Writer Argues That Ubisoft Toronto Deal is Good For Ontario

In yesterday’s GamePolitics coverage we took note of an editorial in Canada’s National Post which slammed the Ontario government’s recent announcement that it would grant Ubisoft $263 million for the publisher’s new Toronto studio.

Canadian blogger Eli Green offers the opposite view, however, claiming that the deal is a good one for Ontario because it will boost the local economy. In an opinion piece for Comic Book Bin Green writes:

To begin wit… Torontonians, or anyone else from the general vicinity, looking for a position with the [Ubisoft] will no longer have to make the… six hour jaunt to Quebec… That means more talent stays within Ontario, which, naturally, is beneficial for the province as a whole.

There is something far more important happening here though… an investment of this magnitude, in this industry, from the government of Ontario was long overdue… If the government plays its cards right, the Ontario video game development community should continue to grow and thrive, giving a nice boost to the economy, and local talent will continue to be just that – local.

It’s not just important news for Ubisoft, it’s important news for Ontario.

GP: In the pic, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (right) and Ubisoft CEO Yannis Mallat seal the deal…

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