PC Gaming Alliance Rolls Out New Website

The PC Gaming Alliance, which welcomed publisher Capcom to its ranks last week, has unveiled a new website.

The updated PCGA home page is definitely an improvement over the original. Randy Stude, PCGA president, commented on the transition: 

Visitors… will see that the PCGA is the place that PC Gaming companies of all types can come together to collaborate to help solve problems that plague our industry. Our membership remains steadfast in the belief that this is vital to ensuring the continued growth and health of PC Gaming globally.

GP: Now if they’d just update their blog once in a while…

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    shamrock says:

    Anything that can improve the status of PC gaming I’m fully in support of. PC gaming has been sucking lately thanks to the big companies pulling back on resources. I feel jipped. My paid big money for my rig, and honestly its way different than my xbox 360. I guess the piracy bug has really been the driving force behind pc gaming and suckage. Thats too bad. I hope the free pc game model works with Ea’s battlefield heroes. Either that or Starcraft will bring PC gaming back to the forefront.

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    Spartan says:

    The new design is nice. Now about the DRM assfuckery and key locking…


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    paketep says:

    I see that the PCGA still has their priorities straight. Things they do nothing about:

    – Over the top DRMs

    – Over the top prices

    – Bad ports

    – Forced console exclusives

    – Bad control of sales (not taking most online sales into account)

    Of course, half of their members are PC’s worst offenders: Microsoft (monopoly, buying exclusives for xbox, forcing delays in PC release dates, abysmal OS support, PC market rupture with DX9 & DX10…), Intel (integrated graphics chips), Epic (hates PC, why are they even in the PCGA?), ATI  & nVidia (price fixing), etc.

    And what do they do?

    – A new website

    – (every two months, from any member at random) EVERYTHING IS BECAUSE OF PIRACY!!!! PIRACY IS BAD!!!! PIRACY IS KILLING PC!!!!

    With these friends, who wants enemies?.

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    lordlundar says:

    <looks at website, most notably member companies>

    I thought the CEO of EPIC said they weren’t developing for PC after their UT3 debacle that they blamed on piracy. Doesn’t sound like someone I want promoting PC gaming.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    How about tell devs not to lock keys and ensure all PC games are full customizable control wise….. the port and dumb mentality of modern gaming is making the console version more configurable than the PC version…


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