Mainstream Media Considers the Resident Evil 5 Racism Question

While the video game press appears to have reached a consensus that Resident Evil 5 is not racist in its portrayal of blacks, non-gaming media outlets do not seem quite so sure.

Lou Kesten, for example, who covers games for the Associated Press, straddles the line between games and the mainstream. In a syndicated column which will be reprinted across North America, Kesten clearly is uncomfortable with RE5’s racial vibe:

Even longtime fans of the horror franchise may find themselves wondering: Is this game racist?…


Yes, the vast majority of monsters in "RE5" are infected black men. Does that make it racist? I believe producer Jun Takeuchi’s claim that the story led naturally to Africa, and it’s obvious that a zombie-creating virus unleashed there would lead to hordes of African zombies.

Still, there were plenty of moments where I felt uneasy after shotgunning a path through a crowd of feral Africans. Even though "RE5" makes some points about colonialism and capitalism… the racial imagery is more loaded than its creators probably realized.

Judged purely as a game, "RE5" is undeniably entertaining. But many players are going to find it disturbing for the wrong reasons.

At left-leaning political blog Huffington Post, commentator Earl Ofari Hutchinson pulls no punches. For Hutchinson, RE5 is clearly an exercise in racism:

The well-worn script reads like this. A protest group blasts a video game manufacturer… for dumping a game on the market loaded with racially insulting and demeaning stereotypes. The video game team yelps that the game is pure entertainment, has some blacks or Latinos in on the design and production, and gets high marks from the industry…

So it was no surprise that Jun Takeuchi yanked out that script to defend his video game brainchild Resident Evil 5 from the charge that it’s racist. But what else could one call it? It features a white male (modern day Bawana) mowing down a pack of poor, primitive disease challenged Africans… . The racist game reinforces the worst of the worst ancient stereotypes against and about Africans…

GP: When video game controversies flare, there is typically lag time between the gaming press’s more immediate coverage and the issue’s crossover to the mainstream media. Now that RE5 has been released, it’s likely that the racism issue will be receiving a new round of attention from mainstream outlets in coming weeks.

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  1. JC says:

    I’ve beaten the game with a friend already. The game has nothing in it that’s racist. Calling it "disturbing" if anything, are the moments of gore that can make you queasy from the mutilation of the virus itself. I’m amazed someone can feel "guilt" about shotgunning a freaky monster trying to kill you, none of those enemies are human except some of the conspirators, but even that humanity doesn’t last long.

    Lou Kesten, finish the game first and if you still feel queasy, then you’ve been brainwashed into feeling bad for the wrong reasons.


    There are no stereotypes in the game (ie, grape soda, fried chicken, slang, double negatives, etc). Everything that seems to be, is a discerning by people who wish it was there.

    As I recall, the ancient stereotypes is that all africans attack white people; speak with clicks; are starving; do nothing but 419 scam… and likely others. None of that is displayed there. I’m not familiar with the language the main enemies use, but I would think it is Swahili (sp?). Even the majini tribe seem to speak it.

    Mr. Huchington, you disappoint me. It shows clearly you have a bias against the game and are offended by it for treating these people as "real" where it shows you have the real racism for being afraid of allowing something like this game to exist it somehow offends your fear of being called racist for enjoying the game. Brainwashed by the media for using the term "disease-challenged" as well >_____> You are sick.

  2. Wormdundee says:

     Uh, just a heads up for you, he’s talking about main villains in Bond movies, not every movie ever made since Live and Let Die.

    Reading comprehension ftw!

  3. Good Lord says:

    "…ever since that film there has never been a black main bad guy for the reason that it might be considered racist."

    Uhh, what? I take it you’ve never seen Escape from New York, or for a very recent example, Wanted.

  4. mdo7 says:


    What, really???


    Did they said that bond shooting up the Embassy in Africa is racist.  I didn’t hear about that, could you give me a link to that review or copy and paste the excerpt from that reviews.  That’s the first time I heard James Bond was labeled racist just because he shot up a African embassy.

    Whoever said Bond is racist is really stupid, would it be racist for a black actor to play 007 (actually, the guy who play Robinson in some Bond film expressed interest of being the first Black Bond. However we got a black Felix Leiters. I guess that’s racist too.)?  God, what has the world come to when you say "It’s racist".  God, I hate it when you scapegoat something and called it racist. 

  5. Geoff says:

    Yeah, "disease challenged" makes the impression that the people affected by the virus can be saved when, in fact, they can’t.  The Las Plagas has pretty much mutated the hosts to the point where they’re pretty much monsters in human skin.

    Anyone who calls this game "raciest" has never played it and, at most, has only watched one or two trailers.


    Tea and cake or death! Tea and cake or death! Little Red Cook-book! Little Red Cook-book!

  6. Silverlotus says:

    "Even though you were playing as a white Secret Service agent who wasn’t really funny, NOOOO."

    Actually, that part of the game was extremely offensive.  If you’re going to be a Secret Service agent, you should ATLEAST be really funny.  I was very hurt by this portrayal of un-funny secret agents.  On behalf of all Secret Agent Men (or Enigmatic Government Hired Persons), I demanded this game be pulled from shelves on this reason.  My pleas were sadly laughed at, and I was turned away, wearing a trenchcoat and dark sunglasses at night, with briefcase in hand.

  7. Father Time says:

    I’m aware of that, no one would use the phrase disease challenged in place of zombies.

    Even if you don’t consider the infected blacks in this game zombies it would at least be necessary to point out that the disease makes them act like zombies or at least act hostile to everyone else.

    It is despicable how he attempted to spin it as if it were just unnecessary genocide.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  8. Krono says:

    Disease Challenged sounds too vague though even for poltical correctness (the whole point of which seems to be to water down labels and sayings by making them vague enough to apply to large amounts of people).

    Actually, I’d say the whole point of the disease challenged label is to avoid saying "zombie" and thus help to kill the outrage. It’s purely a matter of loading his speech to be inflamatory as possible.


  9. Krono says:

    The amusing thing is I’m not sure the racial makeup of the development team has been used as a defense, except to point out that it’s a Japanese studio and lead designer that made the game. In particular I’m not sure that the developers themselves brought it up. So with his claimed "script" Hutchinson might be attributing defenses to the developers that they never actually used.


  10. gamadaya says:

    I don’t need to say again how stupid the people are who consider this game racist, and hopefully this will be the last time we hear about the issue, considering how the mainstream media has probably already forgot that they reported on this, and game journalists seem to have milked the topic for all it’s worth.


    Internet troll > internet paladin

  11. Jeramii says:

    it isn’t racist at all! are you kidding me, they even put mexicans and asians into the game to comfort people. my favorite part is that no one ever complained about the fact Resident Evil 4 and Spanish people (whatever you call people from Spain).


    Utah- Male- 20- Owner of PS3, Wii, 360.

  12. Michael Chandra says:

    If I hadn’t heard all this talk about how it would be racism, and had decided to play the game, I bet you I never would have noticed any racistic imagery. Because I’d be too damn focussed on being afraid of the zombies and wanting to kill them and prevent them from killing me.

  13. Ashkihyena says:

    Yeah, cause you know, a game set in Africa has to have only white people in it.  Yeah, like I said, I doubt either one of them are racist.

  14. hellfire7885 says:

    True. Only way it woudl be offensive is if they said it promotes gay hatred because some of the zombies wear hawaiian shirts, which woudln’t make any more sense than this.

  15. hellfire7885 says:

    Only time it should be done is in jest.

    For instance I was watching some con footage, and as a joke a zombie said "Ah ah, I prefer "undead american".

  16. Harry Miste says:

    I’m actually surprised that everyone is complaining about the colour of the zombie’s skin pre-infection. In DEAD RISING, for example, nearly all the zombie skin colours are gray, brown or black. Did nobody complain? Even though you were playing as a white photojournalist, NOOOO.

    In Resident Evil 4, you were fighting against predominantly Spanish zombies. Did nobody complain? Even though you were playing as a white Secret Service agent who wasn’t really funny, NOOOO.

    It must be the colour of their skin pre-infection that matters.

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  17. Father Time says:

    they’re not zombies who happen to be black they’re zombies who USED to be black. Now they’re zombies which could probably be calssified as a different species entirely or at least a seperate race.


     Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  18. Father Time says:

    Sure looks like it. The despicable part is that people will read that and not think ‘zombies’ they will think of people riddled with pestilence and he knows it (or at least he should know it).

    Disease Challenged sounds too vague though even for poltical correctness (the whole point of which seems to be to water down labels and sayings by making them vague enough to apply to large amounts of people).

    Maybe we should have life deprived people or people of rotting flesh or something. Make it something stupidly vague and then pretend that the term ‘zombie’ is offensive to those with alternate eating styles.

    God I hate PC.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  19. Erik says:

    Wait, "Disease Challenged?" did he just come up with a politically correct term for zombies?

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  20. JC says:

    Looking at the race of the development team is a problem in itself; you are basically stating that it is "ok" to do things because of someone’s skin color, thus treating someone different because of their skin color: racism itself.

    Why do you have to mention that? The point of moving past the racism is to see past it and not judge or treat someone differently because of skin color.

    Other than that, I can agree with many of your other comments.

  21. State says:

    Actually Live and Let Die is an interesting point because ever since that film there has never been a black main bad guy for the reason that it might be considered racist. The part in Casino Royale where Bond shoots up the embassy was called racist by some reviewers, stating that he would never do the same if it was full of white people (whilst disregarding that this pretty much happened in most of the other 20 films).

    And it’s sort of the same here, "RE5 sees you going around killing lots of black people, I bet it wouldn’t happen if they were white", well yeah it would, it’s happened in all of the other games in the franchise.

    I’ve seen people look for racism in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and they make such blanket statements such as "wouldn’t happen if it was white", and all the time it is counteracted by the point that it has happened to a white person in the aforementioned examples.

  22. LujanD says:

    Well, I posted this in Hutchinson’s article but I thought it was denied approval. It seems to have been approved however.

    1. The game has nothing to do with the actual diseases of today as some seem to believe. It’s a FICTIONAL as well as MAN-MADE virus. It’s also certainly not related to any known viruses, even minutely. Unless of course you can point out a virus which turns normal people into hulking monsters.

    2. The virus has affected many walks of life during the course of the series, from rich cities to downtrodden villages. And speaking from the perspective of an African, living in Africa, might I point out that we have our fair share of the former as well as latter mentioned living conditions. I find it insulting that earl Ofari Hutchinson’s first thought after seeing Resident Evil 5 (If he indeed has) is that it was “enforcing” a stereotype of some sort. Earl is in essence lending credibility to the stereotype.

    3. Many other cultures were affected by this virus in previous games, including your massively “white” areas. Where was the public outrage then?

    4. You do realize that as Africans, we can defend ourselves, right? We don’t need you riding in on your high-horse to “help” us. As much as you feel you’re doing us a service, I find it painful to see that some out there believe we’re simply incapable of offering our own viewpoint on matters which directly affect us.

  23. face777 says:

    I *highly* recommend you play the game… – Jill is… mentioned a bit. I shall say no more.

  24. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    They’re trying to kill people (the zombies who happen to be black). It’s not racism if it’s self defense! Is Balrog gonna charge Guile with a hate crime now?

    But seriously, would it make sense for all the zombies to be white when the game takes place in Africa?

  25. MaskedPixelante says:

    I haven’t played it because they killed off Jill sometime between 4 and 5. And for it being racist… yeah, it’s pretty racist, but so was Resident Evil 4… and if you refused to call racism on Resident Evil 4, you have no authority to call out Resident Evil 5.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  26. Father Time says:

    "mowing down a pack of poor, primitive disease challenged Africans… "

    Oh you mean the zombies?

    Either the author hasn’t actually played the game or he knows he’s making shit up. This is despicable journalism.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  27. hellfire7885 says:

    Again, despite that I hate repeating myself, the true racists are those who keep pointing out the racism.

    And what about the zombies in Dawn/Day/Land of the dead?

    There were latinos zombie,s asian zombie,s the apparently forbidden black zombies. If these peopel missed that, they forfeit on this, no exceptions.

  28. AgnosticInAFoxhole says:

    You know, if Mr. Hutchinson actually bothered to play through the game, he’d know that the main villains are all white. Hell, Albert Wesker, the main villain, is just an eye-color away from being a crazed, aryan supersoldier. Furthermore, the pharaceutical company that said white villains were running is shown to have tricked and even coerced the natives into becoming zombified under the guize that they were being given vaccinations. There’s even a journal in the game that implies that the company secretly killed some children a village to scare the people into getting the vaccine.

    But, what do you expect? Pople like Hutchinson love to label anything that features Africans or African-Americans in a bad light as "racist" regardless of the context. I bet he thought Black Hawk Down and Blood Diamond were racist as well.

  29. leetNightshade says:

    In RE5 a white guy isn’t killing African’s because they have black colored skin, he’s killing what were once human beings because they’re zombies that are trying to kill him; it’s self defense.  Since Chris Redfield (the white guy) isn’t trying to kill the zombies because of their skin color, he isn’t discriminating against any particular human race; therefor it’s not racism.  Though he’s obviously discriminating against the zombie race, or whatever kind of monster they are in RE5.  You can go ahead and say RE5 is racist, the only racism I see is against the zombies, which are as far as I know are  imaginary (unless one of our government agencies is having some fun of it’s own).  

    So as far as we care and are concerened, no particular human race is being discriminated against in RE5; if you think there is then I think you are the one who has a problem.  


    "there were plenty of moments where I felt uneasy after shotgunning a path through a crowd of feral Africans …many players are going to find it disturbing for the wrong reasons"

    Kesten, first of all, when I have a crowd of zombies coming after me that are African in descent, I only think that they are zombies and I HAVE to kill them before they kill me.  They are no longer African people, they are African zombies.  Again, you aren’t killing these creatures because they’re African in descent (actually, not all of them are African).  Are you saying African’s are exactly like these monsters?  

    Anyway, the only thing that kind of disturbed me a little was the "curb stomping" (I can’t remember what the move was called in-game); it reminds me of American History X.  Other than that I wasn’t disturbed by what you think is racist imagery.  Though I just realized: even though the gameplay isn’t racist it can still stir up bad memories and emotions from people.  

  30. mdo7 says:


    Once again, the racism accusation continue.  I know one person who knows this isn’t racist.  you can read it here .  At least one person knows this isn’t racist. 

    If this game is racist, then I guess:

    Resident Evil 4 is racist (because you’re killing Spaniards.  Oh by the way, when was the last time Spain called RE4 "racist" or anti-Spanish).

    Quantum of Solace the game (Bond killed Black soldiers and he killed a black leader, guess that’s racist too. Oh, is the movie like Live and Let Die racist because Bond fight Black people, and the villain is black.)

    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 (because it take place in Mexico, and you’re killing Mexican rebels. The dumb mayor ban this game because it’s "racist".  I don’t remember hearing Scott Mitchell yelling racial slurs or killing Mexican civilians.)

    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and Call of Duty: World at War (because you’re killing Japanese.  Here’s the ironic part, Rising Sun got EA Best hits in Japan even with the killing of Japanese soldiers in the game.)



  31. NeW SpEcTrUM says:

    Having finished RE5 already, I can safely say…what the fuck are these people talking about!? You can’t just look at some screenshots or a trailer and say, "Oh yeah, that’s racist." It’s the complete opposite! Don’t they ever read up on anything they rant about? Last time I checked there were two black characters fighting alongside you, and despite how many times it has been said, these people can’t seem to get through their heads, that when someone is trying to kill you, you DEFEND yourself! For chrissake’s, in Chapter 1-1, you’re just walking amongst the townspeople. I really despise people who try to see evil in everything.

    "If child molestation is actually your concern, how come we don’t see Bradley tanks knocking down Catholic churches?" – Bill Hicks / "Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." – Denis Diderot

  32. Meohfumado says:

    It’s been almost thirty years now, and Nintendo is still cashing in on the stereotype of a poor, blue-collar Italian American plumber…..but that’s not racist.  No outrage there.

    Shoot black people…that’s racism.

    The myopy of the "it’s racism" crowd sickens me.

    You can only be offended if you want to be.

    "You know what I wish? I wish all the scum of the Earth had one throat and I had my hands about it."

  33. blamblamblam says:

    It’s funny that the racial makeup of the development team (e.g., that it has Blacks and Latinos) can be employed to argue that one is not guilty of racism. Besides all the familiar issues with a) using token minorities to legitimize one’s rhetorical position, and b) the dubiousness of claiming that one cannot be racist against one’s own race, I can assure you that game development is hardly the environment in which staff have influence over what unsavory representations might exist in the game’s content.

    From a social and cultural standpoint, games are still by and large a pretty unenlightened medium, produced by technical whizkids who come from a pretty narrow band of the educational and socioeconomic spectrum, and thus aren’t likely to think a whole lot about the relevant human issues in what they create. Moreover, if the publisher and/or management don’t concern themselves with these kinds of things (and I think most just don’t see it as a problem–they are all well-meaning, but impervious to self-reflection), then activism from the staff isn’t likely to do much. I’ve been on game projects where this has been a problem, and those of us on the development team who were offended by the content could only break out with ironic chuckles, that old weapon long favored by the powerless.

    I know quite little about Resident Evil 5, so I’m not in a position to make specific comments about the game, but from where I stand as a professional game developer, the game industry seems pretty well-primed to commit all kinds of egregious racism, sexism, stereotyping, whathaveyou. Media sensitivity to race, gender, culture, etc. has always been pretty perfunctory, and video games are absolutely no exception.

  34. Ashkihyena says:

    I haven’t played RE5 cause I’m just not that intrested, but I’ll say this, its not racist, never was, never will be.

  35. Arell says:

    I honestly incourage the controversy.  If RE5 can come out the other side unscathed, then it would be a major stepping point on the discourse of racism.  The problem is that people are too sensitive, or too fearful of even appearing racist, that they’ve stopped talking about it or thinking about it critically.  We need a good discussion to shake up the issue.

  36. T5 says:

    I’m surprised no one is upset about the recurring stereotypically Persian rug salesmen zombie. 


    What to these media types hope to gain by successfully naming something racist? 

  37. CaptainZM says:

    They’re zombies. End of argument.


    "Don’t Run, You’ll Just Die Tired."

  38. strathmeyer says:

    It’s a good bet most people who think the game is racist or do a television report on it have never played it.

  39. KayleL says:

    At least Lou Kesten has a better tone then most other people. It’s not like he is acting like Black Looks by saying it’s training white kids to hate black people.

    If you know the history or Resident Evil, you would know that it mentions the origin of the T-virus was in Afica for a long time. It’s a matter of time before RE would visit Africa.

  40. Generationkillx says:

    IT does not really matter. The game is selling like hot cakes and the people who scream about the game being racist can not do anything about it.


    The Main stream media, home of the people who have no idea what they are talking about, but pretend there experts.

  41. KaylaKaze says:

    Why am I not hearing anything about 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand being racist? I don’t recall racism being one of the problems people had with GTA: San Andreas (unless they were complaining about black stereotypes, in which case it’s still white people being racist towards blacks). It’s this pussified wing of liberals in this country that have made the term liberal a pejorative. I’m damn proud to say I’m a liberal, but I am always so pissed at these assholes. These are the types of people that have lead to laws being passed in the UK that says you can be arrested for insulting someone. These are the people who’ve let psycho muslims take over The Netherlands. I’m 29, white, grew up in the south in a black neighborhood and at a black school. Guess what?! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT KIND OF SHIT ANYMORE! We’re trying to remove ourselves from the ignorance of the past generations. The only people of my generation still obsessed with the color of someone’s skin is the backwoods hillbilly, the white-guilt ivory-tower pussy, or the black guy who makes his living by pointing out all the racist crackers. If no one had made a fuss about RE5 being racist, NO ONE (okay 95% of the people) that played the game would have any thoughts of it being racist.

  42. TBoneTony says:

    I remember the Jynx controversy.

    That was rather sad because I liked Jynx in her original Black skin. And no I did not find it anything to do with racism.

    To me, racism is not by the color of skin, but it is more of how you USE that color of skin against another different color of skin and give it a negative genalization.

    I know that racism has been a word that has been used allot since the 80s, but perhaps we should think carefully about what it stands because even the innocent can be caught out by racism or being labled as racist when in fact the issue might not be as bad as everyone thinks it is like the Pokemon example.


  43. TBoneTony says:

    Ok, I stand corrected.

    But I am sure that the PEGI have the racist tag and also the BBFC might too.

    Also it is hard to play though all of the games submitted in for classification, so that is why the classification organisations are given videos of the games to view them for classifiction.


  44. Nocturne says:

    Both PEGI and BBFC do point out Racist imagery in the games that they rate. PEGI have a little picture of a black guy and two white guys to represent discrimination, BBFC use the more tried and tested English language approach.

    PEGI gave R5 a fist and @*! meaning violence and bad language. They didn’t even give it a spider (fear), let alone discrimination.

    BBFC publicly stated that the game isn’t racist.


  45. Michael Chandra says:

    A discrepancy we can most likely blame on all these complaints about how it’s racist.

  46. Austin_Lewis says:

    I have played the game a bit, finally, after the fucking conference and the drive home from Boston, and I found that the game’s balance of white to black people is off compared to the actual continent of Africa.  It’s about 50-50 in game I keep finding.

  47. bracomadar says:

    Racism to me isn’t killing a bunch of people in a video game with a different skin color than you.  Logically, if you have a game where you’re fighting in Africa, you’re probably going to be shooting mostly Black people.  If you have a game that’s set in the Asia, you’re probably going to be shooting mostly Asians.  So what do you want, a game where it’s just White people shooting White people?  How about no shooters can be set in Africa?  Or to avoid offending anyone, it can be set in Africa, but everyone must be White.  It’s starting to sound like old movies and TV shows where all the actors were White and they just dressed up as Black people, Native Americans, or they just didn’t even bother to write them into the script.  This is just stupid!  If this is the reaction that companies are going to get all the time, then nobody will set their games in Africa in the future and won’t bother adding any characters besides White characters to avoid offending anyone.

    People call racism on stuff all the time that really doesn’t affect their lives, or harms them.  If getting offended actually causes harm, then we should do away with the 1st Amendment so you won’t get Offended Cancer, or an infection in your Offensive Gland.  Some Liberals will tend to label someone as a racist to dismiss any argument they have, just like Conservatives might label someone a terrorist.  It’s going to get to the point where the word "racist" will have such a broad meaning that when something really racist does pop up, people won’t pay enough attention to it like they should.  It’s like crying wolf.  Say it enough times for nothing, and people just ignore you, even the few times when they need to listen. 

    So what do I consider to be real racism?  Laws not letting you use the same bathroom as others, go to the same school as others, or not allow you to sit in the same area as others, because of your skin color, well, that IS racist!  Herding Japanese Americans into concentration camps just because their relatives come from a country we were at war with, IS racist.  Taking the property of Native Americans and forcing them to march halfway across the country to Oklahoma, IS racist (and happened to my own family).  Forcing a school, or workplace to have a certain number of people from a certain race, IS also racist.  That’s right, affirmative action is racist!  If you’re treating someone worse OR BETTER than another person just on their race, instead of their qualifications, or deeds, then you’re a racist in my book.  Unless you treat everyone as equals based on their appearance, you’re a bigot, racist, or something along those lines.  If you don’t hire someone for a job because they aren’t able to do it because of the educational, or physical skills won’t let them do the job, then that’s just common sense.  If you’re hiring someone like a doctor for a hospital, you want the most qualified staff to save lives.  A racially diverse staff isn’t going to contribute anything extra to saving lives and if you’re forced to hire a person with inferior skills over people with better skills just because of that person’s skin color, it could cost someone their life. 

    If a bunch of White guys beat up a Black guy, I wouldn’t automatically call that racist, or if a bunch of Black guys beat up on a White guy, I wouldn’t call that racist either.  There are lots of reasons someone could get angry at someone besides their skin color.  All violent crimes should be considered hate crimes.  Nobody really beats someone up because they love them.  However, motive shouldn’t get you more years in jail, because the crime you committed against another should lock you away long enough.  Does it matter more if you shot a guy because he was Black, or because he said something you didn’t like?  YOU SHOT A GUY!!!  That’s all anyone needs to know.  Even if we did punish someone more for the motive, a person that shoots someone just because they said something they don’t like, seems more dangerous to all of society.  100% of society is in danger in that case.  All races and people are in harms way.  The one who kills based on race is only dangerous to that one, or two races that they don’t like.  Maybe 50% of society is in danger.  Still, if a person is a risk to just 1 person, they should be locked away.  Maybe a person is peaceful and ready to be let out, but are still serving time because their motive when they committed the crime got them a longer sentence.  At the same time, a guy that’s still dangerous to society is let loose, because his motive wasn’t considered bad enough to get a longer sentence.  The jail gets full and they have to release someone, so he’s let out instead of the peaceful guy. 

    It seems today that a cartoon of a shot monkey, or an "offensive" comment some celebrity said gets more attention than the fact kids in poor (minority) neighborhoods are forced to go to cruddy schools, or that Blacks are more likely to be sentenced to death row than Whites.  And how often do you see anything in the news media about Native Americans?  This is the racism in the country that actually hurts people and needs to be talked about.  This other stuff only offends people, sometimes unintentionally, and only results in hurt feelings for the ones calling racism.  However, the accused person will usually lose their job, which I find more harmful to a human being than a bunch of hurt feelings.  The punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime.  I’d rather live in a FREE country where I was offended all the time, instead of a country where one unintentional mistake in what I said could cost me my job, reputation, or worse.  This politically correct society we live in is not free of racism and will not rid us of racism.  It still has the double standards of decades ago, but just flipped.  I’m not saying that Whites have it as bad as Blacks and other races had it decades ago.  By far, we are no where near that.  However, minorities can say pretty much anything they like about White people and get away with it, yet White people have to watch what they say whenever talking about minorities.  The result is that some White people will avoid minorities out of fear they’ll say something around them that will get them in trouble.  This is creating a state of fear and ignorance, which are the seeds that creates racism and discrimination.  So this double standard is still driving us apart.  There’s a guilt in society were the wrong actions of White people’s fathers and grandfathers deserve punishment, but since they aren’t around, this newer generation of White people must suffer punishment instead.  This "sins of the father" method of smoothing things out is not going to end racism, but will eventually divide us more, create more hatred between us, and breed more racism.  Until we learn that offensive words really hold no weight, but offensive action do, important stuff that needs to change will continue to be ignored. 

    PSN: bracomadar

  48. JustChris says:

    Don’t you tag team with a black woman in this game? It would be intresting to hear Hutchington’s thoughts on a black person killing members of her own race.


  49. JustChris says:

    While it’s incorrect to say that Capcom intended to make Resident Evil 5 racist, it’s more accurate to say Resident Evil 5 will offend people as it touches a sensitive subject for them.

    Remember, just because something offends you and you see some message that others may not see doesn’t mean it was made with that message in mind. I may be going out on a limb here, but it’s like saying you see the Virgin Mary on a glass wall when other not-so-pious people just see a wavy pattern.


  50. Vake Xeacons says:

    Agreed. They have no right to speak about racism because they missed their chance with RE4. Too late guys.

  51. TheBampot says:

    The never do play the game though do they? They never have before so I don’t see them starting anytime soon.  I think this is going to lead to another beating of the video game industry by the media, with little to no defence of the game.

  52. MaskedPixelante says:

    I get the feeling that all the "OMG ITS TEH RACIST" people haven’t actually played the game… or Resident Evil 4 for that matter.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  53. Luvian says:

    I agree here. It’s been okay for countless games and movies to kill Caucasian zombies for years, but all of a sudden if you change the color of the zombie’s skin, it’s racist. There is hypocrisy there.

  54. State says:

    The moral of the story is that black people can’t be villains (sounds kinda racist doesn’t it).

    I really think Capcom should release a patch to make all the black zombies white, because then it would be interesting to see what the response from the critics would be, wouldn’t that make them feel rather uneasy about the whole racist issue? It’s okay to kill loads of white people but not black people. Essentially the content would be the same, but it would force these critics to ask some serious questions about the perceived racism. It’s not going to happen (arguably it shouldn’t happen), but I just can’t but feel that the whole racist argument is actually racist (ie it’s only racist if it’s against black people).

  55. Duffy says:

    And immediately following that scene you fight the woman who is now a zombie and everyone in the room with her are also zombies. Soooo in context, it’s nothing special.

  56. JoshuaOrrizonte says:

    I’ll take your word as someone who has played the game over someone who is just twisting in the wind about this any day. I haven’t played it and don’t intend to; not my type of game. I don’t know why people are labelling it as racist without actually playing it.

  57. Father Time says:

    I heard a lot of people got pissed over a line from Vice City taken out of context "kill all the haitians"

    In context you were working with a gang that was rivals with a Haitian gang. There was a shootout and someone on your side said "kill all the haitians".

    I wasn’t paying attention to it though so I had no idea how bad it got.

    The only other racist games I can think of were isolated incidents that barely got any coverage (Jynx being a stereotype of blacks for example).


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  58. beemoh says:

     >The well-worn script reads like this. 

    "Well-worn"? Are you quite sure? I can’t remember the last time anything like this happened. With regards to violent games, I’ll grant you that that comes around a lot. But racism? Not so much. Certainly not in the same way as it has with RE5.


  59. Father Time says:

    The ESRB doesn’t have a tag for racist images, and they don’t play the games, they are sent clips of the most violent/sexual/whatever parts of the game from the makers.


     Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  60. TBoneTony says:

    Most people seem to forget this main point, and such a point that I think we might have all learned from the recent Change4Life ad.

    If you don’t want something to sell well or become popular, then DON’T try to talk about it.

    Sadly mainstreem media, and even sometimes in the gaming media, usually try to provoke some strong mixed up story to make their news sell.

    Also for the record, it is rated M17+, 18 or MA15+ where ever you live. And if you look at the classifications, there is no real link to any racist images or gameplay that includes racism. And this is coming from the people who HAVE played the game. (ESRB, BBFC and OFLC)


  61. Joran says:

    I’ve seen well-thought out arguments as well on scenes that could be construed as racist.  However, I’m about halfway through the game and I’ve see nothing so far that would make me consider it racist.  The scene where the white woman was grabbed has been changed; instead of an black African, she was grabbed by a white African.

    It’s a fun game.

  62. JoshuaOrrizonte says:

    I’ve actually seen a few well-thought-out arguments that RE5 could be construed as racist. Still disagree, but made me reconsider, at least. Hutchinson’s type of argument = not thought out at all.

    My personal opinion, of course.

  63. NovaBlack says:

    Hmm well.. unless the entire res evil series has been about AIDS then he fails.. the very act of him saying this particular one IS whereas the rest are not is actually racist in itself. I mean that would be saying that

    To be fair, i dont think creating super soldiers for sale to the highest bidder (the story behind the RE games)  would do to well if it were really representing the sale of super soldiers..infected.. with..aids…

    Not having a go at you here btw. Just that its frustrating that, like you said, someone would go out of their way to find something to enable them to say they have spotted racism. Its frustrating that we cant ever move past racism, if people always force it to exist.

  64. State says:

    THATS what you call zombies now is it? that hes not a zombie, thats not PC, hes ‘disease challenged’.

    That’s not what he’s trying to do, he’s basically saying AIDS or something like that, he’s trying to link the zombies with the millions of people in Africa with AIDS. He’s trying to say that zombie infection is an allegory for another disease and basically the point of the game is to slaughter innocent AIDS victims. In many ways he does have a point, I know that zombie infection has been used as an allegory for AIDS and such in films, but he’s decided to see this game as racist from the start and no matter what will be said to defend the game he won’t have any of it. Essentially he’s going out of his way to find racism where it doesn’t exist.

  65. NovaBlack says:

    ” mowing down a pack of poor, primitive disease challenged Africans… . The racist game reinforces the worst of the worst ancient stereotypes against and about Africans…”



    ‘disease challenged…’

    THATS what you call zombies now is it? that hes not a zombie, thats not PC, hes ‘disease challenged’. Well you can shove your PC terms.

    they are NOT ‘disease challenged’ they are crazed parasite infected monsters eager to smash your body to tiny pieces. Not once does the protagonist stop and say. ‘hey caucasian zombie, you have a great day, im going to selectively choose to kill your black friend over there’. not ONCE.

    it isnt a ‘black person’.

    it isnt a ‘white person’.

    it isnt a ‘PERSON’.

    when its charging toward you trying to smash out your brains, the colour of its skin is the LAST thing on your mind. It could be yellow with pink spots, if it wants to kill you, it gets shot before it can.


    God this racism argument is SO lame. I got RE5 friday, and completed it. Not ONCE did i find the game ‘disturbing’ or ‘racist’. I enjoyed it.

    The game REALLY isnt racist. The people LOOKING for racism where there is none, are racist, assuming that there must be some negative statement being made about africans. There isnt. Its a game about a virus infecting humans.

    Does the Progenitor Virus care if somebody is black / white / yellow? No. It doesnt even care if they are human or animal. Look at the other SIX games (not even including the on rails shooters or remakes or the 2 online outbreak games) besides this one. all infected. All killed if they try to attack.

    Why suddenly in the SEVENTH game is it suddenly racist. What about all the races in the other six games (plus the other spin offs)?

    Its no more racist than RE4 dressing up all the spaniards as a small village of grubby farmers. But no one cried out about that?. When it was americans in the first 3 was that racist? No.. so why is this?

    If there was even ONE incident in the game that was racist fair enough, just ONE occasion when a black person is treated differently than any other. But there isnt. not ONE OCCASION. so its pretty hard for me to agree with the critics when they cant even name one paltry specific incident in the game.


  66. Firebird says:

    Do we have anything to disagree on here? (Asides Hutchington)

    Onward to 100+ repeated comments… (But still entertaining)

  67. killatia says:

    First off bad Earl Ofari Hutchinson, its so damn clear you haven’t even played the game to know whats going on.

    Secondly if a black man was coming after me with axes, bowguns, chain saws, huge ass hammers, and all the other crazy weapons in the game zombie or not I’m gonna defend myself.


  68. Zerodash says:

    What message is being sent over this controversy?  How do you explain that in a game/movie killing white people is good but killing black people is bad? Why were Spainards not offended when RE4 came out? 


    I’ve always been wary of people who get offended at everything with even a hint of racial undertones- they are often the same types who wear their "not racism" on their sleeve.  To me, they are just another type of racists- folk who try to find racism in EVERYTHING and use it to cover up their own obsession with skin color.

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