Washington State Senate Honors Penny Arcade Guys

The Washington State Senate has passed a resolution commending Penny Arcade founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik as creative types, businessmen and philanthropists. The legislative body also noted the 10th anniversary of the popular site.

Both Holkins and Krahulik hail from Spokane.

From the resolution:

WHEREAS, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik recently celebrated the comic’s 10th anniversary;
and WHEREAS, In 2004, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik launched the first annual Penny
Arcade Expo, a gaming festival… and WHEREAS, The Penny Arcade Expo attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe to visit the city of Seattle…


WHEREAS, In 2003, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik created the Child’s Play Charity, an organization which raises contributions of money and toys to donate to Children’s Hospitals worldwide; and WHEREAS, Child’s Play Charity has raised over 4.5 million dollars for sixty different Children’s Hospitals since it was established…

GP: Well-deserved!

Via: Kotaku

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  1. Michael Chandra says:

    Just because there’s a crisis doesn’t mean you should forget about the little things. It’s so easy to focus purely on the problem and let all the rest turn into chaos.

  2. TheKingBoar says:

    Again, I’m not attacking the idea of a resolution. In fact, I specifically stated that I think the penny arcade guys deserved it. I just wish the legislature had chosen a better time to pass such a resolution.

  3. TheKingBoar says:

    I’m not disputing that it’s common, I’m just saying its a waste of time. It isn’t whining expecting our representatives to actually do something useful.

  4. Wolvenmoon says:

    That’s really awesome. I liked them before they were cool…LOL…I should start reading it again.

  5. Chiparoo says:

    This is a resolution. Things like this pass every day, in EVERY state house and senate. This is actually one of the better ones that has passed- many are for things like beauty queens and sports teams.

    Resolutions are time-honored traditions, and important as a way to honor those within the state.

    So, if you want to get upset about the state ‘wasting their time’ on state resolutions, be upset about the tradition as a whole. Dont get upset about THIS one. Beause this one is important.

  6. gamadaya says:

    Stop whining. Not everything is going to be a budget debate. Besides, stuff like this is increadibly common on both state and national levels, and it won’t be going away any time soon.


    Internet troll > internet paladin

  7. TheKingBoar says:

    And with the time to introduce the bill and do all the related paperwork? It’s at least half a day wasted. All I want is for my representatives to stop wasting time. Debate a budget that looks to close our deficit, then pass this when you’re done.

  8. Michael Chandra says:

    Of course I don’t know, I care little for politics, nevermind foreign ones. It was an educated estimate based on several assumptions and facts available.

  9. Michael Chandra says:

    It got passed in the day of introduction and I doubt they’d spend an entire day on it. I’d guess one hour, maybe two.

  10. Stealthguy says:

    Aww but everyone needs some warm and fuzzies at one time or another. Even if it’s being used to cover up the fact they’re surrounded on all sides.

  11. TheKingBoar says:

    Again, the Washington State Legislature is legendary on wasting time on worthless things. Again, I like Penny Arcade, but this does nothing for the state besides giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  12. TheKingBoar says:

    You clearly don’t know the Washington State legislature. I doubt this took an hour (although I’m not saying its impossible either), and while those things are not fixable in an hour, they could have been working on them instead.

  13. David says:

    I dislike Penny Arcade for reasons everyone who was unfortunate enough to come across my posts about them knows, but I’ll say that the legislature probably didn’t spend much time on this resolution.  Someone bashed the resolution out one day, and it probably took all of a minute for the Washington legislature to pass it.  It’s not a huge deal.

  14. Michael Chandra says:

    Are all those things fixable for free in a matter of a single hour? Because this was that quick and costs nothing more but a bit of postage. It’s a quick, free, friendly gesture.

  15. TheKingBoar says:

    Look I love Penny Arcade as much as every other gamer, and as a Seattle resident, I love PAX (and the business it brings). But in all seriousness, is this really what the Washington State Legislature needs to be doing? Could we fix out 8.5 billion dollar deficit first? Can we fix the crippling Puget Sound traffic first? Can we do something about the rampant gang violence in the south sound first? I’m all for honoring Penny Arcade, but the timing is terrible. There are much better things for the legislature to be doing.

  16. Harry Miste says:

    Don’t joke about those kind of things. He might actually do it.

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  17. MaskedPixelante says:

    In related news, Jack Thompson filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Senate for praising terrorists.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  18. TK n Happy Ness says:

    But they didn’t go after the game industry frequently for no reason, and whenever something stupid happens, they always show the lighter and funnier side.

    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  19. magic_taco says:

    Wow, And i recall a certain disbarred attorney telling them that they were just "Moronic, Drug-induced extornist that would never make it in life." But here they are successful and more manly that people like JT will never ever be.


    Congrats Gabe and Tyco!!

  20. Thomas McKenna says:

    Oh, I know what it is they’re being praised for.  I’ve been following them for going on 7 or 8 years now, and I know very well what they’re being praised for.  I even mentioned that they should be commended for all the work that they’ve done, especially with Child’s Play. 

    What I’m laughing at is the whole dichotomy this creates.  On one hand, we have two people who’s sense of humor is unique, to put it nicely, who act like complete dicks at times, and have nearly been sued in the past for drawing soft-core sexual pictures of Strawberry Shortcake.  And on the other hand, we have people who’ve raised millions for hospitalized children, who’ve created a convention akin to what E3 should always have been and adding concerts and tabletop gaming to the mix as well, and now who’ve been commended by the State of Washington for a job well done. 

    I mean, I don’t see how anyone can’t find this funny.

  21. Mattsworkname says:

    All hail the great and POWERFUL (As in, more so then you JT) Penny arcade,alpha of the video game community and leaders the gamers for good movment.

    All kidding aside, A Gabe and tycho are the best, as i’ve been a fan of theres since the very beginning and donate to CPC every year without fail. Congratulations to gabe and tycho, proof that when you love something enough to joke about it, you can make good stuff happen.

    Way to go guys.


    Yukimura is still here "Honor, that is what matters, isn’t it? " Yukimura Sanada, from Samurai warriors 2

  22. magic_taco says:

    I never got to see honeycake’s (JT) mouth drop at the awe of those’s two..I’ll think i go to PAX soon.

  23. lumi says:

    You have to look at what they’re actually being praised for.  The state likes them because they bring a ton of tourists (and tourist dollars) to Seattle every year with PAX, and they raise millions of dollars through Child’s Play.  That is commendable work, by any standards (including a state government’s), even if the medium through which they garner the support that allows them to do such things is, at times, highly juvenile.

  24. Thomas McKenna says:

     I find this hilarious in it’s own way.  These guys totally deserve a commendation of any sort, but to be commended by a state government when just last week their comic talked about "devouring your own asshole," it just seems humorous in a way.  Kind of like South Park winning a Golden Globe and then making an episode entirely devoted to large shits.

    Congrats to them.  I’m sure there’ll be a comic about it.

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