Read Jack Thompson’s Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

As GamePolitics has previously reported, Jack Thompson is challenging his lifetime disbarment by taking his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Thompson was disbarred last October by the Florida Supreme Court. The Court was acting upon the recommendation of Judge Dava Tunis who Tunis presided over a nine-day trial on misconduct charges brought by the Florida Bar in late 2007.

Last month, Thompson filed a petition for a writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, essentially an appeal. To decide whether cert petitions go any further, the Supreme Court Justices vote in private conference. If four justices vote for Thompson’s petition, it will move on in the process. Without four votes, the case goes no further. At that point, Thompson would seem to have exhausted his options.

According to the SCOTUS docket, Thompson can expect a decision on his cert petition by March 25th.

GamePolitics has obtained a copy of Thompson’s cert petition from the Florida Bar. We requested a copy from Thompson, but he declined to provide it.

For those who have followed the long-running Thompson saga, there’s little in the cert petition that hasn’t been heard before. The disbarred attorney blames the usual suspects for his troubles: Take-Two Interactive, the video game industry, the Florida Bar and its supposed "radical gay agenda," law firm Blank-Rome, Judge Moore from Alabama (who threw Thompson off the Devin Moore case), shock radio, the justices of the Florida Supreme Court and, of course, Judge Dava Tunis.

DOCUMENT DUMP: Grab your copy of Jack Thompson’s cert petition here.

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  1. Ryno says:

    Go there if you dare! Muahaahaha….

    Excuse me, I think I lost myself for a bit. The really interesting stuff (well it begins with the first article, but let’s just pretend) starts with Mr. Dec’s "applications" to SCOTUS. Read and tremble at his views!

    Sorry, I got away from myself there. Still, it’s pretty good stuff.

  2. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:

    I also care.  Simply because no matter how broken down and crappy our world is, it’s still nice to see people who are arrogant, self-righteous, deceitful, hypocritical, myopic, mean and oppressive get their comeuppance.  Actions have consequences, and it’s reassuring to see people like Jack Boy’s beliefs not getting away with their crap.

  3. Ryno says:

    I care.

    Jack’s the closest thing we’ve got to a comic book super-villain. Not one of the cool ones like Magneto, more like one of Batman’s from the 50s or 60s, or one of Spidey’s lamer opponents.

  4. hellfire7885 says:

    Because if he mispells something the dictionary somehow changes so he spelled it right, I think…..

    You know, like if he says a study’s results went a certai nway they suddenly did and no one should bother looking it up.

  5. hellfire7885 says:

    I hope you’re not surprised.

    He’s been trying to get his opinion written into law for years.

  6. sqlrob says:

    He has the SCotUS right where he wants them, you’ll see!

    Damn, it’s hard to type when you’re laughing hysterically.


  7. Bennett Beeny says:

    Does anyone even care anymore?  JT’s 15 minutes are up.  Can’t we move on?  I mean heck, when GP covers this, it just makes Jack seem more relevant than he actually is.  This is a guy who writes game legislation that always fails and who was disbarred for being a loony – how much more validation do we have to give this guy?

  8. GoodRobotUs says:

    All I see is a huge pile of opinion. There’s very few facts there and a whole pile of Thompson’s opinion on what he thought happened and why with practically no evidence to support it.

    As someone stated earlier, even if it did get through the doors, which I doubt, it would fall apart the moment someone says ‘prove it’, because Thompson’s idea of ‘proving’ something is ‘Because I said so’.

  9. MartyB says:

     When I first started to read this document, I thought i’d take the quotes of lies and list them in the comments to laugh at them…  but then soon realized I’d have to copy the whole document. 

    Does he really believe all this? if so he has my pity… likely suffering from a mild case of schizophrenia.

    or he knows what he’s doing and deliberetly tries to find new ways to take avantage of the legal system, because he just sucks at being a everyday lawyer. That’s the only thing i can think of why someone would resort to spamming emails, lies, accusing judges and oposing councils of all sorts of things just to get an advantage of any kind. And since he got a taste of being "famous" in the news, he constantly tries to pull things to be in it. Pathetic.

    why else would he send emails to the media on what he’s doing hoping it triggers an article. How many stories on this sites starts by him sending an email to Denis. I think we should just stop making articles on him, since almost no other sites covers his every move, he’ll go nuts by the lack of coverage, and then will be forced to do bigger things to get noticed and force himself into the news, like going on a school shooting of his own…   is that what they call irony?

    okay he might no go that far, but most likely far enough to get arrested once and for all.

    but then we’d be deperiving ourselves from many funny, altough repetitive, diversions from our daily work. 

    I hope all the sentences makes sense, because I’m falling asleep…


    EDIT: came across this comic, it’s old but i thought some might not of seen it.


  10. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:

    I actually want him to go before the SCOTUS.  That way, they’d have firsthand experience of how arrogant, disrespectful and dishonest he is, both as a lawyer and a person.

    I’ve seen some videos of him in court, and he doesn’t show an ounce of respect to the judge or people around him.  He’s childish and selfish, and only wants people to pay attention to him without being fair to anyone else.

    Honestly, I’m worried that if he’s not even given some time before them, he’ll say that the "conspiracy" against him goes all the way up to the Supreme Court who didn’t even give him a fair chance.  But if he goes before them, pulls off the same antics as before, lies about his misbehavior and harrassment, and shows the utmost impropriety to the court, he’ll get the massive dressing down he deserves, all recorded as further evidence against him from the SCOTUS itself.  Sure, he’ll probably still go out believing he was right, but with the highest court of the US not supporting his bid, he’ll be left with nothing.

    And, yes, there’s no worse judicial rebuke than being thrown into jail for such courtroom antics.  I sometimes think he got off easy with just his disbarment and fine.

    However… I’d like to think the people forming the SCOTUS are nice, learned and morally upright folk- I wouldn’t want to sic Jack Boy on even my worst enemies.

  11. PHX Corp says:

    He Wasted half a tree to file a petition for Cert, that’s really bad

    Mental note: the supreme court(en Quote, has not updated thier site interface to take in Digital dockets) so we may need to complain to Barack Obama to modernize that website(so thompson dosen’t Waste more trees in his wake)

    Just to warn everyone now I’ve created JT’s Eviromental record v2.0 to show how many paper he wasted(in trees Killed) in the JT:the pundit Thread

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  12. RevoTRUTHonary says:

    Where does he keep getting money to travel and submit all these legal documents?


  13. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    Wow. 51 pages of fail. Good going, John Brucie, you idiot. With all the time wasted on this paper that isn’t even good enough to wipe my ass with, you could’ve been doing something productive and worthwhile, like planting a garden, painting, or spending time with your family.

    Instead, you waste time, money, willpower, and 51 sheets of paper filing this frivilous bullcrap instead of accepting what happened, picking up the pieces, and moving on. Nice job; you’ve wasted part of a tree…Fool…


    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  14. GTCv Deimos says:

    Not only that, but he also stated that he would not file for an appeal… That’s JT for you… always saying one thing and doin’ another.

  15. PHX Corp says:

    and JT could Harass us(and the USSC) again after his Cert has been denied

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  16. Djambi82 says:

    That is not how the Supreme Court works actually.  They do not make factual findings at all.  The Supreme Court only looks at was has been established by the record and makes decision on matters of law.  

    Anyway, nobody has to worry.  The Supreme Court hand picks cases that have good reason to be heard.  There is absolutely nothing special about this case.  The record is clear and cert will be denied.

  17. CK20XX says:

    When I imagine Jack being confronted with Judge Tunis’s report in the supreme court, I picture something like this unfolding…


    Calvin’s mom: "While your dad is taking Rosalyn home, perhaps YOU’D like to explain what happened tonight."

    Calvin: "Gosh Mom, what’s to tell?  At 8:00, I put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth and went straight to bed.  Nothing happened."

    Calvin’s mom: *holds up piece of paper* "And this?"

    Calvin: "Uh… LIES!  ALL LIES!  Rosalyn made me do that just so I’d get in trouble!  She hates kids!  None of that is true!  I went straight to bed!"

    Hobbes: "Nice try, Pinocchio."

    Calvin: *dourly* "Well, who would’ve thought Rosalyn would have made me write a full confession?!"


    "They were retarded hairless pink bunnies, all of them. Except Shigeru Myamoto and… well, the good ones were just too /rare/ to be worth bothering about." – Mason Hornblower on the extinction of the human race

  18. Master_E says:

     Ahhh… I almost missed this long-winded BS.

    Which basically amounts to: "Everything’s everyone’s fault but mine! Waaaaaah!"

  19. hellfire7885 says:

    "What this document does (probably my mistake – since we hear Jack make these tirades all the time) is take the emphesis away from him losing his job, and firmly plant it onto corruption and illegality on the part of the Florida Bar."


    Actually, no, that isn’t by mistake.

    When Thompson is ever taken to task for his wrongdoings, the only tactic I ever see him employ is along the lines of "B, but look what they did, it HAS to be ten tiems worse, because I’m a christian"

    Shifting blame is all he has, and he even fails at that.

  20. PHX Corp says:

    Looks like that May happen(given his previous Statements) the minute he filed that petition for for the SC to hear his case, He signed his own Jail Sentence at the same time

    He’s really Playing with fire this time, and if he Misuses it Let’s just say he’s going to get burnt (by the Justices)

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  21. PHX Corp says:

    And JT’s Shennigans Keeping me on this F’in Site[Sarcasm]

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  22. jadedcritic says:

    Ah Jack, don’t ever change.  How narcissistic does one have to be to sincerely believe that the supreme court has nothing better to do then hear about your largest member contest (which you lost), with the florida bar?

    I’ll give him credit for one thing, he DOES bring traffic to the site. I just have to see the words "Jack Thompson" in my RSS reader and I don’t even read the article anymore without hitting the hotkey to bring it up.  I’m always hoping, but there hasn’t been a good Jack freakshow in a little while. Almost miss the guy.


  23. HarmlessBunny says:

    Yes his document, if you had no prior knowledge of his conduct, does seem like a screw job by the Florida Bar. However once you go into the index, there some interesting facts pop up. Various things that he claimed were against him, like not being able to represent himself…as well as that the charges on him are because of his faith (zero evidence on that grounds)are exposed for the lies they are. The only danger this document has, is that it could land Jack in jail for perjury and making false statements to the Supreme Court.

  24. Shoehorn Oplenty says:

    Let’s say he beats the odds and it is looked at by the Supreme Court. What will happen then is that all of the same witnesses will be called as were during his Bar trial. All of the people he harassed, lied about and attempted to paint as pornographers.The Supremes I’m sure are reasonable people, just like Judge Dava Tunis, and when they see the same evidence, they will reach the same conclusions.

    Jack Thompson is a habitual liar, prepared to insult and harass opposing counsel and other people with whom he disagrees in order to further his agenda. He has no remorse about this behaviour and it is evident that he will not stop this kind of behaviour.

    His disbarment was proper, and it will stay that way.

  25. hellfire7885 says:

    YOu already need a wide angle lense to capture that enormous head of his, and it doesn’t help him one bit

  26. PHX Corp says:

    If the justices see his wrongdoing JT’s career is not only out the window but he’ll go to jail for his bad behavior(Judge Jordan should of put him behind bars to teach him that abusing the legal system will be disasterous)

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  27. Michael Chandra says:

    Even if the request gets taken, once they look at the testimonies of how he constantly severely harassed other parties involved in cases, which they can actually provide logs of, you end up with hard evidence about how one man turned the lives of many others into a living hell, vs circumstantial evidence that he might actually be right, if you ignored the hard evidence.

  28. Ryno says:

    I wouldn’t worry about. You make many valid points, but there’s one thing you’ve overlooked: If the SCOTUS actually presents its case, Jack will need to appear before them as part of his case – I don’t know that he needs to personally be there, but this is Jack, so he most certainly will. At that point the Justices will see how he conducts himself and that will be the end of it. Not to mention the actual evidence stacked against Jack.

    All the Justices need to do is read Tunis’ report and they’ll see ample evidence of his wrongdoing. If they don’t do that beforehand, I’m sure the Bar will present that evidence in their defense.

  29. PHX Corp says:

    I think JT is going to get himself in trouble and throw himself in Jail

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  30. 1AgainstTheWorld says:

    Now wait a minute…  I thought Johnny Brucie said the disbarment was all part of his Super Duper Secret Plan to get us.  Why is he trying to reverse it?  Did he decide for some reason that it was NOT actually part of his Super Duper Secret Plan after all?  Or is this yet another layer of his Super Duper Secret Plan, and by succeeding in getting his disbarment reversed, he will somehow be closer to winning than he was before his disbarrment?

    I’s confustigated.

  31. JessJames says:

    Ya know what worries me ?

    I just read that document, and if I had no prior knowledge of the man or his history, it reads like a man attacked by the Florida Bar, continually, until they managed to get him disbarred.

    There’s a lot of cross references in there, and circumstancial evidence… Talk of campaign contributions by the people who had disciplined him earlier, and then suddenty a suspension turning into a disbarrment with legal machinery used to prevent a defence.

    Also, I see quots regarding the Florida Bar using disciplinary measures to further it’s own ends.

    Let’s look at this from the point of view of a hand full of judges who have no prior knowledge of the situation… From that point of view, with independant opinions calling into question the Florida Bar’s integrity, and reading this document… perhaps I might want to hear what the man has to say – if only to address some very serious and potentially embarrasing allegations.

    I’m not sure how this stuff works… but in many cases, if someone makes an allegation, that allegation must be investigated. That’s why you have an escalation process right ?

    What this document does (probably my mistake – since we hear Jack make these tirades all the time) is take the emphesis away from him losing his job, and firmly plant it onto corruption and illegality on the part of the Florida Bar.

    While the SC might not care about Thompson, they MIGHT care about allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the bar. Maybe ?

    I just hope that the SC people don’t merely read this document and decide… That, as part of their process, they talk to people, research a bit of history, and realise that this guy talks this kind of dishonest, sensationalist, and quite frankly just plain whiney, crap on a daily basis.

    I hope to go his allegations of a corrupt bar association don’t raise the profile of his request, and lead to him being taken seriously… cos ya know… once influencial people start talking about this crap, usually it doesn’t end well.

    Am I worrying for no reason ? Any thoughts ?

  32. hellfire7885 says:

    "Without four votes, the case goes no further. At that point, Thompson would seem to have exhausted his options."

    More like at that point he’ll soon get tossed in prison for harassing federal judges

  33. Kincyr says:

    the only thing praying will do for Jack is prove him a hypocrite: If any deity answers it, he/she/it is not sovereign; if the prayer goes unanswered, prayer is useless due to either a great plan or lack of deities.

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  34. ezbiker555 says:

    "Oh lord why have you forsaken me?"


    Hahaha. Oh god, sorry i couldn’t pass on that one.

  35. ShadowDragon28 says:

    I love on the first paragraph he put he’s PRAYING for a writ of certiorari.

    At this point Jack, not even praying can help you.

  36. PHX Corp says:

    If he is granted Cert, That may happen(given his track record)

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  37. CMiner says:

    Take any paragraph written by Thompson, and you’ll have your signs.  Heck, just look at the titles of his sections.

  38. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    Ooh! In that case, I hope this drags on into October, so you can get me my first scotch!


    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  39. Firebird says:

    Huzzah! Now even the highest court will know of JT’s sanity (or lack thereof…)

    I will buy everyone drinks if the court turns him down. (If anyone can track me…) 

  40. hellfire7885 says:

    "Oh god, why have yo uforsaken me?"

    "You have forsaken yourself"

    "….. YOU’RE ONE OF THEM!!!!"

  41. nighstalker160 says:

    Wow…just wow. That was really a bizarre read.

    If I was on the Court I’d vote to grant him cert just so that I could rip him apart.

  42. PHX Corp says:

    It’s not going through period

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  43. CMiner says:

    Nothing new can really be said here.  It’s the same old Thompson tirade, ignoring legitimate facts that were brought up against him as if they didn’t exist or happen.  He must write these things wearing that one shirt that says ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’.  It is likely a very worn out shirt.

  44. HarmlessBunny says:

    The funny thing is everything in index A-3 and onwards completely make his case an exercise of bullshit.

  45. ezbiker555 says:

    Translation: WAHHHHHHH! MAke me a lawyer again, ITS not my FAULT that I madea fool of myself in court and all that I was doing was trying to shift the blame from deranged people upon harmless formats of entertainment. THERE WAS A CONSPIRCIY AGAINTS ME!


    Yeah, i doubt the supreme court will give a rats ass.

  46. HarmlessBunny says:

    Here we go! Another Epic Failure for Jack… No misconduct proven?! Your emails alone show that. What a nitwit. Hell, his own bar trial transcripts…technically that alone shows evidence of contempt of court.

    I mean hell, this thing is chock full of lies. If they by some reason grant him a hearing, he could be tossed to prison for this load of bullshit x.x

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