Chinese Gamers Stage Virtual Blockade in Protest of Crappy Remake

Everyone complains about lousy remakes of favorite games, but activist Chinese gamers did something about it – at least for a little while.

zonaeuropa reports that the online relaunch of Hot Blooded Legend was stopped cold by a mob of avatars that blocked new players from passing through the gates of the game’s virtual city. The avatars were controlled by Chinese gamers who were upset that the new game didn’t do justice to their beloved original:

Several days ago, Shanda published some screen captures which the players sadly found to include class restrictions and commercial stores… if a player has cash, he can purchase equipment to upgrade without having to go through the trouble to combat monsters …

The players decided to call for a boycott…  At 2pm, the game opened as scheduled…  At one entrance, more than 40 characters stood still.  They wore cloth dresses and cloth shoes and stood shoulder to shoulder. Other players cannot enter… Meanwhile, several thousand people were blocking the gates of the various cities in the game.

The "counter-attack" [by game admins] came soon… Some players found their screen went black suddenly… Other players were transported by the system administrator far into the wilderness…

While the blockade eventually ran out of steam, the protesters made their point.

Via: boingboing

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