Newt Gingrich Gushes About Wife’s New Wii on Twitter

Conservative Newt Gingrich has been posting on Twitter about a Nintendo Wii that his wife, Callista,  received as a birthday present.

The former House Speaker, a hardcore mobile Twitter user, has mentioned the Wii at least twice since last evening:

# Callista got a wii from the cushmans and the lubbers for her birthday A lot of bowling golf and tennis to come …about 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry


# @amlebus callista got a wii for her birthday yesterday. She is excited and wants to golf and bowl with our grandchildren    …about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry   

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    Michael Chandra says:

    The party wasn’t mentioned! Clearly he’s a Democrat and GP isn’t mentioning this because of the party-line conspiracy…

    Huh? Posted under the Republicans tag? So what?

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    Arell says:

    I dunno, the fact that politicians are using Twitter seems shocking enough to be news to me.  When they were talking about them twittering during the Inaugeration last month, I was astounded that half of them even knew what twitter was.

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    T5 says:

    I’m not going to do GP’s dirty work but I would guess that this story can be used as a point of reference if Newt Gingrich either comes out for or against something videogame related, gotcha at worst, precedent at best. 


    "Newt is no stranger to gaming(link to this story) making his actions here: A. unsurprising B. puzzling" 

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    Harry Miste says:

    In other news, I once saw a cat with three collars making its way towards the local bar. Apparently, anything can make news.

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