Petition Underway to Remove Controversial IGDA Board Member

The recent controversy brewing around the aggressive trademark defense tactics of game developer Tim Langdell has sparked a petition to remove him from the executive board of the International Game Developers Association.

GamesLaw reports that game writer Corvus Elrod is the creator of the online petition. Elrod hopes to obtain signatures from at least 10% of the organization’s members. If so, he will present the petition to the board "and force them to call a special meeting of the membership to vote on Tim Langdell’s removal."

Dan Rosenthal, editor of GamesLaw, comments on the increasingly unpleasant situation:

This is obviously a huge issue, especially for a very troubled IGDA. There have been recent questions in mainstream blogs and those of several high profile industry members questioning what exactly IGDA is providing to its members. The trademark issue further fans the flames of allegations that IGDA isn’t doing enough, and it’s being talked about by key industry figures…

Rosenthal mentions that he hopes to discuss the Langdell/IGDA situation at his Legal Issues in Gaming panel at the upcoming PAX 2009.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    And Donald Trump wanting to copyright "You’re fired."

    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Ha ha haaah, I get it.

    (not really funny, though)

    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    So this guy is basically the Paris Hilton of the game industry?

    I mean the trademarking a commonly used word/phrase part, not the stupid spoiled whore with a "leaked" sex tape part.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    Thanks for that explanation, it makes things a lot clearer :)

    This can unfortunately happen with larger organisations, I think, people join not to get involved but simply so they can say they are a member, seems to be that Langdells position is not so much the problem, as a symptom of the problem.

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    Speeder says:

    Mike Capps and Tim Langdell actually showed that the IGDA election process is borked…

    The IGDA has more than 10k members, during the election only 2k voted (showing that the majority of the membership does not care, mainly result of what I call "fake" membership because studio memberships and people that joined only for the discounts and parties…)

    Also altough there are a mininum quorum needed, when it is not reached, the board can appoint people… Tim Langdell was appointed (he did not get enough votes, something like 3 or 4 less than the needed, the board appointed him using as criteria the highest voted person, like to disguise the election flaws).

    So, altough theoretically people on board are elected democratically, they are not, the failure of the quorum rule only result in the highest voted candidates always getting elected, even when people are not intersted on that (if everyone votes on noone, meaning that no candidate is suitable, the board is still filled by appointed people).

    My guess that the IGDA need to fix its bylaws before they manage to fix something on the industry itself, because until the bylaws get fixed, people like Tim and Mike Capps will get on the board.


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    GoodRobotUs says:

    Aren’t board members voted in though? So if this guy got into the upper tiers, it’s because he got voted there by either his peers or the members themselves? Just surprises me that no-one noticed this guy only appears to have been a game developer in the 80’s, during the ‘Marble Madness’ period.


    /starts writing concept notes for a new game, I’ll call it ‘Edge of Edginess’….

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    From what I have read this guy is almost a Monster Cable level Trademark litigant. Supposedly he has registered the trademark of Edge in just about any possible industry including space travel.

    While my understanding of this is slim, I have read some exchanges between the maker of the iPhone game in question and Tim on Gamasutra and it was not pretty.

    If I were a paying member of the IGDA, I would support a vote on whether he should retain his position. It is only fair.

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