RapeLay Passed Japanese Software Group’s Ethics Screening Process

The controversial Japanese game RapeLay was cleared by a software industry screening board, reports The Yomiuri Shimbun.

According to the newspaper, the Tokyo-based Ethics Organization of Computer Software screened RapeLay without advising its publisher, Illusion, to make any edits. 235 computer game firms belong to the supposedly self-regulating organization. While an unnamed official of the group would not reveal its screening standards, he told the newspaper:

[The organization] follows the Penal Code and the law, which bans child prostitution and child pornography. Also, we ask for self-regulation of games, to ensure stories depicted stay at a permissible level from a social perspective…


[Given the RapeLay controversy the organization] should discuss what kind of self-imposed regulations are required to ensure [games] are acceptable to society.

The Yomiuri Shimbun also reports that RapeLay which caused an uproar when it was found to be available on Amazon.com via a third-party reseller, has been pulled from the market. The move comes in the wake of a protest lodged by New York-based women’s rights organization Equality Now. Attorney Yukiko Tsunoda, a member of Equality Now,commented:

The problem isn’t just about this specific game, but about all similar games still available [in Japan].

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  1. WOS says:



    Why cant people just leave shit alone, if i’m gonna go rape somebody its not because a video game told me to,

    Its because I wanted to!

  2. SilverMelee says:

    I never understood that whole rape fetish… I just don’t see what’s so erotic about it. I mean, most depictions I’ve seen of it often have the female sobbing her eyes out and… eugh, it’s a complete turn-off to me.

    But then again, I have my own fetishes that not everyone would find erotic (no, I’m going into details, so don’t ask), so who am I to judge? I guess I just don’t get it…

    — I do more than just play games. I draw, too: http://www.silvermelee.deviantart.com

  3. Zero Beat says:

    Not really.  We say we do, but our government’s actions say otherwise.


    "That’s not ironic. That’s justice."

  4. Notebook says:

     Did you even read what I wrote? When did I mention anything about US hate? And of course everybody who’s been even remotely aware of the political scene knows about the Bush Adminstration’s low approval rating inside AND outside the country. What does that have to do what I brought up?

    The point is, the company was under no obligation by Equality Now or the British Parilment [y’know, the people who started this mess in the first place?] to remove the game from their website and whatever else they did to it because those two organizations were outside the country. But they did anyway.

    Hell, I don’t even understand why people are acting as if the Government of Japan and America themselves are doing this–unless there was some emergency Press Conference made by Obama earlier this week saying that he was going to ban all hentai games from entering the company and that the Prime Minister of Japan is working together with him to do so that I missed earlier this week.

    I won’t deny that people in America can go overboard with the morality stuff, but people are acting as if they’re the only ones who do it. Unless the British Parilment is American now or something.

    Really, people on all sides of this are blowing this way out of proportion, which in turn are blinding people to the more subtle problems in society that can’t be solved just be saying "zomg political incorrectness!!?!?!?!11"

  5. kurbster says:

    hmm…..it’s the fact that we seem to think we are the great "morality" leaders, and everyone should be like us, is why we are hated throughout the world.  Even if it’s just talk, foreigners don’t want to hear how fucked up their lifestyle is based upon a feminist extremist group.  If you want statistics, go look at the Bush administration approval rating overseas the past few years.

    That’s right…everyone wants to be a fat bastard with a hole cut in their bible so they can literally fuck god every night.

    You hear that?….I think Japan is laughing at us right now

  6. Notebook says:

     I usually try to stay out of comments these days and I know I’m going to get flamed to death but after seeing nearly over 200 comments on this bloody thing I just have to say this.

    Are all of you people who are commenting this thickheaded? Do you realize how completely hypocritical you all are being right now?

    First of all, before you all get on my goat about it: no, I don’t think the game should be banned in any shape of form. Were Equality Now out-of-line to call out a ban for the game? Sure–not only that, but they really, really, really misunderstood the situation to begin with. However, that is not the problem, far from it.

    Here you all are crying out that the US shouldn’t be able to control what other countries can do and they should do whatever the want and then when a country decides to actually do something about it, you all are crying foul, like the US has automatically become this tyranny of some sort! I’m certainly not denying that the all the controversy surrounding this had no influence on this, but the fact is, they had a choice to do this. They could’ve completely ignored it–unless I’m missing something here, it doesn’t seem like no one is forcing a gun to their heads. But they chose to do what they did.

    Quite frankly, all this sounds like is lip service. I don’t think they’re not going to do anything–and if they don’t, that’s their choice. If they do, that’s their choice too. No amount of whining from a bunch of priveledge gamers aren’t going to change it one bit. The complete irony of the comments here–and I quote a fictional tyrannical villain here–is quite delicious.

    What interests even more is really what sexism in general could play in this entire mess on both sides really, but oh no! That’s political correctness! We can’t be having that! We must be able to play any game, no matter how ridiculously offensive, without critizing it! Because that’s… that’s policital correctness! We can’t have political correctness because that’s just… just… politcally correct! What’s the point of self-analyzing ourselves for possibly biases and other interesting things? You don’t have the right not to be offended, after all! Let’s all feverishly defend this right to the point where we sound like the very same people we bloody despise! By that way, this entire paragraph was sarcasm.

    I’m a gamer too, and I don’t want games to be needlessly censored by the likes of Jack and friends, but all of you are acting like any type of complaint is some kind of form of censorship. But I’m sure you all will flame me for being a "poltiical correct feminist" or whatever. Do you people even know what political correct means? Because after seeing it being thrown around like a used towel, it seems like the term has lost any meaning it originally had–if it actually had a meaning to begin with.

    BTW, those are you worried about visual novels and the like–you do realize that they have a slight advantage as they’re novels right? Us stupid politcally correct feminist Americans may not know the difference, but maybe Japan does? Then again, from the comments, it seems like none of you had any faith in them to begin with.

  7. TBoneTony says:

    Funny how some people’s perception of child porn is different from many people.

    One Australian Artist last year found himself in allot of hot water because he was having an art exhibition based on nudity, and that was closed down because he had naked children in his art.

    The police later found out that the pictures of naked children were not really child porn because of the fact that they were never abused, and they only posed naked with their genetalia hidden from the camera and that was considered art and not porn.

    Sadly the way the media made him out to be a pedophile, it is more likely he is still in hiding and not wanting to draw any attention to himself.


    There was a situration I saw a few years ago when I walked past this fountian that had this naked child hugging a large fish.

    I kinda was a little shocked because of it, but then later on I realized that there was nothing wrong about it, but a little scared at how such a work of art can be portrayed so negatively if someone else with more sensitive views could have viewed it.


    Sometimes when it comes to child porn, we hear allot about it but we are never shown anything, much less even having a detailed description of what is and what is not child porn.


    Thus, is the reason why Anime might be attacked more often and how many Anime fans such as I, would someday have to move over to Japan just to have a taste of our fav hobby all because of other people not understanding what is and what is not child porn.


    I guess I have said enough here.


  8. TBoneTony says:

    Considering that this could change how we could get Hentai on the internet, because of annoying political groups such as this, I would like to ask us gamers here (those who do care about the freedom of Hentai on the internet) that we should all just save our Hentai before it becomes banned.

    Also instead of Tentacle Hentai, would Tentacle Soul-Rip be a better option to chose if future Hentai becomes banned?

    Like the reason why Tentacle Hentai was made was to combat against strict Japanese Censorship on the male’s penis, perhaps we should try to make hentai that instead involves Soul-Rip (penertration though the Belly Button instead of that other area)

  9. Chaplain99 says:

    When you use the term "you," I assume you’re referring to the people NOT posting on this article, right?  ^^

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  10. NovaBlack says:

    pixelated fake child porn perhaps.

    child porn .. no.


    See there is no actual child.


    What next? if i drew two stickmen having sex on a piece of paper, and you think one of them looks ‘underage’, dhould i go to jail for posessing ‘child porn’?

    Wow.. lock me away, im a dangeer to society, and am clearly in the same class as actual murders and rapists and should be locked away / given the death penalty [/sarcasm]

  11. TBoneTony says:

    Don’t give in Japan.

    We Otaku gamers are right you guys to protect our rights from those who wish to impose their opinions on your artistic beliefs of freedom of expression.

    Also it is not the games in Japan that are the problem, it is PEOPLE in real life that do commit rape that are the problem. It is the games that delve into the issue of rape that are more like trying to highlight a social problem that not many people are ever able to talk about.


  12. revertedtozero says:

    Don’t you guys have the latter?

    ==========================================================                             We’re all outta PIE! and adult comic books! and i’ve misplaced my Turbografix!!!

  13. prh99 says:

    Child porn laws are to protect actual children from abuse. Since computer generated images and drawings are not intelligent and not real they’re not covered. Some try have tried to extend the definition to include artwork because they do not like such imagery or do so on the rather tenuous assertion that it encourages the abuse of actual children. Which is probably about as valid as Jack Thompson’s claims about GTA, Man Hunt, or any other violent game.

  14. Sukasa says:

    Anyone else notice how interesting that all the sample protest letters from the feminist group are all in english. If i was the gov’t of Japan, this company, and amazon japan, if I got a protest letter in english from some crazy american, it will just go to the shredder bin. At least if you are going to send a "protest letter" to a different country, make sure its in their language to be taken seriously.  Both companies have nothing to do with America really except for maybe corporate amazon if the amazon japan has to work with.  The japanese govermentt should just say that the game follows the laws of Japan, and the product was not meant to be sold to you crazy, uptight puritan americans. 

  15. Saxy says:

    I’ve heard of groups like this, the problem is, these are people who don’t give a rat’s toe about equality, they just want to abuse "Suffrage" to become more powerful.

  16. Andrew Eisen says:

    Well, technically yeah, but it’s not illegal nor should it be.

    "Under domestic law, salacious images of children aged less than 18 are considered child pornography, and production and sale of such images is banned. However, such acts are not considered illegal with regard to computer-generated images."


    Andrew Eisen

  17. SeanB says:

    "[The organization] follows the Penal Code and the law, which bans child prostitution and child pornography."

    IN the game, your character graphically rapes an underage girl, the "targets" daughter.

    This isnt child porn?

  18. MrKlorox says:

    It seems in the USA, rape is considered more violent, and in Japan it is considered more sexual. This is one reason many Westerners cannot comprehend the existence of this game.

  19. mogbert says:

    Look, I’m not a fan of this game, but I have to tell you. Ninety percent of all Japanese games in this category contain rape. In many of them, it is the player who is raping characters.

    What is surprising is this ONE game everyone is getting upset by. Do me a favor. Go to Google translate, find the Japanese word for ‘rape’, and do a Google search for it and ‘DVD’. I am at work so I can’t verify it, but I am sure you will get hundreds of thousands of hits of places selling entertainment based on rape, whether it be movies or games.

    It is in their culture. End of story. The reason it passed was because this game probably doesn’t contain things much worse then any other game on their market.

    GamePolitics repeated coverage of this just demonstrates their lack of understanding on this very simple concept. Drop the subject. It may be game related, and it may be politically related, but for the most part it is just brainless ranting by idiots who are in culture shock. Surf the Japanese web for a while and understand their culture a little more, then see if you can get over the culture shock.

  20. Father Time says:

    Wow more and more people giving free publicity to rapeplay. It must be an amazing game.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  21. Michael Chandra says:

    Did anyone ever stop to think about why they make these games, and why it’s such a big fetish? I mean, this is a society that forces you to constantly do your best, from child to soulless worker, a thousand in a dozen. If you take into account the way they have to constantly control themselves, then it’s not that weird they fantasize about brute control that much.

  22. Icehawk says:

    The problem isn’t just about this specific game, but about all similar games still available [in Japan].

    If I am reading that correctly then they are saying the problem is not limited to one game for all the games that might offend anyone, anytime.   It goes from trying to squash one game (bad) to trying to be the moral judge and censor of all (worse).  Wait, try that again.  No problem with Rapelay but there is a problem with similar games… owowow Brain hurts.

    BTW Equity Now is a rabid feminist group.  You know, those that say that a woman becomes a slave when they get married (ie marriage bad).  Generally hate men and dislike the world and themselves. 

    Sorry but if you are going to leave Equity Now and similar groups up to making the choices of what games to make and sell I would suggest going ahead and filing for chapter 11 now. 

  23. Aurontsubaki says:

    I may speak softly, but I carry a biiiiiiiiiiiig stick! Now the organization can lay off of something that isn’t in their country.

    What we got here is failure to communicate!

  24. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Huh? we gave them McCarthyism and made them censor porn to begin with!?!?!?!?


    I am a criminal because I purchase media,I am a criminal because I use media, I am a criminal because I chose to own media..We shall remain criminals until Corporate stay’s outside our bedrooms..


  25. Alyric says:

    Don’t forget, violence disturbs them. What kind of ass-backwards culture is this?

    (Note to the easily offended: The preceding was sarcasm).

  26. thefremen says:

     HOW DARE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING THAT OFFENDS US SENSITIVITIES! Hey you Japanese, stop making games about rape! Hey you Europeans, stop having nude beaches and seperating religion from government! etc.

  27. Chaplain99 says:

    We should invade Japan to rehabilitate their culture.  I mean, COME ON!!! They’re not in debt, technologically advanced, and they’re comfortable talking about sex in public?!  They’re doing something wrong!!

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  28. londinio says:

    I read somewhere equality now might be taking on women’s novels next for the same reason.

  29. Chaplain99 says:

    -is offended-

    What’s wrong with the 2% of us that are fundamentalist puritan American?!  HOW DARE THEE SAYEST SUCH THINGS…ITH!  D:<

    "HEY! LISTEN!"

  30. TK n Happy Ness says:

    I get the feeling these women are jealous because the girls in the game are getting some for being hot, while the real women bitching about the game aren’t getting any because they’re loud, annoying, crazy and ugly.

    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  31. TBoneTony says:

    Tentacle Porn in Japan is ok as long as these political groups are ignorant of it for now.


    But there is little chance of any Tentacle Porn being made in the west because of these sorts of problems.


    I think it would be best to try and make up a different genre of tentacle Hentai that is not Hentai at all. But something similar to that.


    Maybe Tentacle Soul-Rip?

    Like ripping the soul from a victim though their belly button?

    Like it may be violent but it is not really rape at all.


    I would like to have some feedback since this is really close to home to something I really enjoy in Anime for adults.


  32. Ratros says:

    lmao.  When I heard about the Rapelay and the fiasco it was going to cause, my very first thought was ‘Don’t let them find the manga!’

    I once had a dream about God. In it, he was looking down upon the planet and the havoc we recked and he said unto us, "Damn Kids get off my lawn!"

  33. Adrian Lopez says:

    These kind of people aren’t happy unless everybody else behaves according to their dogmatic moral values. In this sense, they’re just like fanatical bible-thumpers who feel the need to convert everybody they don’t hate, and hate everybody that dares to think independently and in opposition to their moral dogma.

    Whether it’s their next-door neighbor or a primitive tribesman completely unfamiliar with western values and culture, infidels must all fall in line for these self-imposing fanatics to feel like the world is alright.

  34. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Morality needs to be balanced to respect everyone involved if it forces itself upon people its not balanced, porn in all its forms is something you don;t have to partake in but extreme morals is forced upon people because of its absolutive nature.


    I am a criminal because I purchase media,I am a criminal because I use media, I am a criminal because I chose to own media..We shall remain criminals until Corporate stay’s outside our bedrooms..


  35. DeusPayne says:

    So, it’s not enough that these woman push off their (CRAZY) morality on people around them, but now they’re not satisfied if countries on the other side of the world don’t comply with them. And judging by their info on their site about this situation, they are completely oblivious to anyone else’s arguments, so they’ll never stop unless they get it 100% their way.

  36. Wormdundee says:

     Oh fuck no. Don’t give in Japan!

    [Given the RapeLay controversy the organization] should discuss what kind of self-imposed regulations are required to ensure [games] are acceptable to society.

    The fact this ass-backwards controversy has caused someone in this organization to utter this sentence is a terrible thing. A response that I would approve of would be something like, "Goddamm, stop your bitching. It passed our screening, and noone is harmed by the existence of this game. I don’t give a rat’s ass about what sexually-repressed North America thinks of this game. You don’t live in Japan and have absolutely no authority here at all. Kindly go eat a dick."

    I’m pretty sure they would use different wording, but as long as that’s the underlying message of the response, I’m down.

  37. Neeneko says:

    The problem is Equality Now. An anti-feminist organization masquerading as a feminists…. If groups like this are not stopped we can look forward to further backslide to pre-women’s-lib days.

  38. State says:

    These types of games are perfectly acceptable in Japan (where they are only sold and have laws preventing the sale of the game outside of the country), these games are not made for Western audiences.

    The game is sickening (as are many forms of legal pornography which this is), but I understand that this is because I am a Westerner (the game was never made for me), but for the Japanese it is perfectly acceptable. It just comes down to it being a culture clash.

  39. gamadaya says:

    "The problem isn’t just about this specific game, but about all similar games still available [in Japan]."

    That’s not the problem.


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  40. dan888 says:

    The problem isn’t just about this specific game, but about all similar games still available [in Japan].


    Tsukihime is a Japanese eroge visual novel which has a couple rape scenes involving the main character in it.

    No one who has played Tsukihime will tell you that the rape scenes, or even the consensual sex scenes are driving force behind such a game, and many will agree that this has a superb story.  For reference, a montage (AMV or MAD) based on the game made without a hint of the hentai content.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMEMLc0TZv4 .


    This game is just one example out of many, but one that works well, such extreme generalization is a bad idea.

    Also, ignoring the above, the fact is that a US group shouldn’t be outrage about the media that is legal and released in Japan (especially when said media is also legal in the US). 

  41. Andrew Eisen says:

    Let’s see… Rapelay.

    -It doesn’t actually rape anyone.

    -No real person is actually harmed.

    -It doesn’t encourage players to really go out and rape a real person.

    -All depictions are animated (not real).

    -You don’t have to play it.



    Andrew Eisen

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