Germany Moves Into Top Spot in Euro Video Game Market

While violent video games are a major target of late for German politicians, that hasn’t stopped Germany from climbing into the number one spot among European game markets. reports that Germany edged out the UK, largely because the current recession hit the UK software market harder, triggering a 20% drop in software sales.

The top selling game in Germany? Wii Fit.

Among other European countries, Portugal posted a 16% increase in game sales, while Sweden (The Pirate Bay notwithstanding) climbed 4%. The Netherlands saw a 2.4% rise.

Check out GamePolitics’ recent coverage of game-related news from Germany.

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  1. 0
    GoodRobotUs says:

    But I thought the games industry was doing nothing but pour out violent games for children, so surely a country that bans those games should no Video Game sales at all?

    Oh, wait, the people who think all Video games are violent are talking out of their rectum, forgot about that.

  2. 0
    Afirejar says:

    So the one thing german goverment want to get rid of and its there current top money maker.

    Germany is the biggest games market in Europe, therefore games are the biggest money maker for Germany. Right. How logical.

  3. 0
    PumaFau says:

    Wow now that is ironic

    German politicans are using violent games as as a scapegoat and then the country has is in the top spot.

    How ironic is that.

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