GP Poll: Where Will You Trade Your Used Games?

If you’re the kind of consumer who finds value in trading used games, for a long time GameStop has been your only option,

Now that other major retailers like Toys R Us, Best Buy and are getting into the used game business, where will you make your trades?

Be sure to vote in the GamePolitics poll at left…

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  1. catboy_j says:

    Seriously no Gamecrazy? I mean they opened with the basis of specializing in it. Certainly a more viable option then Toys R Us considering Toyrs R Us semi limited demographic.

  2. Amosh says:

     I wouldn’t trade in my games just for the fact that I play them in cycles.

    For example, I just got the urge to go back and play KOTOR I & II, granted those are exceptional games (first one is better imo), but I am rather conservative with buying console games and just wait till the reviews come out.

  3. TBoneTony says:

    With every game I buy I do it with allot of thought of how I would part with my $$$$.

    So every game I buy, I would not have the guts of selling it unless if I absolutely hated it.

    But if I were going to sell a used game, I would most likely sell it at for overseas games, or places like EB games or GAME in my local area.


  4. Kojiro says:

    Ditto on the eBay.  Easy and you get more money.  Often the easiest to buy from too, unless you don’t mind calling around to all the local GameStop/GameCrazy/Private shops.  But that’s a PITA IMO.

    Not to mention I hate Best Buy and GameStop, so I avoid them as much as I can.  And I had to think twice about Toys R Us, didn’t even realize they were still in business.  Had to do a Google search to even find one near me.  Not in the best location if I never even saw it there before.

  5. chadachada321 says:

    I read "If you were trading used games…" and so I picked Gamestop. In reality, I never trade in games, and if I do, I sell them to friends or something like that. So after seeing 40% choose not trading in games, I wish I could change my vote =/

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  6. sqlrob says:

    How about theft items getting resold to you?


    How about copying a disk then trading it in?


    I think back to the music industry and all the used music cd stores. Guess what happened? Didn’t do the new cd sales any favours.

    Bad comparison, the music industry wasn’t providing what customers wanted. Song sales hit a record last year, album sales are dropping. Give the customer what they want and you’ll make money.


  7. shamrock says:

    I know this is slightly off topic but… Trading in used games and buying used games means what? It means people will buy used rather than new. Why? Price. Is this a bad way to go? Yes. How about theft items getting resold to you? How about copying a disk then trading it in? I think back to the music industry and all the used music cd stores. Guess what happened? Didn’t do the new cd sales any favours. This is bad. A bad direction for the industry to go.

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  8. State says:

    If I ever decided to trade in games, I would rent instead as it’s much cheaper. Trading in games is an expensive rental system. The fact that demos exist for most games means that you can try before you buy. But I seem to be in the minority for actually cherishing games, keeping them, replaying them again at some point.

    When GTA4 came out Game had a second-hand copy selling for about £38 and the brand new copy was $40, and the trade in value was about £20.

    Trade in games? I think burning money is an easier way to lose money quickly.

  9. black manta says:

    Despite all the hate-on of Gamestop, I have and always will trade with them.  However, since the news that Best Buy and TrU are getting into the act as well, I’m gald that there will be other possibilities. 🙂

  10. Trevor McGee says:

    Trading games in really isn’t worth it. You can make more money selling it to someone else yourself instead of having a middle man that takes anout 50% to 70% of what you could profit from it.

  11. cpt crunchie says:

    i don’t trade in old games. i have bought used, though, but only a couple of times, like when i am strapped for cash but want a game. i probably should trade in my games though. when i buy a game and i hate it enough that another person would trade it in, into the dusty closet it goes. i can’t part with them, even if they were terrible. i’m a hoarder like that.


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  12. sheppy says:

    I typically sell on Ebay or Craigslist if I’m anticipating a new game soon.  If not, I usually throw it on Goozex.  Although I have noticed a new habit of mine of late…

    I’ll trade/sell a recent game while it still has value then snag it two years down the road again when it’s ubercheap…

    Wall of Text Simulation- Insert coin to continue.

  13. Romaen says:

    None of the above, I trade on Goozex. You actually get what the game is WORTH when you trade straight to other gamers.

  14. Shahab says:

    I hate it when people do not give good options for their polls. The "I wouldn’t trade games" makes it sound like the person wouldn’t do it to save the industry their margin. I have never traded in my games, but that is only because I tend to collect things I am interested in. I have bought used games before though, and I do not care where from as long as the price is right.

  15. Arell says:

    I’m very careful in what games I choose to buy, and only buy the ones I know I’m going to love.  So I don’t trade them back in, and just add them to my collection.  I have few large boxes of every game I thought was worth the memory.  There were only a few over the years that I thought were not worth keeping, and they were so old when I decided this, that I just threw them out.

  16. Chuma says:

    I should point out that though I voted for not trading games, that isn’t because I disapprove, only that I collect.

  17. Canary Wundaboy says:

    eBay everytime. Get double the money you would from trading games in, nets you better feedback.

    I then buy all my games new from GAME on the highstreet, get 10% off via student discount, and use their reward card to save myself about £50 per year.


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  18. Praetorian says:

    Trade a game? I’d no sooner trade any of the games I’ve bought for other games no sooner than I’d be willing to trade my perfectly good liver for Tom Waits liver!

    I don’t oppose buying used games, but when I buy a game, I don’t give them up….besides, there really isn’t a market for used PC games to my knowledge.


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  19. Vake Xeacons says:

    It really comes down to who’s got the best deal (i.e. offers the most) on used games, and GS’s at the bottom now. But after I kept getting no more than $5 in store credit regardless of the game, I swore never to sell another game again.

  20. Monte says:

    i counter your claim with Dynasty warriors… Seriously is there any good reason to keep an old installment of the game when a new one has just come out? the older games only good remaining purpose is to be traded in and thus allow me to save money on the next dynasty warrior game

    Also, another counter claim… trading in one game and then using the money to by another; and by that i mean an older game whose price will have gone down enough so that you could afford it with the moeny you get in the trade in… The "new" game you get is bound to be a lot more enjoyable than the game you no longer play

  21. Sai says:

    I think I enjoyed the little boost toward my next game trading in Alone in the Dark got me more than I’d enjoy actually trying to finish that godawful game.

  22. sqlrob says:

    Nope, I can say that’s not always the case.

    Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem and Stretch Panic, the money was better (actually even made a profit. CC $5 sale and they got more than $5)

    Of course, these are the *only* two I’ve ever traded in. I still do regret the games I had to sell at our garage sale when I was unemployed, so some of your point does stand, it’s just not an absolute.



  23. Wolfemann says:

    Uhm… no, I think I can pretty well disprove that with one title.


    I don’t trade in often… but when I do, it’s usually some crap title I picked up used to begin with.

    Politics, Religion, and Particle Physics

  24. test_432 says:

    Really? You can quantify the fun I have with money and the fun I have holding onto a game that I don’t play any more? How? And does your formula factor in the complaints I’ll hear from my wife as old game boxes pile up? Because that’s pretty much anti-fun right there.

  25. insanejedi says:

    Here’s something to chew on for you people who trade in games.

    You will always enjoy the game you traded in more than the money you got for trading it in.

  26. Sai says:

    The shadey part is even if you get direct deposit as an employee, they make you take the Comdata card as well. So one week goes in the bank, the next week goes on the card. They claim you don’t get charged if you take it out within a certain amount of time after the payment and/or they put a couple of extra bucks in. And Comdata supplies these pain-in-the-ass overcomplicated check things if you want to get every last dime off the card or says you can use an all-point ATM charge free (and the only one I had found was a Sovereign Bank ATM and it wouldn’t take the card), but who knows.

  27. magic_taco says:

    I’ll still shop there no matter what,And i really dont want the edge card to go to waste, Hell, to think of it…They often do scam themselves of money often when you buy a used game and often it doesnt work, Then you return for a refund, Hours or so later or the next time you visit, The cheap broken game is back on the shelf.



  28. Mattie says:

    Just because a person doesn’t appreciate their games in the same way that you would doesn’t mean that their can’t be enjoyment out of them. Of Course games are going to be secondary when a person has a job or family to support.

  29. strathmeyer says:

    Uhh…. I do value games, that’s why I don’t play old games anymore. Because there are always new ones that I haven’t played yet.

  30. Yuuri says:

    If it is a game with little to no re-play value, why keep it? If you didn’t like it, or playing it again doesn’t appeal to you, why let it take up space?

    I’ve traded in games that I wasn’t ever gonna play again. But I have kept the ones that I keep going back to.

  31. insanejedi says:

    I’m not saying he can’t enjoy games that way, I’m saying I have trouble understanding how someone can enjoy games like that.

  32. NovaBlack says:

    Um.. isnt everyone an individual?

    Just because you dont enjoy ‘machinegunning’ through games, whats the problem with somebody else enjoying that?

    He may appreciate entirely different qualities of games than other people. And enjoy them for entirely different reason. There is no ‘right ‘ or ‘wrong’ way to enjoy a game.. dont make out like somebody is strange for enjoying them in a different way.

  33. insanejedi says:

    It’s not that. It seems like he blazes through games so quickly that I would imagine he would have a hard time actually enjoying them. Just going "done, done, done, done, done." gives me the impression that he’s running games like an "in and out" machine and not taking the time to fully appreciate the games he plays.

  34. Good Lord says:

    Then you don’t value your games, and i’m suprised that you can actually enjoy games at all like that.

    So because he doesn’t hoard his games like a packrat, he doesn’t actually "enjoy" them? Wow. That’s some elitist horseshit if I’ve ever heard it.

  35. insanejedi says:

    Then you don’t value your games, and i’m suprised that you can actually enjoy games at all like that. I can’t see someone enjoying games just going like "Fallout 3 done, Mass Effect done, Halo 3 done, Gears of War done," and just keep machinegunning your games through like that. You talk like games is your secondary job, you don’t have to keep up with every new release, enjoy your games.

  36. test_432 says:

    I have 3 DVD racks for my games. Anything more than that is clutter. My wife hates clutter.

    And by "don’t play anymore" I mean don’t play anymore. Between my job, my wife and my kid I don’t have a whole lot of time for gaming. I barely have time to keep up with current releases; nostalgia isn’t a luxury I can afford. When I’m done with a game I’m done and I don’t look back.

  37. insanejedi says:

    I’m pretty sure your wife would be complaining about the mess you make with the boxes you pile up, than the actual number of boxes you have. She would probebly complain a lot less if you organized your boxes in a neat and tidy manner.

    And you kind of have to quantify "don’t play anymore." because human psycology when your about to lose or have lost something, you often become nostalgic or protective of what you have no matter how much you played it or used it. Editors always regret in the old days selling their games that they thought "i’ll never play this agian." only to say "I should have kept my copy of Panzer Dragoon or Radiant Silver Gun." and every time they will say the money they got out of it was not worth the trade in of the game.

  38. Keith K says:

    At the same independent game shop I buy my games from. All the others listed can go straight to hell; Especially EBGames/GameStop

  39. lizardinmycoffee says:

    Well, just to name one of the reasons why people dislike GameStop (that I can think of off the top of my head). Corporate GameStop treats their employees like dogs. From my understanding (and please correct my if I am wrong), Gamestop pays their employees with either direct deposit or these debit type cards. If you get the debit type cards, you have to pay fees to take money out from an ATM, because the cards are not affiliated with any U.S. bank. (

    I’ve never worked for GameStop, and I have never had a problem when shopping at a GameStop (other than being treated like I have no idea what I’m doing because I’m a girl), but that is the reason I stopped shopping at GameStop.

    But back on topic, I don’t trade in games. If I buy a game, I generally have a pretty good idea that I’m going to love it. If I absolutely hate it, I’ll just give it to someone else so that they can experience it 🙂

  40. magic_taco says:

    Awww, I love Gamestop, I dont trade used games that often…I wouldnt even trade any of my resident evil’s or Champions of norrath (or return to arms) to them, But i dont see the big deal of people here thinking gamestop bites.

  41. AM says:

    No Game Crazy option, either.  They’re not truly MAJOR, but they’re substantial, and guarantee a better trade-in value than alternatives.  From what I’ve seen, they keep that promise, so far.  That said, I trade only on massive purchases, like a new console before first price drop.  I enjoy having a bookshelf packed full of games.  (Game Crazy is a subsidiary of Hollywood Video, and they tend to share store space, if anyone’s looking for an EB/GameStop competitor without going big-box or online.)

  42. gonzlamm says:

    I expected most of us not to practise trade-ins. Whenever i buy a game, I dont care how boring or bad it is. I just cant part with it i love my games too much 🙂 I mean i even have an unopened Superman 64 people XD

  43. gamadaya says:

    Trading? For like store credit? If that’s what this poll is, then it’s very sad so many people choose gamestop. They rip you off.


    Internet troll > internet paladin

  44. nighstalker160 says:

    I have a GameStop real close to my place and I’ve always liked them. Very low pressure sales people, very knowledgable and always willing to insult clueless parents when any aren’t in the store. The shit I have seen them deal with when I was just browsing.

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