TV News Has Video Report on Sentencing of Teen Halo 3 Killer

Cleveland’s Fox 8 has a video report (not embeddable, unfortunately) – including courtroom footage – on yesterday’s sentencing of Daniel Petric.

The 17-year-old was sentenced by Judge James Burge from 23 years to life in prison for the 2007 murder of his mother and wounding of his father. The incident was apparently sparked over the parents refusal to permit their son to play Halo 3.

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  1. 0
    unique78 says:

    The judge did something very stupid. He opened the door really really wide for an appeal. This…boy/man/retard will end up going to a mental institution or getting off because of the judges *misjudgement.

  2. 0
    thefremen says:

     Yeah I’m still not getting how a Judge can basically write in the judgement that he feels the defendant was not aware of the consequences of his actions but didn’t factor mental state into the sentancing at all.

  3. 0
    HarmlessBunny says:

    Justice is served. 23 to life *nods* For murdering your family, I would just say life. No parole. No anything.

    Glad no one was fooled by the "video games made me do it" excuse.

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