UL Issues Consumer Alert on Counterfeit Chargers for 360, Wii

Underwriters Laboratories, which independently tests products for safety, has issued a consumer alert regarding a pair of controller chargers which it says bear counterfeit UL approval markings.

The InCharge for Xbox 360 and InCharge for Wii are manufactured by WELLFORM Industrial Ltd. of China and bear the Teknocreations label. While the UL alert does not warn consumers of any specific hazard, the fact that the manufacturer dodged the safety testing process and slapped on a counterfeit UL seal of approval is a concern – especially where electricity is involved.

The chargers are available on Amazon.com and possibly from other retailers.

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  1. 0
    DarkSaber says:

    Underhanded Chinese business practices?  NO WAY!

    Blast, beat me to it!


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  2. 0
    Austin_Lewis says:

    Underhanded Chinese business practices?  NO WAY!

    Sounds like some group of companies don’t get to sell their wares in the US for a while…

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