ESA Cheers as Obama Administration Spanks Canada

Those pesky Canadians have finally pushed the U.S. Government to the brink.

If the Bushies were still in power we might now be glued to CNN, watching the 82nd Airborne para-dropping into Ottawa. But as it is, the Obama administration has settled for delivering a nasty slap via the office of U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk (left).

The issue is copyright protection and the USTR, a cabinet-level post, has been making unpleasant noises in Canada’s direction for several years. Today Kirk dropped the hammer, placing Canada on the "Priority Watch List" along with China, Russia, Algeria, Argentina, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, and Venezuela. From the USTR report:

Canada is being elevated to the Priority Watch List for the first time, reflecting increasing concern about the continuing need for copyright reform, as well as continuing concern about weak border enforcement.

The Entertainment Software Association, which lobbies on behalf of U.S. video game publishers, was quick to applaud the action in a press release. No surprise there, as the ESA has been pushing hard in recent years for Canada to outlaw mod chips and adopt its own version of the consumer-unfriendly Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

In fact, with DMCA-like legislation an issue that Canada’s Parliament will soon be considering, a cynic might be forgiven for thinking that the USTR’s action was timed for its persuasive value as much as anything else.

Of today’s announcement, ESA CEO Michael Gallagher commented:

Putting Canada on the ‘Priority Watch List’ is a signal of the Obama Administration’s commitment to strengthening global intellectual property protection, and its intent to address this issue firmly with the Canadian government. Canada’s weak laws and enforcement practices foster game piracy in the Canadian market and pave the way for unlawful imports into the U.S.

So what does the ESA want from Canada? They have a laundry list:

  • Enact legislation outlawing game circumvention devices, such as “mod chips” and “game copiers,” in line with Canada’s international treaty obligations
  • Create adequate legal incentives for internet service providers (ISPs) to work with copyright owners in combating online piracy
  • Provide Customs officials with adequate authority to make ex officio seizures of counterfeit and pirate product at the border; and,
  • Provide adequate resources to anti-piracy enforcement efforts and make prosecution of intellectual property crimes a high priority.
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  1. hayabusa75 says:

    If that’s true, why do you bring up Godwin at virtually every mention of Hitler or the Nazis?

    "De minimus non curat lex"

  2. hayabusa75 says:

    That cannot and will never happen.  The interests of publishers conflict with those of the developers and consumers far too often.  I don’t know why so many people on this site fail to understand this.  I would think that to be apparent to anyone who’s been paying attention to the games industry longer than a month.  Years after its inception, I still see people around here going, "Dude, what’s with the ESA?  Why aren’t they doing more to help the average gamer??  Durrrr…"

    "De minimus non curat lex"

  3. kagirinai says:

    Like every theoretical battle discussion, these debates always result in poking holes in the other persons arguement until you loose track and start poking out the same holes over and over again.

    "So, you used the term "irrationally proud."  I think that term applies just as well to you as any."
    When I state that you can’t predict the outcome of a battle between two large countries, you believe it’s irrational pride? That’s foolish. But regardless, I shall offer a courtsey counter-poke.

    The United states could do quite a bit to hamper Canadian trade, but considering that Canada is the second largest nation in the world and has the most coastline of any country, it’d be impossible for ANY country to completely cut off their trade. More still, Canada has more natural resources than most other countries, even of compariable size, making trade distinctly less important (though not even remotely unimportant).

    As for American Military experience; they may have been involved in a lot of wars, but that doesn’t exactly show that they’re good at it, just that they have the resources to throw at continuing conflicts. This of course has had a long term detrimental effect — at some point, the world is going to stop lending the US money for it’s wars.

    To further the financial argument; China and Canada are very large trading partners. China also owns an enormous amount of American debt. Attemping to stop Canadian/Chinese trade would probably bankrupt the United States, and the political pressure China could exert on the US would be nothing less than formidable. They don’t even have to like Canada in to be on their side in a US/Canada conflict.

    Back to the idea of experience in the US army. The American army has been exhibiting a number of symptoms of exhaustion. Low recruitment rates and forces spread across the globe means that very few troops at all would be available to participate in a Canadian/American war. The US would never recall forces out of the rest of the world, just to attack Canada, though they might to defend against attack should there be counter-aggresions. However, such a move would then single an excellent time for counter-agressions by the rest of the world by the countries the United States has been terrorizing for decades.

    I’m trailing from the point I wanted to make — low recruitment, spread thin troops, ultimately leads to a large number of psycologically damaged troops being kept in to maintain numbers. Additionally, survivability in war doesn’t increase dramatically over time; there are less usefully experienced troops than there are dead troops. It could be debated that the average American troop experience level is insignificant in actual war.

    Assuming not; the Canadian army isn’t UNexperience either. While smaller, they’ve participated in a lot of global conflicts, which should make them comparibly experienced. (Also; I do believe that Canadian troops are statistically less likely to die in armed conflict, but I’d need to find some data to back that up.) And with the Canadian military being less overstretched, fewer soldiers would be over taxed, allowing more experienced soldiers to have longer tours of duty (over time) without as many ill effects.

    And there are a million counter arugments. Feel free. I’ll keep this up until bordem sets in.

  4. FlakAttack says:

    I don’t think any of us Canadians really cares that the American government has some issues with us. To be honest, we don’t like the way American corporations or government do business here. Getting bullied into cooperation is not my idea of a good time. But whatever, this isn’t going to do anything but create more animosity where more really isn’t needed.

  5. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    We need a new ESA. Simple as that. Mike Gallagher isn’t doing enough. We need one that can work with consumers (be it through the ECA or directly) as well as the developers.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  6. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Actually, I know that Godwin’s Law doesn’t mean comparing something to Hitler and/or Nazis is an auto-lose. What I said is that people interpret it that way. I personally do not.

    EDIT: Read what I said in response to DarkSaber’s reply.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  7. Shadow D. Darkman says:



    That there is the point in its simplest form! Godwin’s Law does NOT state that using Hitler/Nazis in a comparison is an auto-lose! It only states that said comparison becomes more likely of occurring as the discussion goes on! You, sir, are a fucking genius! Hardly anyone these days grasps what you have!

    (Not faking this, he really is correct, and it astounds me that even one person here is.)


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  8. Ashura01 says:

    So much for change. And of course after this the harper government is going to do the WRONG thing and piss off everyone in the country. We dont need no stinking draconian copywrite laws!

  9. Bigman-K says:

    Hum, I wasn’t aware of that. I always thought it meant "make a comparison to Hitler/Nazies means auto-lose."

     "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  10. Thomas McKenna says:

    Well, the training part for the general infantry I might have to conceed on.  However, what you’re not taking into account is the fact that america has been in constant battle with various nations for the past…well, since about WWII.  This is far from something to be proud of.  I’m in no way glorifying the often wayward military actions of the US.  I’m just pointing out a flaw in your argument. 

    See, the US does a lot of things, and one of those things is war.  We’ve gotten fairly good at it, even dealing with a militant populous.  This means our soldiers and our commanders have something far better than training, which is actual experience.  Add onto that the technical superiority of the US military, the various different special forces groups, the fact that placing an aircraft carrier on either coast would shut off any trade into and out of the country, and not to mention the population differences, and I fail to see how your arguments hold.

    Again, this is not to praise america.  This is not to have a dick measuring competition.  This is simply striking down your piss poor argument of "better trained soldiers" gives you some kind of advantage compared to the size, technical, and tactical superiority of America’s Military, all 3 being the key deciding factors in a war.  So, you used the term "irrationally proud."  I think that term applies just as well to you as any.

    Your argument needs work.

  11. Nocturne says:

    I thought that was the UK, or were we just America’s largest aircraft carrier? I forget

  12. GoodRobotUs says:

    Silly ESA isn’t used to dealing with countries where the consumer has rights and where voter opinion is more important than Corporate opinion 😉

  13. ikillchicken says:

    Yeah okay. If you want to say you think Canada needs to implement stronger anti-piracy laws, that’s at least a reasonable statment to make. I adamantly disagree that the heavy handed way the US handes it is effecitve and fair to consumers but if you disagree, then fine. However,

    "placing Canada on the ‘Priority Watch List’ along with China, Russia, Algeria, Argentina, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, and Venezuela."

    So because we have somewhat looser laws we’re now comparable to China, Russia, and other contries where piracy runs rampant and unchecked? Yeah, there goes any degree of credibility you might have had.

    As for the border enforcement, all I can say is: Better get working on that fence then. (Maybe you can get all those illegal immigrants from Mexico to build it).

  14. kagirinai says:

    Two things you’re failing to consider:
    First, the American armed forces are stretched so thin, they’re becomming transparent.

    Second, unlike the United States, Canada still has friends, internationally. If the United States were to become militarily agressive over anything less than an actual attack on their citizens, they’d be quickly ganged up upon by the (rest of?) civilized world for being an uncontrolled, unrestrained and insane global military threat.

    Also: I’m sure you’re (irrationally) proud of you nations army — it may be large, but that’s about all it’s got going for it. Compared to Canada, America’s major advantage is superior mechanical equipment; better tanks, aircraft, etc. However, Canada’s general infantry is trained more extensively than those in the US Army, most presumably making them more effective per soldier than their counterparts. An all out conflict between Canada and the US would likely be very difficult to call on the outset.

  15. Scazza says:

    Its also nice to see Chrysler come begging Ontario and the Canadian Federal Government for cash, and then the Obama admin working hard to keep chrysler plants running within US borders, all while chrislyer trying to play nice with Canada…

  16. HarmlessBunny says:

    Ah my country is an easy target. Seems Obama administration is already leaving Canada high and dry…the policy of "buying American" and leaving their northern neighbours behind. Nothing like a kick in the balls while we are down. Nothing like the spirit of NAFTA (which has been ENDLESSLY violated) to bring a sense of brotherhood and family between the two nations….

  17. Scazza says:

    Typical American policy, try to put blame on others and fuck around outside their borders, instead of looking within to fix the real problems.

    Every major study around shows that piracy generation within the US is on a completely different level then it is in Canada and the rest of the world.  Where do you think all those DVD Screeners come from?  Those leaked copies of games weeks before launch, last I checked, we don’t have many pressing companies or places that get demonstration copies.  Most leaked content happens during production, or while its pimped around to reviewers and executives, 99.9999% of the time NOT within Canadian borders.

    Instead of slapping canadians who download these leaked software (Pretty much as easily as an American can), why not stop them at the source?  A Pirate will rarely buy software whether they can get it or not. 

  18. Zephyrus says:

    all i can say to this is ESA keep the frack out of my country!  i just hope (though its a long long long shot) that the government here tells the US to f*ck off, chances are though we’re going to see this sort of legislation pass though ’cause the current government is full of conservative whack-job air heads

  19. hayabusa75 says:

    Regardless, that isn’t the original concept of the law.  The interpretation of a law doesn’t supercede the law itself…tell that to the next cop who pulls you over for speeding that you "interpreted" the 65mph limit to mean the slowest you’re allowed to go.

    "De minimus non curat lex"

  20. hayabusa75 says:

    "The only credit you get is fighting game legislation."

    Yeah, but don’t you think that’s pretty damn significant?  Who’s going to come out of pocket to fight the game legislation if they don’t?  You?  Penny Arcade?  Laws don’t just magically disappear if they’re unconstitutional; someone needs to file injunctions and formally challenge them.

    Whatever your feelings about the rest of the ESA’s work, the fact that they are the primary opponents of anti-game laws deserves more than just a sidebar mention.

    "De minimus non curat lex"

  21. Austin_Lewis says:

    I guarantee, if we go for round two, you won’t fare nearly as well.  The 10th Mountain, every ranger battalion (and every Ranger for whom there’s no space in a Ranger battalion), every Operator and Green Beret would kick your asses up and down your own country. 

    You managed to fight to a stalemate when you had Britain’s backing, at the time when Britain was still THE world power. 

    Things have changed.

  22. Michael Chandra says:

    Whinewhinewhine shut up already.

    And why is Australia not on that list, where modchips were declared legal by the courts? Is there any reason they have the balls to go after Canada but not Australia?

  23. Chris Charabaruk says:

    "Change" was never more than a lie to get votes, anyway. Democrats, Republicans, all run by the same business interests anyway. You people should have supported Ron Paul.

    And if only we had our own version of him up here in Canada! Our politicians are the same scheming bastards that you guys have, just with different parties and colours. And given how much our PM Harper loves to [redacted] American [redacted], I’m sure this will only double his party’s efforts to shaft all of us up here.

    But yeah, you Yanks need to be more proactive in telling your government to stop screwing around with everyone else. Feel free to learn from us on that, by the way… We seem to be able to force our government to do what we want a good 50% of the time, which is what, 40% more than you guys?

    Chris ‘coldacid’ Charabaruk <>

  24. Thomas McKenna says:

    Yeah…200 years ago.  Which resulted in a stalemate at the US-Canada border.  In which canada had the support of the #1 world power at the time.  In which the Brittish/Canadian forces only major claim to victory is the burning of the White House, a building which had no major importance at the time. 

    Bravo on that.  Was really a good show.  Thanks for inspiring our current national anthem.  However, you can’t call claims of victory or putting the US in its place when your invading forces got pushed back to your country dispite major help from the Brittish, and a treaty was signed in which gave back all land taken by both sides (america took parts of canada north of Michegan, east of the Canadian Shield/Quetico, Canada had Maine).

    But I do agree with your statement that America should mind it’s own buisness and stay out of Canada’s affairs.

  25. DarkSaber says:

    That isn’t Godwins Law. Simple as that.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  26. Mech says:

    Oh no! Rofl. I love when people do stuff like this thinking anyone in this country gives a shit. Get over yourself ESA.

  27. starsrift says:

     How about proving that this kind of legislation actually works before trying to force it down your allies’ throats, America?


  28. zellie says:

    This is why the world hates you, America.

    (The rich parts of it atleast, the poor parts hates you for different, though not entirely unrelated, reasons)


  29. Parallax Abstraction says:

    These industry trade groups drive me nuts.  Canada refuses to pass a DMCA-like piece of legislation that erodes consumer freedoms and rights in order to protect the obsolete business models of greedy media corporations and that automatically makes us a haven for pirates that needs to be watched closely?  Puh-lease!  I love how being a nation that doesn’t let corporations completely control the government and populace automatically makes you a threat these days.  Oh well, we will see who has the last laugh when Hollywood and the music industry are bankrupt and wondering where all their consumers went.

    Parallax Abstraction
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  30. Canary Wundaboy says:

    My problem with DRM was ummed up in an experience earlier today. Having purchased an album on itunes, I wanted to give it to my girlfriend so she could play it on her computer. Of course it wouldn’t let me convert those tracks into a different format, wouldnt let her computer play them, and wouldnt let her upload them onto her MP3 player.


    I PAID for this music once already, I’m not paying AGAIN just so I can use it in the way I want to. So I torrented an MP3 copy of it, and now I can do everything I want. Your loss Music Industry.


    Check out my blog –

  31. Erik says:

    America fears Canada?  Buh?  I must not have gotten that memo.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  32. Pinworm says:

     I can’t blame USA for watching us, our laws in this regard are so superior and more consumer-friendly.

    I’d say watch and learn, but it seems late for that. Enjoy watching, though!

  33. CaptainZM says:

    I Support Piracy.


    "Don’t Run, You’ll Just Die Tired."

  34. Craig R. says:

    Hopefully Canada tells the ESA where to stick it.

    Why doesn’t the ESA just come out and admit that they’re as brutal and dictatorial as the RIAA and MPAA, and how they don’t want consumers to have *any* rights? Because that’s the end result they seek.

  35. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Wow… That was… well said. That was… so… beautiful. Like that one post you made long ago in reply to Jack that earned you my respect.

    And, to top it off, I agree. Modded games make it easier for us to play old games or use alternate consoles when we can’t use the actual console the game was made for.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  36. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    But people have interpreted it as once Hitler and the Nazis are used in a discussion, said discussion ends with the one that did NOT make the comparison as the winner through Godwin.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  37. face777 says:

    Once again, America tries to impose its rule outside of its borders…


    So much for change.

  38. rdeegvainl says:

    The rule does not make any statement about whether any particular reference or comparison to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis might be appropriate, but only asserts that the likelihood of such a reference or comparison arising increases in direct proportion to the length of the discussion.

  39. TK n Happy Ness says:

    ESA’s not the boss of us Canadians, so they can go to hell.

    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  40. Bigman-K says:

    Stay the hell out of our country intellectual copyright nazies. OH Ow, i just invoked Godwin, i guess that means i lose the arguement. Although personally I think the whole Godwin’s Law stuff is a load of crap. Unless it’s something retardedly rediculous like "Hitler was an animal lover and vegetarian, so if you love animals and don’t eat meat you’re a nazi."

     "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  41. GoodRobotUs says:

    Oh Noes! You’re ‘On The List!’ Canada! The Axis of E-Bay!

    You can all hang your heads in shame, because the ESA said so!

  42. FCFC says:
    Here we go again.  The USTR has singled out Canada in its annual Special 301 Report for its supposed lax copyright policy.  However, in an even more sinister twist this time around, Canada has been elevated to the Priority Watch List.  Canada now joins such esteemed countries as China, Russia, India and Israel.  One cannot help but notice that this axis of evil represents more than 70% of the world’s population.  
    Copyright reforms should be handled by sovereign nations in the normal discourse of their legislative assemblies.  Canada has made clear its commitment to protect its intellectual properties.  It should not stray from this course because a heavily influenced and lobbied report from another country claims its not pulling its weight.  The Special 301 Report is entirely driven by the corporate lobbyists and lacks and dissenting voices of reason outside of US copyright special interest groups.  Hopefully our Members or Parliament will listen the voices and concerns of their constituents and not the US corporate lobbyists who have the power of the media and press releases at their disposal.  Ministers should ask themselves or be told, could a representation of over 2/3 of the world population really be guilty of comprising the USTR’s ‘Axis of Copyright Evil’?
  43. SounDemon says:

    Fuck off, ESA.

    You, as well as the **AAs need to bugger off and come up with new business models or get the bugs out of your collective asses.

    Yes, there is game piracy, but it is not NEARLY as widespread as music downloading, with consoles being especially difficult to pirate for; most consumers will not pirate games. And GOOD distribution models such as Steam are helping to reduce the rate of piracy.

    Where you REALLY need to fuck off, ESA, is in places like EULAs, DRM, and "anti-circumvention". You collectively fuck all of us consumers by telling us that your games are unusable because the computer isn’t online, that our install of DaemonTools breaks the game, through ROOTKIT BULLSHIT like StarForce and SecuROM, that we can’t mod your games because we love them, that we can’t copy a CD for LAN parties, AAARRRRGGGGHHHH.

    You can fuck off with emulators, too. Emulators and ROMs are one of the best things to happen to computers; where consumers can take the games of their childhood anywhere they want and not be buttfucked by proprietary formats and exclusivity bullshit; not to mention orphaned works. People take their beloved games of yesteryear and remix them, as often exemplified through ROM hacks. YOU, game industry, have benefited from their work; q.e.d. The Sonic Collection on Windows runs a modified version of Gens under the hood.


    You are a self-serving organization that needs to sputter and die, as well as the RIAA and MPAA. Penny Arcade has done far more for the gaming industry than you have. The only credit you get is fighting game legislation.


  44. Alex says:

    Thank you for assuming that our leaders speak with our voices and there are no dissenting opinions.

    I’m not under the affluence of incohol as some thinkle peep I am. I’m not half as thunk as you might drink. I fool so feelish I don’t know who is me, and the drunker I stand here, the longer I get.

  45. Moriarty70 says:

    And when do I get a GOOD curling game? Huh? Xtreme curling would be great, but Neotronic Arts aparently doesn’t exist.

  46. Keith K says:

    Canada is the one country in the world that the US has no balls to fuck with because we’re the one country in the world to put them in their place.

    Shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out of our business.

    Thank you.

  47. SimonBob says:

    To paraphrase Trudeau, the government has no business in the hard drives of the nation.

    I notice that the ESA doesn’t mind us playing host to a number of their largest game developers in Vancouver and Montreal… tell you what: we’ll put up with all this protectionist crap when you start making some Canadian games.  I want to be playing CFL ’09 by the start of the season!  Let’s go, chop-chop!

    (Oh, right, and softwood lumber, etc.)

    The Mammon Philosophy

  48. Freshly burnt says:

    Well I was just sent a very nice email this morning from my ISP (rogers Cable) asking me to stop distributing software and at the bottom was the letter to them from the ESA…I was downloading the new PSP game Rockband and because of my download/upload on my torrent I was asked to stop…LMAO.  Well here’s a big ole FU to the ESA and you can lick me where the good lord split me! (_x_)

    Here’s the portion from the ESA….

    ISP: Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
     ESA Reference Number: ***-********
     Dear Rogers Cable Communications Inc.:
     The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is a trade association that represents the intellectual property interests of numerous companies that publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal computers, handheld devices and the Internet in the United States of America, in Canada, and in other countries (collectively referred to as ESA members).  ESA is authorized to act on behalf of ESA members whose copyright and other intellectual property rights it believes to be infringed as described herein.
     ESA is providing this letter of notification to make Rogers Cable Communications Inc. aware of material on its network or system that infringes the exclusive copyright rights of and is unlawful towards one or more ESA members.
     ESA members are entitled to the full protection of Canadian intellectual property laws, including the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42, as amended, in such entertainment software products.  
     Based on the information at its disposal on 3 Jun 2009 02:06:26 GMT, ESA has a good faith belief that **.***.***.** infringes the rights of one or more ESA members by offering for sale or download unauthorized copies of game products protected by copyright, or offering for sale or download material that is the subject of infringing activities.  The copyrighted works that have been infringed include but are not limited to:
     Title: Rock Band
     Notice ID: ********
     Infringement Source: BitTorrent
     Infringement Timestamp: **/**/****,  **:**:** GMT  Infringement Last Documented: **/**/****, **:**:** GMT  Infringer Username:
     Infringing Filename: PSP.Game.RockBandUnplugged.Multi2.UMDFULL.WwW.fantastico.CL
     Infringing Filesize: 919107283
     Infringer IP Address: **.***.***.**
     Infringer DNS Name: ___****_***__**-__*****_***__.***.***
     Infringer Port ID: *****
     The unauthorized copies of such game product(s) or the material that is the subject of infringing activities appears on or is made available through **.***.***.**.  Those items are listed and/or identified thereon by their titles or variations thereof, game-related listings/references/descriptions, or depictions of game-related artwork.  Such copies, titles, game-related listings/references/descriptions, depictions, and material that is the subject of infringing activities, are hereinafter referred to as "Infringing Material."  
     Accordingly, ESA hereby requests Rogers Cable Communications Inc. to immediately do the following:
     1.    Notify the account holder of the Infringing Material.
     2.     Remove, or disable access to, the Infringing Material detailed above.
     3.     Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse Policy/Terms of Service Agreement, including termination of a repeat offender.
     Please inform us whether you will remove or disable access to the Infringing Material as requested.  Rogers Cable Communications Inc. or the account holder may contact ESA at the above-listed contact details, with email preferred.  Please include the above-noted Reference Number in the subject line of all email correspondence.
     Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response in this matter.
     Intellectual Property Enforcement
     Entertainment Software Association


  49. Ratros says:

    And I’m proud to be an american, where at least I know I’m not free.  And I’ve done forgot the men who went and died, and tried to give those rights to me.  And I’ll gladly stand up, and be told what to do.  Cause there ain’t no doubt, they love that money, God help the USA.


    Proud member of the USA (most of it anyways).

    I once had a dream about God. In it, he was looking down upon the planet and the havoc we recked and he said unto us, "Damn Kids get off my lawn!"

  50. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Wow, flame war. Kurb, try backing off a bit so you don’t look like a Troll.

    (Note I said he looks like one, not that he actually is one.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  51. Moriarty70 says:

    Obviously I’ve been overblowing it a touch. The point is, we’ve had some sore spots for a long time. The only justification for this is that the biggest touter of DCMA law, Hollywood, basically owes it’s being to Canadians.

  52. Moriarty70 says:

    Because when someone takes something without paying the agreed upon price is nothing but a pirate.

  53. Aliasalpha says:

    Death Row Inmate 1: What are you in for?


    Death Row Inmate 2: Killed 14 people, you?


    Death Row Inmate 1: Played super mario brothers on my PC

  54. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Uh huh. Yeah. Right. Understood. *hangs up phone*

    It’s official. We’re fucked. No more modding. Emulators are gonna go next. Anything that has been modded will be seized, and the owner arrested for copyright infringement and software piracy.


    "The sun will always rise tomorrow. We can only live for today, and hope more days will come." -Unknown

  55. Nekowolf says:

    I’m not going to argue over it, so I’m keeping any opinion about the rest out. But the reason I said Fox, is because they are the most prevalent. Just take a look:

    It says "Fair and Balanced" right in the fucking logo. That is why I mentioned them.

    And I’ll admit, I’m very biased against Conservatism. I think it’s a huge load of shit. But doesn’t mean I simply go off using that as a basis of argument.

  56. Thomas McKenna says:

    "Because, as far as I know, he doesn’t pretend that he isn’t (i.e. Fox News)."

    i.e. cnn

    i.e. nbc

    i.e. 60 minutes

    i.e. every fucking news agency out there.  Seriously, news is biased for the sheer fact that it’s meant to sell.  Add on the political bias every station takes on, and what do you get?  Biased news.  Yet it’s only when Fox News comes out with a conservative bias that this fact is called out and harped on.  Get the fuck over it already.  They’re allowed to have a different viewpoint and bias then 95% of all other news broadcasters and yourself (apparently, otherwise you probably wouldn’t single them out in the first place).  Quit BAWWWing over it and realize your own hypocracy when you only call out one news station in having a bias. 

    Oh, and no, I’m not a Republican, so I’m not supporting Fox News out of some flimsy political bond.  In fact, I hate a good 75% of their shows, if not more.

  57. chadachada321 says:

    If I would’ve been 18 I would’ve voted for Ron Paul…He was the original Hope for America…

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  58. sqlrob says:

    Biden changed my vote from a vote for Obama to a vote against McCain. In practical terms, that means squat though.

    I have yet to vote for anyone in a presidential election.

  59. Joe_Snow says:

     Change we can believe in ……..right.

    Well, it was nice to at least *pretend* things would improve.

  60. kurbster says:

    why should we?  Your lumber is crap.  Half of my shift is spent culling studs customers don’t want

  61. Moriarty70 says:

    Tell you what, the US Government starts paying the taxes on softwood lumber properly, we’ll be willing to listen to you.


    Also, *clears throat* 1812. Paratroop away.

  62. hellfire7885 says:

    Yeah, you know ,forget poverty, gang violence, the drug trad,e we need to make sure those poor oublishers can keep snorting white powder off the backs of prostitutes.

  63. Nekowolf says:

    There’s obvious bias here. I, personally, simply don’t fucking care. Because, as far as I know, he doesn’t pretend that he isn’t (i.e. Fox News).

    I don’t care if you’re biased, so long as you can admit it. I know I am!

  64. DarkSaber says:

    Well I think you have a point there.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  65. PHOENIXZERO says:

    If the Bushies were still in power we might now be glued to CNN, watching the 82nd Airborne para-dropping into Ottawa.




    Yeah, because it’s not like the RIAA/MPAA and ESA weren’t pushing this sort of thing during the Bush administration. Yet, it took Obama and his DMCA loving, bought and paid for, Vice President to come into power to do this and it only took a few months!



    *Waits for someone to defend it and say there’s no obvious bias here.*

  66. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Bypassing and copying is like sex and they jut managed to get in your bedroom to tell you want to do(IE in public as in distribution is not legal but in youer own home behind closed doors is.).
    We don’t need corporate making every other thing illicit when illicit profit/distribution is already a crime…..


    I am a criminal because I purchase media,I am a criminal because I use media, I am a criminal because I chose to own media..We shall remain criminals until Corporate stay’s outside our bedrooms..

  67. JB says:

    "placing Canada on the "Priority Watch List" along with China, Russia, Algeria, Argentina, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, and Venezuela."

    *cue inspirational music*

    And we won’t stop until we’re number one on that list. Because we have a dream to one day be number one on that list. My name is Joe and I AM CANADIAN!*


    *my name isn’t really Joe… just sayin’

  68. NovaBlack says:

    ‘outlawing game circumvention devices, such as “mod chips” and “game copiers,”’

    um does that mean even like DVD burners? :S


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