s big game.

An EA Sports press release says that the game will be close:

Holding off a fourth quarter comeback by the Cardinals, the Steelers bring the Vince Lombardi trophy back to the Steel City for the second time in the past four years and for a sixth time in franchise history, setting an NFL record.

GP: So, GamePolitics readers, who do you think will win? Leave a comment with your prediction of the final score…

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  1. Bennett Beeny says:

    That’s pretty amazing – only one point difference for each team.  Maybe it’s time to retire the real superbowl and just go with the Madden one.  Then maybe we can reintroduce cricket to America, LOL.

  2. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Lemme guess, Prime 1, right? Easy kill. Plasma Beam, not Super Missiles. Saves your Missiles for when you need them. Prime 3 can be a bit of trouble. I’ll save my advice for Meta Ridley in that game for when you reach it.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  3. Zaruka says:

    even tho i dont like  football i use to in arizona so im hoping the Cardinals win just of that more of a baseball fan go arizona d-backs lol. which suxs becuse living in oklahoma and not having a pro baseball team. hopefully we get one.


    Thanks Zaruka

  4. hayabusa75 says:

    Personally, I saw his prediction as a thinly veiled analogy to himself, you know with the underdog pulling out the win and all.

    Then again, maybe I’m giving Jack a little too much credit.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  5. SimonBob says:

    Steelers by 10 to beat the spread.

    And I’ve mentioned it practically every time I came around over the past week, but a certain armchair ex-lawyer had the Cards by 14 in one of his rambling meta-posts on the NY game bill story.  I couldn’t drag out a further explanation from him, unfortunately.

    The Mammon Industry

  6. Orange Soda says:

    I never liked football. On the rare occasion that I did end up watching, I always rooted for the clock.

    I think I’ll play No More Heroes tonight instead.

  7. ZippyDSMlee says:

    WHo cares about football?

    AE: Please stop spamming unrelated posts with your gripes about stories GP has not written.


    Gore,Violence,Sexauilty,Fear,Emotion these are but modes of transportation of story and thought, to take them from society you create a society of children and nannys, since adults are not required.

  8. DarkSaber says:

    That doesn’t really answer his question though, does it.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  9. Kincyr says:

    anytime score is irrelevant, I think of this:

    Marge: So many choices… Can’t I just bet that all the horses will have a good time?

    Bookie: You want that line. (Points over to the counter labeled "Wuss Bets")

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  10. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Steelers will win. Score is irrelevant.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  11. Bennett Beeny says:

    So what’s the context?  Do these Madden "official pre-plays" have any record of accurate predictions?

  12. black manta says:

    I really don’t care as I’m not into sports at all.  And whenever the Superbowl comes up, I always think of Andy Milonakis’ "Superbowl is Gay" song.

    If I do watch it at all, it’ll be for the commercials, especially the movie trailers.  A lot of the ones they’ll be showing are for ones I’m especially interested in seeing including Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Race to Witch Mountain and Land of the Lost.  Then again, I can see them all online if I miss them.

  13. finaleve says:

    I was gonna use my old school Football Handheld from Mattel.  The one with a bunch of little lights that are supposed to represent players and the football.

  14. BearDogg-X says:

    Cardinals 27, Steelers 24

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  15. hayabusa75 says:

    It all depends on the ability of the Steelers to pressure Warner and force turnovers.  If they can keep him off balance, the Steelers win going away, 30 – 13.

    If not, I see a closer game with the Steelers winning 24 -20.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

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