Zeebo Destined to Fail in India, Says Blogger

The Zeebo, an online distribution console system designed as a low-cost gaming option for overseas markets, is a dead man walking when it comes to India, according to GamingIndians:

While the Zeebo claims to be competitively priced… [it is] not competitive, but it’s fairly expensive for what the console offers… Compare it to India’s largest selling and still very popular console, the PlayStation 2, which is priced at Rs 6,490 ($125), and it’s easy to see that the Zeebo won’t be making much of a dent in the Indian market, which is heavily influenced by prices.

[Another] advantage with PS2 games is that once you purchase a game, it’s yours for life, whereas on the Zeebo it’s only yours while it’s stored on your Zeebo’s 1GB flash memory. If you delete it to make room for something else, you’ll have to buy it again to get it back…

Digital distribution… just doesn’t work here. In India, buyers are most comfortable exchanging cash over a store counter. Online shopping has failed to pick up in India, and even the well-educated are wary of buying products and content over the big bad internet…

UPDATE: xbitlabs writes that Sony’s just-announced PS2 price cut is to a certain extent a pre-emptive strike against Zeebo.

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