Facing Crime Wave, Venezuela Moves to Ban Violent Video Games

While Venezuela has been the (unwilling) setting for at least one violent video game (Mercenaries 2: World in Flames), lawmakers there are moving ahead with plans to ban violent games and toys.

The effort, reports Reuters, is aimed at reducing an unprecedented wave of crime and violence. According to Reuters, dozens of people are murdered in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas every week.

A measure detailing the proposed ban passed Venezuela’s National Assembly this week. In order to become law, the game ban bill would need to be voted on a second time and then signed into law by President Hugo Chavez.

If passed, the video game ban would not be the first time that the Venezuelan government has targeted a form of media in response to social issues. In 2008 the government banned The Simpsons as unsuitable for children.

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  1. Wormdundee says:

    Well, I think you’re agreeing with me here. I didn’t say that gangs would decrease if you kept videogames around, I said they would increase if you took video games away.

  2. JustChris says:

    Many people still don’t realize it, but indoor, relatively tame activities like playing video games do not go well with gangs.

    If video games are still considered a nerdy hobby, do you think hardcore gangs are going to have an interest playing them? I could totally not picture a bunch of shirtless guys with chains and tattoos grouping up in somoene’s home to play video games for hours. Shooting with virtual guns won’t thrill them because they’re already using the real thing.

  3. axiomatic says:

    Make up your mind governments! Are gamers too fat and too lazy to commit a crime or are gamers really hardened criminals in the making? Your flip flop wishy washyness on this issue have us all confused.

    I have a feeling that it’s both, and that they interchange the accusations as needed behind the podium to scapegoat particular issues.

  4. Mad_Scientist says:

    As much as I’m not a fan of Chavez, is there any indication that he has so far had much, or any, involvement in this effort to restrict games?

  5. Lcpuche says:

    Chavez is a phenomenal moron. Im from Colombia, and the guy has done nothing but bring bad reputation to south america.

    i didn’t expect any less.

  6. Wormdundee says:

    I see crime getting worse if they do this. Less things for young people to entertain themselves with, means they’ll go out instead, possibly get caught up in gangs, etc. If your country is entrenched in violence you want to INCREASE the avenues of entertainment so that people don’t go around smashing windows just because they’re bored.

    Remember this post if this bill passes, I’m predicting a statistically significant increase in violence. Or at the very least, there will be zero decrease.

  7. hellfire7885 says:

    Well, Chavez wanted MErcenaries 2 banne,d now he can make that a reality. Seriously, if you get scared that a video game might incite people to overthrow you, then people might already be thinking about it.

    As for the ban, ya, taking away more things that can keep youth off the streets and away from negative influences if a GREAT idea, crime lords won’t get more access to them at all.

    I look forward to laughing when these people are left scratchign their heads as to why this didn’t work, or, if crime gets worse.

  8. JustChris says:

    What’s the deal with this country? The violence problem is gradually turning it into another Colombia! They’re doing away with several forms of entertainment. First music promoters are reluctant to book big events after the crazy nightclub shooting two years ago, and now they want to remove this.


  9. KayleL says:

    Crime wave? That country looked unstable to begin with. I can’t say for sure because you could never trust news (especially fox news) when it comes to imagery.

  10. Shahab says:

    Don’t knitpick, it makes you look like a know it all. We know we’re a republic, the founding fathers wanted to minimize the impact of a largely uneducated voting public and that was back when barely anyone could vote.

    Its founded on democratic values, where in people largely get a vote for representation. So, we’re a democracy, albeit not a direct democracy.

  11. Shahab says:

    No. I lived in Iran for almost a year and trust me, they DON’T like their government. In fact, it kind of is like here, they hate their gov. but realize that by now they can’t really change it.

    Anyway, 12 freaking murders a week, jesus.

  12. Azhrarn says:

    The people of Iran know quite well that they’re not living in a democracy, they are however keeping relatively quiet because having your loved ones kidnapped or being thrown in jail isn’t going to help.


  13. chadachada321 says:

    Is that an actual quote by Rodrigo? I like it ^^

    I also always liked the classic, "Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither and shall have none." -Commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin

    -If an apple a day keeps the doctor away….what happens when a doctor eats an apple?-

  14. ZippyDSMlee says:


    I think its simpley easier to not spare the rod, you gain power with a gaol in mind then when you have it it becoems easier to just relax and stay in power above the commen folk. Its happening right now in the US with the increaseing noble status of our public officals………….

    Until lobbying is a hanging offense I choose anarchy! Stop supporting big media and furthering the criminalization of consumers!! http://zippydsmlee.wordpress.com/

  15. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Ya it really coems down to how the people in power discriminate that power if they do so with the mindset they are part of the public then things tend to be more balanced if they do it with the mindset they are above the public things can go bad rather fast.


    Sometimes I think governments and the people in them forget they are there to help manage the region not lord over it…..

    Until lobbying is a hanging offense I choose anarchy! Stop supporting big media and furthering the criminalization of consumers!! http://zippydsmlee.wordpress.com/

  16. Speeder says:

    Mind you, not all dictatorship are bad, neither all comunism are bad (in fact, Stalinism is particularly bad :/ I dunno why governments insist in implementing it…)


    Here in Brazil we had a capistalist dictatorship during the cold war, when the cold war ended, we got our democracy back… Altough in democracy the government does not supress stuff neither arrest random people, our democratic government is a failure, the people there are highly corrupt, and the population don’t care, as long as their get their "share" too (here is common practice exchange votes for money or other stuff, even with if being illegal, but nearly 100% of our population already did criminal stuff anyway)



  17. Zerodash says:

    Perhaps its because leftist policy cannot work without Stalinist oppression.  It’s no different than a right-wing government working without Taliban-style oppression. 

    The left and the right are different sides of the same coin.  An evil, vile, and oppressive coin.

  18. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Dictortailship(zippy word for taint amount to dictatorship) makes managing a government from the top down easier, this is why communism has a hard time working because it defaults to those with power conglomerate it and control it, its basic human greed and idiocy.

    Until lobbying is a hanging offense I choose anarchy! Stop supporting big media and furthering the criminalization of consumers!! http://zippydsmlee.wordpress.com/

  19. Speeder says:

    Chavez dissapoint me… 

    He had everything to show how a left government should work, but instead he decided to imitate Stalin…


    WHYY WHYY SO MANY LEFT GOVENRMENTS IMITATE STALIN???? THAT GUY SUCK! (btw: Stalin imitators list: Venezuela, the deposed guy in Honduras, dunno why US want put him back btw…, China… altough they are learning and steering away from that, Cuba, North Korea).

    Chavez is a bright guy, done some particularly stuff, but he is letting his cold war view cloud his mind and he is imitating stalin 🙁 At least he made the good deceision of inviting Russians to protect South America from the US. 🙂



  20. Maktul says:

    Technically the US is not a democracy and most people living here believe that it is.  To be accurate the US is a democratic republic, we use democracy to elect our representatives to manage the government, in a true democracy the population votes on everything.

  21. Dante says:

    i dont think there is any other nation in the world where its people think that they are living under democracy, when they are not.

  22. DarkSaber says:



    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  23. Michael Chandra says:

    When your goverment start to look problems in fiction instead real life, is not a good time.
    – Rodrigo Ybáñez García

  24. Baruch_S says:

    Part of me wants them to do this so we can see it fail miserably and then use it against people who suggest doing the same in other countries. The other part of me just feels sorry for the people of Venezuela.

  25. vellocet says:

    Although I would like to agree with you, I don’t think The Simpsons could be considered a "form of media".

    But it should be 😉

  26. MaskedPixelante says:

    No, then they’ll start banning video games where the violence isn’t apparant, like sports titles and cartoon-ish games.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  27. Zerodash says:

    I’m sure the benevolent socialist government of Venezuela knows whats best for its people. *sarchasm*

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