Ian Bogost’s Killer Flu Game Simulates Spread of Influenza

With all of the hype about Swine Flu lately, Ian Bogost points out that his Persuasive Games studio partnered with Traffic Games of Scotland a few months back to create Killer Flu.

The game, built at the request of the UK Clinical Virology Network, teaches players lessons about how seasonal and pandemic influenza spread:

While our game focuses on an avian flu pandemic, the same principles apply to the present situation. The players of the game will find it more difficult than they suspect to create the pandemic the news would have us believe is imminent…

Via: Gamasutra

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    JacobAWD says:

    150 years ago, they said a black man can only be president when pigs fly. 100 days after Obama was inagurated, Swine Flu!


    We don’t need the government, all we need is Medicare, Medicade, and Social Security!

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