Penny Arcade is the Light…

Last week, GamePolitics reported on the case of an Indiana mother who complained that her daughter’s Baby Pals Nintendo DS game uttered the phrase "Islam is the light."

Our exclusive follow-up with publisher Crave Entertainment explained how developers added the game’s audio files and why the "Islam" line is little more than an auditory illusion.

Now, the Penny Arcade crew has waded into the controversy in their inimitable way. Hit the PA link for the full cartoon…

GP: Big thanks to longtime reader CyberSkull for the tip!!

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  1. questionmark1987 says:

    Maybe god is talking to her and telling her to change religions… lol or maybe she’s just bat friggin nuts.

  2. CyberSkull says:

    Penny Arcade is the light!

    Seriously, though, these people are making a mountain out of a molehill, then expecting it to come to them.

  3. Bennett Beeny says:

    Actually, the first panel kinda stands on its own.  This woman, and the media, are acting as if those words are the worst kind of foul language imaginable.  Hehe, I figured that there were some crazed Jihadists who might react to the words ‘Jesus is the Light’ in that way, but I guess I didn’t realise how similar to the militant Islamists some of our homegrown wackos are.

    But then again, our religious wackos don’t wage war on people of other religions… oh, hang on… yeah, I guess they do.

  4. ZippyDSMlee says:

    BWA BWA BWA BWA!! That is awesome!

    Gore,Violence,Sexauilty,Fear,Emotion these are but modes of transportation of story and thought, to take them from society you create a society of children and nannys, since adults are not required.

  5. Alex says:

    It’s news when a gaming and satire comic produces gaming satire related to previous news posts that have appeared on this site.

    It’s not like Penny Arcade is the only comic they ever link, after all, but their comics do coincide with GP’s stories pretty often.

    I’m not under the affluence of incohol as some thinkle peep I am. I’m not half as thunk as you might drink. I fool so feelish I don’t know who is me, and the drunker I stand here, the longer I get.

  6. catboy_j says:

    Is it really news when a gaming and satire comic produces gaming satire? It just feels like ads every time I see a penny arcade comic on this site nya.

  7. mogbert says:

    Dang, I have their books and video games. I think their brand of humor is pretty good. I also like the fact that their written portion of the site is often as funny as the comic.

  8. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

    Win! Epic Win! Gabe and Tycho have done it again!

    *cools down*

    Now that I’ve said that, I find the panel that’s in the screenshot to be quite hilarious.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  9. Void Munashii says:

      I have been a reader of PA since about their second year, and this comic is exactly why.

      I like that they ignored the bigotry one could spot in her reaction and instead went with the idea that she’s completely fruit loops.


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