What Impact Will Texas Secession Have on Video Game Biz?

Late last week Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) indicated that seceding from the United States was an option for his state, albeit an unlikely one.

The Guv, rumored to have presidential aspirations of his own, is upset about the economic policies of the Obama administration.

It would appear that Perry, who delivered the keynote at last year’s E3 (that’s him along with ESA boss Mike Gallagher at left), has forgotten what happened the last time secession was attempted in 1861: There was a bit of a disgreement that is commonly known as the Civil War.

But wouldn’t a Texas secession make a great real-time strategy game? Call it Six Days in Austin. Konami could publish it.

From a video game industry perspective, establishing a new, independent nation of Texas would certainly impact publishers’ lobbying group the Entertainment Software Association, which is chartered to represent the interests of video game publishers in the United States.

Canada has its own ESA and there are plenty of game industry firms based in Texas. If the Lone Star state gains independence, perhaps there will be a need for an ESA Texas as well.

Or perhaps Gov. Perry is just going off the deep end.

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  1. Ashla says:

    Dude, Atlas shrugged required an utterly ridiculous number of factors in order to work, including (but not limited to) a perpetual motion machine.

  2. Quarantine says:



    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  3. Coach says:

    Don’t worry, we probably wouldn’t be invited.  But we’d end up paying them a bucket load of money because the rest of us wouldn’t have a clue how anything worked.

  4. MrKlorox says:

    It will never happen. My home state won’t secede from the union.

    This is just ultra-conservatives acting like ultra-douchebags trying to demonstrate their "power". Wastes of breath.

  5. Erik says:

    Just what good is some .22 going to do against Little Boy Jr. and Return of the Fatman? 

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  6. Quarantine says:

    "You are assuming that the United States would attack them"

    No, I’m not. Refer to The_DB’s post for a better understanding of mine. There’s a time for having intellectual discussions, and then there’s a time for sarcastic remarks.


    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  7. Erik says:

    To take this a step further I think that the country needs to completely abolish registration of the draft as well as jury duty.  People think that the government shouldn’t help out it’s citizens in their time of need?  No food stamps or other help for the needy.  Okay, that’s fine.  Then don’t expect any help from the people when the government needs them.

    But in all honesty I would loathe to live in any society that would set Ann Raynd and her frightening philosophies as the backbone of their society.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  8. Monte says:

    Not really… while all those places are refered to the americas, NONE of the people that live in those areas refer to themselves as "americans". Some say Canadian, others mexicans, some other south americans, but no one refers to themselves as just plain "Americans"… Quite frankly, people have come to believe that the term "American" is reserved for those from the United States… essentially the term "American" is not used to identify where you are from geographcially speaking, but to indentify your loyalties, beliefs and what-not… even if a canadian spends years in another country, he will always be indentified as a Canadian until he changes citizenship… to be an American as the world sees it is to allign yourself with the United States; an American is one whose idealogies go along with the USA… Ergo, if you leave the United States of America you are no longer an american no matter; People would refer to Texans as Texans and never as Americans.


  9. Coach says:

    If Atlas Shrugged is to become reality, the productive people need somewhere to go.  Why not Texas?  You can whine and complain about rich people, but most of them worked their assess off to be successful.  They don’t want a nation of people who didn’t work as hard as they did leeching off their efforts just because the lazy outnumber the diligent.  Eventually, you run out of other peoples money.  Especially if they decide to leave the country.  This is what Gov. Perry was saying, that eventually the people of Texas may decide that is the course of action they want to take.  I think it’d be pretty exciting myself. 

  10. Monte says:

     I think someone in the posts above said that the texans ability to leave the union was done away with a long time ago… as in the whatever they had was overruled with later laws or agreements or what-not… not sure, you’d have to find it and read what they said

    and as for Forcing you back… y’know, i think there is a very big difference between owning a gun and being willing/able to use it to fight the US army. The average citizen with a gun doesn’t stand a chance against to the trained soldiers of the us military… not to mention that the US military would be alot better armed as whole… there are likely a LOT of people in texas who would not want to fight and would probably sooner want to leave the state than take on the US… and considering the election results from texas, i’m sure a good fraction of them don’t want to even leave much less fight to leave

  11. Valdearg says:

    Honestly, though, depending on the rights, it may be impossible to get the amendment passed. In the case of Gay Marriage, because of thier bigoted, antiquated religious beliefs, many people would never vote in favor, regardless of the fact that its the right thing to do. In those cases, I believe the Feds need to step in and legislate to protect those rights that the common people aren’t willing to give to people who are suffering because of it.

  12. rdeegvainl says:

    "So what abandoned church are you going to use to defend yourselfs when the US attacks your big ol’ state?"

    You are assuming that the United States would attack them. There are way too many Texas military personnel in key positions, that if we decided it was an option, would have to be removed for conflict of interest, and not to mention those who would refuse to attack them. To try and force a war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Texas. They would be quite overstreched, and depleted of troops, and have many key points in the chain of command broken. I would also assume attrition rates would drasticly increase as well, as well as recruiting efforts.

  13. rdeegvainl says:

    Your percentage based argument doesn’t apply.

    By the same chart you listed, Texas by itself, gave 8214, while the next 7 highest by percentage gave 8393… So yeah, only 4th in percentage, but first overall, and the fact that it is limited to just active duty army makes it even less applicable.

  14. rdeegvainl says:

    You go ahead and lump people into little groups to make yourself feel better.

    I’m a member of the USMC, United States Marine Corps. Never is it called America Marine Corps.

    Those that support secession from the United states, OR want to Emigrate from the US no longer have the desire to be United States citizens.

    I’m also gonna redirect you to


    So you can see North America, South America, and even Central America, and no matter the self absorved ego people of the United States citizens have, they are not the exclusive americans.

    So NO, in fact US =/= America

    *United States citizen, from Michigan

  15. Valdearg says:

    "You suggested Texas was the 4th largest supplier of Troops to the US, that was the way it was phrased. It isn’t, it is Number 1."

    Massive reading fail. Let me quote myself for you:

    "Texas ranked a measly 4th (given that according to you 1/4th of our entire military is from Texas) out of all 50 US states for the percentage of youths between the ages of 15-24 recruited into the military"

    Which means that Texas gives a smaller percentage of its youth to the military than 3 other states. Learn to read.

    "As of February 28, 2009 1,454,515 people are on active duty in the military with an additional 848,000 people in the seven reserve components. Sounds like a lot more then 2.1 million but:"

    Major Math Fail.. 1,454,515 + 848,000 = 2,302,515, or 2.3 million. A difference of about 9.5% Not exactly a "lot more than 2.1 million."

    I’d be more careful about what I attempt to pick apart in your case, considering your previous post was pretty much all wrong.

  16. Zerodash says:

    Leaving the country because "their guy" didn’t win the election is an immature and absurd reaction.  Only children would behave in such a manner and think the world should revolve around them. Part of living in a democracy is that sometimes, the people you vote for don’t get elected.  Some jackasses seem totally unable to deal with this simple truth.

  17. Monte says:

    Not sure if that would work… once the newly seperated Quebec makes french it’s offical language, the texans won’t be able to understand them 

  18. JC says:

    I don’t ever want to meet a quebec citizen (or however they want to see their selves)….

    I already have to deal with enough idiots and the population is getting nuts with tons of people we’ve never seen before, but these new immigrants are NICE and not assholes like most french quebecois.

  19. Quarantine says:

    What’s that old saying?

    "Those who do not learn from history or doomed to repeat it"

    So what abandoned church are you going to use to defend yourselfs when the US attacks your big ol’ state?


    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  20. Dexee says:

    I was gonna mention that Texas can legally leave the US if they so chose to, but since you beat it to me….

    "Texas maintains the RIGHT to leave the union whenever we so damn well want to."


  21. Ratfunk says:

     Only now are you talking about an Amendment, before you were talking about just having the government start granting liberties, which is a very slippery slope.

    If you can get an Amendment passed, then ok. The constitution is supposed to be changed, as long as it doesn’t contradict other amendments or the Bill of Rights, ect. Pass it, and I will be all for it, but I doubt it will get passed anytime soon.

    But no, I don’t think those right’s are "guarenteed" at this point or should be, despite the fact I believe the first one should be. Not the second one, but i’m not going to get into that.

  22. Valdearg says:

    Look, the reality is that the Consitution was drafted in the days where if you weren’t a christian, you were thought of as a second class citizen, most women barely had a voice, and couldn’t vote, and blacks were slaves, and there was still a serious threat that England would invade.

    Surely you must understand that these are different times. The constitution was amended several times to allow for such things as the women’s right to vote and the abolition of slavery. Surely, then, it can be changed again? Things change, and, in my opinion, as things change and the country slowly becomes more open minded, then the constitution must change as well, to accomodate modernized concepts such as gay marriage and the right to choose.

  23. Ratfunk says:

     I’m going to over look the fact that you really beleive you can loose 12% of your income and really not feel anything more then "I have to eat at McDonalds now".

    You suggested Texas was the 4th largest supplier of Troops to the US, that was the way it was phrased. It isn’t, it is Number 1.

    As of February 28, 2009 1,454,515 people are on active duty in the military with an additional 848,000 people in the seven reserve components. Sounds like a lot more then 2.1 million but:


    You got the whole thing a little wrong.

    However, you must also take into account what percentage of that is Combat Arms. I don’t know the exact percentage, but I do know that our ground forces are very small compared to other countries. We have highly trained and specialized infantry and Armor crews. We can’t replace casualties like China can. A large part of our military is dedicated to Beuracracy, not actual combat arms.

    So, really, the whole thing is a bit misleading.

  24. Ratfunk says:

     Well, unfortunatly, I will have to disagree with you. The Federal government has broad and sweeping power. When you start passing laws that effect both Florida and Alaska… you are going to have problems. We are not one homogenious society where what works in one place will work everywhere else, and furthermore, doing so will cause great harm to many places.

    As to providing more rights then are granted by our Constitution… umm… why? They should protect the ones granted by it. It is hard to change the constitution for a reason and that is because as soon as our government starts "granting" us liberties not guarenteed by the constitution, it can start taking away those that are. We have already seen it before, Government has limited free-speech (And continues to try and do so) right to bear arms, ect. I don’t trust something that powerful, expecially since when we start giving it that much power, what happens when Jeb Bush become president and he can do whatever he feels like? Yeah, then no one will be happy.

  25. MechaTama31 says:

    Except he didn’t say Texas should secede.  The headlines and commentary for this story have been incredibly misleading, even here at GP.  What he actually said was "There’s a lot of different scenarios.  We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot."  This is directly from the article linked in the GP story itself, so you don’t have much of an excuse for not looking past the distortions in the GP story.  Can you explain to me how "We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it." is a pro-secession statement?  It seems pretty firmly anti-secession to me.

  26. The_DB says:

    Actually, to everyone who is not a Texan, this will be a surprise but Texas maintains the RIGHT to leave the union whenever we so damn well want to.

    the reason we can do this but all other states can’t is because Texas was its own counrty back in the day, and when we decided to join the Union, we reserved the right to leave if we wanted to.

    Our decision to leave is  entirely up to the Texas legislators, and once a decision (to leave the Union) has been reach and approved by our legislators the only thing the rest of the U.S. can do is bitch and moan, and in addtion the only way we can be forced back INTO the Union is through open war.

    And well there something everyone should know about us Texans. We all have a phennominal ammount of state pride, and we all have guns. Nearly every Texan family has atleast one, and everyone knows how to shoot it.

    now that thats been said all y’all people from the silly tiny states can consider your self educated in some basic Texan know-how.


    ps: no we don’t all ride horses.   

    pps: yes we do all know HOW to ride a horse.                                          

  27. Valdearg says:

    I am far from the "Government can do no wrong" track. However, I am willing to put a larger stake in the government than conservatives do.

    I think that a strong federal government is necessary to not only protect our country, but also provide some homoginization between state laws. I feel the Federal government, should, whenever it feels necessary, pass laws ensuring that the Modern Day rights, not necessarily explicitly provided by the constitution, but just as important, such as a Woman’s right to choose and the rights of gay couples to marry are enforced and protected throughout the entire country, rather than on a state by state basis.

  28. Valdearg says:

    First of all, I hate to admit this, but cutting my annual income by 12% would result in a gross loss of about 2000 dollars. LOL, If I start ordering from McDonald’s Dollar menu rather than getting a 5 dollar meal, I’ve got that covered. (Goes to show you how often I visit Mcdonalds..)

    That being said, I never said Texas was lagging behind in supplying recruits. I only said it wasnt 25%, like you said. Finally, Believe it or not, China’s military, at least according to the numbers I saw, isn’t that much larger than ours. Then again, the numbers I saw might have been incorrect, which I didn’t use them specifically, whereas Turkey’s numbers are from the Encyclopedia.

    Finally, for my last point, I was making the comment that as far as Military Size goes, 460,000 (10 times the estimated amount, given the recruitment data) is not that much. I didn’t go so far as to find a comparable country, but I can assure you, its not very high on the list.

  29. Ratfunk says:

     I did think saying Palin was my governor would have been enough, but fair is fair and I can see how you could think that is a typo.

    You continue to assume a lot of things. I don’t poke my nose into your finaces and tell you it’s wrong. You make mention about the economy not working the way I want it, but assume that my choice was Black and White between my home and my Buisness. I make no decision that "Forces" my family to be homeless. The whole point of this was to show that many people have legitimate complaints about the way the government is handling this whole thing. If you are so far on the "Government can do no wrong" track, then I feel for you.

    It seems all you can do now is call me names and claim I keep my family in poverty. So, meh. Whatever man.

  30. Ratfunk says:

     Woah, you really don’t like to look at the chart, do you? According to the chart, Texas supplied 8,214 recruits. Which ranked it number 4… but the top 3 states only provided a grand TOTAL of: 2612…

    Texas supplies the most recruits in the Nation to the military accoding to that chart. And, because of that, has the 4th largest percentage of over all youth joining the military.

    25% was an exaggeration, but 12% is a huge number, you cut down your annual income by 12%, see how easy it is to over come. Also, we are talking about 1 single state supplying all these recruits. If we are talking about population, Califronia should be supplying almost twice as many recruits as Texas, but it ain’t.

    Also, you rank the US as the best military in the world, which you should. But then put up that numbers are the deciding factor, citing China and Turkey, yet, the US own numbers fall well short of China’s. If the US went into an attrition war with China, we would loose.

    So, no, number don’t have anything to do with the fact that I believe Texas could field ONE OF the toughest armies in the world.



  31. Valdearg says:

    You stated you were born in Texas, and your entire post was essentially about Texas. Not to mention you never made any mention of moving to Alaska, except for the mention that Palin was your Governer, which I thought was a typo, when I first read it.

    Regardless, you are still an idiot for thinking for even one moment Texas would be better off without the US. You keep bitching about where your "relief" is, even though you know damn well that the economy doesn’t work like that. It takes time, and, assuming you stop making decisions that force yourself and your family to be homeless, I’m sure it will come in time.

  32. Valdearg says:

    "Thats exactly what I was thinking. Considering like 25% of our current military is from Texas"

    That statement is laughable.


    Texas ranked a measly 4th (given that according to you 1/4th of our entire military is from Texas) out of all 50 US states for the percentage of youths between the ages of 15-24 recruited into the military, a whopping 2/1000 of it’s total youth population. Additionally, the number of recruits from texas made up only 12% of the total number of recruits from that year. A far cry from 25%, indeed.

    " I don’t doubt Texas could field one of the toughest armies in the world."

    This one is even more laughable than the last..

    Texas, with it’s entire POPULATION of 23,000,000. And assuming that the even 10 times as many as the stated .2% or so recruting numbers are filled, that leaves you with 2% of your population of 23,000,000.  That would give you about 460,000 Military members. Assuming training that rivals even the current US military’s training, that still pales in comparison to the US Military (The Current Most powerful), let alone China’s 2.1 million, and even Turkey’s 10th ranked 1,043,550.


  33. Ratfunk says:

     First off, you obviously haven’t read my posts as I stated I live in Alaska, not Texas. I was born in Texas. Second, you have no idea what my buisness is, how we became homeless, when we became homeless, if my buisness just posted a net loss because of the economy, or if I even had the option of selling my buisness and keeping my house. I know it’s difficult, but the economy isn’t black and white. There are many varying reasons for anything to happen, i’m not going to go into them, but my situation is the same. After I kept hearing about all this "relief" we were going to see, I was very disappointed to not get any of it…

    Oh, and I am "Dealing With it", I just don’t see why you or I have to keep dealing with so much of it when it was neither of us that put us into this situation.

    Ok, and can we please get past this "You lost an election" crap? Guess what? I’ve never won an F’ing election. I always vote for the looser. It sucks, but my disention against someone’s policies aren’t based off what party they belong to. Despite the fact that I am more "Aligned" with the Republicans, I probably bitch about them the most. This goes beyond petty party discussions.

    Oh, and I will continue to call myself American, because that is what I am. I am an American citizen, on the very most basic, legal argument, nothing can be said otherwise. If you want to say I can’t call myself American because I think Texas leaving the Union would be best for everyone… ok… fine, whatever. I’m not going to convince you and you aren’t going to convince me that I hate America, sorry man, but it ain’t going to happen.

  34. Valdearg says:

    I will continue to call you un-american, regardless of yours our your family’s past service to the country that you, now, admittedly want to leave. Feel free to not like the way the country is going, you are entitled to your opinions as much as I am entitled to disagree with them.

    However, don’t you dare call yourself an American, and at the same time be in support of separating yourself from AMERICA. Real Americans stick by thier country, regardless of the situation. Real Americans know that democracy works, and that, just because you LOST AN ELECTION, it doesn’t mean that you need to bail on the country.

    I never said the Mexican Army was going to invade Texas. What I did say was that it is quite possible for the Mexican Drug Cartels to find a new, weak "country" to target for as its stronghold. One that would still be in the process of trying to organize and raise a military. One that isn’t actively hunting them, like the Federalis are doing to them now, because Texas would have so much on it’s plate, that it wouldn’t be able to regulate that as well.

    "I paid my Taxes on April 15th. Despite the fact that my Family is homeless and our buisness posted a net LOSS for the entire year, we still owed $8000 in Taxes. Where is our relief?"

    Hey, great, you obeyed the law. Good for you. I payed my taxes as well, despite the fact that I live paycheck to paycheck, support a girlfriend, and can’t afford to finish my education. We all have to live with the shit we are dealt. I, personally, hope that the government is willing to spend the money to help people like you or me out, rather than being stubborn and complaining constantly. Until then, I’ll use the argument that most fiscal conservatives use against me when I bring up my financial situation: "Deal with it."

    Here’s a good question for ya. You kept your business, in leiu of your home? Someone’s got his priorities straight. Honestly, IF that statement is even true, you, then, are just supporting my point that you are an idiot. When you choose to keep poorly performing business, rather than sell it or file bankruptcy in order to keep your home, you are an idiot, and you failed your family as much as you failed yourself.

    Newsflash: Businesses are expensive, no matter what state you live in. You had it lucky that you are living in Texas, which, I’ll admit, has a Business friendly Tax Code. At least you only owed 8000. But again, it was your choice to own the business, and you are suffering the consequences that happen when your business underperforms.

  35. Valdearg says:

    Uh huh.. I’m just going to lump you in with the rest of the raving lunatics.

    I live in the United states of America, sometimes called the US, or America for short. I am an American, as people from other countries refer to me. Im not a USian, or a United Statesian. I am an American. Those those that support secession from the united states, OR want to Emigrate from the US no longer have the desire to be Americans. In fact, the moment you are not a resident of America, you cease to be called American.

    So, yeah, US does, in fact, equal America. And so, the idea that a State that attempts to seceed from the Union, yet still believes its "American" is a crock of bull.

    Although, geographically, you would still be in North America, the title "American" is remains solely with us, in the United States.

    Have fun being a "Texan," but certainly not "American."

  36. Ratfunk says:

     Thats exactly what I was thinking. Considering like 25% of our current military is from Texas, and that there was even a new memo from the White house suggesting people from the military would even be drawn into these types of "Militant Right-Wing Militias", I don’t doubt Texas could field one of the toughest armies in the world.

  37. Ratfunk says:


    You are an uneducated clout who has his head so far up his ass that you think your shit smells good.

    See? I can insult people as well. I didn’t want it to turn into that, but here we are. Now, maybe, we can move pass that.

    First off, your assumption is that Natural Disasters are going to tear apart Texas is stretching it. How much damages do tornadoes do to Texas each year? The risk of death in any one year from a Tornado in Texas is 1 in 1,054,267. The cost per person for tornadoes in Texas per year is $ 3.94. This ranks Texas number 12 in costs for tornadoes per person. Forgive me if I’m not shaking in my boots.

    Of course, that is the most common natural disaster, since I can’t really predict any other, and neither can you, really can’t comment on Floods and the like. And no FEMA? OMG NO! Of course, the new Texas government would do nothing to help, obviously, you already know that. Of course, FEMA doesn’t do anything as it is, so really, who would notice a diffrence?

    Also, did you know that Texas has an economy that was the second largest in the nation and the 15th largest in the world based on GDP (nominal) figures? As the largest exporter of goods in the United States, Texas currently grosses more than $100 billion a year in trade with other nations? You didn’t? Of course not. While we have no idea how much of that would be effected (As I do not have the time or patience to go over every little thing about their economy) Texas is well off, and would have a lot of money to help the new nation.

    Ok, maybe I miss read your statement on the percentage of people, but my point still is valid. I beleive Texas would end up with a net gain of people, people who will be more willing to help the new state with whatever it needs. People willing to sign up with the military and police force to protect Texas from a Mexican "Invasion".  Honestly, if you think the Mexican army is going to invade Texas, you really are daft. That statement about texas annexing Mexico was a joke, thus the 😛 at the end.

    Also, I never said it was Un-American to stick around, I said it was Un-American to stand byand continue these policies that are going to hurt America in the long run. Maybe it is you that need to learn how to read?

    Apperantly I am the most Un-American person to walk this Earth, huh? I don’t want America to fail, but I have no hand in how it dictates policy. I don’t want to stick around and watch it collapse under it’s own dead-weight. I have never liked this policy of spending all this money, not when Bush did it, not when Obama does it. 

    I paid my Taxes on April 15th. Despite the fact that my Family is homeless and our buisness posted a net LOSS for the entire year, we still owed $8000 in Taxes. Where is our relief? I am DEFINATLY not in the top 2%, never been close. Yet, here we are, shouldering our part of the burden, so fuck you dude. Don’t dare call me Un-American. I served my time in the Army. I have friends that died over seas in the army. My grandfather died in WW2. Others have sacrificed more, but my family has been no slouch.

    Doesn’t mean I have to like the way this country is going, and guess what? I don’t.


  38. rdeegvainl says:

    So they wouldn’t be able to form their own military? Considering half the military members I know are "beer drinking retards" from texas, I don’t think they would have recruitment issues.

  39. Kris says:

    I really think people are blowing this out of proportion.  I don’t at all think he seriously means to consider such a thing.  I do think he’s an idiot (not much more than Bush part 2), and mostly useless.  But he’s not mental.  

    It’s possible he meant it as a rallying point or something…because Texans are known for having some insane pride going on.  So, make a joke, pander to your state, or something. 

    There was also that horrible (what I hope was a) misprint when they were talking about the countries that Hillary Clinton was visiting, and listed Texas as a country instead of a state.  I’m sure that’s adding to this nonsense.

    If Perry somehow managed such an absurd thing I would personally move the couple of hours north to Oklahoma and get the heck out of here. 

  40. rdeegvainl says:

    I don’t see what the problem with people leaving the country is. Why can’t people decide for themselves that they no longer want to live somewhere?

  41. Valdearg says:

    Wow.. your ignorance is astounding.. Texas, Annexing Mexico? With what Army? Given that the military is run by the Feds, you’d lose that, and in turn you’d be left with a bunch of beer drinking retards with lots and lots of guns.

    Honestly, you guys would probably end up the new stronghold of the Mexican Drug Gangs. Have fun with that.

  42. Valdearg says:

    *clears throat*

    You, sir, are a moron.


    In all seriousness, though.. You are an idiot.

    "As to Texas "Falling" down on it’s self if it became a state because the federal government no longer would give it money is ridiculous. First off, I know it is hard for some people to get weened off the government’s teet, but seriously. Just because the government isn’t helping you doesn’t mean all of a sudden all the roads and infrastructure will collapse and no one will fix it."

    Texas would collapse so quickly, should any natural disasters run amok through it, without any federal support. Can you imagine what a disaster zone would look like without the aid of FEMA and the likes? It would very, very quickly spiral into something that one state can’t handle by itself.

    "I, personally, think you would see many people donating to the cause. If 75% of the people in Texas want to leave, 25% of rest of the country wants to join Texas (obviously not a real statistic, but even if only 2% of the rest of the country moved to Texas, thats 6 million nationalists read to fight for the cause) and I am one of them. I don’t think it is very American to continue these policies that are going to hurt us in the long run. We shouldn’t gamble with money we don’t even have."

    This paragraph is by far the most retarded thing I’ve read today. First of all, 75% of people want Texas to REMAIN in the union, not leave.. Learn to read, in my opinion.

    Second of all, if you "don’t think it is very American" to stick around, what is your definition of American? I can assure you, Secession isn’t it. In fact, secession is the single most UN-American thing any person can ever support. By definition, you would be LEAVING AMERICA.

    How much more un-american can it get? So it would be true to say, then, by any stretch of the imagination, that you, sir, are as Un-American, or even moreso, than every America-Hating Islamic Jihadist/Terrorist, every Communist Despot from N. Korea to China to Cuba and Venezuela, and every other individual in this world who would love to see America Crumble.


  43. Valdearg says:

    And he’d be there carrying signs saying "Taxpayers are the Jews for McCain’s Ovens!" and "John McCain, the New face of Hitler!" Right?! Riiiiight?? Hahahaha..

  44. Ratfunk says:

     I, personally, think that texas would end up with a net-gain of people. People willing to sacrifice a lot more to their new country then people are willing to sacrifice to the state now.

    As to Mexico, I say bring ’em on. Texas would just annex them instead :p

  45. Arell says:

    If they did secede, there would be a mass immigration in both directions.  I’m curious, though.  Would more Texans leave the State to remain in the US, or would more people from the other States swarm into Texas to leave the Union?

    Either way, I’d be highly amused when Mexico tried to annex the new "country" a few years later.  They’ve been wanting that territory back for a while…

  46. lumi says:

    "If McCain and Palin were as spendthrift at Obama? Absolutely."

    Holy JEEBUS you are so full of it, Austin.

    Those conservatives would’ve been out there in full force if it was McCain doing this spending.  Definitely.  They’d be dumping millions of teabags in the river (way to protest wasteful spending, guys!) over the Republicans just as quickly as they did over the Democrats.  Yep.

  47. Ratfunk says:

     As a Texas born, direct relative to one of the founding fathers of Texas, i’ve wished for sucesion ever since Bush started down his increased budget and government programs.

    Seems to me that many people here have some pretty narrow views of things. You know what? A bunch of Republicans didn’t like Bush. *Gasp* I know. Many of us feel he was increasing the government too much, spending WAY more then he should have, violating people’s rights in a way that America was founded against. I knew this was the beggining of the end.

    Thenm for his last 2 years, he was just a Democrat. Republicans voted against his policies, and the Democratic Congress pushed them through. Republican’s didn’t want the bush stimulus or his bailout plans, it was the Democrats backing him up. Screw that…

    Then we get this new guy… this Obama… his whole campaign is based on "Change". Honestly, what change have we seen? He is spending money faster then Bush, he is continuing the majority of his policies. He has done some good. I like where he is going with Cuba and some other of his policies are way on track. He is smart, no doubt about it. But, considering he is mostly pushing through new versions of the same old failed policies, I can not support the man. And I wanted to, I really REALLY did.

    Oh, and yes, if McCain/Palin where doing the same thing that Obama is, I be bitching at them too. As it stands, all this media attention has ruined my perfectly good governor. Palin doesn’t even stay in Alaska to finish up legislation anymore. Before the election she ran my state perfectly. She enjoyed the highest ratings of any governor, but of course thats not the case now. This last election was polarising.

    As to Texas "Falling" down on it’s self if it became a state because the federal government no longer would give it money is ridiculous. First off, I know it is hard for some people to get weened off the government’s teet, but seriously. Just because the government isn’t helping you doesn’t mean all of a sudden all the roads and infrastructure will collapse and no one will fix it.

    I, personally, think you would see many people donating to the cause. If 75% of the people in Texas want to leave, 25% of rest of the country wants to join Texas (obviously not a real statistic, but even if only 2% of the rest of the country moved to Texas, thats 6 million nationalists read to fight for the cause) and I am one of them. I don’t think it is very American to continue these policies that are going to hurt us in the long run. We shouldn’t gamble with money we don’t even have.

    And, I know, no one is even going to read this post, or, if they do, I’m just some "Crazy, Militant, Bible-Thumping, Hate-Monger" thats all Butt hurt about the last election, but it ain’t true. I’ve been butt hurt since Bush went all stupid in ’02. We knew the Democrats were going to win in ’06, plenty of time to deal with that. Besides, I voted for Ron Paul 😉


    P.S. About that whole right-winged people are unstable Terrorist thing… that is crazy. People on both extremes do things that others wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, an leftist Animal Rights activist was just put on the FBI’s most wanted list for bombing 2 corporate offices in California in ’03. There are many MANY leftist "Terrorist" out there as well.


  48. Valdearg says:

    However, the "thousands" Texans at the Alamo who cheered wildly when hearing the word "secession" spoken by Greta Van Sustern while talking about Rick Perry do make up a significant number in your state.

    Many, many Texans that I have talked to are arrogant, therefore the state gets a bad rap.

    I would never assume that all Texan’s are arrogant, but enough are to make a stereotype like this exist. Like I’ve said before, stereotypes exist for a reason, and it should be a goal of all people who are affected by a stereotype to not only strive to break that stereotype in thier actions, but to encourage others to break from that stereotype as well, and until that happens, those stereotypes will exist, and even grow, as more people adhere to that stereotypical behavior.

  49. Saladin says:

    As a Texan, I sincerely wish to secede from Gov. Rick Perry. Ah, that’s right… no can do. Well… the guy’s never gonna get re-elected at least.

    And as for Texan "arrogance" as so many have put it without bothering to think about it… please pull your heads out of your rear ends. One moron does not a country, nor a state make. Thank you.

  50. Austin_Lewis says:

    Actually, world war II is what solved the job problem.  With war time spending and production (for sale to allies, to be gin with), unemployment dropped from 14% to 2%.  Basically, the country made some infrastructure and a few people got jobs because of the New Deal, much like Barack’s Stimuls part 1 and 2, which will only make a few jobs and probably save none.

  51. Stealthguy says:

    I never gave a thought to his party.When an elected official says crap like this they should be called on it. Especially if they can be thought of as the ‘voice’ of what they represent.

  52. Mattie says:

    I don’t think it’ll happen. A recent poll suggested that if brought to a vote, 75% of people would choose to remain in the country.

  53. Sukasa says:

    The problem though is that if McCain and Palin had been elected, they would still pretty much have a democrat majority held congress.  It’s congress that passes the budget and decides where money goes for the most part and not the president.  The president can ask for money to be allocated to projects etc, but congress doesn’t have to do it.  McCain/Palin would pretty much be a do nothing presidency, esp with his threats to veto any bill (with would likely be all) that he didnt like if it had to much pork etc.  Sure some of these pet projects are bad and yes it should be cleaned up.  I don’t agree witheverything that Obama has done, just like I didn’t agree with everything Bush did.  However, I don’t think killing every liberal in the country, seccesion from the country, etc is the answer that some on the right are stating since Obama got into office. You don’t want you tax money going to the stimlus thats fine.  I really didn’t want my tax money going to Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, etc.  You likely want to see tax money only go to national defense.  I wouldn’t mind seeing tax money(with private business jointly assisting) going to more space exploration, research and colonization. Neither one of us, gets what we want though.

  54. Valdearg says:

    No, we’d be having discussions on how the middle and lower class can support MORE of the federal tax burden, how women’s rights should be reduced, how religious philosophy should be more prevalent in government funded institutions (Schools, more specifically), how gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, how the poor shouldn’t be provided with adequate health care, how religious doctorine should shape the path of scientific advances, and how how the Iraq war is a "Holy War." (Last one courtesty of Sarah Palin)

  55. Austin_Lewis says:

    If McCain and Palin were as spendthrift at Obama? Absolutely. Spending 1.85 trillion in deficit spending in a year is unacceptable no matter who is doing it.  Especially when you consider WHAT it is being spent on; expanding an already bloated government, pet projects, and billions upon billions in earmark spending.  And oh, wait, there’s more on the way.

    Although, to be fair, if Obama had lost, we wouldn’t be spending 1.85 trillion in deficit dollars, more likely than not, and we wouldn’t be having discussion about what rights Americans can give up so Mexico can be safer.

  56. the1jeffy says:

    Sigh, and the sensational media strikes again.  First, he’s up for re-election.  Not that this excuses politicans, but they do say some pretty sensational stuff during elections.  And of course, in a concerted effort to make anyone with an (R) after their name look as terrible as possible, the MSM can’t shut-up about this, with headlines about his calling for a new Nation of Texas.  Stupidity doesn’t favor just one political party, or just one news network.

    Internet kids, look up all the furvor over the Bush elections and see how many direct calls there were to secede.  I’m not talking about off-hand, theoretical comments.  I’m talking directly saying, California should secede right now.  Admittedly, this did not go as high as the Governator, but seriously, Arnie is more suave than Perry.  I love how things that happened 7 years ago are considered ancient history not worth mentioning.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  57. Valdearg says:

    Oh god, an alliance between Texans and the Quebequois… The combined arrogance might actually destroy the world..

  58. Valdearg says:

    Except that when he took office in 1933, unemployment was nearing 25%, the highest it had been since just after the stock market crash on Black Tuesday in 1922. The GDP was also at it’s lowest since that date, as well. During the years after the New Deal, from 1933 to 1937, the GDP rose sharply, peaking above the highest levels recorded in the previous 20 years. Similarly, unemployment dropped drastically, lower even than the 14% you quoted in your comment.

    It wasn’t until closer to 1938-39 that WWII spending, combined with the Effects of the second new deal in 1935, pushed us over the hill back into an Economic Boom.

    Both new deals helped drastically in stemming the potential tide of a massive economic collapse, until such time as the war could help prop us up again.

  59. MaskedPixelante says:

    Dear Texas. Please take Quebec with you when you secede. Sincerely, all of Canada.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  60. gamadaya says:

    Really Texas? You lose one election, and before you even see how things will go, you’re ready to haul ass out of here? Whatever, just make sure to take Oklahoma with you.


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  61. Ashla says:

    Honestly, the Idea of Texas seceding from the union fills me with a dwarf fortress-esque sense of glee, since the lone star state would be well and truly fucked.

    Undoubtedly, the first thing that would occur during secession would be the federal goverment extricating all of it’s resources, such as the dimantlement of local military bases and armories. Though I’m not entirely sure on the nature of national guard, this may result in them being left fundamentally toothless.

    Which would suck epicly for the newly emancipated State of Texas, since they would be far more vulnerable to the depredations of Mexican drug lords.

  62. Sukasa says:

    So where were the "tea parties" and "lets go teabag the white house" when Bush was in office and increasing the size of the goverment?  I almost wonder if Obama had lost the election, would you guys still have had your "tea parties" for McCain or Palin (though I very much doubt yall would be sounding off "teabagging Palin and McCain" chants)?  Just curious but where was law enforcement on April 15?  Wouldn’t throwing large quantites of tea bags in a river/lake/ocean be considered littering and at least where I live there is a rather large fine for littering?

  63. Zerodash says:

    Threatening to leave the Union is just as stupid as those jackasses who were leaving the country (or mostly threatened) because Bush was president.  How stupid is it how some people can’t deal with others disagreeing with their ideals. 

    As for Texas, though- this is the same state that is trying to get Creationism pushed into the school curriculum.  Maybe the country would be better off without them. 

  64. Krono says:

    Umm, Dennis didn’t say there was anything wrong with being upset about the budget, or economic policies. He just thinks the governor may be going off the deep end for even thinking the word succession.


  65. Austin_Lewis says:

    What about the henry and spencer repeating rifles?  Lever action kicked ass in that war.  And I still got an old sharps rifle somewhere, those things are cool as hell.

  66. deuxhero says:

    I would love to see you cease with your own political commentary, or at least label your opinions as such…

    How dare the man think the federal goverment isn’t perfect or *Gasp* harmful to the ends of liberty when an estimated half the budget is in direct defiance of the Constitution. How dare he indeed.

  67. Galthromir says:

    I heard that the new Call of Duty 6: Civil Warfare is going to be set in Texas. Among other things it plans to feature historically accurate reload times and tactics!

  68. Rabidkeebler says:

    Sorry, the teacher in me has to come out.  The problem was that, even with the 3/5ths compromise (meaning that in the census that slaves would be counted as 60% of a person and 5 slaves would equal 3 people in an official count) with the explosive growth in the North (both through immigration and the Industrial Revolution) the South was lossing power.  With Lincoln winning the presidency when his name wasn’t even on the ballot in the South showed just how little power they had left.  That was the reason for secession. 


    As for Texas seceding, due to the fact that as an economic power it is second to California (I believe in the recession it has jumped New York) I don’t think that the Country would allow it.  Plus Texas doesn’t have the right (unlike what most people think it was not part of the deal upon being accepted in the Union).  Texas does have the right to split into 5 more states though, but the people are too proud to allow this to happen.


    Foaming at the mouth

  69. MrKlorox says:

    Now… how exactly would The secession of Texas have any impact whatsoever on Alaska’s Palin? Also, PALIN?! That bitch hasn’t been a real threat since November.

    If anything, it’s the conservative "news" media that’s pereptuating the bullshit.

  70. MrKlorox says:

    It was because the US government wanted to change their way of life by converting all their farming equipment into citizens that caused the secession. Which threatened the economic and social conditions of the Union, whose leaders decided to fight agianst with military force.

    So yes, the projected results of the secession was enough to convince the Union to remove the opposition.

    Personally I don’t think either side was truly "right" in the Civil War.

  71. DeepThorn says:

    raptorjesus.jpg image by chodeir In certain parts I am yeah.  It was the school board that passed approval about a month ago for teaching "the weaknesses", which is trying to teach creation/ID in all reality.  If they do, then my only requirement is that they teach about FSM or Raptor Jesus.

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    He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom power and love
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  72. Pirce says:

    I’d doubt we’d go to war over it, the states leaving the union wasn’t what caused the Civil War it was just the spark that ignited the powder keg. Since we don’t really have that powder keg right now I see no reason for a war.

    Eggy Weggs

  73. LAG - Law Abiding Gamer says:

    I think he wants them to succeed in seceding

    ***Homicide-free video gaming since 1972!***

  74. Pirce says:

    I’d like to think you are being satirical, but I have no hope for humanity so it’s just as likely that you aren’t. I’ll just point out that Texas doesn’t want to teach creationism in schools.

    Eggy Weggs

  75. Vake Xeacons says:

    Point being, they already tried that. Texas and the entire SE US. And it resulted in the greatest pain this nation ever caused itself. Bro-on-bro? Do we really want to go through that again? Can Obama be the next Lincoln? OR is that too much for him to live up to?

  76. MrKlorox says:

    No, they "shit themselves" when the magic "fundamentalism" qualifier is left out.

    If any group knows the detriment of religious fundamentalism to a nation, it is the liberals.

  77. Valdearg says:

    The point I was trying to make more is that Vets are just as suceptible as anyone else to subscribe to a political ideal and perpetrate violence in the name of that ideal.

  78. Dragoon1376 says:

    Actually, Oswald was a military vet but he was also a member of the Communist party in some of the more recent documentaries I’ve seen on the Kennedy assassination.  So, it doesn’t hold for the whole Right Wing assertion that you’re making.

    First secure an independent income, then practice virtue. -Greek Proverb

  79. LAG - Law Abiding Gamer says:

    Well said. I don’t always agree with folks on the left. I am more inclined to disagree with folks on the right.  However, both sides of the fence harbor intolerance, and that’s what breeds terrorism.  It’s not a result of religion per se, although it’s often easier to be intolerant in the name of God than to be tolerant in the name of people. 

    Many (not all) people who are heavily invested in the religion of their choice feel very threatened by the existance of other points of view, perhaps because it throws doubt in their mind about their way of thinking.  For the insanely fanatic (whether religious or otherwise), it’s easier to be angry and lash out with violence than it is to attempt to come to an understanding.  So, they bomb things and kill people in the name of their cause, their god, their dog, etc., and feel good about what they’ve done because they know they’re right.  War heroes who’ve gone off the deep end are just as likely to feel that they’re doing the right thing by killing non-believers as religious fanatics who go off the deep end.

    ***Homicide-free video gaming since 1972!***

  80. Sukasa says:

    Cause liberals are just as stupid?  The irony about middle eastern terrorists is that are more likely to hit/attack places such as New York, D.C. and other large liberal places, which I think some repubs secretly wish would happen(ie repubs wet dream of a liberals city being nuked).  Me, I have more fear of being killed, driving down the interstate then I do of a middle eastern terrorist.

  81. Valdearg says:

    When the hell did I shit myself when someone says "Islamic Fundamentalism breeds terrorists"? I can assure you, I know damn well that all extremism can result in terrorism, and, being an Athiest, I believe that religious fundamentalism is one of the biggest threats.

    But, thats ok, you can keep thinking that I’m some long haired hippy peacenik, just like all of the other pot smoking, free-loving, un-American, liberal freaks. (Enough stereotypes for you?)

    The real problem is the inability of the right to admit that even a portion of the nation’s heroes can become unhinged, and that violent extremism is just as prone to happen from one side of the aisle to the other. And, on top of that, the most vocal minority of the right, the Tea-Bagging, Cheering-at-secession-talk, racist, obama-bashing, gay-hating, fundamentalist, right-wing crowd just so happens to be on that fringe where politically motivated violence is most likely to occur.

  82. Zerodash says:

    Explain to me then why liberals shit themselves whenever someone says that Islamic Fundamentalism breeds terrorists, yet it’s now okay to say the same thing about veterans and conservatives.  What happened to all that "love, peace, and tolerance" these so-called "progressives" claim to exude?

  83. Sukasa says:


    I’m pretty sure I heard there was a report made in January about liberals and other non-rights being extremists/terrorists but you don’t hear about it as much as the one you mentioned (go figure).  Though shouldn’t you be placing the blame for the memo on Bush, since he was the one who created the DHS and likely most of the staff there is still from the Bush term?  Though Obama should have been smart and released the leftist and rightist could be terrorists/extremists memos at the same time.  Though from going to places like Townhall, one has to wonder if the right becoming extremists doesn’t have some credibility, reading some of the replies to articles over there.  I do find it interesting when the left peacefully protested during Bush’s term; they were considered crazies, losers, etc by the right.  When the right complain about Obama (like the recent tea parties), they are considered patriots, etc, Hypocrisy much? 

    Anyway, just because someone is a vet doesn’t mean they can’t become an extremist and want to go and blow something up.  I am a vet, and back when I was in the service I worked at OSJA where we saw just how great soldiers are when we are writing them up for article 15s, chapters and court martials.  What happens if a soldier returning from multiple tours in Iraq suffers a mental break down, gets out of the service and eventually goes on a shooting rampage or blows something up?  It could happen (course not to mention all those soldiers who are members of gangs in the US, who join the military for the weapons trainings/tactics).  Yes, I like my fellow vets, but Repubs seem to place vets/soldiers on this huge pedestal that a vet/soldier can do no wrong, is a hero and are great patriots.  When in reality, we have the same issues and problems that every other American has. 

    The memo is basically correct, there is a chance that someone of right wing ideology could become a terrorist/extremists, just like someone from the left could as well.  No offense to al queda and Bin Laden but let’s face it America, you are more likely to die by an American (rather it’s from a car accident, drive by shooting or just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time) then being killed by some crazy middle eastern Muslim. 

  84. Valdearg says:

    Oh, PLEASE, Austin. That memo is no different than similar reports about Left wing extremism. It’s essentially a profile of people who "might" be succeptable to the pull of Right Wing Extermist groups and possibly commit violent acts. And, as bad as it may sound, Vets make up a portion of those people.

    I know I’ve seen a lot of vets spouting Right Wing Nutbag Nonsense, and it certainly makes sense that, given thier training, and thier belief in the country, that a number of them would be willing to join State Militias, which, lets be honest, here, are nothing more than Right Wing Extremist groups. Maybe not quite to the level of terrorism, but reality is reality.

    Lets not forget that Timothy McVeigh (OK City Bomber), Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy Assassin), George P. Metesky (1940’s New York Mad Bomber), Jim David Adkisson(Knoxville Church Shooting) and many more, should I take the time to look them up, were all Military Veterans.

  85. Stealthguy says:

    I can understand that but saying that if worse comes to worse they may consider seperateing themselves from the Unites States? They are locked in there pretty tight, states too big to move it into the golf. They just going to close themselves off until they calm down and are ready to talk again?

  86. Austin_Lewis says:

    It’s a statement meant to remind the new Federal government that they will not tolerate a continued disregard for state’s rights. 
    Of course, I want to see more resolutions passed damning Obama’s white house for their memo suggest that veterans and libertarians are probable terrorists.  If Bush had said the same about liberals, we’d have heard about it for a year and a half, with people constantly crawling up hiss ass about it.

  87. MrKlorox says:

    That actually makes it sound BETTER than an RTS. Leaves room for actual "strategy" instead of the usual "tactics" used in most RTS.

  88. MrKlorox says:

    That’s not exactly true. Also there is something about being in the south that when you live in a small town, you can get away with considering yourself "rural". Sure they’re not urban by any means, but "rural" is just as much of a stretch.

  89. Quarantine says:

    The scary thing about this is, is that rural areas of Texas make up most of the votes for the state to where city folk don’t have much of a say. You have to also consider that there’s a lot of wealthy people from that state.

    But Texas becoming it’s own country would be the stupidest thing that ever happened. It’s just going to create more problems that aren’t really necessary.


    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  90. Zevorick says:

    This. very VERY much this

    Perry is an idiot that screwed over college tuition in Texas to the point where a great deal of poeple can’t even afford college tuition because of all the hikes associated with his dumb arse policy.

    I wish I could say I’d do more than punch him in the face, but i’m not stupid.


    Texas isn’t going to leave the United States. Honestly, anyone who takes this seriously is… well I don’t know but it’s beyond hope.

  91. Monte says:

     Not sure, but splitting up the state could hurt the republicans in the presidential election… Texas is worth alot of points, and because of how strongly conservative it is the republicans can rely on getting that big chunk of votes… you split the state up into 5 parts and judging from the map someone posted in one of the other comments, south texas would be very liberal, and west texas would probably lean liberal (a toss up state at best)… not to mention that big cities like dallas and austin are more liberal than conservative; they are surrounded by red, but due to their population they might still have enough to fudge with results depending on how the state is broken up…

    The short version of what i’m saying is that texas as a whole is a reliable 34 electorals for the republicans, but after splitting up the state a lot of the those same points may come at risk, and fall into the hands of liberals… and the electoral races tend to be close enough as it is (conservatives would actually NEED to campaign down in texas to keep those points; normally it’s practically a given) 

    And those liberal areas would also make me question how many of the new senators would be republican… at least some would be democrats

  92. Neeneko says:

    *nod* from a party and cultural perspective it would gain them more power, but the state level government would be much weaker which means you have to convince the state house/sentate/governer to volentarily give up 80% of their personal power. 

    You would also have state buecracies split which would mean those top administrators (who can affect public policy) give up 80% of their power too.. something beurocrats are loath to do.

  93. Valdearg says:

    You act like all 10 senators would be Republican. In the 2008 Presidential Election, probably the most polarizing of recent memory, McCain only got 55.5% of the vote in Texas, whereas Barack Obama got 43.8%. I can honestly see seeing the senator count split 6-4 or even 5-5 should that happen.

  94. rdeegvainl says:

    5 states instead of 1 would mean, 10 senator instead of 2, so it may be the best way to go about getting their "voice" heard at DC

  95. Dragoon1376 says:


    That’s pretty much my view of most liberals.  I have severe differences with their views on the roles of government, taxation, etc, and will usually poke holes whenever I possibly can.  If anything, the other point of view keeps you honest about your own viewpoints.

    First secure an independent income, then practice virtue. -Greek Proverb

  96. Valdearg says:

    "Besides, Valdearg, I think you secretly like Conservatives as either as a source of entertainment or for verbal sparring.  You’d probably get pretty bored if everyone mindlessly agreed with your political views."

    Ah crap, someone’s found me out! Believe it or not, I will admit that life would be pretty boring without conservatives to spar with.. Thats also the reason I listen pretty much exclusively to Conservative Talk Radio, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh (I work when he’s on in my local area)

    I disagree with 90% of what they are saying, but it gives me the oppurtunity to attempt to form logical arguments against what they are saying.

    A good summary for my thoughts on conservatives is: Hate thier views, hate it when they have power, but don’t hate the people, and love the debate, and love it when they make fools of themselves. 🙂 


  97. Dragoon1376 says:

    Conservatives and Liberals need each other as much as a hamburger patty needs a bun (or bacon/cheese if you will).  Without having these political oppositions there would be no existing middle ground (unless if all shifts to the left and you have Liberals, which would be your new right, and Ultra-Mega Liberals as your new left).  The Conservative/Liberal paradigm is a necessary part of the identity of this country, even if we don’t always like the other side.  It keeps conformity from being the norm.  One side tempers the other’s position and vice versa.

    Besides, Valdearg, I think you secretly like Conservatives as either as a source of entertainment or for verbal sparring.  You’d probably get pretty bored if everyone mindlessly agreed with your political views.

    First secure an independent income, then practice virtue. -Greek Proverb

  98. Valdearg says:

    I agree 100% about the issues surrounding Texas Secession. Honestly, though? I’d almost say, Let em go. Less Conservative Votes in the Senate, and less electoral votes garunteed to go to conservative presidential candidates. Them leaving would be a great thing for Liberalism in the US.

    That, and they’d finally realize the error of thier arrogance when, say, a Tornado or Hurricane rips up half of the state, just like a few years back, and they come crying, "Help us! We need aid!" The US can go, "Nope! Good luck recovering without Federal Aid. Oh! And how are your schools and roads doing, without Federal Aid, as well?"

  99. Neeneko says:

    *nods* that is why the myth persists so strongly and why it ends up in so much political rhetoric.

    "Fact" to most people is determined by how many other people that they like they hear talking about it.

  100. Neeneko says:

    As far as I can tell there is NO clause explicitly allowing secession, mearly an absense of anything explicitly disallowing it (which is the case for all states).  I gather there WAS a clause in one of the drafts of the document that brought Texas into the Union but it was not part of the final version.

    The whole thing is a myth that results in sound bytes good for getting votes in texas.

  101. JustChris says:

    I’m not from Texas, but I heard from some Texans that Gov. Perry doesn’t stand much of a chance to be re-elected, and that the vast majority of the people in big TX cities would punch him in the mouth for this type of talk.


  102. DeepThorn says:

    I just hope they take other states that want to teach creationism in schools.  Once they are out, the US will be able to have little problem making leaps and bounds with scientific findings, passing same sex marriage across the country, and everyone will get cookies!

    [Edit: Please take Sarah Palin when you succeed, please take Sarah Palin…]

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    How to set Xbox 360 Parental Controls

  103. DarkSaber says:

    "Or perhaps Gov. Perry is just going off the deep end."



    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  104. Arell says:

    Ah yes, the spirit of America.  When you don’t get your way through elections and you disagree with half the nation, just divorce yourself from the system.  Multiple viewpoints and diversity is for suckers!

    A lot of the "secession" proponents say it’s because all the "anti-American" policies being fielded by th current administration.  But…. Wouldn’t "Leaving the United States" be even more un-American?  You can’t get any more anti-American than setting up your own, separate nation…

    But I wouldn’t worry.  This kind of talk, just like those hilarious "tea parties," are just the conservative minority venting thier frustration for losing the last election.  They’ll get over it once the Nascar season is in full swing.

  105. Magic says:

    Six Days in Austin? There already has been a game about a new US Civil War, I believe it was called Shattered Union, an RTS game. I’ve no idea if it was any good, I presume it wasn’t.

  106. rdeegvainl says:

    Can you cite that clause for me please? I hear lots of people saying it’s not an option.

  107. Neeneko says:

    If I recall correctly, the legal framework for secession was dismantled (or grandfathered) a while ago or applied to a document that was superceeded.

    However, also if I recall correctly, the option of splitting Texas into 5 states instead of 1 is still a legal possiblity.   It is unlikly since it would result in less personal power for the state level officals but it is a scary possiblity none the less.

  108. OmegaWarrior says:

    Texas actually may have the right to cecede, it was a special clause put in when Texas was annexed in 1835, as both sides were rather iffy about the deal.  It won’t happen though; Perry is just beating the drum for his 2010 re-election campaign.  as it stands now, he might not even win the primary.

  109. Valdearg says:

    Hey, man, I’m just having fun with it. Trust me, I could say more incendiary things if I really wanted to troll 🙂 That being said, I’m just pointing out that for some reason, people seem to think Dennis is required to keep his opinions to himself, when, in fact, that isn’t the case at all 🙂

  110. Krono says:

    To count secession as even an unlikely and undesirable possibility is a mark of questionable sanity. Several states tried it a 150 years ago. It was called the Civil War.


  111. Stealthguy says:

    Why even mention it then if it’s something he doesn’t think will be very helpful to him and the state. Unless mentioning it will grab him some headlines, sensationalism be damned! It’ll be worth looking like a nut on the off chance things get worse and he can point back to it to validate himself and try to get a leg up on the competition. It’s human nature to bullshit. Too bad calling out said bullshit doesn’t seem to be.

  112. MechaTama31 says:

    From the linked article: "There’s a lot of different scenarios," Perry said. "We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot." (emphasis mine)

    The way I read this, he is just acknowledging secession as an undesirable possibility.  To imply that he is advocating secession, and say that he has gone off the deep end, well…  You’ve got to admit you’re stretching a bit here, Dennis.  I don’t presume to know whether it’s because it’s a slow news day, or because he’s a Republican, but either way the premise of this article is disingenuous.  This is the kind of thing you fight against, when Fox News, or Jack Thompson, or whoever, takes things out of context and twists facts around to drag games and gamers through the mud.  Don’t sink to their level.  I know you’re better than that.

    And before anybody says it, no, I’m not a Republican (not a Democrat either ;).  I just think the world could use a lot less sensationalism.

  113. Vake Xeacons says:

    Tell me about it. It’s tough enough to create a new state, secseding from another. You have to establish borders, a new government, laws, currency, etc. In NorCal, we tried to make Jefferson a seperate state, and that eventually fell through.

    Just think of the problems Texas would have becoming a new country. Ain’t gonna fly, Perry.

  114. cppcrusader says:

    Let’s just ignore the fact that secession isn’t really a viable option in this day and age for the moment.

    If it were to happen the impact would likely be negligible as I’m willing to bet the majority of those studios would pull up stakes.

  115. MechaTama31 says:

    Of course GP is biased.  Everybody is biased, whether they realize it or not.  At the very least, I think we can agree that GP is biased towards gaming and gamers. 😉  Now quit trolling. 😛

  116. Valdearg says:

    Haha, I love you GP.. This story was just what I needed to brighten up my day.

    Queue the same old "GP is Biased! Waaaahh waaaah waaaah!" crap from angry conservatives in 3..2..1..

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