Swine Flu: the Video Game

Given the recent outbreak of swine flu, could an online swine flu game – perhaps several – be far behind?

Of course not.

The first to emerge is Swinefighter, a game which challenges the player to inoculate as may pigs as possible under the pressure of a time limit. The game’s – ahem – viral spread is being helped along by a direct link to Twitter.

Via: VentureBeat

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    TheAllKnowing says:

    Well i am a Doctor at the The Ellenville Regional Hospital in Upstate New York.

    I think this is a horrible game, people are actually dieng from this influenza

    Do you people think this is a joke??

    innocent people have been innfected and a vaccine can take who knows how long to make

    Cases are increasing by the hour in the United States!!!

    you are assholes.


  2. 0
    DarkSaber says:

    It’s gonna be at least a year before they become aware of its existence.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  3. 0
    MaskedPixelante says:

    All the victims so far have been Mexican. So, unless the game paints them as evil and terrorists, they’re not gonna complain.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  4. 0
    MaskedPixelante says:

    Go play Pandemic 2 instead… you can KILL everyone with swine flu, instead of just protecting them from it.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

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