Gay Pride Month Celebrated in World of Warcraft

June is Gay Pride Month in the U.S. and the LGBT community in World of Warcraft marked the event with a large-scale celebration on the Proudmoore server.

GayGamer reports that this year’s event was the fifth such gathering:

There were a variety of activities including Pre-Parade Festivities, March, Meetup with Alliance, Nude Duel Championship final round, March to Ratchet, Dance Boat Party to Booty Bay, Azeroth’s Next Top Model Competition, Crafting Faire and Post-Parade Dance Party in the Bay.

It’s great to see events like this happening in WOW and City of Heroes.

Via: Destructoid

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  1. State says:

    It has an affect on all the gay people that then suddenly get thought of as being the stereotype shown at the gay pride events. Just because the people taking part think they’re having fun does not mean that all gay people enjoy the thought of gay pride and the message it sends out, if anything the comments here show just like the homophobics how basic their view on homosexuality is, they seem to believe that all gay people think the same. Being gay is not about who you are but what you are, and for most people it does not define them, but the people in gay pride see that as their whole identity and are lost without it. Being gay is different from say race as there is no gay race, people are randomly made gay by the development process within the womb (sexuality is not genetic) and as such they are all different and a lot of gay people have trouble in realising that just because someone is gay they won’t be the same as them.

  2. State says:

    No he’s saying that he supports the current set of equal rights that gay people have which is like everyone else you do currently have the right to marriage, you have the same right as everyone else to marry a person of the opposite gender. A gay man and a lesbian aren’t banned from marrying each other and there’s absolutely nothing in the law that says it is your right to be able to marry the person you love, as far as marriage laws are concerned love is not a factor.

    If you really want to call him homophobic then you seriously have no idea what homophobia is, as you seem to say if you don’t agree with me 100% I’m going to call you names or say that you’re bigotted.

  3. questionmark1987 says:

    Yes we don’t hide at all because of the major amount of beatings and murders occuring to us even in the most gay friendly areas of the most gay friendly places. It can only get less dangerous to come out and be ourselves everywhere.

    I’m sorry if you don’t like the words bigot and homophobe, but if your stance is we are somehow less deserving of marriage or that having pride is a way to hide ourselves, then you ARE a bigot and you ARE a homophobe.

    The truth hurts sometimes.

  4. jedidethfreak says:

    The problem with being proud of who you are is that if you really are, you wouldn’t need to hide it.  The fact of the matter is you are embarassed about who you are, and try to hide it with your parades, due to the whole "strength in numbers" mindset.

    Perhaps people would be willing to listen to what you have to say if you and people who stick up for you didn’t resort to personal attacks just because we don’t think you should do whatever you want.  Just because a person doesn’t approve of the idea of gay marriage doesn’t make that person a homophobe or a bigot.  It makes them have a differing opinion as to the ideas of gay marriage.  However, judging by your use of the word homophobe and bigot, you wouldn’t think so.

    Did it occur to you that your intolerance of people you believe to be intolerant could be a possible cause of dissent against giving gay people whatever they want?


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  5. jedidethfreak says:

    No affect on our lives, but seeing mostly naked people on television, and some of these people insulting me because I don’t want to watch it.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  6. Snipzor says:

     You seem to be fixated on the smallest part of the parade, but it isn’t the whole thing, we’ve told you that many times and you seem to ignore it. Try actually going to one, instead of judging something you have never been to where your perception of relies on the bigots who exaggerate it.

  7. questionmark1987 says:

    All stereotypes are born from some truth. Yes, we do have drag queens, feminine men, cross dressers, transvestites, etc. in the gay community. It becomes a stereotype when you assume EVERYONE in the gay community is these things.

    I’m sure there are African Americans who like fried chicken, doesn’t mean they all do. I’m sure there are Asians who like traveling and taking pictures, or who own businesses and sometimes yell at customers, doesn’t mean they all do. I’m sure some people who were born and raised in Mexico have come over the border illegally, doesn’t mean they all have.

  8. State says:

    Or put it this way: Do you think black people should have a parade where they willingly show all the stereotypes that were made of them by racists? Because that is what gay pride is, showing the bigots that they were right in their stereotypes.

  9. Lcpuche says:

    What would i do? i would keep my sexual orientation (A supposedly personal thing) to myself. Not make a whole parade out of it, that just fuels the stereotype and doesnt help anyone.

  10. jedidethfreak says:

    This is why I play Guild Wars.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  11. Snipzor says:

     "Do you really think that Gay Pride is the place to teach parents of gay children, to teach the public, to teach gay people that homosexuality is normal"

    No, it’s a place for fun. If you honestly want to rely on teaching people about homosexuality through a social gathering, and through nothing else, then you are doing it wrong. Simple as that, it’s as if those awareness months mean nothing to you.

    Also, the prejudice existed way before the parades. The people who are supposedly receiving their dosage of homophobia because of these parades (According to you) have already had those stereotypes and prejudices and are simply using the parades to justify it.

  12. Valdearg says:

    So, in a world where we celebrate being Black, Asian, American, Italian, Irish, English, Disabled (Special Olympics, anyone?), Smart, Athletic, Being in love, Being Religious, being Non-Religious, being alive, and celebrating the dead, you are suggesting that we don’t celebrate being gay, because it makes people homophobic?

    So, then, Black people probably shouldn’t celebrate Black history month, because, you know, it might make people racist. Or perhaps mexicans shouldn’t celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Maybe we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas and easter, because it might make people prejudiced against religion?

    Honestly, if people are going to be homophobic, they are going to be homophobic. We can’t do anything to change that. What we can do, however, is show them that no matter how icky they think we are, that we are not going away.

  13. State says:

    You seem to talk about Gay Pride being the only place where gay people can be "themselves", as in gay people are so discriminated against today that gay pride offers this place of hope, but that’s not the case.

    Do you really think that Gay Pride is the place to teach parents of gay children, to teach the public, to teach gay people that homosexuality is normal, that it is no different to heterosexuality at an event that shows flamboyant behaviour and makes a point about being different? No Gay Pride is not the place to do it, it shows the worst, people need to be shown how similar homosexual lives are to heterosexuality by showing real lifes, not an image perpetuated an an event. Gay Pride doesn’t show that gay people are normal it does the opposite. Showing a kid struggling with their sexuality Gay Pride, won’t give them hope it will only make themselves hate themselves even more.

    In my experience gay pride has the exact opposite effect, it creates homophobia, it promotes this view that gay people are "different". Do you honestly believe that Gay Pride helps fight homohobia? I see Gay Pride doing a lot more harm than it does good.

  14. Valdearg says:

    That is not all that they promote, you moron. Try going to a gay pride festival once in a while. A very small percentage of them cross-dress or dress in a bizzare fashion. At the very least, many of those who do, do it because it is fun to dress up sometimes. I can tell you that I live a fairly mundane life 362 days of the year, but the 3 days that my city celebrates pride fest, I will put on more flamboyant clothes and just have fun, for fun’s sake.

    That being said, 90% of the people who attend these festivals wouldn’t be able to be picked out of a crowd at any other summer festival, aside from the fact that they might be a little more open about who they are in love with, and who is going to argue that that not hiding your love is a bad thing?

    Either way, if you take a negative message or negative image away from what you see, you are just being narrow minded, considering not a thing they do has any affect on your life whatsoever.


  15. Valdearg says:

    You are 100% wrong about the gay pride (Parades, Festivals, Gay Pride Month) origins, by the way..

    It celebrates the JUNE anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which were the first instance of Gays and Lesbians banding together to protest the poor, unfair treatment of gays up until that point in history. Every year in June, the Homosexual community bands together to celebrate that first step towards equality, as well as to celebrate our diversity and our unique lifestyle.

  16. State says:

    So it’s our fault that we don’t see behind all the events of gay pride? Are you saying that this day when gay people are "allowed" to show themselves and that they promote this image, we should not take that image away as that being the behaviour of gay people? What image are we supposed to get if that is all they promote?

  17. freakyfro99 says:

    That’s why I hate it.  In Canada we’ve never had to fight for any rights, just for acceptance really.  I’ve seen a bit of the pride parade around my area and it really doesn’t seem like to me that they’re celebrating their homosexuality, it seems like they’re celebrating being vain, vapid, sluts.  Which is something I’m not so sure we should be celebrating…

  18. Valdearg says:

    As I continue to read your comments. I am beginning to get an idea of exactly the kind of person you are.. Look, lets at least try to look at both sides of the story before passing judgements and making assumptions about a community that you don’t exactly have any idea about.

    While it is wrong to ban people for trying to celebrate who they are, it depends on how it is handled.. If it is "Hey! I’m glad to be straight and not gay, because being gay is bad!" then, yeah, thats wrong. If it’s "Hey! I’m glad to be straight, because thats who I am, but it is cool that other people are the way they are!" then that should be fine, at least, in my eyes.

  19. Valdearg says:

    If that is what you are taking away from these celebrations, then your thinking is horribly, horribly flawed. Put simply, it is a place where we can have fun (Yes, sometimes we can be kind of goofy, but thats part of the fun), without worrying about being called horrible names or being discriminated against or harrassed.

  20. Valdearg says:

    I don’t see where you think I am flying off the handle. Trust me, you will know when I fly off the handle…

    That being said. I stand fully behind what I’ve said. If you can’t support the celebration of diversity and the idea that a person can be proud of and celebrate who they are, then we don’t need more people like you in the world.

    The world is a diverse place. Who’s to say its not ok to celebrate it? If you want to start a "Hey, guys! I have green Eyes!" Parade, then by all means go right ahead. I’d be glad to participate. 😉

  21. Wormdundee says:

    Man what? Seriously? That is ridiculous. This should have been big news.

    I imagine it comes from the idea that being proud of being straight = being proud that I’m not an icky gay person. Whereas being proud of being gay = I am a strong person who is standing up for my rights

  22. Wormdundee says:

    Have to agree with you here. These parades imply that gay people are flamboyantly gay and go around thrusting their crotch at the behinds of other men, or make out with other women in public.

    It gives the impression that homosexual people are somehow different and separate from the rest of the population, and should thus be treated differently. 

  23. Wormdundee says:

    Fly off the handle much Valdearg? I believe he poorly articulated that he meant that it doesn’t seem like something that requires parades and whatnot. I mean, why be proud about what your sexual orientation is?

    I’m not against the parades and whatnot, just seems a bit weird. Are we going to start up the "Green-Eyed People" pride parade? 

  24. Valdearg says:

    I’ve clarified my statements in other comments. However, saying that the discrimination and hatred isn’t as bad as we seem to claim it is is pretty easy to say when coming from someone who doesn’t deal with it on a daily basis.

    I choose to go to these pride festivals because I acknowledge that being homosexual isn’t a bad thing, and that it is ok to be different. We need to encourage more people to realize the same thing, especially from a young age. We need to teach kids that thier parents homophobia and bigotry are wrong, and that if they turn out to be gay, that it is perfectly fine.

    What better way to do that than be out there and vocal. To celebrate our diversity, and to show people that we aren’t all that bad.

    That is why I go to these things.. (That, and, I will admit, it is a fun time to hang out with friends and aquaintences that you don’t see too often.)

  25. questionmark1987 says:

    You have no perspective. Yes in SOME places in SOME areas it wouldn’t be a problem. I live in Phoenix which is actually very progressive compared to a lot of places. We’ve still had three murders which were prompted by homophobia in the last 6 months within 50 yards of a single gay bar here. In the center of the city. With TONS of other people around.

    My partner is a nurse and had to take care of a man in Dallas a year ago when we lived there who had been beaten and died because of his injuries just because he was in the area of town that had gay bars in it.

    The problem people don’t get is that while this kind of treatment isn’t necessarily the norm anymore, it’s still enough of a problem to keep people from coming out in their workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, etc. To say that a gay coupld can go out into public and show their affection for eachother with no worries about the consequences is asanine and ignorant. To be fair to say ANY gay couple who does this will be beaten or harrassed is just as bad. But when it comes down to your personal safety most people will choose to censer themselves in order to remain safe.

    Gay pride gives us a place and day where we can feel safe to act the way we feel everyday. To say that’s wrong or should stop is just hateful and bigotted.

  26. State says:

    So you use one example of a homophobic murder to sum up the current treatment of all gay people? I could give you exactly the same example with one difference, the victim was straight, doesn’t mean that I would be giving a fair analysis of the current treatment of people though. I could give you an example where a gay person got treated really well, doesn’t mean that that happens to all though, does it? You’ve simply found an extreme example and using that to say that that is what happens to all gay people on a daily basis, it is simply not true and it weakens your argument.

    My comments have been purely based around that of Gay Pride, not gay rights. My problem with gay pride is that I see it creating more homophobia and that worries me. It’s a day when a group of people "we’re better than you" and that just infuriates people. It doesn’t help equality at all, if everyone was equal (which in many countries gay people are but still have gay pride) you wouldn’t have these parades which puts focus on one particular group. Gay Pride should be kept in the past (a time when there was a need for gay rights), now it’s not political, it’s pointless.

    How do you think a lot of gay people feel that they are being stereotyped as the sort of people that take part in these parades, when they are clearly not? I think gay pride helps a lot of people be more ashamed of themselves.


  27. State says:

    Or you could just go out with your partner and hold hands on any day of the year just like heterosexual people, I’ve seen it plenty of gay couples walk around and no one bats an eyelid. Don’t make it sound like you can’t do it because you can.

    Making an issue out of the whole matter and believing that discrimination and hatred is actually worse than what it is is only making matters worse, it’s perpetuating both hatred and the fear of hatred, No one’s a winner.

  28. Valdearg says:

    So.. If you were gay, hypothetically, of course.. Would you be embarressed? Shamed? Fearful? Would you live the rest of your life humiliated because you are different? I should hope not. We are simply taking pride in who we are. If you can’t appreciate that, then you are exactly the ignorant kind of person we don’t need in this world.

  29. Valdearg says:

    Different strokes for different folks.. I enjoy celebrating who I am and what I stand for. If you don’t, thats fine, but don’t judge others for taking a few days out of the year to be with other people who think alike, and went through the same crap that I do on a daily basis.

  30. Valdearg says:

    It is amazing how absolutely retarded some people are, regarding gay rights and gay pride. Pride parades and festivals are a time where gays, bisexuals, and lesbians can go out and be able to celebrate thier uniqueness, thier lifestyle, and thier loved ones without being discriminated against or abused.

    It is also a time for them to realize that they aren’t alone in the struggle for thier fundamental rights and the ability to live thier lives unmolested and unharrassed by bigots and homophobes. I know, when I first started to experiment and explore my personal sexuality, I was terrified to talk to anyone about it.

    I couldn’t talk about it to all but my closest (and most supportive) friends. I didn’t actually feel comfortable with my sexuality until one of my friends dragged me to my first Pride Fest. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t wierd, retarded, or fucked up. I was a normal person that had unique tastes and a unique lifestyle.

    This is what Pride Fest is about, not rubbing our lifestyles in the faces of those who oppose us (Though, I am not opposed to that, myself..). It is about being who you want to be for a few days. It’s about dressing up outrageously just because you feel like it, and because you know that nobody there will judge you for it. It is about NOT hiding who you are for once.

  31. Lcpuche says:

    If i cared what you called people like me i would have asked you.I simply don’t see it something to take pride in. Specially if thats your way of rubbing it into people’s faces.

  32. Valdearg says:

    If you cant be supportive of people taking pride in themselves, regardless of being black, white, gay, straight, or whatever, then you are sorely mistaken. We have words for people like you: "Bigot."

  33. Valdearg says:

    +1 Internets.

    To be honest, some of the comments to this article have totally infuriated me, but this one was spot on. Thank you very much for putting it out there.

    I am bi, and I, for one, would never change a thing. Taking pride in yourself is the first step to living a happy, healthy life, and Gay pride is no different. If you can’t be 100% percent proud of everything that you are, then it isn’t a good thing. Anybody who doesn’t believe that, especially if they are actively trying to make gays and lesbians feel ashamed of the lifestyle they live, is nothing but an ignorant, bigoted homophobe.

  34. Inimical says:

    Well… yes. It was originally created to perpetuate stereotypes to show how ridiculous they are. Now the point is entirely lost.

    I do know a lot of homosexual people who hate the Pride Parade for that exact reason.

  35. Snipzor says:

     So he was tied up to a fence and pistol whiped over 50 times, beated, killed, and not found for days? I’m sorry, but no, the point is that there is no comparison. There’s no contest, if there was, the founder of said contest would be a horrible human being.

    Do I like the parades? No, although the main social interactions maintain outside the actual parade. But it seems as if both you and Wolvenmoon just seem to believe the only social stage are these parades, which makes you have your own negative personal opinion in this issue based on one thing.

    I could rant on about this for hours, but that would be doing my job unpaid. Ah who am I kidding, I do it for free.

  36. questionmark1987 says:

    I’m floored by how many people don’t get this at all. Gay pride is about being able to walk out in public and not hide who you are for one day and feel somewhat safe doing it.

    I am gay, my partner has walked in a gay pride parade while his family (aunts and cousins) stood on the side with hate filled signs screaming anti-homosexual epitaphs. They never noticed him.

    Gay pride is about being able to go out into public and say "look, I’m here, and this is who I am, and that’s it." If people are so concerned about gay pride they should be concerned about ANY festival where families go with their children. That’s straight pride, the only difference is that people don’t notice because it’s common. If anyone here had actually ever attended a gay pride festival they would know that they are mostly made up of performances (yes some drag queens, but also singers, choruses and bands) merchants and people selling crafted items, food and drink, dancing, a parade of floats which represent different organizations, businesses, and even religious organizations, and even a bit of family based activities for people with kids.

    The common denominator of people who go is being gay or having gay friends/family. The actual festival is like any other. And the reasoning is that in most instances people have to hide who they are because there is still a lot of violence and discrimination against gays in america, more so then most other minorities and it’s more tolerated by the masses. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like or want to know about gay pride, don’t read an article that has gay pride in the title. Don’t attend the festival. But don’t demand that other’s change themselves to make you more comfortable.

  37. State says:

    Actually what the poster went through is a lot more than what any gay person in recent times has had to go through.

    What gay pride does is to show that all gay people are incredibly camp people which is simply false, these events actually force more people into the closet for fear of being associated with those events and that particular lifestyle. Gay people aren’t any different to anyone else but these events seem to say otherwise. It’s not about staying in the closet it’s about making a big song and dance about which simply isn’t required.

  38. Snipzor says:

     Now there are many incorrect and insulting things you said in your little rant, one of which was the comparison in general. The comparison of a genetic trait which can never be worked around, to a social ailment which you have shown can be worked around. I hate to actually do this, but you must understand that in this case, everyone (Everyone being the majority) is being prejudice against gays just as everyone was against every other minority in history. I don’t mean to diminish what you went through, but you seem to have experienced only a small portion of what visible minorities went though. The pain you went though, seems to be only a fraction of what many other minorities go through every single day of their lives.

    Plus allow me to point out again, the "high ranking government official" does say "Gays should be harassed/discriminated against". Every day when gay rights are talked about.

    So I do understand what you are talking about, and I do side with you and support what you say to a point… until the very last paragraph. People support this and vote people like that into office. Even if there wasn’t any government "meddling" in lives, people would. Hell, shockingly enough, government is the only thing between the angry hateful masses and the unprotected minorites.

    What you are suggesting thoughout your rant is that gays should stay in the closet. Need I remind everyone here that 1 in 3 gay teens kill themselves because of the pressures of the closet? But I did remind you, well what’s done is done.

  39. gamadaya says:

    So why do you have a service dog?

    Also, it is high ranking government officials who are saying gays should be discriminated against. It’s probably 40-50% of them, and >50% of the general population. But you’re right. I wish this flamboyant gay culture would just go away. It really isn’t helping at all. I also can’t stand it. It’s the same as the super masculine hetero culture. If you’re so shallow that you define every aspect of your life around you’re sexuality, that’s nothing to be proud of.


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  40. Pinworm says:

    If I were to host a e-party in the game about being proud of being straight, I’d get banned.

    I know from experience, by the way, as I did it last year.

  41. gamadaya says:

    I was going to disagree, but a nude duel championship and a dance boat party to a place called "Booty Bay"? Really gay people?


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it! -Glenn Beck

  42. Wolvenmoon says:

    Because being straight is something to be ashamed of.

    No matter what, dressing in a way that is massively different than anyone else will get you discriminated against, no matter what it’s for. If you’re celebrating a scottish holiday and are decked out in scottish traditional clothing in the middle of texas, you’re going to get singled out. If you’re cross dressing and look like a female-styled robot (sorry, it’s what drag queens look like to me. Like aliens), you’re going to be singled out.



    If you walk into a building with a service dog, as I have, there are people who don’t like dogs that may scream, others may react positively. I could spend my entire life trying to stop the screamers, and all I’d have done is immerse myself in negativity. If I organized service dog storms (Get a whole bunch of service dog using friends and go to a place that’s been rude/nasty) for every single weird look, I’d have really nasty responses all the time.

    Instead, I smile, sometimes wave, and have funny responses. When I’m asked rudely "Is that a blind dog!?" I reply "No, she sees just fine, thank you for asking!". I’ve also more than one time considered making ‘blind dog’ a command to run into the nearest wall. I could be rude, snappish, or make a scene, but I respond humorously and kindly. Not once have I responded angrily, even to the rudest pricks I’ve met.

    Do I wear a tag pronouncing myself ‘aspergers’ disorder’ or ‘autistic’? Nope. Do I often mention it online? Only when it’s applicable. People with aspergers and autism are put through some of the worst discrimination you can imagine, in schools. I was a straight ‘A’ student but lacked social skills, and I was treated like shit. It did damage, seven years later I’m just about done cleaning up the damage they did. Do I march around in front of their campus with my dog? Nope!

    I am now a YLF graduate and self advocate for people with disabilities. My state government has spent over $20,000 giving me the training I need to be able to go toe to toe with school officials that abuse and discriminate against people with aspergers and autism. I do not march in parades, I do not wave it in other people’s faces. I give and expect respect for who I am, but do not expect society to change in a major way for me. I do expect the same protections afforded everyone else as far as abuse and discrimination goes.


    For just about anything about a person, they can piss people off by waving it in other’s faces, or they can learn how to diplomatically get what they need to be happy, and not push it any further. When a superintendent makes the remark "Those disabled kids are taking all the district’s money", there’s a problem. When a high ranking government official says "Gays should be harassed/discriminated against", there’s a problem. When some yahoo in a cheap studio apartment says it, why bother?

    Why are they trying to force gay marriage as a constitutional right? Why aren’t they pushing for the government to gtfo of our love lifes? I never understood that. I’d support that in a split second. I want the government to be concerned with members of a household, not married couples.


  43. State says:

    Gay pride is about promoting a stereotype which helps to create further discrimination. It helps spread the message that gay people are different from everyone else (which isn’t true) by requiring a special event and by people acting over the top and completely differently on the day.

  44. SeanB says:

    That’s pretty much it, yeah. Many people with non-hetero lifestyles either have been or are opressed in their daily, home, political or professional lives.

    Events like Gay Pride allow them to come out, do what they want, however they want, and be surrounded by others who are there to do the same thing.

  45. Father Time says:

    I don’t understand gay pride.

    If homosexuality really is something you can’t control or change than it’s a stupid thing to get pride from (like your race, or your eye color).

    I don’t think you’ll get any of the participants of gay pride to say it’s a choice but if it is I still don’t see why it’s something to get pride from.

    Methinks it’s something they made up to ease the pain of prejudice and/or hatered.

    Perhaps I do understand it then.


    Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  46. jedidethfreak says:

    There aren’t.


    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  47. Arcanagos says:

    nevermind, i was the one that misread your message lol

    "Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of Heaven, Jack Thompson’ll justify it in the end." – nightwng2000

  48. SeanB says:

    Youv’e got a random quote generator on that website in your signature. one of the quotes says something about being against gay people.

    I didn’t lol.

  49. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Wait… there not mass bans for being openly gay in wow?….WOW!?!?!!!


    I am a criminal because I purchase media,I am a criminal because I use media, I am a criminal because I chose to own media..We shall remain criminals until Corporate stay’s outside our bedrooms..

  50. Andrew Eisen says:

    When’s Heterosexual Pride Month?  It’s right after White History Month, isn’t it?


    Andrew Eisen

  51. Chaltab says:

    Because there’s nothing I’m more proud of than which gender I prefer to stick my penis into.

  52. Snipzor says:

     Well I missed it, again. I’ve got to actually mark these things down for once. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Wait a second, I know why I always miss it. It’s because it is a sad and pathetic reminder of my social situation.

  53. SeanB says:

    Gay pride was last weekend where i live, and the weekend before in our provincial capitol

    must be something in the air.

    As for the nude boat dance party, thankfully my WOW nude mod does not include phalyses (sp)

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