GP Poll: Racism in RE5 ?

With the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 drawing closer, the debate over whether the game contains racist imagery has been rekindled.

What do you think?

Register your opinion in the GamePolitics poll at left…


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  1. ElfyEikal says:

    No. its not RACISM.

    Technology have risen with age. and Things like Bio-Chemical Warfare are not some Fantasy anymore. Even back then during WWII people have already meddled in Bio-Chemical Warfare.

    I believe that Resident Evil and others like it, Be it the movies, the games that Depict the utter chaos of a Viral Outbreak is actually a Simulation to show people what might happen if things like these prevails. Its just like what Jack Thompson says. instead of Looking at FPS as a MURDER simulator. why not Look at it as an Education Simulator? and things like HALO, Gears Of War, Killzone, Resistance. its a matter of Defence. i mean. Anybody can hold a gun but these games actually teaches people to defend instead of to kill. Yeah Jack Thompson look at it as a MURDER SIMULATOR. i’d give him HALO and force him to play. he’d then think of many other reasons why FPS is actually Important in building the Confidence and Courage to people. and also things such as WWII simulator. it actually helps MORE people who aren’t interested in History to look at it in a New Light.

    As i was Saying. Resident Evil 5 could be a Fictional Simulator on how such a Terrorist act would befallen in our everyday lives.

    and one more thing. lets say this happen. and you’re Black. a white guy turned zombie wants to eat you up. would you say "I WON’T KILL YOU! CAUSE I’D BE COMMITTING A RACIST ACT!" if you do, then you’re an idiot. =) (rights to self-defence)

    Vitality Before Violence

  2. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Speaking of which, did they also ban his little worshiper, who was it… Sage?


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  3. Miang says:

    I haven’t seem the scenes in question so I have no context to place them in. But let me ask this: Are we to assume every time fiction portrays black men attacking someone of a different race that we are viewing racsit imagery? If that is the basic assumption — that any violence by black men immidiately constitutes rascist imagery — then a lot of things I wouldn’t have considered rascist become so. In my opnion outraged reactions to images like what I have heard about this one perpetuate rascism. It seperates what images are acceptable based solely on race. Doesn’t that just help to maintain a divide? One we claim we are trying to move past? 

  4. Austin_Lewis says:

    You know, I haven’t seen the Percentages fluctuate more than a point or two since 420 votes, when I voted.

  5. Asahi says:

    I actually *did* try and use the reply button three different times, and each time it said my post had no text, so that was a computer error. I physically couldn’t reply, so 😛

    1) They have lots to gain, publicity for the site, publicity for the owners of the site, which could lead to TV/media appearances to talk about the "controversy", etc. There’s plenty of ways to capitalise from a manufactured "controversy".

    2) Your opinion is not fact.

    3) I’ve never said I’m superior to anyone, so don’t put words in my mouth. Being sick to death of hearing people talk about a supposed "controversy" that doesn’t actually exist has nothing to do with superiority.

  6. Agrona says:

     I was prepared to answer "no" to this, but the wording of the question changed my mind.


    Yes, I believe the game contains "racist imagery."  That is, I’m sure there are seens that can and will be perceived as racist.

    Do I think there was any racist intent, or is it a "racist game"?  — Absolutely not.

  7. Nekowolf says:

    At 2:28 EST, it is at:

    "Based on what we know so far, do you think that Resident Evil 5 contains racist imagery?"

    Yes: 8%

    No: 83%

    Unsure: 9%

    Total Votes: 1188

  8. Michael Chandra says:

    Why bother replying to something that sounds correct? I’ll start arguing when people come with loads of bull.

  9. Austin_Lewis says:

    Interesting that you feel you can correct his spelling, but you’re not smart enough to click the little button that says ‘Reply’.  Astounding and hilarious, really. 

    I suggest before you talk down to people, you pull your head out your ass.

    And now, some quick facts!

    1) GP has nothing to gain from ‘generating controversy’.  There are no ads on this sight that generate revenue, therefore they have nothing to gain from click.

    2) Reporting on a controversy is not generating controversy.  There is a difference- learn it.

    3) You seem to feel superior to people, much like Derovius.  Just like him, you’re a testament to what a massive ego and a mediocre intellect can produce.

  10. hellfire7885 says:

    I can’t see the poll myself, but regardless…


    If a being is coming at me with a garden tool, an ax, a chainsaw, whatever, they’re getting shot, no matter the skin color.

  11. Paulrus says:

    For me, the scenery just works. Africa with some volitile countries and tribes who have militants who so terrible things to people. It’s not racist, but it is rather uncomfortable. Remember, screenshots show that there are also white zombies. Capcom better have a well spun statement prepared. For me, i’m just going to play the game with the mindset that i’m slaughtering more mind-controlled peasents.

    I’m an attention whore. So visit my DevaintArt and feed my ego. Feed the whore.

  12. MachShot1337 says:

    To be fair, those who think the game purposly contains racist imagery is mentaly retarded, and their oppinions can not be held to literal standards. It’s not their fault.

    Rude sarcasm asside, look, its not that hard to tell that all of region in the game is infected. There ARE no normal africans in the game because of the virus.

    Seriously, what game company in their right mind would WANT to put racism in a game considering how PC this country is? The thing with claims of racism these days, is that they are mostly done without thinking. Such is unfortunate because it belittles the importance and credibility of claims of racism that are actualy true. (p.s. they’re not in games)

    And this whole argument about not racism, but "racist imagery" is bull if you ask me. I’m sorry I sound rude here, but stupidity pisses me off, and the people who genuinely think the game is racist are triggering that (so I mean no offense to those that think it does have this imagery based on what some idiot or overly-sensitized person denotates from the game). Luckly this site is virtualy devoid of those people who really think the game is racist. Capcom should not be held at all to what some PC-addicts falsy denote from a game.

    Should I take it that Halo has anti-religious imagery? Because the Covenant is religious and killing humanity?

    Should I take it that Super Mario Baseball has pro-steroids imagrer? Because the characters hit the ball at inhuman standards?


    That all sounds stupid. So shouldnt the notion that RE5 contains racist imagery be stupid too? Sure, someone will always denote some bull from anything. That doesn’t mean the person who made it be held accountable at all. 

  13. Austin_Lewis says:

    Honestly, the only way you can get my ass to go to Africa is with a fat sack of cash and provision for things that I’ll want there (Rifle, Armor, Potable Water, MRE’s).

  14. Benji says:

    I haven’t seen Joystiq take a side on the racist/not racist debate – they’ve just been reporting on other people that are saying it’s racist.  Can’t speak for the other outlets you mention as I don’t really read them, but the ‘RE5 is racist’ angle has gotten a lot more play than the ‘RE5 isn’t racist’ angle.  And a quick search of Joystiq finds three articles reporting on other media outlets/blogs complaining about the racism and nothing about anyone actively saying it’s not racist.  The only thing I found actively saying the game isn’t racist is a GP article from 10/27/08 with statements from the game’s producer.  The article didn’t get that much attention or interest if comment counts are any metric (52 for that article, versus 250+ for other articles talking about people that are calling the game racist.)

    And if there’s only 3 people speaking against the game, that only proves the point – GP’s reported extensively on this ‘racist controversy’ which really is only controversial to three people as you say.

  15. Rob Alister says:

    Your kind of comments are the most common I’ve seen. No one is saying fighting black zombies is racist. For the love of God please read what people are saying about the game before you speak.

  16. Asahi says:


    Yes, and Austin Lewis’ response is so much more thought out than mine. /sarcasm

    And the word is rebuttal. If you’re going to criticise my intellect, I suggest you learn to spell properly. 


  17. Rob Alister says:

    WTF are you talking about?

    "I’m kind of wondering how much real controversy there is.  Five or ten people with too much racial sensitivity and with blogs or jobs writing game columns might complain about it and make it seem like lots of people are up in arms over something"

    There’s only been 3 people who actually spoke out about the game.


    "So we’re going to mostly hear just one side of the debate, because the other side (the side that says there’s no racism) isn’t interesting enough to spill any ink over."

    IGN, TeamXbox, GameSpot, GameTrailers, JoyStic and BoingBoing sure don’t see any racism and they’re bloggers. Think before you speak.

  18. Rob Alister says:

    Not trying to sound racist but how many Japanese people do you think actually explored Africa before making this game?

  19. Rob Alister says:

    You don’t know how it was intended to be. In Japan they have different views on foreigners and some of those views are negative. What’s the excuse? The excuse is it’s their country and they can say and do whatever they want. But it doesn’t mean they’re right about what they say. *sigh* I believe I’ve gotten off-topic and started ranting, sorry about that.

  20. mredria says:

    The poll confuses me. The imagery isn’t racist TO ME, but it certainly can be interpreted that way. They game isn’t racist, I think, because it’s about zombies, not race. Maybe it’s racist against zombies…

    Unfortunately you can’t control how people percieve something, and it becomes even harder when images are plucked out of context. Some people WILL make it racist, but I don’t think it was intended to be.

    -I apologize-

  21. HarmlessBunny says:

    Damn, no zombie Canadians 🙁 *cries* Can a game ever represent us Canadians? (with a great exception of Call of Duty 3! We kicked butt in that 😀 )

  22. Sparky Clarkson says:

    There is a difference between the game being racist and the game containing racist imagery. Nobody, or at least nobody responsible, is suggesting that the developers at Capcom are bigots who genuinely believe that black people are monsters who must be slaughtered by beefy white supermen. However, the imagery reported so far, and even what I saw in the demo, is pretty troubling. In America, it was not so long ago that the idea of black men raping white women was a major impetus towards white-on-black violence, and one that was so powerful that black boys were lynched and murdered for such crimes as whistling at white women (e.g. Emmett Till). There are still parts of the south where it is not safe, as in it is life-risking, for a black man to date a white woman, because of this image. Even if Capcom are not racists, and do not intend any racial message with the game, the image (among others) remains a concern because of its history.

  23. fugori says:

     We shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the objections that, you know, those non-gamers might have regarding the imagery.

    First, there’s a difference between racism and racist imagery.  I don’t think that the game is racist at all, and I think that’s obvious to almost everyone.  But I’m sympathetic to the claim that the game occasionally has racist imagery.  Or, I think we should be at least be willing to explore the claim.  Like one of the previous posters mentioned, images of black men dragging off white women, or otherwise assaulting them, is old-timey racist bread-and-butter.  It doesn’t mean that the game is racist, or the designers, or that it was in any way intentional, but I think there’s something to be said about considering these things seriously if we really want to convince anyone outside of our insular culture that games really can be art.

    I’m just sayin’.

  24. Austin_Lewis says:

    I think that anyone who claims this is racist should go to Africa.  Go off the beaten paths, and see what happens.  I swear to God, everyone is acting like Africa isn’t a place where you can get skinned for not using the right greeting. 

    And before someone says ‘its not that way everywhere’ thats true.  In larger cities, it is very uncommon.  But if you go into the places that make up 9/10ths of Africa, you won’t come back unless you bring a gun and a squad of bodyguards.

  25. Benji says:

    I’m kind of wondering how much real controversy there is.  Five or ten people with too much racial sensitivity and with blogs or jobs writing game columns might complain about it and make it seem like lots of people are up in arms over something that in reality only bothers 0.1% of the people that care about the game.

    From a different angle: no one’s going to write a column about how they find no racially insensitive imagery in a game.  So we’re going to mostly hear just one side of the debate, because the other side (the side that says there’s no racism) isn’t interesting enough to spill any ink over.

  26. HarmlessBunny says:

    I agree that while some of the images, are really not the best…(they would make me uncomfortable whether the NPC’s are male/female…european, asian, or african. It really doesn’t matter, but the whole point of a Resident Evil game is to have a bit of uncomfort while getting some quick scares 😛 )

    Playing the demo, I didn’t get the feeling of ANY racism what so ever. The infected where fast and vicious and seemed almost inhuman (the red eyes, and the creature like mouth when they went to bite you.). It didn’t give me a chance to think about anything other than "Oh god, I am running low on ammo…crap there are more around the corner!"

    Playing the demo for a 2nd time, I actually noticed quite a bit of caucaisans lumped in the infected masses (virus/infections are equal opportunists  ) I don’t get the feeling of racism what so ever after playing this game. Feels very similar to Resident Evil IV. Seems to be good for a quick scare…

    If you are looking to find racism in the product, then I am sure you will believe it is. If you are just looking for a good Resident Evil game or a suspenseful action game, you’ll see it for that. It is not purposefully racist, but if that is all you want to see it as…I’m sure watching an episode of Sesame Street or CSI would be offensive as well.

  27. Sporge says:

    Sigh, I really don’t think it was meant to be racist, the setting just happens to be Africa, where you find Africans.  No one mentions anything about the spanish in RE4.  Really they are just keeping it real for the location. It isn’t meant to be racist at all. 

    Now I can see why some people might see it, but really wouldn’t it just be weird to be in Africa fighting hordes of German people?  There are just more Africans in Africa than Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, ect.

  28. Elestia says:

    To summarize the facts, the only images that are considered racist to many people are the few scenes depicting the white woman being dragged off and the possibility that the woman is in the sack being stomped on by Africans. Yet, if you pay attention to what I said, it only contained a few scenes, NOT THE WHOLE ENTIRE GAME. I hate people who nitpick the smallest details and try to rally people saying that because a few scenes of the games MIGHT be considered racist, whether that is true or not, DOES NOT mean the entire game is racist. 

  29. CyberSkull says:

    Yeah, the knee-jerk reaction is "racism, lol". But I probably won’t be playing the final game not because of the content, but because of the play control (especially while using the knife).

  30. SetoChaos says:

    You set a game in America killing mainly white people…no comment.
    You set a game in England killing mainly white people…no comment.
    You set a game in Africa killing mainly white people…THAT’S RASCIST, THIS GAME SHOULD BE BANNED!!!

    Yeah, looks to me like the people calling rascist are the rascists. Last I checked Africa’s population is mainly black. What would you say if Resident Evil 5 was set in Africa and you were killing mainly white poeple? Personally, I’d say that’s more rascist than what we actually have.

  31. Vake Xeacons says:

    And actually, the first guy to blast RE5 (months ago, I think it was some rapper) when the first RE5 video popped up on Youtube, DID say “This isn’t the same as [RE4]!”

  32. NecroSen says:

    I still don’t understand how someone can cry out about it being a racist game when it is simply using a set of people that fit the location. RE4 used Hispanics because it was set in Spain; RE5 uses Africans because it’s set in Africa. It would stand to reason that a Resident Evil game set in Japan would have Asian zombies; Iraq, Middle Eastern zombies; India, Indians; America, a mixed bag, depending [slightly] on the region.

    It’s not about this being "just a game": it’s about it having a sense of realism and telling a proper story. The developers wanted to explore a Resident Evil story set in Africa, and that’s what they did. How are they being racist for simply having African people in their Africa setting?

    Besides, the main character has shot just as many white zombies as he will be shooting black ones. He’s an equal opportunity zombie killer.

  33. chadachada321 says:

    He kinda did, saying that this game or RE4 was racist when all of the other RE games had ONLY white zombies and white good guys…

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  34. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    I kinda have to agree with both of you on this one. I played RE4 on both the GC and Wii, but don’t remember as much, if any, controversy involving the hordes of Spanish zombies (Los Ganados) that you mowed down throughout the game.

    However, non-gamers will look in on this and, seeing a buff white man and slender coffee-colored Brit blasting black-as-the-midnight-sky Africans in the face, will cry out "racism". We gamers already know the whole RE mythos, but other people may just not understand.

    P.S. I think the last part about JT was actually his sig. :\


    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  35. chadachada321 says:

    Er…people making a big deal about D&D (satanic) and Harry Potter (also satanic)…

    If you make something that is well-known, someone will be offended. Period. Some of it gets news coverage, some doesn’t, some is reasonable, and some isn’t (like this). I could get offended by someone walking down my street, but that doesn’t make it okay.

    Intent should be the biggest factor in whether someone is offended or not. Since Capcom has no intention of offending anyone, and is simply being realistic (Chris = main character, Africa = African zombies), there’s no logical reason to be offended.



    And if anything I only see black-on-white racism becoming more of a problem….

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  36. chadachada321 says:

    So wait, what exactly is racist about this game then?

    Chris going in and shooting black people for the hell of it would be racist, but Chris defending himself against zombies is not racist. It shouldn’t matter what color skin Chris has, as long as the zombies are killed.

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  37. Rob Alister says:

    Nothing will change. RE being popular has obviously blinded people into thinking it can do no wrong. I have a question. What WOULD be considered racist in RE5? I get the feeling people will say nothing can be racist when RE is concerned.

  38. chadachada321 says:

    My only thing is that in 3rd-world countries (and hell, even in 1st-world countries) there is violent, fucked up shit that happens. If it’s in Africa, where an epidemic is happening, I can completely see how all shit would hit the fan and there’d be tons of violence, on both bags and women (white or otherwise). I could even see how, in a reallllyyy degenerated area…the infected or insane could go after the not-so-local women…

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  39. Monte says:

     Actually another item that is getting thrown around is the scene where several black men beat up something in a sack… we don’t know what’s in the sack, could be a white woman or it could be a black man, all we have is black men being violent… this raises the question, is it the white woman victim that makes the imagery supposedly racists or just the violence in general; would that scene be fixed if it was a black woman instead or would it still be labeled as "racist"… some how i’m thinking it still get labeled. 

    Essentially, it sounds like the argument that it’s coming down that you can not portray africans in such a negative sense… like africa must be portrayed as "happy sunshine land" or something where all the africans are good people. Portraying whites as being violent people is perfectly fine, but you can’t do that with an man of color; if you do, you are being racist and stereotyping against them 

  40. SimonBob says:

    Which is offensive to bus drivers!  It implies their job isn’t that hard.  I’ll bet you any Greyhound pedal-pusher will tell you there’s a lot more to it than just keeping the wheels on the road.

    The Mammon Industry

  41. CMiner says:

    Even if that is the main scene pointed at when shouts of ‘racism’ arise.. how many other games/movies feature a woman being drug off into the darkness by white badguys/zombies/monsters/demons?  <sarcasm> Shouldn’t we be crying ‘sexism!’ instead?  Why is it always the woman who is helpless? </sarcasm>

    Its an image meant to set the scene of ‘you are in a bad place with bad people’.  The fact that it is black skinned people in this case is more a coincidence of location.  Seriously, this is resident evil 5 for crying out loud.  They’re running out of places to put zombies.  They’ve done the exact same thing before in different locales with different colored people.  Its not racism.

    And for those that still say the game is bad because of the imagery, regardless as to whether or not it was unintentional: Where is your outcry over WWII games that feature the swastika?  I’m sure that imagery strikes a bad chord with Jews who survived the concentration camps.  And there are dozens more possibilities.  If we shunned every game that offended a minority, the only game we could play would be ‘Desert Bus’!

  42. spastkid says:

    To be fair, it seems that their bone of contention seems to be that the scene of the gang of black men dragging off a white woman is that of the racist imagery a long time ago that black men were evil creatures just waiting to drag off white women and have their way with the women. I’m not sure of this personally, but that’s seemingly a stereotype that was spread about during the years of overt racism in Africa/USA?

    Of course on an emotional level, I can understand how this kind of imagery can be harmful to their image as an ethnic group. However, their argument falls on its face pretty hard on a logical level. In a zombie apocalypse, I would think that its hard to find people acting in a logical or humane fashion. The actions of the gang of men in a situation where there is an apocalypse/dystopia/disaster/hell-on-earth would only appear to be a gang of *randomly coloured* men dragging off a *randomly coloured* woman.

    I would guess that asking those who decry this as racist imagery to stop would be as hard as asking me to recognise that the scene is racist imagery, Nearly Impossible, Its as hard to ask someone to stop associating a situation with a concept that they recognise as being associated, as it is to ask someone who does not hold that same concept or association.


    Oooh! You mean there are still people arounx with the mythical "Common Sense"?that 

  43. gamegod25 says:

    No, it’s NOT an issue! It’s just a freaking game!

    TBH that this "issue" has been raised at all is racist to me. Because it’s saying that it’s ok for any other race to be zombies or commit inhumane acts in extreme situations or whatever, but that it’s not okay when those people are black. They are people just like the rest of us, and just like us they are capable of good AND evil.

  44. Father Time says:

    Because people were crying racist imagery over the zombie killing when the controversy first started.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  45. Dark Sovereign says:

    The image is only racist when viewed through a racial lens. As mentioned above, to the non-racial minded, the image in question says that your in a bad place with bad people. It aslo displays that people are forced to get infected. To the racial-minded, it’s racist imagery being dragged up by a company and group of people who, in all likelyhood, would have had no idea that the image could have a history.

    The reason the image isn’t racist in context is because its quite clear that the black men in question are infected. The problem with labeling this as a racist image is that it basically says that you aren’t allowed to portray blacks, and blacks specifically, in any negative image whatsoever when they appear in a medium. It’s stupid and limiting. It’s also unreallistic.

  46. Rob Alister says:

    Is Japan really beyond taking a stab at another race? I’m not saying they made RE5 racist but how come everyone think they’re some superior race of people who would never think of making a racist game? Just sayin’

  47. Nocturne says:

    The problem that a lot (not all) of those calling the game racist aren’t trying to discuss the issue, just reacting to a minimum of information.

  48. Arell says:

    Regardless of what a poll here a gamepolitics says, a lot of non-gamers are going to see racist imagery anyways.  We still haven’t figured out how to discuss this issue with them, without resorting to the weak arguement, "Dude, it’s just a game."

  49. King of Fiji says:

    How about the argument that its racist to think that black people are above being able to be turned into zombies?


  50. Rob Alister says:

    The issue isn’t even about the zombies, it’s about the normal Africans. Gosh why is everyonr ignoring the real issue?

  51. Vake Xeacons says:

    It’s not just JT this time; a lot of anti-game critics are on this one. But, GP, it’s not just a simple yes or no answer. And the “it’s just a game” argument DOES seem kinda weak. Yes, I do think RE5 is kinda racist. Is it bad? No. No worse than RE4, which was awesome, despite it’s racist imagery. You see, it’s just like any game violence. We know how wrong real racism is, so it doesn’t affect us when we play games like this. But anyone who says that Blacks deserve any special treatment than Hispanics (or anyone else), is truly racist.

  52. TK n Happy Ness says:

    Whoever said there’s racism in RE5 is full of bullshit. You’re killing zombies. It doesn’t matter what color they are, zombies are still zombies.

    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  53. Rob Alister says:

    That makes no sense. How are they racist for calling the game racist? Please give reasons. Secondly the problems between RE4 and RE5 aren’t the same. Please read WHY some people think it’s racist. It has nothing to do with what race they picked but HOW they displayed the race this time. People like you fail to see what the controversy is and automatically think it’s because the characters are black. Try reasding what the people say about the game before shooting your mouth off.

  54. Pirce says:

    Does anyone else feel that the people who are so quick to throw out racism on this are the ones that are really the racists. I know that this is a sensitive issue that there is indeed a lot of racism out there, but people calling RE5 racist but not calling RE4 racist only seems to tell me that these people think that there actually IS a difference between people based on skin color.[other than different health things and blah blah y’all know what I mean.] Which seems a little odd to me since that would put them on the same side of people who they claim to be against.

    Eggy Weggs

  55. Nekowolf says:

    Yes, seconded. You have expressed your opinion. And now, my rebuttle is you lack the rationale nor intellect to establish a well-based argument in the defense of such delusive, apocryphal, assertion.

  56. Austin_Lewis says:

    Jesus Christ, can you go fuck off in a corner somewhere?  You obviously don’t have anything intelligent to add to the discussion, so why the fuck are you here?

  57. Asahi says:

    Jesus Christ – Can we PLEASE drop this topic already?

    Or is GP determined to exploit this for attention even further?


  58. tibuka says:

    Yep, i’m sure Capcom had no intention to offend anyone, but they did. I think in the rest of the world no one is going to make a fuss about it (i haven’t heard anything here in Germany), but i guess in the US it’s still "too soon". In theory, every piece of fiction has the potential to offend somebody, but it only does if there are some relatively fresh, real life "touchy" subjects associated with it. And white-against-black racism is still a reality, and has been much worse only a few decades ago. No company would make a game about "9/11"-like events, but a similarly cruel event that happend over 200 years ago would be no problem. Still, i’m buying that game!

  59. Hackangel says:

    There should be the option to vote "There’s no racism in RE5 but understand how some people might perceived it that way".

  60. nighstalker160 says:

    Personally, I think the best way to deal with this controversy is to…not. Are some people upset? Yes. But at some point people have to just STOP reading "racism" into every violent image of a minority group.

    Is racism still a problem? Absolutely, but let’s not read sinister motives into every single negative image of a minority. Sometimes a gang of people dragging a woman off…is just a gang of people dragging a woman off. If it had been a gang of white people dragging a black woman, would it be better? Or a gang of black people dragging a black woman? Or a gang of white people dragging off a white woman?

  61. Waffles says:

    Honestly though, everyone was cool with killing Spaniards some 6 years ago, why choose now to play the ethnic card?

  62. Nocturne says:

    Personally I’m interested, not so much in what the results are now, but what if any difference there’ll be between opinions now, and a while after the game has been released, especially if after the game has released, the number of people who vote that it is racist has increased.

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