Outraged WoW Gamers Inexplicably Have Accounts Suspended

Numerous World of Warcraft gamers have found their accounts unexpectedly suspended, apparently through no fault of their own.

Ars Technica reports that chargebacks were filed against the accounts by PaymentOne; however, many of the WoW players affected insist that they have never used PaymentOne’s services to cover the game’s $14.99 monthy fee.

Mike Thompson of Ars Technica explains:

Chargebacks are normally used as a method of consumer protection—a last line of defense against shady retailers… Exactly why and how these chargebacks were applied to the aforementioned accounts has yet to be determined, but they’ve caused the accounts to have negative balances with Blizzard, which has led to their suspension until the issue is resolved…

Posts in the forum thread show that Blizzard is willing to discuss the unauthorized charges, but there haven’t been any definite results from pursuing this course of action yet… A quick Google search shows this isn’t the first time that allegations of fraud and unexpected charges have been leveled against the company.

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    ded2me says:

    Could it be possibly that people are using alternate payment methods so that they can get that -one month free- thing going on?  If I were to setup a paymentone account and use that service to pay for WoW then go back and say, "Hey! I didnt authorize this transaction" are they obligated to return the customers money?  I am proabably wrong but this could be a way to scam blizzard into getting free playtime.

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    Ebonheart says:

    More than likely, but Blizzard refuses to speak to me on it. The only time the would they told me to "Buy another acount, it’s not our problem."

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    FlakAttack says:

    Their security vulnerabilities? Surely you’re joking.

    Accounts don’t get hacked, you get keyloggers dropped on your computer, they email your username and password somewhere and it’s over. Worst part is, no matter what you change it to, they will know.

    Try getting a real virus scanner, like Vipre or F-Prot.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    If they forced you to pay 25.00 I would have filed chargeback if my account was attacked. There security vulnerabilities is not my problem and to blame that on me means there would have been charge back filed.


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    Shahab says:

    I always find it funny when someone calls out someone else for something and then is guilty of the same thing.

    You are not saying what you think you are saying.

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    Godkarmachine says:

    When my account got hacked, they were quick to return it, but they refused to transfer it, and made me wait for the transfer cooldown, as well as pay them an extra $25.

    – Stand back! I have an opinion, and I’m not afraid to use it.

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    Ebonheart says:

    I’ve been banned from WoW for almost a year now. I called Blizz up to find out why. There response was that I had been using PvP and farming bots. Kicker I haven’t played the game in almost 3 years.

    On top of that before I quit I had my account hacked and stolen, during the three weeks I called Blizzard their employees kept saying that I had been the one that changed my password and servers. Finally after 3 weeks someone finally agreed that I wasn’t the one who hacked my own account, it took an additional week of bitching at them top give me my account back and retransfer my characters back to the Lothar servers.

    So because I was banned Blizzard refuses to speak with me on how my account was banned. I’d really like to know since well I hadn’t played in two years.

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    DarkSaber says:

     "I think people who are playing it on a Private Server do so to play with friends or to in a way try to play the game offline."

    Wrong on both counts, both for me and for everyone I talk to on the private server.

    "This used to be possible and Blizzards lawyers were quick to make sure any link to this method was quickly brought down."

    Also very, very wrong. http://www.wowstatus.com is very much live and kicking, has been for a very long time, and is definitely not small enough to slip under the radar.

    Still, the day your amusing diatribes bare any resemblance to facts and reality is the day I go grow boobs and a vagina.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

     I think people who are playing it on a Private Server do so to play with friends or to in a way try to play the game offline. This used to be possible and Blizzards lawyers were quick to make sure any link to this method was quickly brought down.

    I would love the option of playing WoW offline or with a small group of friends kind of like how it happens in the Elder Scrolls. However, I think Blizzard would be better to make the game literally fun for everyone and make sure people who are questers or the causal gamers can easily go through an instance without needed a 10 or 15 man raid. I liked the idea thrown out last year of changing the level of difficulty in an instance so someone can solo but the loot the get is not as good if they went in to a raid party in the same instance.
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    Neeneko says:

    I highly doubt this is some democratic conspiracy to increase taxes.

    More likly it sounds like a slick company taking advantage of a poorly regulated industry and hoping that not enough public people notice to force an investigation.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:
    The overage charges or additional charges might have to do with back taxes owed by State Governments from States controlled from the Democratic Party.  Basically most Democratic Controlled States are refusing to let go of their social programs and some states are going so far as saying we might have a tax that will take double out of the money you get back from taxes.
    With any chargeback there is an investigation by the Creditor and if this is happening all over there might be fraud on the end of Blizzard and various other companies. 
    This should be treated as a big deal by any company seeing if one Credit Card Company declines to do business with Blizzard then Blizzard loses a lot of revue. 
    I prefer to use Game Cards because you do get more bang for your buck and less taxes taken out again if your from a state controlled by the Democratic Party then you’ll get taxed no matter what card you use on World of Warcraft. 

    One of our last parting gifts from our Impeached Government from Illinois was a nice couple dollar tax 

    Get Game Cards people. Also some Creditors will and can lower your credit score if you purchase things they do not like or think is a waste which does affect your life. 

    However, truth be told I haven’t paid for World of Warcraft since 2007 when I got my World of Warcraft Credit Card which First National administers. I have so many points stacked up from purchases that I don’t even worry about monthly fees anymore. 

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    DarkSaber says:

    Just do what I did, play on a private server.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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    Shahab says:

    Then you know nothing of the history of PaymentOne. This isn’t the only shady business they’ve been involved in.

    So yes, totally, unequivocally, fraud.

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    Neeneko says:

    Since this is not the first time that they have had a ‘bug’ which involved billing people who have no connection to them…. I am guessing that it is indeed fraud.

    Sadly, fraud when it comes to banks and bank-like entities is hard to prosecute.  There are all sorts of protections against ‘mistakes’ that the banking industry has in place to save it’s own skin.

    For instance, several major credit card companies will add invalid charges to a person’s bill.  As long as the customer does not notice or complain they get to keep the money.  If the customer DOES notice, they just remove the charge and try someone else who pays less attention.. no penlty.  Regulators know they are doing this but the laws are written in such a way that there is not much to be done.

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    Torven says:


    They seem to be rather popular on that site.  My personal favorite is this one, supposedly from a service rep, which if true is rather chilling:


    "DO NOT tell us when you guys paln on takinh the matter to the FCC or a lawyer etc. because we have to take done your contact info and pass it on to the higher up who WILL edit a call to make it sund like you say yes to service or they will make up a LOA or ELOA which makes it seems some one did ask for service."


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    Shahab says:

    I don’t understand how everyone keeps misunderstanding what happened.

    A chargeback is there to protect customers from fraudlent billing, mis-labled goods, double billing, etc. Once a chargeback is issued the company MUST return the cash. In some situations the merchant can dispute the chargeback and it goes to mediation, Blizzard could have done this if it so chose but it was easier and cheaper for them to just allow the chargebacks then suspend user accounts until they were paid again.


    This is fraud. PaymentOne is issuing chargbacks for accounts it has no involvement with. They are stealing money from Blizzard and ultimately from the consumers whose accounts have been compromised.

    So to sum up this story in a way everyone can understand:


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    Neeneko says:

    I am guessing that PaymentOne has started reginstering chargebacks for people who are not its customers and pocketing the money in the hopes that the victims will not notice.

    PaymentOne is pretty damn shady, and it looks like they just found a new way to get money that is not theirs out of the system.   I think they only manage to stay in buisness because people give up trying to get thier money back out of them.

  18. 0
    DarkSaber says:

    Although that doesn’t explain how people who have NEVER used PaymentOne are getting caught up in it,


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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    Zerodash says:

    Chargebacks are usually the result of a consumer or (less frequently) a bank contesting a previous charge by a vendor.  I presume PaymentOne may be Blizzard’s payment gateway and/or card processor, and these chargebacks would indicate that Blizzard, the vendor, is who is considered to be suspect.  If the customer is not the one initiating the dispute with the Blizzard charge, then they may be caused by the banks issuing the credit card if enough fraud indicators are there. 

    Perhaps Blizzard is getting a bad rap by card issuers, making automatic chargebacks (without consumer input) more likely.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

     That’s why Square is getting sued and that is why Playonline’s FFXI has not even gone over the one million mark, ever.


    To keep charging a credit card even after your banned for months after is abuse and a Charge Back is in order. Believe me, filing a charge back is easy as pie. Keep in mind Credit Card Companies get pissed when this happens not to mention when Merchants tell you there is a surcharge for using their service or you need to spend this or that amount. 


    Page 30 of a Merchants handbook says a Merchant cannot deny a purchase if you do not have an ID Present as long as the back is signed and there is no minimum purchase to use a Visa Card nor can that Merchant Charge a "Convince Fee"


    If any of you people see this even at a Mall, you can call Visa and they can do an investigation and they will keep you in the loop about the investigation and will give the Merchant a Strong Warning if they keep doing as practiced. If the Merchant fails they can be denied payment by all VISA CARD HOLDERS and they can no longer accept that brand. MasterCard has the same rules and regulations as does the various other Credit Card Companies.


    No your rights, Credit Cards get you with high rates but they do respect you as a customer. Also any Store that whines they need this or that from you it’s because that various card you used takes a slice out of the Merchant’s purchase but these are the rules they agree by.

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    Kaiselius says:

    Something like this is happenning over on FFXI too, though SE isn’t giving any details other then "LOL I ban you!".

    They’ve also updated they’re payment method to us verifiedbyvisa.com and securecode.com, only problem is, it turns out that a good number of peoplee are finding out they’re bank/issuers don’t have support for these. People have already been banned for not being able to pay they’re bills (along with "RMT" activities for making in-game money in certain ways, that have been A-OK for the last 5 years).

    So far the only responce people who have been banned have gotten from SE pretty much amounts to this statment, "SEI Tier III James: Customer, we are aware that our decision has "affected" a large number of individuals, since it was our decision. But it is just that, our decision, and it is not changing, regardless of who you contact. You are welcome to let Mr. Bisby( evidently the/a big honcho over at customer support that, evidently, can only be communicated with through snail mail) know your opinion on our decisions, but that is your only avenue at this point. ".

    It’s been an ongoing joke with us FFXI players, but it really is starting to look like SE is trying to steamroll us under to make way for FFXIV :\

    And for anyone wanting to try FFXIV when it comes out, while SE can make some great games, they’re customer service and ability(or rather willingness to) comunicate with they’re playerbase sucks to put it lightly, I’d advise to skip it, because SE seriously does not know how to treat they’re players. 

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