Obama Goes Questing in MMORPG

Clearly, there are some hardcore Barack Obama fans among the beta testers of NCsoft’s upcoming MMORPG Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Massively brought the video at left to our attention, in which some Aion players have employed the game’s robust character creation utility to get the Prez into the action:

NCsoft really didn’t have this in mind when creating the game’s lore, but some rather inventive beta testers have created something which show off just how good Aion’s character creation is. The end result is a player-created video that depicts Obama in ways his publicity people never anticipated, as an Elyos ‘kicking ass’ and saving trees on the road to ascension as a Daeva… Yes, this may piss off a few people — namely the POTUS — but it’s all in good fun.

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  1. Wolvenmoon says:

    Knee-jerk reaction : What the hell? Does our president not have enough work?

    Second reaction : Pay per month online games = bad for industry. No modding means no new talent, and no new talent means more of the same.

  2. Liekos says:

    When is this MMO coming out?  It looks intriguing.


    Certainly a great advertisement for the product too.

  3. Monte says:

    That’s definatly got me interested in the MMO itself… thought grant it, the site says it will be suscription based which i never did like… however, what i am loving is the robust character creation; seriously, not enough mmorpg’s employ that level of character creation… usually it’s just a dozen face, hair, and color swaps with some minor body details… look at the trailers they are employing the kind of stuff you might find in a wrestling game; stuff like being able to tweek various aspects of your body and face… you can really make a unique character with that…

    grant it though, not easy to keep up with more than one mmo… i’ve grown bored with some of the big ones like WoW and this has me interested… though at the same time i’m still awaiting more info on blade and soul; gameplay looks seriously fun on that one… though with no release dates, i may be waiting till 2010 for both of them =/

  4. Paladin says:

    Wow, I can just imagine what the game will be like. You just finish an epic boss fight, and just as you’re about to stagger over and collect your prize, Obama rushes up and ninja loots you’r stuff so he can "spread the wealth."

  5. Ambiguous says:

    Ha, that vid was actually very well made. Kept me entertained the whole way through, especially the second half. I might check this game out.

    As for the Obama clone, the hair didn’t look quite right but the facial features, namely the bone structure, was very close. I could easily see the resemblance.

  6. Murdats says:

    so that boss fight, were those cut scenes, action sequences or actual gameplay type stuff?

  7. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    How many Obama clones are we to expect to be running around the game?


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