Teen Gamer Plays, Practices Politics

Tyler Hudgins plays politically-themed games like The Political Machine 2008 and Oval Office on his PC and dreams of a career in real – not simulated – politics.

Oh, and the Arizona teen just graduated from high school.

The East Valley Tribune reports that Tyler (left) is, for now, dedicated to local politics but has aspirations that extend beyond his home town:

Hudgins spends more time in the council chambers than just about anyone who isn’t on the council or the town payroll. He hopes to be a councilman himself someday, a first step to what he says will be a long and illustrious political career…


But, for now, he’s reading "How to Get Elected to Local Office" during breaks from his job at Liberty Market. He said it’s a long road to the White House, and that’s how it should be.

"I’m stopping to study the issues that will come into play in the future," he said. "I feel like I’m going about this the right way, by starting at the grass roots."

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