MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

March 20, 2009 -

Aeria Entertainment has announced that it will allow same-sex avatars to wed in its Dream of Mirror Online game.

The MMORPG is free to play. Aeria's revenues are based on micro-transactions for in-game items, including virtual wedding rings.

According to Massively, which tracks all things MMO-ish:

The same-sex aspect of this marriage system is simply one of the many [new] features, but it hasn't been added as just an afterthought. It's been a popular topic of discussion among DOMO players since the game's launch in Fall of 2007.

This marriage system allows couples to embark on a series of challenging quests where they can plan their in-game wedding, complete with dream locale, wedding outfit and even a perfect set of rings. Once married, the couple will be granted unique features which include the ability to summon their significant other to their location, as well as special healing abilities during battle.


Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Might as well go all the way in the game and include marriage counselors for the couples who have issues, if were making it like real life why not.

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Is this a stunt to get people to play a game in which if it wasn't for this event a good majority of gamers would of never heard nor played this game?

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Been playing SMT Imagine (based on the Nocturne/Persona universe) which is another Aeria supported title (fun game too btw) and cannot really say I am surprised.   Not overly alarmed either.  Homo and Bi sexuality is a reality.  One can either accept it, hide in a closet or come out of said closet (puns intended).   LOL it as always been out there (if avoided) that you never really know the true age or gender of the person you cybered with in a game.. now I guess it matters even less. 

BTW that ALOT of AP (Aeria Points) for those rings, I mean the good weapons in SMT runs around 400-500 AP.

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Doesn't Ragnarok online most private servers and many MMO private servers have this option? So the official/legal version of the games are just catching up to some of the things that make people choose private servers >>

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

I want to direct everyone's attention to this part of the report....

"Once married, the couple will be granted unique features which include the ability to summon their significant other to their location, as well as special healing abilities during battle."

The people I have played games with (who are also completely addicted to Korean MMOs) will tell you right off, any advantage you can gain for your character over other people's characters will put you over the top and secure you a high rank on the server or keep you alive in PvP longer. As hot-button as this topic is I'm willing to believe that players simply wanted these advantages for themselves and their friend without having to trash their existing character because it didn't match up politically...

Edit: Yes I know some people are very serious about the marriage option but as games and gamers go, it looks to me like an inventive way to establish an in-game buddy system with perks. Remember Soul Linkers in RO?

"Well, I ask it 'Why?' and then it says 'Look over there!' and I turn to look... and theres nothing there so I look back and it's gone..."

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Haven't played it.

But, it just shows how irrelevant, technically speaking, who can and cannot be married truly is.  I mean, simply leave out a programming gender check of the proposed couples.  That's it.  That's all there is from a technical aspect.  Outside of that, it's just personal, religious, and/or political differences that deny individuals, in the real or fictional world, that prevent individuals from being married.

Now, a game that provides the technical aspects of multiple spouses, allows divorce, contracts, benefits, and even the negative aspects in technical terms in the game.  Now THAT would be a REAL programming challenge.


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Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Now if Dreams of Mirror wasn't so creepy looking...

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Isn't that the defining styles of Korean mmo's?

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Hey now, I met my wife on a Korean MMO. Nexus infact.

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Well, yeah.  Half the time when I try out free Asian MMOs, I feel like a pedo.  The other half, I'm too bored with the gameplay to care what the characters look like.

Is Dreams of Mirror actually worth checking out?  I sort of gave up on Free-to-Play trash filtering out of the East.  The point of same sex marriage would be kind of moot if no one is playing it.

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Hmm, well, if you look at the game from certain perspective, same sex marriage will mean kids who touch the game will suddenly become gay, meaning the game will have to be brought down to make certain people happy.


Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

But if kids who touch the game suddenly become gay, they won't have a problem with same-sex marriages, right? So as long as they don't tell their parents, there's nothing to worry about.

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Well this is going to piss off certain groups with "higher morals".  This will cause anarchy... ANARCHY I say!!!

"I'd far rather be happy than right any day."

Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

my god! This will be the downfall of (virtual) society!!!


Re: MMORPG Will Offer Same-Sex Marriage Option

Think of the virtual children!

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