At GDC Europe, Crytek Boss Reiterates Threat to Leave Germany Over Violent Game Ban

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli seems determined to find a new base of operations if the German Bundestat passes a ban on the production and distribution of violent games next month. Crytek’s games, of course, include the first-person shooter franchises Far Cry and Crysis.

Joystiq reports that Yerli made his comments while delivering the keynote address at GDC Europe in Cologne:

[This proposed ban] means that Crytek will be literally forced out of the country… If you move a company, you think of it as: let’s move the company strategically, so we get more benefit out of this country. But moving it because a law comes in is too reactive for us. We’re not thinking of moving unless the law happens.

As GamePolitics reported, Yerli made similar remarks earlier this month.

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