Barack & Michelle Obama Available as Second Life Avatars

For a price, Second Life users can now cavort in avatars which are close to being dead ringers for the President and First Lady.

New World Notes reports that a very realistic Michelle Obama avatar has just been completed, while the Barack Obama avatar has been available for some time. Both are the creations of SL entrepreneur MrSigmund Fride:

As one would expect, [Michelle Obama] is on default elegantly coiffed and smashingly dressed, and about as instantly recognizable as Mrs. Obama as the avatar version of her husband. (Creating avatars based on identifiable real world celebrities, as this series strongly suggests, is no easy task.) One significant shortcoming: the avatar’s arms aren’t as perfectly sculpted as the First Lady’s most famously are…

Other popular avatars based on real-life figures are Italian President Silvio Berlusconi and Chinese actress Gong Li.

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