They Read GamePolitics in China

We’re unable to translate, but found it interesting that our recent exclusive list of creditors in the Midway bankruptcy case was picked up by a gaming site in China:

到底负债多少? Midway欠账单公布

中关村在线 – 北京市,China
感谢GamePolitics,我们得到了一组Midway破产前夕的外债清单,从这串长长的帐单上,Midway究竟欠了谁的钱又欠了多少大家可以一目了然,这其中既有发行商、零售商,也有 …

UPDATE: Reader Aaron Mitschelen sent us a much-appreciated machine translation:

Midway’s financial situation is in fact not a sharp turn for the worse overnight, and As is, of course, a variety of reasons, but judging by the results, bankruptcy is a fact. However, on the "Mortal Kombat" series of the founders of the specific circumstances of the debtor, before the outside world knows very little about.

Thanks to GamePolitics, we get a group of foreign debt on the eve of Midway bankruptcy list, from this string of long bill, Midway exactly who owes the money owed to the number of U.S. at a glance, which both distributors, retailers, also have investment companies and banks.

But even if these bills are creditors who are not necessarily good day number, for example, the largest creditor Wells Fargo Bank, just report one quarter of a loss of 2.73 billion U.S. dollars … …"


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