MTV On a Quest to Find Game Addicts

Are you addicted to video games?

If so, MTV wants to hear from you. The network has put out a casting call for an episode of its documentary series, True Life:

Have video games totally taken over your life? Is your game play increasingly getting out of control? Have your friends or family confronted you about your gaming habit? How about your marriage or personal relationships – are they being affected?


Is it difficult to balance work and gaming time? Do you sometimes skip doing homework or household responsibilities to play? Have you played video games as a way of escaping your problems? Has your game playing habit become so encompassing that you may need to go to rehab to kick it?

Does this sound like you?  God, we hope not but if it does, send your info MTV’s way and maybe we’ll see you on the tube. That is, if you can bear to pull yourself away from Ghostbusters: The Video Game for a few minutes.

Via: Siliconera

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Correspondent Andrew Eisen

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  1. Austin_Lewis says:

    So, wait, MTV wants people for their reality show?

    Goddamn, that channel is just garbage.  A shitty ‘news’ show, shitty ‘reality’ shows, shitty music, I’m astounded they’ve managed to stay afloat.  They’re kinda like the disney channel.

  2. Kharne says:

    I just snooped around the web abit for more info on this. This show had 9 seasons so far? Yikes!

    Anyway, apparnetly this was not the first time they covered games. There’s an episode from 2003 called "I’m a gamer" which covers video games. I even found the episode available (and apparnetly Reproduced with Permission) here:

  3. saregos says:

    Hmm.  Well, I’ve been told by two others, in the past, that I had a video game addiction.  One believes I’ve gotten over it, and the other I’ve convinced that I never did have one.  And I’ll admit that I used to play WoW to the point where it cut heavily into the time I needed to be working on homework.

    However, I’d say that wasn’t really an addiction.  It was a period of time where I really didn’t enjoy my life, and so video games kind of took precedence simply through the fact they were probably the only thing I enjoyed.  Which to me seems more like a bout of severe depression, rather than a true addiction.

    Which raises the question:  How many people play games to escape?  Pretty much all of them, right?  So should we really be surprised when people play games a lot when their lives really suck?  I think people are messing up cause and effect here:  It’s not that I play games, therefore I neglect my life, therefore my life winds up sucking.  It’s that my life sucked, therefore I wanted to escape, therefore I played games.

    And that latter version is hardly something unique to games.  TV, movies, even books… they all promote the sort of escapist tendencies that, to an uninformed outsider, can look remarkably like addiction.

    Also, they all exhibit the trait that *if* you use them to excess due to a lack of self-control, they can cause harm to your life.  However, I’d say the trick is that, unlike an addiction, these can be self-corrected.  Or corrected by a slight change of the environment.

    — Sometimes the truth is arrived at by adding all the little lies together and deducting them from the totality of what is known

  4. thefremen says:

    Precisely, I’ve never known anyone who played games all day that wasn’t just escaping problems. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CASTING CALL SAYS.


    At any rate the same could go for twitter or IRC if we hopped in a time machine and went back to when IRC was used for something other than illegal file sharing. 

  5. hellfire7885 says:

    Then they’ll just hire bad actors wh owill portray stereotypical gamers, the type of poster children game haters dream of.

  6. DeepThorn says:

    Since there are no real game addicts, good luck.  Games are just their release for other problems they have.  Of course that is the same for other addictions as well, like addiction to pornography.  Yes, there is a chemical reaction reward at the end, but the addiction is the effect, not the cause.

    Games are addictive just like addiction is a disease, anyone who believes addiction is a disease…  well they are stupid and need to look in the dictionary of what a disease really is, what addiction is, and learn more about psychology and biology on why they are not even close to the same.

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  7. thefremen says:

    I know you’re kidding, but marriage is about things other than sex. The long and the short of it is my parents babysit my daughter when I’m at work. 


    Plus, I ask her to go on the couch to play wow so I can sleep on the bed, she tells me to sleep on the couch! No respect I tell ya! My daughter complains when I try to get her to eat vegetables, she says her momma doesn’t make her eat things she doesn’t like. I tells her that’s because her momma is never cooking! No respect, I can’t get no respect. 

  8. Kuros says:

    I think this is the point where you get sexy with her and see if she responds.


    At least that’s how it is when it’s the guy playing WoW and the girl ignored.

  9. thefremen says:

    This describes my wife to a T. I just slept on the couch last night because when I came home at 2am she was playin’ WoW on the bed.  

  10. MartyB says:

     They can’t even get those reality shows right, those shows are scripted…  either that or i’ll lose half my hopes for humanity.

  11. hellfire7885 says:

    I’m almost surprised that G4 and MTV aren’t owned by the same people.

    They both claim to show certain types of media, but that media hardly if ever plays. MTV used to be about music, now it’s 90% reality shows and re-runs of reality shows.. G4 used ot be for gamers, now it too is 90% reality shows or re-runs of old reality shows.

  12. magic_taco says:

    Gotta record this on my DVR, I dont like MTV that much anymore since they no longer carry B&B.

  13. Demontestament says:

    Somehow I don’t see this ending very well. Now if you will excuse me, I have a few more Class V Full Roaming Vapors to take care of before Work.

  14. Zerodash says:

    Why don’t they make a show about people addicted to shitty reality shows featuring shitty, 100% unlikable scumbags?  That’s all this network has become.

  15. michaelleung says:

    For a moment I thought they wanted people to act in The Real World: Second Life Edition.

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