ESA Mum on Midway Departure

We’ve asked three times, but the Entertainment Software Association apparently won’t confirm – or even respond to – our inquires as to whether bankrupt Midway has relinquished its membership in the software publishers’ lobbying group.

As GamePolitics reported earlier this week, Midway has recently been removed from a listing of member companies on the ESA website. On several past occasions such removal has preceded an ESA acknowledgement of a member’s pullout.

The reason for the silence is unclear as we’ve had normal communications with the ESA on other topics this week. One knowledgeable source speculated that the ESA might be acting at Midway’s request.

In any case, it is hard to fathom what the ESA – which has been doing a much better P.R. job in recent months – gains by not making a clean break with the information.

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