Germany Drops Paintball Ban Proposal

Last week’s news that Germany would ban paintball and laser tag seems to have been premature.

The move came as part of the government’s response to the horrific school shooting in Winnenden on March 11th. Violent video games also came under criticism from some German officials after the massacre.

The Local is now reporting that German officials have abandoned the plan to ban paintball:

Initial reports on the new gun law said that the ruling coalition had agreed to ban simulated killing games such as paintball… and laser tag… But Dieter Wiefelspütz, an expert on domestic affairs for the Social Democrats, on Wednesday said lawmakers had abandoned the idea of making paintball illegal…


The government, however, plans to conduct an enquiry to assess whether paintball regulations should be tightened by increasing age limits and other measures, Wiefelspütz said…

The sport is banned for those younger than 18, and is generally not played in military fatigues like in other countries. A report commissioned by the government in 2000 concluded it did not make people more likely to engage in violence.

Instead, German officials plan to pursue enhancements to existing gun control laws.

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  1. Alyssa ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Had they banned paintball in Germany, it would not have been fair to paintball players out there. There are some risks in every sport but banning them is not a solution. Instead they should increase safety measures.

    Paintball is a very fun and enjoyable sport, but just like with any sport, it does require several pieces of equipment for safety reasons. Paintball Pursuit Care About your Safety.

  2. RedKing says:

    Wow, that was lucky! Thamk God that they saw the insanity of that idea of banning paintball.

    Well at least they are going to tighten up the gun laws, that seems sane.

    However, I have a sneaking susspicion (sp) that they may do something more… um… stupid.

  3. ulix says:

    More gun control laws make it more difficult to get a hold of guns, thus making it more laborious, and many criminals are lazy. Real (organized) criminals will of course not be affected, but people acting out in the heart of the moment will be.

  4. bracomadar says:

    "is generally not played in military fatigues like in other countries."

    Yeah, because everyone knows that wearing camo makes you more likely to go out and kill someone   I’m glad they decided not to ban this, but then I saw at the bottom they’re going to go more for "enhancements" to existing gun control laws.  *sigh*  Why can’t they just admit that crazy people are going to break any law they pass and kill people and there’s nothing they can do to stop it?  You can’t stop murders by passing a bunch of laws that criminals will only break.  They’re criminals…that’s what they do.  They plan on killing a bunch of people; do you actually think they’re going to be afraid of a gun law, or decide against it because they can’t get "training" from playing paintball?  The shooter isn’t afraid on going to jail because in their mind they’ve probably got it planned out that they’re going to die in a hail of gunfire.  If these laws actually work, then it’s a shame Germany didn’t ban violent video games and paintball before Hitler came into power.  It’s a shame Rome didn’t ban guns, or else all those Vandals wouldn’t have been knocking down their doors.  Yeah, ban everything because objects cause people to kill.   

    PSN: bracomadar

  5. londinio says:

    Old people should stop telling war stories. They might evoke young people that no one likes and everyone picks on for being gay to pick up a gun and kill ten or more people on the lunch yard.

    Politicians keep the peace. They don’t solve problems. If the actual problems of society were solved, that would be labeled anarchy, communist, fascist, or radical. No no no…..


    Blame something to shut everyone up. Then move on.

  6. Saxy says:

    (Starts Slow applause)

    My only questions: If they end up raising the age for gun control:

    A: How will that effect those who would now be carrying illegal guns?

    B: How long until you have to be dead to own a gun?

  7. Wormdundee says:

     Too bad, military fatigues make it a whole lot easier to blend in to the greenery. But man, banning people younger than 18 from playing it. There goes a whole bunch of birthday parties that I’ve seen while paintballing.

    Also, more gun control laws? Those have never worked. I guess they can keep trying though.

  8. ZippyDSMlee says:

    So lazer tag is baned right? 😛


    I am a criminal because I purchase media,I am a criminal because I use media, I am a criminal because I chose to own media..We shall remain criminals until Corporate stay’s outside our bedrooms..

  9. ZAR says:

    It has always been a strategy to play the older generations against the young in this country.

    Back in the 50s and 60s it was Rock’n’Roll-music (then deprecatingly called "Negermusik" – "negro music") and comics. At the end of the 60s the young people protesting against the war in Vietnam and the old Nazis in government and administration were called "communists", "long haired slobs" – even "terrorists". In the 80s the show went on against "violent videos" – which also included comics and music btw. And now against "violent games".

    The point is not, that those things exist and that they may or may not cause harm to some people.

    The point is that politicians use the older generations’ prejudices against young people as a mean to an end – political power.



  10. Austin_Lewis says:

    Because the fact that the school shooting was carried out by a young person didn’t shift the blame to young people already.  You don’t see a lot of mass shootings carried out by people 24 and older.

  11. ZAR says:

    Conservatives needed a scapegoat to shift blame from guns to young people. Media followed "argumentation". Arguments of reason were ignored – or worse. Most people of the older generation agreed with the politicians that "violent games" need to be banned.

    Mission accomplished!

    They’ve been doing it since the beginning of this year, they will continue with that "strategy" until the end of the election period. Reasoning pointless, it’s all about money and power – no lobby means no mercy.


  12. Afirejar says:

    The government, however, plans to conduct an enquiry to assess whether paintball regulations should be tightened by increasing age limits and other measures,


    The sport is banned for those younger than 18,

    Right. Either someone has no clue what he’s talking about or adults will no longer be adults.

  13. ulix says:

    Don’t forget that the constitutional court will definitely scrap the warrantless, suprise compliance raids for obvious reasons

  14. ulix says:

    Nope, your wrong.

    They’ll up the minimum age to handle big-calibre weapons in rifle clubs from 14 to 18.

    They’ll impose biometric gun-cabinets and unheraldet checks on them without given suspicion (which of course won’t stick before the constitutional court, because its highly undemocratic and violates the legal principle of the "sactity of the home").


    I’m not sure what else, but basically only things that don’t hurt the strong gun-producing lobby.

  15. Brokenscope says:

    You have to leave all your guns at the local police station. Thats really the next step for them.

  16. chadachada321 says:

    I’m interested in what "enhancements to existing gun control laws" is…

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  17. illspirit says:

    Why shoud they? Germany already has an astronomical rate of non-compliance with existing laws. The proposed change of allowing warantless, surprise, compliance raids will only serve to drive more previously law-abiding citizens underground. If the law passes, I predict millions of guns will be "lost" in tragic boating accidents. As they should. 😉

  18. ShadowDragon28 says:

    Instead, German officials plan to pursue enhancements to existing gun control laws.

    As they should.

  19. DarkSaber says:

    Finally, unsensible people make a sensible reaction.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  20. Stealthguy says:

    Wow, fix the issues that may have actually contributed to the problem. Common sense, imagine that.

  21. GoliathWon says:

    Well, GP’s article also defined it as "upcoming", although not in the article title. From every other source I’ve seen though, it did seem imminent. Local articles here (La Presse in Montréal, here if you can read french) I’ve seen also presented it the same way.

  22. DarkSaber says:

    Premature indeed. Considering the sources for the story (BBC and that other one) never said it was banned, only that it was under consideration.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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