British Army Attacks Recruitment Issue With Online Game

While the U.S. Army has enjoyed success with game-based recruiting for the better part of a decade, the British Army is launching its first probe into the game arena.

As reported by GameSpot:

A campaign entitled "Start Thinking Solider" will include an online game where players have to escape enemy tunnels from a first-person perspective, find the parts to make a bomb in an enemy stronghold, and answer multiple-choice questions.

Research conducted for the British Army recently found that 68 percent of 17-21 year olds had no career path in mind. The campaign, consisting of four television commercials, will be targeted at that group…

While the America’s Army series has helped promote military careers to American youth, the use of video games for recruitment has become an increasingly controversial subject in recent times. Among other charges, some critics have claimed that the America’s Army games violate United Nations protocols against recruiting children for military service.

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