Obama Names Video Games as Health Concern in Speech to A.M.A.

In a speech to the American Medical Association in Chicago today, President Obama mentioned video games as a factor in unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles.

As reported by the New York Times, Obama addressed the AMA as part of his drive to build support for sweeping healthcare reform. The Wall Street Journal’s Health blog has the full text of the President’s remarks. Here’s what he said about video games:

The second step that we can all agree on is to invest more in preventive care so that we can avoid illness and disease in the first place. That starts with each of us taking more responsibility for our health and the health of our children. It means quitting smoking, going in for that mammogram or colon cancer screening. It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside.

In other speeches, Obama has frequently linked video games to academic underachievement.

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  1. ThomWestley says:

    Games, like anything else taken to an extreme, can be harmful for your health. But if played with moderation, they are also a fun way of spending the time. I haven’t heard yet of any kid getting into rehab at Narconon Vistabay because of excessive gaming, so I don’t think it’s too dangerous and hazardous for your health.

  2. JonahClint says:

    Obama is right about video games, but I guess that is true for anything done in excess in life. Gaming can become dangerous and there are centers that offer addiction treatment for gamers. Exercise, run, dance, don’t spend your life in front of a computer.

  3. FlakAttack says:

    Ignore Pinworm, he’s either not Canadian or an idiot.

    Guns are totally legal in Canada, they are just more regulated. Shotguns and non-automatic rifles can be had fairly easily. You just need to take the short course, do the exam, and have a quick psychological test/background check. It’s all quite easy to do, cheap, and in most cases, you will hold that license for the rest of your life. Handguns and automatic weapons… not so much. In most cases, you will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to get your hands on these (legally anyway).

    Virtually all gun crime is done with illegally owned firearms, with the exception of suicide. Of course, you can’t blame suicide on guns, because there are many other very effective ways to kill yourself.

    Don’t be fooled by some of the uber-left here in Canada, we have a lot of hunters here who know guns and are very skilled with them… and these people just don’t kill other humans.

    Unless they serve(d) in the military.

  4. MrKlorox says:

    While I agree it could be a factor to sedentary lifestyle, one sould not rule out the factor of sedentism vs sedentirization. Where are nomadic peoples supposed to go once the world has been conquered? They’re to go exploring and creating alternate, virtural realities.

    Until we reach the age of space exploration, the term "sedentary lifestyle" could be both an oxymoronic misnomer and a potential misdiagnosis.

    I say the solution is to develop a more physical and immersive way to interact with these "new worlds" we create… until we can explore the actual ones that exist in physical space.

  5. pnag says:

     Jedidethfreak, please, please, tell me you read newspapers, and have done so for more than the first 100+ days of Obama’s presidency?!?

    "It’s not my fault that Barack Obama wants nothing to do with any of this.  He’d rather become friends with terrorist nations and bankrupt the country."

    Bankrupt the country? Oh, you mean necessarily had to bail out the banks and the auto industry (which had become a bloated, unrealistic business – look what GM did to the electric car). He’s trying to fix everything the least popular Preisdent on record (Dubya, just to be clear, in case you’ve not read that either) has screwed up. Not to mention inheriting the sham of a war in Iraq thanks to "WMDs" that never even existed!

    I particularly like your "I want to keep the money I make.  I want America to have the best education…" said in practically the same breath, despite being completely contradictory! Tell me, what would pay for the "best education" if not taxes, some of which necessarily *have* to come from the money you make?

    But the best of all? People have, time and again, pointed out ways in which you have been utterly, utterly wrong. Not points about your opinions, but FACTS. And you don’t even take it on board! You just steamroller on through. Your sig says

    "Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth."

    Well, you might want to look up the word truth sometime.

    "I want America kept safe from terrorism, which means not being "nice" to people that want America to burn."

    Actually, it doesn’t mean that at all. Did you ever ask why some people want America to burn? I’m not saying they’re right (more often than not, far from it) but to not even question this, to just mentally stonewall any possibility of the fact that like an individual, a nation can also make mistakes from time to time, speaks of a frighteningly closed mind. Then again, you’d just call me a pinko liberal, right?

    I’ll leave you with a real question though, because of all your statements and references to facism, this one stuck out to me the most – "I want people to take responsibility for their own actions, instead of blaming white men for all of their problems."

    So, by ‘people’ there, given the rest of the sentence after the comma, you mean, non-white men? So, my question is this…

    Are you for real?

  6. Valdearg says:

    If it results in less douchebag pricks like you walking the halls of thier highschool calling everyone "faggot" and beating up anyone who happens to be different, then god damn, bring on the sensitivity training. It is people like you who are fucking up this country. People like you are why the rest of the world is finally getting SICK and TIRED of America’s cocky motherfucking attitude and the way we act like we are head and shoulders over the rest.

    NEWSFLASH: America has problems. We have one of the least healty societies among industrialized countries. We have more gun violence and violent crimes in this country than most "Civilized" society. Racism, sexism, and Discrimination against gays runs rampant throughout our country.

    And it is people like you, who choose to ignore or make these problems worse, that are the ruining this country. It is a small miracle that you and your retarded bretheren have been booted from power, and one can only hope that it remains that way for a LONG motherfucking time.

  7. Valdearg says:

    I won’t deny it. I am bitter. I don’t like conservatives.

    They are actively standing in the way of turning this deeply flawed society into something better.

    They think its ok to descriminate against people because of thier Sexual Orientation.

    They also think its ok to capture, torture, and kill innocent civilians of foriegn countries, because hell, they aren’t American.

    They also think that constantly claiming at the top of thier lungs that AMERICA IS TEH BESTZORES! is the only way to communicate with foriegn countries, and that anyone who doesn’t agree can just deal with the business end of our military.

    Finally, they also think that its ok to let a kid suffer and fail right off the bat in school if he isn’t smart enough to keep up.

    Screw attempting to help EVERYBODY in a society. Lets just make sure that everyone who has the means is sucessful. Fuck everybody else, no matter how much or how little they deserve it.

  8. Valdearg says:

    See, you are still missing one big issue, there..


    No matter how much evidence you give them, they will still continue down thier ignorant, retarded path.

  9. F__ked up says:

    wow I didnt know you really that ignorant. I m surprised you dont know the basics of the US judcial system when Law and Order, CSI, The Closer, and the multiude of police / law enforcement drama is on the air.

    Here is the bottom line:

    Congress passed a law in 1978 making it a criminal offense to eavesdrop on Americans without judicial oversight.

    It doesnt matter what evidence you have. If you dont have judicial approval you cant eavesdrop. Thats not including the 4th amendment violations.

    Need more proof?










    Now where is your proof that you dont need approval? Or even evidence in some cases.

  10. jedidethfreak says:

    I don’t know what you read, but the way I read this, wiretapping terror suspects is totally legal.  Since nobody who has been reported as wiretapped did not already have physical evidence of connection to terrorist activity (making them a member of a foreign power), the FISA warrents are valid.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  11. F__ked up says:


    Stop trying to blame people you don’t agree with for everything that’s wrong in the world.

    From what I have read on here take your own advice


  12. F__ked up says:

    Are you really that brain dead? Cant you read? I already posted it once on this thread. Here is the posting again for you.

    I m sorry but your the Idiot. Look up FISA for yourself. 

    The 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) regulates U.S. government agencies’ carrying out of physical searches, and electronic surveillance, wherein the main purpose is the gathering of foreign intelligence information. "Foreign intelligence information" is defined in 50 U.S.C. § 1801 as information necessary to protect the U.S. or its allies against actual or potential attack from a foreign power, sabotage or international terrorism. FISA defines a "foreign power" as a foreign government or any faction(s) of a foreign government not substantially composed of US persons, or any entity directed or controlled by a foreign government. FISA provides for both criminal and civil liability for intentional electronic surveillance under color of law except as authorized by statute. FISA provides two documents for the authorization of surveillance. First, FISA allows the Justice Department to obtain warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) before or up to 72 hours after the beginning of the surveillance. FISA authorizes a FISC judge to issue a warrant for the electronic cameras if "there is probable cause to believe that… the target of the electronic surveillance is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power." 50 U.S.C. §1805(a)(3). Second, FISA permits the President or his delegate to authorize warrantless surveillance for the collection of foreign intelligence if "there is no substantial likelihood that the surveillance will acquire the contents of any communication to which a United States person is a party". 50 U.S.C. §1802(a)(1).[40]

     It should also be noted that 

    The Supreme Court held in Katz v. United States (1967), that the monitoring and recording of private conversations within the United States constitutes a "search" for Fourth Amendment purposes, and therefore the government must generally obtain a warrant before undertaking such domestic wiretapping. (The law in fact countenances searches without warrant in numerous circumstances, among them (see below): the persons, property, and papers of individuals crossing the border of the United States and those of paroled felons; in prisons, public schools and government offices; and of international mail.) The protection of "private conversations" has been held to apply only to conversations where the participants have not merely a desire but a reasonable expectation that the conversation is indeed private to themselves and that no party whatsoever is listening in.

    Putting aside the bullshit amendments put after the warrentless wiretapping was in place.

    Now where are your facts?

  13. jedidethfreak says:

    This.  Not to mention music classes.  But we need to make sure that they take sensitivity training.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  14. jedidethfreak says:

    Yeah, they were right-wing crazies, that’s why they both hated Fox News and the RNC, right?  No, they were both just crazy.  Stop trying to blame people you don’t agree with for everything that’s wrong in the world.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  15. jedidethfreak says:

    I don’t want America to fail.  It’s just that my vision of America is different than yours.  I want people to take responsibility for their own actions, instead of blaming white men for all of their problems.  I want the federal government to stay out of my life.  I want to keep the money I make.  I want America to have the best education, knowing that can’t be achieved by taking a child’s feelings about his or her grades into account.  I want our industries to be the best in the world, knowing that can’t be done if the federal government is actually running them with people who don’t know anything about that particular industry.  I want America to be energy independant, which means having access to wind, solar, nuclear, coal and fossil fuels, all of which are accessible here on American soil.  I want America kept safe from terrorism, which means not being "nice" to people that want America to burn.

    How is any of this wanting America to fail?

    It’s not my fault that Barack Obama wants nothing to do with any of this.  He’d rather become friends with terrorist nations and bankrupt the country.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  16. jedidethfreak says:

    How was I wrong?  Nice how you backed up what you said with facts.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  17. jedidethfreak says:

    What is so ignorant?  Communist health care, a Communist welfare system, a Communist auto industry…It’s not my fault that you’re so blinded by self-hate for being white that you don’t want to see it.

    You are right about no evidence that he won’t loosen the reigns later on, but you don’t bother to explain why he would.  He is telling companies that HAVEN’T taken TARP money how much they can profit, and how much they can pay their employees (ALL employees, not just executives).  He is telling Ford what kind of cars they HAVE to make, even though they didn’t take a cent from the Government.  He has hired people that don’t know dick about cars to run car companies.  Not to mention that the bailout money hasn’t saved any of them.  Chrysler and GM both still had to file bankruptcy, which was what the bailout was meant to avoid.  TARP was supposed to firm up the banks, but they are saying that the banks still won’t be able to sustain themselves.  President Obama himself has said his programs are unsustainable, yet he wants to spend more money on them.

    How is any of this, out of Obama’s own mouth, conservative slanted?  He’s an idiot, and you’re too blind to see it.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  18. jedidethfreak says:

    If the idea of socialized health care is so good, why do people come to America from nations with it?  Also, why do the rich people always come to America from these nations for health care?  His argument isn’t valid, because he has said that he wants to overhaul health care to what Canada or England has.  Look up his speeches in Chicago.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  19. Master_E says:

    Ahh… name calling. Very mature. You spoke of bitterness, Mr.Pat? 

    Whoomp!… there it is. 😉

    In any case, why should I rag on republicans in an article that only focuses on things said by Obama?

  20. Valdearg says:

    "Those are the people you see with 12 different colored children, the mother wearing expensive flashy crap while the children don’t have shirts or shoes. "

    Holy Crap, man. Can you be any more racist? I mean, Im frigging WHITE, and I am offended by the sheer ignorance there…

  21. Valdearg says:

    Point goes to Mr.Pat.

    Master_e (The Conservative Moron trying to masquerade as a Moderate, HAH!), has been shut out in every sense of the word.

    GG, guys, GG..

  22. Mr.Pat says:

    Excuse me, but he openly admitted that he was going to give absolutely nothing to charity because it doesn’t benefit him. He made the decision and blames Obama for it, as if he makes his decisions for him now. I happen to find that, and his stereotyping of people on the receiving end to be hateful. He posts hateful comments in just about every Obama thread that gets posted here, but thats all honky-dory, right?

  23. Valdearg says:

    First of all, you fucking piece of shit.. Don’t tell me to chill out. You asked me that question in a very offensive manner. So offensive, in fact, that if you had been standing in front of me when you said it, I would have put you to the ground.

    I know video games didn’t CAUSE it. It was my decision to play the games, nobody elses. What I was trying to say is that when Obama was saying "Put down the video games" he is really saying make healthier choices and go get active. It seems like the people here are going "AMIGAWD! HES TALKING BAD ABOUT OUR VIDJA GAMES!!" which is totally incorrect.

    I am the product of a lifetime of choosing video games over socializing, studying, and exercising. If video games didn’t exist, (Not that I’d ever want them to go away..) I might be a healthier person. They are not the direct cause, but their existence has contributed to who I am today, for better or for worse.


  24. Mr.Pat says:

    Different standards? I’m giving him the same amount of time to prove himself and the same benefit of the doubt on his decisions that I gave the last guy before him. How is that giving him different standards?

    I consider you a democrat-basher because of your firm defence of one of the most bitter partisans visiting this site. You certainly didn’t bother to go after someone else stereotyping Obama to be a socialist and a communist, so why shouldn’t I think that? As for my "party of hatred comment", as long as the people on freerepublic think torture to be fine and dandy, call the Tiller shooter and the church shooter before him national heroes, admiring hatemongers like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity as patriotic Americans, throwing people out of their party who aren’t 100% lockstep with them, wishing for a sitting presedent to fail regardless of the cost on our country, and wishing for a terrorist attack to happen on his watch to have their positions justified, my point stands.

  25. Master_E says:

     Well, I don’t see where I’ve called you a democrat, exactly. The only reason I even mentioned democrats was because you made such a broad statement on republicans… I figured one good stereotype deserved another.

    As for the situation with Austin…you made a rude, hateful statement about how he decides to give HIS money to charity. It pissed me off that YOU were being such an ass. So, I spoke up.

    Make no mistake. Right now I really don’t have much an issue with any political party. In this thread? I simply do not agree with your political views… and you can’t handle that. ;P

  26. Master_E says:

    Oh darn… you’re right. I forgot. When it comes to Obama, criticising ANYTHING he says means that you’re ‘bashing’ him. I’m truly sorry, Mr.Pat. Sometimes I forget we have different standards for Obama.

    I mean, that has to be why you consider me to be a democrat basher, right? It couldn’t simply be that you’ve decided that based upon this one critique I’ve had of Obama, and my one counter of democratic stereotyping to your, "Republicans are the party of hatred." statement earlier, right?

  27. Mr.Pat says:

    Right, so you defend the guy who takes any opportunity he can get to bash democrats, but you have a problem with the guy who calls him out on it. Sound logic.

    I also didn’t realize that posting less than half a dozen times in the entire topic to equate to "posting to every little subsection of comments".

    Nice projection btw of anyone who disagrees with austin or republicans in general to be automatic liberals. The only things I have in common with them is that after eight years of being called a traitor and terrorist sympathizer by republicans over any difference of opinion whatsoever has made me put those people at the bottom of the barrel politically and as human beings, and I couldn’t be happier that they’re out of power.


    But you go on ahead and keep defending the known partisans – its very "independent" of you.

  28. Mr.Pat says:

    Oh I disagree, you’re very much like the people I deal with elsewhere who claim to hate both parties equally but only bash democrats while defending republicans. You’ve certainly made a habit of doing that today. I have no problem admitting I consider democrats to be a step up from republicans; they aren’t much better, but its a step in the right direction from eight years of crap. I’m willing to give them a chance, unlike some people here who judged some of them to be failures after a whopping four days.

  29. Master_E says:

    Bush-worshiper? Hardly. In fact, I think of Obama as simply being two Bushes duct taped together. In other words, I really don’t have a very high opinion of either of them.

    Mr.Pat, you are terrible at ‘reading’ people. Please stop trying.

  30. Master_E says:

    First of all… I’m not the one that’s posting replies to every little sub-section of comments on this article trying to toss my near-sighted hate at anyone I perceive to be <insert party here> because they have a difference of opinion with me… you are. As a matter of fact, that is exactly why I replied to you. I simply felt like defending Austin_Lewis against your holier than thou rhetoric.

    Secondly? I’m not a republican. I just happen to believe that what you said in your last post was utter bullshit. That’s all. 🙂

  31. Valdearg says:

    Tell you what.. You go ahead and start that revolution. You will end up just like so many of the crazy "patriot" assholes in the past. Either dead or in Jail.

    The bottom line is that we now live in what SHOULD be a civilized society. All of this bitching and whining when it comes to people vs. politicians is quite literally because they lose thier election.

    Keep in mind, Im not accusing you of being a republican. I’m just saying that since you seem to hate both sides equally, you obviously feel like you aren’t really being represented.

    Unfortunately, thats the consequences of a 2 party system. Only the fringes and the absolute middle aren’t very well represented. However, like I said before, to revolt would be suicide, and really, really stupid.

  32. Valdearg says:

    You are a fucking idiot.

    The DHS report was right on the money.

    Look at the Holocaust Museum Shooter, the guy who killed that Tiller guy, as well as the Pittsburgh Cop Shooter.

    Each and every one of them were right wing crazies. They all committed terrorist acts. These acts are actually happening faster than I can ever remember in the past.

    Granted, I was 10 years old in 1997, but still..

  33. PHOENIXZERO says:

    You know, it help if a lot of schools weren’t cutting recess in middle school and lower, the cuts to PE programs certainly doesn’t help either. Nevermind the utter garbage still being served for lunch in many schools to go along with it. Nevermind highschool…..

  34. Arell says:

    People are too polarized these days.  Some people absolutely hate the President, and so they assume that anytime someone agree with him, they must be brainwashed fanatics bowing and scrapping at his feet.  To some, you must either love him or hate him and everything he says, unconditionally.

    They’re also polarized about video games.  You should say only positive things about them, always.  And if you even casually link a negative to video games in any way, well, you must hate games and are plotting their downfall through legislation.

    So, nevermind that the only message that Obama is trying to to convey is, "Hey fatty, try moving once and a while, and make sure your kids don’t sit there all day, either.  You’re killing yourself and costing the health care system millions."  He’s not calling for a ban on games.  He’s not saying that games are too violent, or that they make you go insane.  He’s saying, being too sedentary is bad for your health, so go do something.

    Yeesh, what an evil bastard to care if our children are healthy…

  35. Mr.Pat says:

    Thank you so much for proving how hateful and bitter the current republican party has become. That reply of yours fit the description almost perfectly. I dare say Ann coulter would be quite proud of you for that display of spite and anger for someone who dared to disagree with you.

    Thats quite a nice way you belittle the lower class asa whole as parasitic welfare abusers too. Given how much bitterness you have towards people outside your pwn party it no wonder you’ve been getting your asses kicked in elections since 06. Given the pattern of kicking out and/or belittling sll the moderates in your party, its growing more and more likely that a viable third party will form, rise up, and take power sooner than you get any back, and most people wouldn’t even have a problem with that.

    But you go ahead and continue to call your sitting president the second coming of Hitler, the man who is single-handedly destroying our country, and blaming him for everything that goes wrong in your miserable lives from stubbing your toe on up. you certainly haven’t amped your persecution complex up enough yet.

  36. F__ked up says:

    One again where is your evidence?

    And here is mine this time I will pull some quotes from the articles since you are too lazy to read.

    Sales of Toyota’s Prius, the top-selling hybrid in the U.S. market, fell 26 percent as dealers ran short of inventory and customers faced a six-month waiting list. Toyota said it would only partly be able to satisfy the backlog of demand from its dedicated Prius factory in Japan this year.

    Toyota executives hope the strong start by the Prius will be repeated in the United States, where some dealers have been accumulating waiting lists for more than a year.

    The car industry as a whole is down


    Once again where is your evidence?

  37. Toxicity says:

    I’ve never seen so much stupidity in one place.

    Thanks guys for reminding me why I don’t read the GP comments sections anymore.

  38. Austin_Lewis says:

    SUV car sales aren’t up either.  4 door, non ‘fuel efficient’ model sedans have an increase in sales.  At no point did I say SUV sales were up.

    However, the demand for the prius and cars like it continues to fall, and those articles you posted but apparently didn’t care to fucking read talk about how they’re afraid they’ll be selling fewer priuses than before.  Hell, many of the articles even note how the sales of priuses seem to coincide with retardedly high gas prices.

    You’re either lazy or absolutely retarded.

  39. JustChris says:

    Crime is buisness at usual here in Chicago. Meaning, there have been no major increases or spikes in deadly crimes using my observation of the local news as anecdotal evidence. There, I admit it is anecdotal.


  40. F__ked up says:

    yeah.. Remember when you told us to read FISA and I did and you were WRONG

    Your studity and ignorance is showing. If this is how Repblicans act no wonder why they are sterotyped as retarded and Stupid

  41. Good Lord says:

    "I’m all for a revolution when someone starts it"

    Wow, so brave! You’re a true armchair patriot!

  42. Good Lord says:

    It’s hilarious watching people try to twist an innocuous statement like "kids are spending too much time inside playing games these days" into a condemnation of video games as a whole, or foreshadowing for some sort of "imminent" draconian media censorship policy.

    Hilarious and scary, because I realize that so many of you are of voting age.

  43. Austin_Lewis says:

    Master_E hit it right on the money.

    A) I know what the charities give to and how the money is spent.  I can also, often on demand, look at how the moeny will be spent,  based on how its been spent in the past.  I can also put into things like scholarships, or decide who receives my money, instead of watching teen skanks who can’t close their legs spend it on themselves while neglecting their children.

    B) The tax deduction allows me to keep giving money to charities without needing to worry about changing my budget.  It also allows me to contribute every year, regardless of how the year goes for me.

    C) The great thing about giving to charities is that, unlike government programs, when the charity’s programs are failures, they’re quickly ended.  Otherwise, I can take my money to a different charity that has some success with whatever the subject is. 

    D) Yes, I love how the same people who hold out their hands for free stuff seem to constantly be trash-talking educated people and people who make money.  They hate capitalism, but it pays for their sloth.  Hilarious.

  44. Alyric says:

    Careful! The government might drag you away for your double-plus ungood thoughts.

    (or for being a military veteran, or a Christian, or pro-life, or conservative… shame on you, you horrible terrorists. SHAME!)

  45. F__ked up says:

    I m still waiting on any evidence that SVUs, big cars, and gas guzzling cars sales are up.

    Oh wait you got none.

    Same for the spending evidence

    Same for everything else

    So stop talking out of your ass. Seriously your argument can be summed up like this:

    Austin_Lewis as a lawyer: "The defendant is Guilty"

    Judge: "Where is your evidence"

    Austin_Lewis: "I dont have any fingerprints, dna, photographs, video surveillance, eye witnesses or a confession but I got Jack Thompson and Jack said he did it."

  46. chadachada321 says:

    Oh my freaking god I can’t read any more of the comments. A large group of you all are idiots when it comes to these sorts of politics. Obama sucks. Bush sucked. Both are doing bad things for the country. Bush stripped away social liberties and Obama is fiscally fucking up the country. That’s it. Deal with who you’ve voted in. Done. I’m all for a revolution when someone starts it, because we’re long overdue for one.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." – United States Declaration of Independence, 1776

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  47. Master_E says:

    "Down with capitalism! It’s a system that only benefits the greedy! Booo! Hiissss! … so, hey, can you give us money? We haven’t done jack shit to earn any, so we’d like a hand-out please. You still suck, though."

    And you wonder why democrats are considered societal barnacles that want people that have done absolutely nothing to earn anything to receive everything. I assume Mr. Lewis would like to donate to charities that actually help people that ARE unable to work and can’t get by on their own… instead, a good bulk of that money is being given to, well… societal barnacles that have done absolutely nothing to earn anything.

    And his being able to receive a tax deduction is not benefiting him MORE than charities receiving his money. More than likely, it’s biggest help is to keep the cycle going so he can continuously donate. Yeah, what a bastard…

  48. Mr.Pat says:

    You know you’re just as bad as the idiots who claimed the last guy was going to try to be president for life?


    No, I take that back; you’re worse than them. You’d rather be as hateful as possible and wish for grand failure at any cost to Americans because your side lost.


    Hannity and Coulter would be proud.

  49. Mr.Pat says:

    Wow, what a great human being you are – "I won’t help others because it doesn’t benefit ME more than them".


    And you wonder why republicans are considered the party of hatred.

  50. Austin_Lewis says:

    I’m sorry you don’t like the fact that I work hard to make money so I can do the things I want to do and provide the life for my family that I want them to be able to live.  Thankfully, I make far more than 200k a year. By the way, before the change in tax law, I was able to give about 200K  to charities.  Under the Obama tax code, I will give nothing to charity; before, I could get a tax deduction for it, now I can’t. 

    If people need money for stuff like food, why don’t they do some damn work?  I know couples who survive off of 800 dollars a month (and 600 of it goes to housing!)  Why should I pay for those who choose not work?  Why should I pay for the skank who won’t close her legs, then abuses her children?  Why should I pay for the trash who simply refuse to take part in society? 

    On another note, why shouldn’t I strive to live a better life if I wish to put in the work?  Because your teachers told you we’re all equal?  So you don’t feel bad that you make nowhere near what I do because you flip burgers and I have my own consulting company?  Yeah, go fuck yourself.  If you don’t want to strive for a better life for yourself or your family, fine.  But don’t give me this bullshit about ‘greedy’.  You don’t like it?  Go fuck off to a commune, where everyone ‘shares’.  Jackass.

  51. Brokenscope says:

    They don’t cause a sedentary life style. They have no will and they cannot force you to sit on your ass.

    Weight lifting, running, biking, martial arts, and sports are not the cause of a non sedentary lifestyle.

    They are the results of a society looking for increasingly sedentary activities to fill their time. People choose how they want to live. Their activities don’t choose for them.

    I work out 4 times a week and run the other 3 nights a week. I play games and watch a little TV. I haven’t been made sedentary by those things.

    Also, I would suggest chilling out, I only asked you the same question I’ve asked anyone who blamed anything but themselves for their weight gain.


  52. Brokenscope says:

    When you begin using the doctrine of need, it doesn’t matter how much you make or how much you give away. Its never good enough for those in charge.

  53. Im_Blue says:

    Well the point was really that it was over 200k, which is enough to live comfortably.

    And yes your right to a point, I am selfish and thats not a good thing, im not perfect. That doesnt change the fact of the matter though.

  54. Valdearg says:

    Boy, you are kind of a dumb fuck, aren’t you? Im not attacking video games. I’m just saying that they do contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, my diet wasn’t the best, and yes, that also contributed, but sitting on my ass playing video games for every waking hour of my weekend certainly helped in that regard.

    If you can’t see that all things like that, video games, TV, moves, etc are definately causes of a sedentary lifestyle, then you aren’t just fucking ignorant, you are fucking delusional.

  55. King of Fiji says:

    And as long as I realize that I don’t really care when people like you get their panties in a bunch. 

  56. Brokenscope says:

    The doctrine of "only what you need" is bullshit and destructive.

    My mother doesn’t need a mammogram yearly when other people are starving to death.

    People don’t need to live past their productive years into retirement when all their assets could be used for more productive purposes. Hell they tend to be a drag on the health care system. Think of all the food that old people waste. Imagine all the poor starving children you could feed with it.

    You don’t need your computer, your internet connection, your chair, your plumbing,or the food you bought at the store.

    You don’t need to live past the subsistence level, but you do you selfish little fuck.



  57. Brokenscope says:

    You do realize that the communists were one of the groups that helped bring down the Czars…

  58. Master_E says:

    Ahhh these comments are fun. 🙂 Everyone sounds off about how wrong ignorant politicians (or wannabe politicians) are about how bad videogames are for people and how no one should speak ill of them in the name of ‘The Children’… until the O-Man speaks up. Then a select group of people go, "Guys, guys! GUYS! You just don’t get it… he has a point! I mean… I’m a total fat-ass! It’s all true! And all the kids I see are fat little bastards, too!"

    Anyways, when you look at the statement ‘Too much gaming can cause health problems.’ the key words in there are ‘too much’. Perhaps videogame boxes should come with ‘nutritional facts’ that give a ‘serving size’ and whatnot… then again, when you consider the fact that many people tend to ignore suchs facts on bags of Oreos and other delicious treats… *sigh*

    Personal responsibility… it’s a bitch, huh?

  59. Brokenscope says:

    Fire arms ain’t "Very Illegal" in canada, but what do I know I’m just a dum americun.

  60. jedidethfreak says:

    Of course he’s going to name them Czars.  He’s closet Communist.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  61. jedidethfreak says:

    As far as cars are concerned, open up an issue of Car and Driver.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  62. Brokenscope says:

    People would have healthcare…..


    Clearly when the government starts shifting around huge amounts of funding it happens within a totally isolated bubble that does not effect the system that the money is connected to.

  63. Austin_Lewis says:

    Once again, the evidence is actually in the articles you posted, most of which said that while prius sales were doing great in Japan, they feared they would be losing money in America.  Maybe you should actually read the full article, instead of just posting things that say ‘prius’ in the topic on here.

  64. supersonicsaga says:

    So Obama gives good advice and us gamers chalk it up as a bad thing. Even though I play games and excersise, you guys as gamers know that games can be addicting.

    Playing games late into the night have made me late for a class or two in college… same with girls, but you know gaming excessively can make one gain weight.



    Games aren’t evil, but evil people play games.

  65. Im_Blue says:

    Jesus fucking christ.

    All the dude said was encourage your kids to spend some time outside. What the fuck is wrong with that. Comsidering your one of the most obese nations in the world maybe there is an element of truth. It’s not like he’s saying video games are the devil or anything.

    And Jedi and Austin need to chill the fuck out out. I don’t have time to go into it all. But Jedi communism and facism are two completly seperate conflicting ideologies, what you said was just dumb.

    Austin, I don’t give a fuck what you say people who earn of 200k a year are greedy. Ok maybe not if they give it all away to charity or something. The point is no one needs over 200k a year when people are starving. Plain and simple. Sure you earned it and ‘worked hard’ but fuck it, unless you give most of it away to people who actually NEED stuff like I dunno FOOD, then yeah your greedy.

    Gosh this site makes me so angry sometimes.

  66. TBoneTony says:

    I believe that if kids are going to go outside, parents need to be there so THEY know how to be safe.

    Their parents can help them to be safe outside.

    I feel that parents are too busy to simply look after their own children sometimes, and that is MORE of a problem for most parents who have two working parents.

    So it is always important to have a scheduled day off to spend time with their kids. Also to give parents 2 weeks off during the school holidays so they can go on family vacations.

    So if I was Obama, I will try to promote that into the working structure and encourage companies to start going those sorts of things like some of them do for workers with disabilities.


  67. F__ked up says:

    yes because we all know how good predicting the furture works.

    Where is your evidence? Oh wait thats right you have none.

    Nothing but hot air.

  68. Austin_Lewis says:

    The article mentions how the Prius performed last year.  Not how it’s going to perform THIS year, without high gas prices to motivate people to purchase or lease them.

  69. Austin_Lewis says:

    Well, for the above comment, the proof came from the articles YOU provided, jackass.  Also, many of those articles talked about how well the Prius was doing in JAPAN, not AMERICA. 

  70. Arell says:

    I’ll be honest, I can’t really fault him for his stance.  Yes, today’s youth are too sedentary.  And tech toys like tv and video games are a huge part of that.  Games aren’t the villan, though, and I don’t think he’s saying that.  He’s just saying, turn the damn thing off once in a while.  And don’t let your children grow up with Mario as their babysitter.

    Hey, as long as he doesn’t go off on the typical "violence and sex" arguements, I’m going to leave him to his views.

  71. prh99 says:

    My concern isn’t the health care, it’s the strings that will come attached and the bill. Already VAT taxes have been mentioned as a way to pay for it. If enacted, it would raise the cost of just about everything else. Social Security boarders on insolvency, so I am less than confident when it comes to government health care. The prospect of giving even more of my money to government doesn’t exactly have me thrilled either.

  72. F__ked up says:

    in closing your still a dumbass. I have backed up each of my arguments with evidence while you have none.

    If you bothered to look at the dates for the articles you will see that they are current. Majority of the articles I have posted were written in JUNE 2009 matter of fact some of them are written TODAY. So the gas prices have dropped, for now, but there is still demand for smaller fuel efficient cars as proven by these artcles.

    Also if you know anything about the car business, car sales working in approximately 7 year cycles. No one goes out to buy a new car every year and even if those who have the money to do so buy luxury brand cars and do not care about gas mileage.

    Where is you proof? I have yet to see anything besides stupid wildly drawn conclusions.

  73. Austin_Lewis says:

    2 things.

    1) I was talking about those damn smart cars (reread my original post).  Of course, I’m more than happy to include Priuses, because they’re garbage.  0 to 60 in 12 seconds plus change?  My goodness, what shit!

    2) With gas back down to 2.40 nationally, the demand is gone.  Why was there demand?  Because gas was over 4 bucks, and that adds up quick when you have to gas up your SUV or car.  Unless gas shoots back up (and with the way that the fed’s been working lately, it wouldn’t surprise me), the prius is going to have a bad year.  For example, one of the articles mentioned that this year there were 40,000 pre orders or reserves for the new Gen 3 Prius.  In comparison, in 2007, there were 7 million cars sold by toyota, and the Prius was at the top of the list.

    In closing, shhhhh.

  74. F__ked up says:

    Yes they said they were going to red line but that wasnt the topic at hand. You brought up the demand for smaller cars and said there was none. Now your changing to how well cars sales are doing as a whole.

    Nice Try but Epic Fail

    Edit: Fixed the last sentence, was cut off

  75. PHX Corp says:

    One worst case senario is that he’ll nationalize all Media(including our industry) in the near future if he’s hellbent on doing so(right now he’s Completely screwed up the car industry by Partialy nationalizing the car companies)

    The other Worst case senario is a possibilty of what cavoto(yes. I’m quoting a fox(Business) news Guy here)said a "fat" czar(Would obama quit naming people czars at the same time he’s trying to quit smoking dope)

    other than that the only option I’m possibily seeing here is the "fat" czar may happen instead of the Nationalizing all media part

    Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

  76. Austin_Lewis says:

    Analysts say Honda can stage a recovery, partly because it has a strong motorcycle division. Honda has less excess production capacity in Japan, and has a better lineup of small energy-efficient models than its competitors, they say.

    "Honda’s earning power is proving resilient," said J.P. Morgan analyst Takaki Nakanishi. "Honda is reaping the benefits from the speed and diligence with which it is matching its corporate structure to the changing business environment."

    Kondo — who has worked for a decade in the U.S., about a quarter of his 40-year career at Honda — acknowledged that staying nimble was a challenge as Honda grew. What it needs to remember is its roots as a tiny newcomer in the U.S., he said.

    Note the phrases CAN, IS PROVING, etc. 

    Prius sales in the United States, which soared last summer as gasoline prices topped $4 a gallon, fell sharply along with gas prices during fall and winter. But it is still the company’s third-best-selling car, behind Camry and Corolla.

    Huh.  Strange.

    Despite the Prius’ strong start, Toyota, the world’s largest car maker by sales, predicts more red ink this year. The company said last month it expected global sales to decline 14 per cent in the year to March, weighed down by sluggish sales in North America, its biggest market. But strong Prius sales could help Toyota surpass its initial, dismal global sales goal of 6.5 million cars this year. As recently as 2007, Toyota’s global sales topped 9 million vehicles.

    Did you even read these articles?  I only glanced through, but it looked like they were talking about how they were fearful that with lower gas prices (one of the driving forces behind the purchase of priuses), less car purchasing, and the availability of non-hybrid cars that didn’t guzzle gas, they wouldn’t have as strong a year as they did last year.

  77. Austin_Lewis says:


    Wait, firearms are illegal in Canada? Sounds like you’re full of shit to me.

    Also, one example does not a dangerous sport make.

    ‘If you remove killing from war, war causes no deaths’

    And if you continue to make idiotic comparisons, we could all have fun with this stupidity.  By its nature, war involves deaths.  By its nature, suicide does not involve firearms.  If someone’s committed to committing suicide, they’ll do it whether they can get a gun or not.

    And yes, people kill people.  For example, an 88 year old asshole the other day killed a black guard at the holocaust museum.  A person killed a person.

  78. Pinworm says:

    "Firearms == sport shooting is the safest sport in the world"

    Tell that to Dick Cheney

    "we remove suicides with weapons (as much as 58% of firearm deaths)"

    If you remove killing from war, war causes no deaths

    I don’t have a point really, but as a Canadian living in a country with extremely low levels of violence (one of the lowest per capita) and where guns are very illegal and gun crimes are nearly unheard of, it’s always hilarious watching Americans defend them.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, right?

    Doesn’t seem to work that way here..

  79. F__ked up says:

    I suggest you check you facts.

    Here are my sources on spending:



    Where are yours?

    as for the cars lets see now I see there is lots of demand maybe you dont want to buy but then from all those post I have read you only think about ur self.


    There is demand for smaller fuel effcient cars stated here and here


    how about here






    Sorry but I m not unemployed matter of fact I m earning nearly 1.5 times more than my last job, working less hours, and getting double the benefits. Sorry to burst your bubble but your stupidity is showing.

    By the way get into MIT yet?

  80. hayabusa75 says:

    Getting to keep what you’ve earned through your own efforts isn’t greed.  Giving to those less fortunate is a nice thing to do, but it should ultimately be your choice.  It shouldn’t be indirectly mandated by the government through heavier taxation, for example.

    "De minimus non curat lex"

  81. Austin_Lewis says:

    I beg your pardon?  Welfare Skanks are people ‘a bit down on their luck?’ Not a chance.  They’re people who decided rather than working, they’d breed children, then, instead of taking care of them, use the stipends on themselves.  Those are the people you see with 12 different colored children, the mother wearing expensive flashy crap while the children don’t have shirts or shoes.  Those are people who dedicated themselves to laziness, not people hard on their luck.

    As for defending people who do nothing, I have an address you should visit in Ohio, from which you can see everything wrong with our welfare system (or at least you could, back when we were conducting research from it).  You had people taking their welfare money and spending it on their cars (one individual had a 100,000 dollar car [parts included], but his children had no food), robbing everyone who came through, basically the worst place you could imagine.  Do you know what these people contribute?  Nothing.  Do you know what they pay in taxes?  Nothing.  Do you know what they cost the government?  Thousands a year at least, each one.  When did it become a country where you could get something for nothing??
    And by the by, I’m here because I worked hard, not due to simple luck or being ‘fortunate’ growing up.

  82. Austin_Lewis says:

    That’s like saying I’m not going to tax people with big cars, I’m just going to increase the taxes on larger tires.  It’s bullshit plain and simple.

    Also, his original decision to stop sale of brass to the private sector was overruled by the military and the private sector. 

  83. Austin_Lewis says:

    Tobacco == no disagreement there, but still an individual choice and part of a free market.  Not something the government has any real business fucking with. EDIT Also, there has never been data proving that second hand smoke causes cancer. 

    Firearms == sport shooting is the safest sport in the world, firearms cause far less injury than cars, and, if we remove suicides with weapons (as much as 58% of firearm deaths), cause fewer deaths than alcohol or the flu. Regulation of firearms also leads to *gasp* more firearm violence (Chicago).  Also, constitutionally protected.  Not a good idea for regulation. 

    Video Games == and here’s where you missed something.  You see, one thing these all have in common is they’re great ‘for the children’ bullshit sources.  Anytime a politician does anything to any of these three that attempts to limit it, they say its for the children.  Pile on top the fact that much of the research politicians are likely to see is that sent up by lobbyists (there’s a lot more of theirs than ours), and you have a great opportunity for regulating something to ‘keep them chillins safe’.

  84. Valdearg says:

    Heh, in all technicality.. He didn’t do anything to the Second Amendment.. You still have the right to bear those arms of yours.. Just might be a bit harder to find the ammo..

  85. Austin_Lewis says:

    To be fair, Obama also claimed he didn’t want to do anything to the 2nd amendment, but within three months of being in the house, he had already signed a bill trying to vastly slow the production of .223 ammunition (one of the most popular rounds).

  86. Austin_Lewis says:

    I think your numbers are slightly off… maybe you confused what Obama is SPENDING with the DEFICIT he’ll gain in two years.  He’s managed to more than double our deficit in a year, quite a feat.

    The Fed is telling companies how to do all sorts of things.  What cars to make (GM was a prime source of SUVs, but under their ‘new leadership’ expect to see small ‘fuel-efficient’ cars that no one will want to buy, like the smart car, which is going to quickly become uninsurable, seeing as an accident at walking speed in a smart car causes more damage than the car is worth after driven off-lot), what benefits to give, what to give in to for the UAW (one of the worst unions in the country), the list goes on and on.  And It’ll destroy GM.  It’s as bad as selling the Hummer line to China.  That was a smart move.

    I love people who complain that they don’t like their entry level job.  And if you start and quit in the middle of projects, you’re going to make yourself unemployable.  Here’s a tip; no one wants someone who’s a quitter.  If you want to make money, A) stick with something for more than one project, B) open your own company (if you have the knowledge and expertise, which you probably don’t) or C) go win the lottery.

  87. Valdearg says:

    "If I work hard, I don’t see why my money should go to welfare skanks and people who do nothing and contribute nothing. "

    Lets examine this phrase without the Republican attempts to cover thier true feelings.

    "If I work hard, I don’t see why my money should go to [People who might be a bit down on thier luck] and people who [weren’t quite as fortunate as myself, growing up, so they didn’t have the same oppurtunities I did]."

    And there you have it. Greed at it’s finest.

  88. Valdearg says:

    Tobacco (Cigarrettes) == Scientifically Proven to be a highly addictive, as well as lethal substance. Good target for regulation.

    Firearms == Things designed for the sole purpose of killing or maiming the object it is aimed at. Great target for regulation.

    Video games == Media designed for the sole purpose to entertain. While rumors exist that they are addictive, it has not yet been proven true. Also, a very high percentage of all laws attempting to regulate them have failed. Not so good a target for regulation..

  89. Austin_Lewis says:

    I love how we keep saying that people who make more than 200K a year are greedy.  If I work hard, I don’t see why my money should go to welfare skanks and people who do nothing and contribute nothing.  Also, consider, with Obama’s added tax ideas (VAT, etc.) I’ll end up paying far more than 50% taxes. 

    As for the stimulus helping the economy, bullshit.  Take the banks for example.  People keep saying ‘oh man, they’re paying back the stimulus money already because they’ve already stabilized!’.  That’s a half truth.  They’re paying the money back, but not because they’re stable; because they’re sick of the bullshit Obama slapped on them

    By the way, if doctors and hospitals don’t like the idea of socialized medicine, they’re probably right on the ball.


  90. Valdearg says:

    That is so interesting, considering I’ve heard plenty of pretty good stories about the healthcare in those countries too..

    Either way, your argument is invalid, considering Obama himself has stated that he wants to model his system off of what we currently have, rather than overhaul it completely, to what Canada or England has..

    When you jump to conclusions, it really makes you look stupid..

  91. Austin_Lewis says:

    Replace ‘video games’ or ‘tobacco’ with ‘firearms’ and you’ll see what I was talking about during the election.

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