Conservative Phyllis Schlafly Talks Games with Fund Manager Who Claimed Homo-Eroticism in Army of Two

When an arch-conservative chats up a guy who thinks he detected homo-erotic overtones in EA’s action shooter Army of Two, you just know that video games are in for a beat-down.

Eagle Forum president Phyllis Schlafly (left) is scheduled to interview Arthur Ally, president of the Florida-based Timothy Plan, tomorrow at noon EST on the Eagle Forum Live radio program.

Schlafly is a longtime opponent of gay rights and Ally bills himself as a morally-responsible fund manager. In December Ally’s Timothy Plan issued a list of 30 "most offensive" video games, including the likes of World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online and Halo 3.

A promo for the program on the Eagle Forum site reads:

Do you know detailed information about the content of the most popular video games? Join us as we talk with the president of an investing firm that has done extensive research into the video game industry.

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  1. Cecil475 says:

    Yeah, like I said yesterday:

    "It’s just one anti-game, anti-gay individual interviewing another anti-game, anti-gay individual about anti-game, anti-gay topics to an anti-game, anti-gay crowd, who are their main listeners. There will be some opposing callers, but will be outnumbered by the anti-game, anti-gay callers."

    I stand by this statement.

     – Warren Lewis


    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  2. Shaoken says:

    Of course there are two major problems with this; one it assumes that religion owns a complete monopoly on the definition of a word (because no athiests have ever gotten married *rollseyes*) and two you are arguing semantics. Giving them all the rights of marriage but calling it something else is both stupid and would be classified as "Seperate but Equal." And we all know how that last one turned out in the Supreme Court. Bottom line creating a seperate term for gay marriage is descrimination because you are saying that a lifetime commitment between gays is not as good as a lifetime commitment between two hetrosexuals.

    And how the hell did we get to talking about Gay Marriage anyway? I thought we were talking about uber-right-wing nutjobs and videogames.

  3. JDKJ says:

    She does look like she found that get-up in the wardrobe of "Leave it to Beaver." And her hairdresser has got to living in some old folks’ home.

  4. TBoneTony says:

    Good point.

    PErhaps that is the best way to go.

    But seeing their track record and the way they had JT on their radio show and allowing him to insult those who had a different and better informed opinion, I would guess this is highly likely to go one-sided videogame bashing.

    Also Gay Bashing too, considering their hatred of gay people.

    Does not look good.


    But then again, with their hate for everything that they don’t like, these people are only hurting themselves.


    As soon as their kids smarten up and realize what their parents are doing to them, expect allot of people to be turned off from being part of the Eagle Forum, much less being part of any religion.


    As I mentioned before, the Eagle Forum are only huring themselves the way they use the radio to spread their hate through religion.


  5. TBoneTony says:

    I can say that this sort of thing goes on everywhere.

    I had just been back from a service where they were paying respects for people who died in World War 1 and there was a anti-war protestor trying to hassle the police and talk trash about the government.

    On as day when you remember the victims of war, those types of extreme feelings are not a good way of expressing them in public who are just remembering those who have died in wars over 50 years ago.


  6. TBoneTony says:

    I guess that was what I was expecting, after the Mass Effect incident I doubt that this person would be as dumb as that other day and say publicly on Radio that… "I don’t play those types of games."

    And while I can say for myself that I don’t play games like GTA IV or even Rapelay, I would never really talk bad about them and instead take notes of the people who have played the games to fully understand about what they are like.

    Such as with GTA IV, I would say that the notion of getting points by shooting police officers and having pornography sex with women in the game is truly unfounded (does not exist) in the game.

    As for Rapelay, I would say that even though I have not played the game, I could say from playing other Japanese Visual Novels that it is better to play the game and get both the good and the bad points from it. But perhaps if a game took the topic of rape as it’s gamplay focus, perhaps it is best if the main player was not a rapist at all but more rather a woman who is fighting off the rapist or another person who tries to save the girl from being raped. That would have been a better way to tackle such a strong and dark issue about society.

    Anyone who just talks about the bad points of the game and declaring it evil and anyone who plays it as evil I would really consider if such an expert such as themselves has even took the TIME to play the game they are trying to talk trash about.

    Also don’t bother trying to go on the show unless if you are going to ask them some really tough questions about if they had played the game. Name calling them is just not going to work and only makes you out to be an idiot like most of the Eagle Forum currently are.

    Founded on hate and founded on idealistic views that they want to impose on everyone else is not a good thing in my book, and it deffinately contradicts every rule that I learned about religion.

    God loves all people, not just white people who are straight.




  7. Chaplain99 says:

    I’m going to go ahead and switch the tracks on this runaway trainride to madness by saying this: we should wait until later today to see how the show goes, and then make judgements based on that.  I’m a moderate, and while I agree that this woman has quite a bit o’ t3h 3v1l in ‘er, I also can see where she’s coming from.  I reserve judgement until I see how the show plays out.

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  8. Chaplain99 says:

    I’m still waiting for you all to get back to the part where video games are the topic of discussion…

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  9. treydawg says:

    this family is almost as bad as those assholes at the westboro kansas church that protest american soldiers funerals.

  10. Father Time says:

    Ultra Conservative talk radio, we make shit up you stand there and take it.

    Don’t bother fact-checking juust take everything we say on faith.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  11. Cecil475 says:

    "Someone should be smart enough to phone these guys during the show and ask them if they ever PLAYED videogames to begin with."

    So-called researcher: "That is none of your buisness."

    So-called researcher: "My playing games is not the subject but,…."

    So-called researcher: *laughs* "NO!"

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  12. mdo7 says:


    Yeah what kind of woman that goes against feminism.  I think one that has been abused by men a lot, it cause a psychological damage to that woman hence why femnism is wrong to them.


  13. TBoneTony says:

    This is like David and Goliath, except Goliath is nothing more than a gentle giant while David is just a pain in the ass wanting to attract negative attention and picking on Goliath all because he is different.

    Sounds an awful lot like bullying if you go as far back as 1992.

    When people call themselves researchers without doing any research, you know this is just going to be a whole lot of Videogame bashing.

    Someone should be smart enough to phone these guys during the show and ask them if they ever PLAYED videogames to begin with.

    That would be interesting to see if anyone would be willing to trust these freaks.


  14. Cecil475 says:

    You know, I don’t either. It’s just one anti-game, anti-gay individual interviewing another anti-game, anti-gay individual about anti-game, anti-gay topics to an anti-game, anti-gay crowd, who are their main listeners. There will be some opposing callers, but will be outnumbered by the anti-game, anti-gay callers. Just how the last one where not only the anti-Utah VG Bill callers were not only cut off and ridiculed for being against it, but also were far outnumbered by the ones that were for it.

    Opposing views don’t work on their turf as they are not interested in hearing them. Just a bunch of hens clucking to their peers, who only agree.

    Which is what they want.

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  15. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Yeah, I don’t give a fuck what Mrs. Yay for Rape and Good ‘ol Timmy have to say…sorry, but I just don’t.

  16. Wormdundee says:

     I just hate to Godwin this article but cmon, "Teen Eagles"? Does that not smack of Hitler Youth to anyone else? A group created to indoctrinate teenagers into accepting radical political views and prejudice against certain people groups.

    It doesn’t get much more scary than that.

  17. Demontestament says:

    So fist bumps, chest bumps, slamming your heads together and playing your gun like a guitar is now considered gay? I would say they guys in AoT behave more than a couple of fratboys with guns more than anything else.

  18. Neeneko says:

    History has always allowed a few token women in really high office, even when they demand that other women ‘keep thier place’.  Look at the Queen of England for example.  

  19. Neeneko says:

    While I am normally against religious tests for holding office.. I am starting to wonder if people from apocolyptic churches should have a closer eye kept on them.  Do you really want leaders who, as part of their faith, are activly working twoards (or at least looking forward to) the end of the world?

  20. Kincyr says:

    After the 1972 proposal of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), Schlafly reorganized her efforts to defeat its ratification, founding the group "Stop ERA"

    Ironic that a woman who thinks women should shut up and stay in the kitchen isn’t leading by example

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  21. Krono says:

    I’m fairly certain that Church marriages in most places already aren’t legally binding without the requisite legal paperwork.

    Getting married at the courthouse? Getting married at the church? You’ve still got to sign the same paperwork.


  22. mdo7 says:


    and that ladies and gentlemen is why I hate these kind of people, too many religious crap corrupting people’s brain. 

    I care about a lot of thing that they hate.

    Equal rights: Without it, a lot of people of any race or disabilities wouldn’t have what they wanted.  For me, I had a mild Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  If Equal Rights never existed, I would have been treated like crap and not be in college.

    Women’s right: Without that, women wouldn’t have been what they are today.  What kind of a women Schlafly is, she is a disgrace to all female everywhere.

    International Criminal Court: Does Schlafly wants all genocide to go unpunished?  Wow, let’s not punish the people who commited Darfur Massacre, and also by her logic, the jews deserved to die and Hitlers a hero.  I hope Schlafly is not a female reincarnation of Hitler.

    Enviromentalism: Let me guess, she failed in Biology and Enviromental Science and she wants to take it all out by punishing enviromentalism.  Anyone want to tell her the story of Love Canal.  Oh, let’s not forget about acid rain which causes a lot of bad stuff on this planet.  I got bunch of other environmental issues I can talk to them about.



  23. 11zxcvb11 says:

    To me it seems that you want gays and straights to be "separate but equal". 🙁

    But i agree with having civil unions for everybody and making a church marriage not legally binding (only a nice ceremony), though i doubt Christians (and other faiths) would be too happy about that.

  24. hellfire7885 says:

    Their views on environmentalism likely stem from a belief I once heard and is VERY asinine, that the raptrue is coming and believers will be taken off the earth, so there’s no obligation to even try to take care of the planet.

  25. mdo7 says:


    I did a lot of research on the Eagle Forum, I think these people are like the American version of Al-Queda with Schlafly as Osama Bin Laden and Gayle Ruzicka as Ayman al-Zawahiri.

    After the 1972 proposal of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), Schlafly reorganized her efforts to defeat its ratification, founding the group "Stop ERA"

    OK, so letting Women joining military is bad to them, right.

    The organization is pro-life, against international oversight from the United Nations or the International Criminal Court, supporting of English-only education in schools, supporting of a "full time home-maker", and in opposition to same-sex marriage.

    So to them, they don’t US to be a member of UN.  Also I guess they hate illegal immigrants, and they don’t believe in Diversity.  they don’t like the ICC, huh.  So they like genocide going unpunished.

    Two youth-oriented programs are also operated by the Forum: the "Teen Eagles" program for children ages 13–19.  and the "Eagle Forum Collegians" for conservatively-minded college students. 

    Good way to tell the young people that video game are evil.  Maybe this is the good source of anime haters I’m meeting on youtube.


    However, The Eagle forum comes with criticism.

    Eagle Forum has been criticized for its conservative views and activities. TheocracyWatch says "Congressional scorecards from organizations such as the Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, and Eagle Forum also illustrate the strength of dominionists in Congress."

    Ok, this is why I compared them to Al-Queda. I wonder how long till they become violent and end up becoming those Right wing extremist like Homeland Security is warning us.  the Eagle Forum peobably knows America is becoming too soft and they want to take over USA and rule with an iron fist and banning video game.

    Both TheocracyWatch and Glenn Scherer place the Eagle Forum with other so-called theocratic groups that are opposed to environmentalism.

    From that quote, the Eagle forum hates green revolution and want to make our planet look dead and very shitty (even though some countries have bad pollution).


    Conclusion: the Eagle forum are not only video game haters.  But they hate a lot of thing.  When I read them, they pissed me off.  I think along with PETA are the worse people.


  26. Habits says:

    He only thinks he detetected homoerotic undertones in Army of Two?  He clearly hasn’t played it, then.  Nobody show him the Gears of War games, in that case.

    Or Rocky III, for that matter.

    He’ll die.

  27. insanejedi says:

    I’m calling it something other than marriage but it will legally hold all the rights and priviliages as equivlent to any future legal proposals to traditional marriage. You can’t say that it’s not equal or unfair, because if my idea were to become reality marriage and the thing I call something else will hold equal legal power. Anyone looking for more or less than that is looking at it from a facist viewpoint, and the primary basis for people calling out on same-sex marriage is the definition of marriage. If I keep the definition of marriage, yet at the same time give homosexuals an equivelent and you still have a problem with it, you better come up with another arguement, because this has been the most popular arguement and I just shot it down.

    If all those "THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE SHOULD STAY THE SAME!" people turn into "GOD HATES FAGS" people, i’m pretty sure you will see a massive drop off of support for anti-homosexual supporters.


  28. Nekowolf says:

    Now, I have to disagree. Firstly, it doesn’t matter -what- you call it, to these people who are against it, it doesn’t matter to them. It’s still two people of the same sex in some kind of unholy, profane joining.

    I mean, their whole thing about the word, "marriage," is really just one more thing they can shove a stick up their ass about.

    And I do see it as a matter of equality. Calling it something other than marriage, I do not see that as equality. I see it more as…uhhh, trying to think of the word…a cop-out, maybe? Basically, calling it something else, still feeds the idea of not being equal.

  29. Zerodash says:

    In all fairness, it’s really no different than people who refuse to buy a product because they don’t approve of their business practices, and isn’t just tied to conservatism.  Some people avoid KFC because of the way they treat chickens.  Others avoid Coke because they murder their employees (my friend really does this, though his explanation is a bit spotty). 

    I really have no problem with this investment firm rating companies from a Christian viewpoint. They even have a disclaimer on their site saying they are not trying to ban games or censor them. 

    The trouble comes here when you involve Ms Schlafly, who is actively trying to bring censorship to America. 

  30. insanejedi says:

    Yes, I agree, but in order to do that we have to adress the challange of putting same-sex marriage on equal grounds without pissing off those religous organizations at the same time. That’s why i’m using a new word to define same-sex marriage, but that word can also be substitutded whenver a doccument contains the word marriage. It’s essentially cloning all the legal doccuments having the word "marriage" with the same-sex equivelent. It keeps the definition of marriage as you have two sets, one for man and woman, and another for man and man, and woman and woman. It’s totally redudent but it keeps the definition of marriage to man and woman so all the religious organizations keep their definition of marriage. At the same time, the gay rights groups get the equivelent rights and all future rights of their marriage for the present and the future, as any future law pretaining the word marriage will have equal implications on the word same-sex marriage.

  31. insanejedi says:

    But civil unions are not exactly equal, and there is no legal clause as how it can be equated to marriage, so thats why there is a disparity. By putting out something that says "any legal doccumentation pertaining the word marriage can be substiuted for the word same-sex marriage." you put same-sex marriage on legal grounds equivlent as marriage in any situtation. But by using another word, you don’t encroach on the grounds of religous organizations calling out on it, because the definition of marriage would stay the same. Anyone against this would either be discrimitory against gays, or gays that are looking for special priviliages.

  32. Sukasa says:

    Actually, an easier way I think would be for the gov’t to get out of the marriage business completely.  Who someone lives with is pretty much no man/gov’t’s business.  As long as there is no abuse, assualt, forced living etc going on, if a guy and 2 girls, a guy and a guy, a girl and a girl, etc want to live together and maybe just maybe have a family, that is their business.  The gov’t can set up "legal documents" that handle all those benefits of marriage.  Of course all churches can still have "their marriages" and see everyting works out.  Smaller government, christians can keep "their definition" of marriage, which they claim they invented(though funny, I would wager that people were getting married before the judeo christian bible came around), and gays can live together and have the "marriage benefits" they want.

  33. Dragoon1376 says:

    But hasn’t part of the issue on both sides of gay marriage has been the semantics of it?  If you offered "civil unions" (or "same-sex partnership" as you mention), which would in effect be marriage for gays but in a different term, you would have those arguing about the distinction between the two terms and the discrimination that would be inherent in "civil unions" as opposed to "marriage."  

    While I personally have nothing against the idea of gay marriage (hell, I’d even support their rights to adopt and raise kids), I don’t think you can legalize this on the federal level.  That would be a complete encroachment of state rights and something of this magnitude should be handled by the individual states.  New York is not Texas is not California is not… you get the idea.  Hell, it was telling when California voted for that gay marriage ban that was overturned by their appeals court.  It also may be that now is not the time to attempt something that could be considered this radical.

    First secure an independent income, then practice virtue. -Greek Proverb

  34. Sukasa says:

    Why would an investment firm be the company to go to review video games?  I wouldn’t go to an investment firm if I was trying to decide what new laptop I want to buy.  Why go to one for games?

  35. axiomatic says:

    Why even bother covering this story? These lunatics are incapable of looking at anything unbiased. Some people are in fact to old to understand the multi-billion dollar industry of Games. Just leave them be.

  36. Dejiko says:

    Don’t you just love it when people like this try to drive America into the ground?

    I’m sure she and bin laden would get along just fine, if it weren’t for that whole religion thing.

  37. insanejedi says:

    You know, there is a very easy way to solve this issuse of homosexuality and gay rights. You legalize gay marriage, but you don’t call it marriage by term. Since hardcore christians love their "marriage" word so much, we let them keep it but we legalize it as "same-sex partnership" which the legal clause would be:

    "any other law or legal doccumentation pertaining the word marriage can be substituted with the word "what you call same-sex marriage""

    So in turn, Christians get to keep their definition of marriage is between a man and a woman, and gays get all legal equivelents of marriage. Win-win.

    And that is what you call innovation in the way government solves problems.

  38. Ashla says:

    Wow. Of all the complaints I could think of about army of two (Including violence, a terrible single player expierience and negative depictions of forigners), this is most assuredly the most absurd.

  39. SS says:

    my alg 2 teacher’s philoshophy for our last chapter was "swallow it and enjoy it"  when relating to what we were doing.

    And she definately knew the other meaning.

    She also didn’t bat a eye when somebody punched me in the face in her class.  lol

  40. Father Time says:

    I fail to see how profanity and racism are related …

    except for racial slurs in which case I’d be surprised to find a teacher who didn’t care about them or at least didn’t feel obligated to try to lessen their use.

    But anyway the banning of words is absolutely stupid and arbitrary.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  41. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Agreed. Who gives a shit if the family around the kid cusses? They’re gonna learn it eventually.

    (Based on how my brother, whose daughter turns 7 in late August, hates it when people cuss around her, yet cusses himself when angry, regardless of whether or not she is there.)


    "The sun ever rises on the morrow. We can only live for today, and trust that other days will follow." -Unknown

  42. Alex says:

    I’ve known openly gay people who do this.

    I’m not under the affluence of incohol as some thinkle peep I am. I’m not half as thunk as you might drink. I fool so feelish I don’t know who is me, and the drunker I stand here, the longer I get.

  43. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Indeed, your stance on Person 1 using "retarded" to describe Person 2, whom Person 1 doesn’t like, is sound, but what I mean is that I, an 18-year-old who has been called retarded many times over the course of his education alone, can understand people taking offense to it, but this teacher goes the extra mile and outright bans it in her room, along with "shut up" and other things that teachers usually don’t give a shit about.

    In this teacher’s defense, she is very much against racism, which is a plus IMO.


    "The sun ever rises on the morrow. We can only live for today, and trust that other days will follow." -Unknown

  44. nighstalker160 says:

    Just my $.02, but as the brother of a mentally disabled person I do find the word "retarded" offensive. People throw around "you’re retarded" in a very negative light and it is offensive to many people.

    Now, is it profane? Nope. But just something to think about.

  45. DavCube says:

    Sounds like those fellers that were covered a while back on this site that wanted ‘profanity’ to be made a felony.

    These guys are absolutely bat-**** insane, straight to the care. They actually make Thompson look tame.

  46. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Doesn’t beat some of my school teachers. My English teacher doesn’t even like non-profane terms like "retarded" while the history teacher I had last year only cared for the sake of his job. He didn’t care if we cussed, and only censored us b/c he was a teacher. And he was a good man. English teacher is a pain in the ass.


    "The sun ever rises on the morrow. We can only live for today, and trust that other days will follow." -Unknown

  47. Chaplain99 says:

    It was insinuated as being something to avoid in the dosier (dah-see-ay?) for that one Los Muertos woman you needed to put down.  Something about her using sex as a weapon or something.  I kinda kicked her off the roof and into the ocean before that point, so…  ^^;

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  48. Mendror says:

    Yeah, I noticed several..

    Not once in Crackdown did the enemy women offered sex as a weapon againts me. Either that or I was too busy blowing shit up to care.



    —- Rumblerumblerumber

  49. Chaltab says:

    Good lord, I forgot how insane the far left can be. The far right have been so busy being insane in open public that I needed something like that to jog my memory.

  50. Zerodash says:

    Just want to point out that that blog is a far-left blog.  Showing that the extremes of both "sides" are equally insane (just with different messages).

  51. gamadaya says:

    It’s not rape if you yell "Surprise!"


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  52. Neeneko says:

    Heh.  While that is not the way schools teach it (generally they talk about fleeing religious prosecution), you are not far off.  Many of the religious groups came to the US specfiicly to establish theocracies where their interperation was law instead of whatever group was in charge in their home country.

  53. hellfire7885 says:

    Sadly that is true. Al lthe peopel who were too uptight were kicked out and now the US is stuck with their descendants.

  54. DarkSaber says:



    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  55. gamadaya says:

    Yeah I bet.


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  56. KaylaKaze says:

    I find it funny that they missed the REALLY gay stuff in GTA4 because they obviously didn’t play it long enough. The Bioshock on is just plain wrong. I don’t remember there being STDs in Fallout 3, but I never banged anyone in the game either. "The longer you talk to someone, the more likely they are to respond to profanity." I’m guessing this happens to them in real life as well. The Mass Effect part sounds like it was ripped directly from Fox News with no one ever even seeing the game (calling it an FPS). And it’s certainly the first times I’ve heard Hellgate: London referred to as "realistic". Amd they forgot to mention the "drill in the eye" part of Silent Hill Homecoming (I think that’s still in there. I haven’t seen that scene as I haven’t played SHH long enough). I find it odd they call the "pimping" of your weapons in Army of Two gay, since it seems more like something along the lines of 50 Cent culture.

  57. Duffy says:

    This is sad, they half assed the research. I’m not even all the way through it and I’ve spotted several mix ups or probably out right lies. They appear to have the "gist" of it but when they go into details they show how little they actually looked at these various games.

  58. Conster says:

    Keep in mind that a lot of the original US immigrants were people so uptight Europe kicked them out. (I just know I’m gonna get slammed for this…)

  59. JDKJ says:

    The thing that boggles my mind is that Schlafly and her Fleagle Forums not only attract thousands of followers to their cause but also weild considerable political power and influence. But, then again, I’ve never figured out how Jim Jones got all those people to drink his Kool-Aid, either.

  60. Zerodash says:

    The problem here is that Vince McMahon (despite having the maturity of a 15 year old) has a set of balls.  The games industry has historically been a bunch of pussies when it comes to standing up for itself.  Just look at how Doug Lowenstein handled JT, or even as recently as the Mass Effect incident.  What other industry relies on it’s consumers to defend them more rigorously than itself?

  61. BearDogg-X says:

    Somebody tell her that Halloween ended six months ago and she can take her mask off now.

    Yet another hatchet job on games that the industry should sue for defamation of character and slander over, like Vince McMahon did to the Parent Trash Cult years ago.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  62. Neeneko says:

    Ah.. ‘extensive research’…. in other words ‘made stuff up’.

    Futher proof that most investment funds can do at least ‘ok’ with completely random picks.

    You would think investors would be concerned about things like that.. but nope.. add ‘moral’ to your description and you will find suckers who believe you.

  63. black manta says:

    Harlan Ellison said it best about Schlafly: "A mischievous woman who does terrible things."

  64. Conster says:

    "By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape." – Phyllis Schlafly

    Then there’s Conservapedia, made by her son.

    Holy **** on a **** with a conservative on top, you’re right.

  65. Meddle says:

    The Schlafly family is absolutely insane. You think Thompson is bad, look up what she and her son have done.

  66. HarmlessBunny says:

    …Uuuugggghhh….the sound of this retardation is making me want to bludgeon my brain in.

  67. Shoehorn Oplenty says:

    "Do you know detailed information about the content of the most popular video games?"

    Because we don’t! But we’re sure as heck going to condemn them anyway!

    "Join us as we talk with the president of an investing firm that has done extensive research into the video game industry."

    Jumping to conclusions and misinterpreting things based on homophobia and hatred is NOT research.

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