Report: Toys R Us Moving Into Used Game Business

Major retailer Toys R Us has apparently begun accepting used game trade-ins and offering store credit in exchange.

The news comes by way of a report on Cheap Ass Gamer:

I was at Toys R Us today and I saw this sign by the door. I’m not exactly sure when they started taking in trades. I didn’t specifically asked but I did [see] some games on one of the walls in the R Zone. I think at this time they are only giving store credit for all trade-ins.

I think its a smart move seeing as how Gamestop took $8.8 billion in 2008 in over all sales but mostly in used game sales.

Basically the fine print states that they will not take games that are rated "A" and games must be in their original cases. I’m pretty sure they do but I hope they don’t. Oh, and make sure the disc is not cracked (lol).

GP: Cue the usual whining about used game trades from certain quarters of the video game biz…

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