iPhone Gun Game Apps Draw Criticism From Anti-Violence Activists

Anti-violence campaigners in the U.K. are upset by iPhone apps which simulate real-world firearms, reports the Evening Standard.

At issue are freely-distributed titles such as Bang Bang and Shotgun Free, which advertise a gun-like user experience. From the Evening Standard:

Software available free from Apple’s online store allows the devices to emit a loud gunshot sound when the owner points it and shakes it… Several different guns are available, from revolvers to shotguns, including a "gangsta edition" where the serial numbers have been filed off.

John Beyer of mediawatch UK, a frequent critic of violent video games, told the newspaper:

In view of recent events in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, I think anything that glamorises guns and shooting is in extremely poor taste. I would hope that whoever is responsible for this would withdraw it immediately.

Via: Mediasnoops

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  1. mr_mlk says:

    Government? Why? Mediawatch (not gov.uk) are crying about it. No one else.

    A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. Benjamin Franklin

  2. hayabusa75 says:

    All criticism of the watchdog groups aside, I have to say that IMO an app that simulates a gunshot sound and does absolutely nothing else is a pretty ridiculous notion.  I’m having a hard time picturing anyone with the IQ of a Cro-Magnon or better actually enjoying it.

    Then again, maybe I’m giving the human race a little too much credit.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  3. Quindo says:

    Someone needs to create a comparison of the real sounds to the fake sounds and see how real and how close to the correct volume level they are, My friend has this app and i think i might get him to play it for my cop friend and see how real the cop thinks it is.


    — Currently doing a research project on the short-short term effects SWBF:2 has on peoples abilities to focus.

  4. Shahab says:

    By the great Diety, what the hell is wrong with people? Ooh, that phone is making gun noises. Ban it! When someone shoots someone that is bad, so the gun they used must be bad, so the sound it makes must be bad and if iphones make that sound, they must be bad! Oh noes, apple is the devil!

  5. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    OK, if you wanna get technical, fine, they were never lawyers in their pathetic, worthless lives, whereas Jack was, to our misfortune.


  6. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Wake me up when DOOM and Unreal(and halo) weapons are added….


    Gore,Violence,Sexauilty,Fear,Emotion these are but modes of transportation of story and thought, to take them from society you create a society of children and nannys, since adults are not required.


  7. DarkSaber says:

    Well neither is JT.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  8. DarkSaber says:

    Not quite. Whenever you hear of some ad being withdrawn due to 3 complaints, odds it are its due to these guys.


    Mediawatch are self-important petty minded spods, the sort who intently study things like shampoo or soap ads for the slightest nano-second of nipple so they can write another letter of complaint about how offensive they found it,


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  9. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Probably the fact that they aren’t lawyers. IDK, I may be wrong.


  10. mr_mlk says:

    No do it in an airport. Shooting the Beepwits that think it is funny to walk through Gatwick saying "I’m a terrorist" (thus holding up the stupidly long line of people waiting to have their belts xrayed) can only be a good thing.

    A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. Benjamin Franklin

  11. mr_mlk says:

    As long as I’m not living in a house close to the guy with the iPhone + silly gun app. :scared:

    A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. Benjamin Franklin

  12. hayabusa75 says:

    Still not reading the articles before you comment, eh Shadow?  They never said these apps will make kids violent, the issue is the glamorization of guns and how this software sends a poor message, and to a certain extent I agree with them.

    And as far as people saying and doing stuff that’s getting old?  Well, I suppose you are the expert on that.  Case in point:

    "Cue Jack calling this a murder simulator like GTA in 3, 2, 1…"

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  13. mdo7 says:


    This is what Jack would say:

    "arrgh, that shooting program on the Iphone.  It’s a murder simulator.  Quick, somebody bring lawsuit to Apple.  They’re corrupting the children by using Iphone and murder simulator application.  Won’t somebody please think of the children!!!"


    Because the Iphone is the same thing as a gun, right?


  14. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Cue Jack calling this a murder simulator like GTA in 3, 2, 1…


    This is getting old. (not the sarcasm, but people saying stuff can make kids violent)


  15. Zevorick says:

    Who said anything about punishing the app designer/publisher?

    All I was saying was that some moron is going to be stupid with it, and it’s going to cause problems. Not once did I advocate for the punishment or call for the product to be removed.

  16. illspirit says:

    Even so, I doubt the tiny speakers would be loud enough to be heard from more than a few feet away in a crowded room. If you’re that close to the sound, chances are you would be able to see the noise came from the person playing with their phone.

    Besides, one could just as easily produce gun sounds by playing a movie clip from, say, Heat or The Matrix. If this was enough to cause a panic, then there should be thousands of documented cases.

  17. Brokenscope says:

    Most people who have never shot a gun have no clue how loud they are. I’m always amazed at how first timers are so gung ho about not needing hearing protection. They seem to think that movies and games give accurate portrayals of how loud guns are.

  18. insanejedi says:

    I don’t think the Iphone can generate a sound lound enough to emulate a gunshot, because everyone knows that a gunshot is very very very loud in real life. Dropping your school hardcover textbook flat on the ground probebly emulates a sound more like a gunshot than any Iphone could.

  19. axiomatic says:

    Then punish the MORON. Not the app publisher or the app!

    PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. A gun is only one means to that end. The possibilities are endless.


    (and I’m not even a gun advocate…  I am however a common sense advocate.)

  20. Brokenscope says:

    The loudness and the realism of the sound is not an issue.


    If it emits a bang and its abit louder than a crowded room, people will think its a gun(This is situational most though). That was my point.

  21. Zevorick says:

    It isn’t an issue?

    Seriously, the first thing I thought when I read it was "holy hell, when an idiot gets a hold of this in a public speech…".

    People are stupid. I guarentee you someone is brainless enough to use this in a crowded setting and people will react accordingly. Someone is going to get really hurt if they get trampled, freaked out, or their lives are going to be ruined by their own idiocy. Now it’s nobodies business to protect people from their own stupidity, and anyone who uses a program like this in a crowded environment deserves to have the tar beaten out of them and then have little to no future, but there comes a point when you got to protect others from the idiots themselves.

    Use this program at a political event and see what happens.


    By itself it’s a harmless program, but I can see morons taking this and making a big mess with it.

  22. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    RC-P90! Or the BFG 9000! IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!


  23. Brokenscope says:

    Considering many people have no clue what a gun actually sounds like or how loud a weapon discharge actually is, those aren’t issues.

  24. JB says:

    "allows the devices to emit a loud gunshot sound "

    My only concern is how realistic does this sound and how loud can it get? Couldn’t messing around with this in a crowd could be just as dangerous as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater?

  25. lumi says:

    I would be shocked if there were no iPhone app that emulates a ST phaser.

    There’s one that displays the hilt of a lightsaber, and makes the appropriate SFX when you wave the phone (yay accelerometers!).

  26. Zerodash says:

    There are plenty of movies released in theaters and DVD featuring guns all the time.  Books too.  Why don’t these pansies attack those too?

    I am really getting bored with the whining of pussies who want to live in a world where everything is censored, everyone wears helmets, and everything is coated in rubber.  It’s like they want to live in the nursery forever.

  27. Nocturne says:

    Or goes to get on the London Underground

    (a bit of political commentry for the UK commentors there)

  28. lumi says:

    Ugh…I can just see the headlines when some teenage kid "fires" his phone and is immediately assaulted by nearby police trying to "disarm" him =(

  29. sheppy says:

    Activists: Making everything safe by leaving you nothing…

    Wall of Text Simulation- Insert coin to continue.

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