EA Exec Accuses German Government of Game Censorship

In recent times, Germany has become Ground Zero in the debate over video game violence.

Consider that the German Parliament is expected to consider a total ban on the production and distribution of violent games next month. Meanwhile, top-tier developer Crytek (Far Cry, Crysis) has threatened to relocate out of the country if the ban becomes law.

In the latest development, EA exec Gerhard Florin (left) has called for Germany to drop its USK content rating system in favor of the PEGI system, which is widely in use in other European nations. Said Florin:

What we’re doing here [with USK rating] is censorship. And no one complains. When we talk about games here it’s about violence or their alleged addictiveness, and not about their cultural status. The few good studios are asking themselves why they should stay here anyway.

USK boss Marek Brunner took issue with Florin’s criticism:

It’s hard when half-truths are being used. They say the USK does this wrong, the USK does that bad and why doesn’t this get a rating?

Brunner noted that other government bodies influence the type of game content which can be sold, including the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons and the criminal courts.

Via: gamesindustry.biz

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    revertedtozero says:

    Then come to britain, where we tend (save manhunt 2 and carmaggedon) not to give a crap about the controversies surrounding video games, and that our anti video game lobby is as powerful as a feather, and their leader is a mayor Quimby expy.



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    GoodRobotUs says:

    The rebuttal is amusing, simply for the fact that, apparently, whilst the USK feel perfectly qualified to judge other people’s standards for them, they take exception to the fact that someone ‘dared’ to tell them what to do…

    Sauce for the Goose…

  3. 0
    ulix says:

    Yeah yeah, like Kim-Jong-Il.

    And America’s view on capital punishment are akin to China’s or North-Korea’s. Their Drug policy is similar to Singapoore’s, their fear of sexuality and its depiction is the same as its suppression in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule… etc.

    They seriously call this shitty excuse for an oligarchy a Democracy?

    As a German annoyed by our cencorship I can only say this to you:

    F*ck off.

    America isn’t the model for democracy you’d like to believe, we just have different values over here.
    If you’re not American: your country isn’t either.

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    strathmeyer says:

    Then be lucky you don’t live in America, where the MPAA censors movies, the FCC television and radio, and at age 15 it was easier for me to buy alcohol, tobacco, and pornogoraphy than it was for me to buy a video game at age 25.

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    Bigman-K says:

    The german censorship regime for films and video games is disgusting. Their government’s views on Free Speech are akin to Kim-Jong-Ill of North Korea. How they can call themselves a democracy i don’t know. They should call it a nannystateocracy.

    "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

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    ulix says:

    Although of course, out of the few games actually banned in Germany, NONE (except good old Wolfenstein3D) is a WW2 shooter. The only other game actually banned with a world war 2 setting is "Commandos – Behind enemy lines". Both of these games are banned because of their use of swatzikas, not because of their depiction of violence (like almost all other banned games) – today all developers just use some other symbol for their German versions.

    Do your homework next time please before saying unfounded BS.


    Never heard a more uninformed commentary. As a German I can tell you that German pupils are practically tortured with WW2, not only in their history classes, but also in almost any other subject. No topic (NO TOPIC AT ALL) takes up nearly as much time in German school classes.

    So nothing like Japan.

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    Unruly says:

    And if you notice, Germany has been trying to bury that part of their past. Just like Japan. But unlike Japan, their trying to bury it is only leading them towards repeating it.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    "It’s hard when half-truths are being used. They say the USK does this wrong, the USK does that bad and why doesn’t this get a rating?"

    Uh…  Is that seriously his idea of a rebuttal?  A summary of the other person’s views is not exactly a compelling argument that they are "half-truths".

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