Cops: Suspected Pedophile Targeted 11-year-old Via PlayStation 3

A 24-year-old Kentucky man is under arrest, charged with persuading an 11-year-old Texas girl to send nude photos of herself through her PlayStation 3.

As reported by Houston’s ABC-13, police allege that Anthony Scott O’Shea’s manipulation of his victim was managed entirely via the console. Sgt Gary Spurger told ABC-13:

He used the PS3 for everything, checked his email, played on the internet, on his PS3 and of course, played his games on PS3, but had no computer…


[O’Shea] asked for pictures of her breasts. She said no. He said friends do things for each other. You’re on my friends list. If you don’t, I’m gonna remove you, at which point she feels nervous and scared and sent the pictures.

Police say that Shea mailed the girl’s pictures to others around the country. The suspect’s bail is set at $300,000.

For its part, Sony provided investigators with technical assistance in the case.

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  1. thefremen says:

     Good thing they got rid of all those perverts and offensive content by censoring the word "gay" from Home.

  2. XxHYDRA1xX says:

    On the playstation 3 system there is a very extensive parental controlls that can stop your child from accessing the internet to being aloud to use internet but not aloud to chat or send or recive pics in messages. However i do belive it is the parents responsability to monitor there child and what they are doin in all aspects of there childs life. This problem could have been avoided had the parents of the little girl spent 5 min looking at the menu of the playstation and setting standards. You had enough knowledge of the system to buy it why not have to knowlegde to keep your child safe. I dont agree with what the man did and think it is very very wrong but i dont belive he is the only one at falt. As a 20 yr old male i know that when i have children i will have total controll over what they do and how they act when online and when in puplic. Come on parents it takes 5 min to stop a lifetime of bad memories. Dont be so STUPID!

  3. Valdearg says:

    That was.. umm… An interesting movie, for lack of a better term.. I did laugh at how much of a vindictive Bitch the protagonist was, though.. Haha.

  4. shady8x says:

    It is a reasonable punishment in my view… so long as those the law judges as sexual criminals aren’t themselves children… like that 3 year old that hugged his teacher and turned up on the sexual predator list… and the hundreds of other children that have shared similar fates in recent years…

  5. Conster says:

    I think there was a Law&Order:Special Victims Unit where a pedophile proved he wasn’t a suspect by dropping his pants: since his chemical castration was wearing off, he’d had a real castration done to stop his urges.

    Also, ouch.

  6. DeepThorn says:

    I’m all for that.  Twig and berries removed without anesthetics.  Of course, I am also for water boarding cult leaders that take advantage of their members and screwing them up mentally.

  7. JB says:
    You know… I’m all for castration as a punishment against pedophiles. That’s the least they should get.
  8. nighstalker160 says:

    There was this really bizarre case where you had this come up.

    A 15 year old took and sent a naked picture of herself over text.

    They charged her with various child porn charges but they ran into a quirk of law. In may jurisdictions you CANNOT charge the "legislatively intended victim" with the crime itself.

    In this case, SOME of the charges had to be dropped because the girl was the victim of her own crime.

    The only charges that could stick were the "corruption on a minor" charges based on her distribution of the picture to OTHER minors.

  9. Arell says:

    While this adult certainly needs to be punished, this sort of bumps into another issue that’s been getting attention lately.  Teens/children sending naked pictures of themselves (or of friends) to eath other.  At it’s core, it’s just goofing around, and a way for young people to experiment with their sexuality.  They might be doing it as a joke, or flirting with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever.

    But it is also technically illegal.  Taking a picture of yourself, if you’re underage, is the production of Child Pornography.  Taking a picture of some other kid, is the exploitation of a minor for child pornography.  Emailing it to your friends, is the distribution of child pornography.  All of which are serious crimes, that not only carry huge jailtime, but also drop you onto many State’s Sex Offender lists.  And that doesn’t even consider "cyber bullying," sending out pictures of someone in the lockerroom to humiliate them, or sexually harrassing someone by sending them unwanted pictures of yourself.

    A few prosecutors around the nation want to send a message to kids by throwing the book at a few of them.  But most places realize that the kids think that it’s all harmless fun, and are trying to create education programs to address the internet and other cyber issues.  I mean, people don’t realize that if you post something online or get busted for something, it’s there forever.  What are you employment chances when a manager googles your name and finds out you were fined for sending underage naked pictures to everyone in your school?  It’s also amazing what people will post on their myspace pages, then get angry when they’re judged by it.

    What the guy in the story was reprehensible.  But the 11 year old girl should have known better, too.  Technology is outpacing our society’s responses to it.  We aren’t keeping up with it in terms of responsibility and ethical use.  We need to take education of the dangers of the internet more seriously.  Then maybe a pre-teen wouldn’t be so easily coerced into sending naked pictures of herself out onto the web.

  10. chadachada321 says:

    How can you have THAT low of self esteem at 11 years old? Musta been a kinda f-d up life..

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  11. djnforce9 says:

    Not only that, but many parents are very ignorant when it comes to technology so they likely weren’t aware what their 11 year old was getting into. I remember reading another article a while back that showed how a particular mom didn’t even know how to set the parental controls on the console. With parents like that who don’t wish to learn technology, who knows what nasty stuff kids can get into.


    However, there was no evidence here to determine whether lack of parenting was involved in this case. At least the guy was caught and arrested.

  12. Arell says:

    Unless you ban a child from all forms of chat, or stand over their shoulder the entire time they’re online, there’s very little you can do to prevent them from possibly striking up a friendship with an adult.  I mean, most of the time, you wouldn’t even know how old someone is.

  13. ZAR says:

    I’m always wondering how and why an 11-year-old girl is allowed to chat with adults and her parents don’t seem to care about it.

    I mean, chatting is not like watching TV, but more like a public place where you can meet all kinds of people. Do parents not take it serious because it almost looks as harmless as television and is done with a video game console?

    Media education and media literacy are almost as important as teaching your child that matches can burn a house down and that you shouldn’t open the door if your parents are not at home.



  14. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Wait, this? Again?



  15. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Actually, they prefer the term "lolicon" or so I hear.


  16. deuxhero says:

    Suspected child molester, how many times do I have to correct you.


    A square is always a rhombus, but a rhombus is not always a square.

  17. Kajex says:

    I’m not going to say this guy isn’t a sick f— for persuading a girl to do all that was done… but at the same time, I’m confused as to how "I’m gonna remove you from my friends list" was a persuasive threat, even to an 11-year old.

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