Dress Your Xbox Live Avatar for the Recession & Get a Little Poorer in the Process

Times are tough, so why not blow your last few bucks on virtual threads for your Xbox Live avatar?

Designer Michael Connell spoke to Kotaku about his new line of fashion for XBL. While some of Connell’s designs pay homage to the popular Steampunk style, he also gives a nod to the down economy with "Recessionista" clothing:

I was thinking about making a statement, if you will, that even though this time of global recession, everything isn’t bad." Connell said. "And in the 30s, in a time that was really bad, much worse than it is today, it wasn’t all bad. There was fashion that was quite interesting. And this fashion wasn’t the couture that was happening at the time…


[I hope] to kind of show that there are good things and we’ve been there and we’ll get out. Clearly these are subliminal messages, but this is what I was inspired by. If you design a collection I think the most important thing is there needs to be heart and soul and direction.

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  1. Skillz817 says:

    "the "mii wannabe" rhetoric has been used since the NXE was announced, think of something new, preferably a valid point"


    Doesn’t get anymore valid than that he’s just calling it for what it is a mii wannabe i’m sure if Nintendo wasn’t so successful with the wii that horrible avatar makeover that I was forced to go through in order to continue playing My games on xbox live would have never been thought of.

  2. Pominator says:


    I wasnt trying to ignite a flame war with the PC users comment, I was merely pointing out that a physical form of expression on screen is a lot more involving than a little grey live mic icon saying that xXx Detfr33k117 xXx is talking to me, on top of that I have met a grand total of 5 annoying american kids on xbox live, people are just too quick to highlight the fact that they exist as some sort of main focal point


    the "mii wannabe" rhetoric has been used since the NXE was announced, think of something new, preferably a valid point

    I spend my microsoft points on kit to improve my gaming experience, if I deem that a locust helmet would be quite a cool addition to my character then i am happy to drop a couple of M$P on it, that doesnt make me a douche, that makes me me, dont insult me on by assuming that my willingness to spend money is a negative on my part

    chick chick chick chick chickeeeeen
    lay a little egg for meeeeee!

  3. DeeJay says:

    I don’t see what you’re all complaining about. They’re not forcing you to buy this stuff and if you do, most of the stuff on there is like, what? 50p, if even that.

  4. jedidethfreak says:

    Not to mention that Avatars are just some suck-ass Mii wannabes anyway, and people that would actually spend real money for fake clothes for fake people are just douches.

    Freedom of speech means the freedom to say ANYTHING, so long as it is the truth. This does not exclude anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

  5. KayleL says:

    PC jerks? They are more well behaved then some of the people you meet on Xbox Live. Xbox Live is famous for those badass-wannabe-13-year-olds.

  6. Pominator says:

    I really liked this, I got a halo crossed swords tee and the remote control warthog to mess around with in the parties, I think avatars are a lot better than being some nameless faceless jerk when playing  (like on PC internet…)


    Regardless, I think this system is incredibly cool, so I’m happy to drop a few hard earned quid to make my avatar look like I want him to

    chick chick chick chick chickeeeeen lay a little egg for meeeeee!

  7. Austin_Lewis says:

    On the other hand, how many people are going to buy any of it, especially that shit in the image that makes your avatar look like something out of the Grapes of Wrath?  Keep in mind, it costs money to pay people to create this content, and a lot of Xbox gamers appear to be really pissed off with the whole avatar bit being forced on them. 


  8. Flamespeak says:

    Playstation Home has been cranking out stuff to dress up your avatar with for a while. It sells pretty well, according to Sony. No one forced anybody to use Home though, which is little more than a glorified chat room with a ton of ads plastered everywhere. I do like the fact that it pretty much puts a large portion of the crap I dislike about the internet in one area that I have to download and install to even look at. Makes it so easy to avoid.


  9. Wormdundee says:

    This isn’t stupid at all. Microsoft is ingenious for doing this. I mean, they obviously didn’t come up with the idea first, but it’s basically an infinite revenue stream for them. They can keep making new clothes indefinitely, and I’m betting the profit margins on these things are massive. 

  10. Kris says:

    That is rather amusing in a back-ass-wards kind of way. 

    We’re poor, so here’s some useless stuff that demonstrates you’re poor to waste what little money you still have on.

  11. Kris says:

    It’s one of those things where if you want anything remotely decent, you’ll have to pay for it.  For those of us who don’t give a crap about the avatars to begin with (like me), well we won’t fork over the cash for this crap.  Indeed, if we’re all alike in our general annoyance of the existence of a mandatory avatar, we’re probably all wearing the same damn outfit we were the least disgusted by on the day the update launched and we had to make one.

  12. Stealthmaster says:

    To what makes all these Avatar clothen wrong is that MOST of the HOME avatar clothen is free. Sure there are some that you have to pay for but that’s just disignerware. I think a massive chunk of the gaming shirts are free and the rest you have to do something to a game to earn a specael shirt. The new Avatar does have that Achevement Award thing but we are not sure which games will use it or not.

  13. Inimical says:

    Exactly. I’m a sucker, however, and am going home and buying the Big Daddy helmet for my avatar.

  14. Stealthguy says:

    My point was that ones who are really getting beaten down wouldn’t even the money to waste on a internet connection in first place. His comment that everything wasn’t/isn’t bad only applies to him, me, and everyone else with the money to spare. Are they going to upload dirty/torn clothes that show what some people have to wear now because they have no other choice?

  15. hellfire7885 says:

    You can at least look. YOu don’t need to pay for XBL silver which lets you get at all the basic features, just no gaming online.

    BUt the point prices are a bit ridiculous. Lower the prices, that way the person with only 50 or so MS points left has something to burn it on.

  16. Stealthguy says:

    It seems insulting to a certain degree, the past recession wasn’t bad for the people with money, just like now, the ones without money wouldn’t be able to buy this fluff, much less look at it. Maybe it’s just me.

  17. Mattie says:

    Yeah right. Things on XBL cost enough without us having to pay for clothes for our avatars. I won’t be using this feature.

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