Report: Singapore Gamers in Suicide Pact

The Associated Press is reporting that eight teen gamers in Singapore joined a suicide pact last month. However, after watching two of their number leap from a ninth floor window, the rest backed out.

The teens were reportedly fans of a video game called Slayers.

Citing a report Singapore’s New Paper, the AP writes:

According to a police investigation, 16-year-old Ku Witaya, a self-proclaimed Taoist medium, convinced his younger brother and six other boys that they had to die to become `slayers’ who would kill demons in a World War III.

While we are not familiar with Slayers, a Wikipedia entry seems to indicate that games in the series are quite old:

Slayers is a series of over 50 light novels… Slayers is a Dungeons & Dragons inspired narrative…

Several Slayers role playing games have been released in Japan. Slayers was released by Banpresto on Super Famicom on June 24, 1994. Another game entitled Slayers was released for NEC PC-9801. Slayers Royal was released by Kadokawa Shoten for Sega Saturn on July 25, 1997. and by ESP Software for PlayStation on June 25, 1998. A sequel, Slayers Royal 2 was released on Sega Saturn by ESP Software on September 03, 1998 and on PlayStation on July 11, 1999. Slayers Wonderful [screenshot at left] was published by Banpresto for Sony Playstation on October 22, 1998…

There is more info in the Straits Times.

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  1. aespire says:

    I don’t believe that there was any mentioning of them being Slayers fan in any source from Singapore. In any case, from what was reported in the newspapers, they were going to “sacrifice” themselves to become slayers in WWIII against demons, which they believe is going to happen soon.

    The slayer reference here has nothing to do with the manga/game/anime Slayers, but more to do with “a person who slays” demons. No idea where they got the gamer reference from but it was never mentioned.

    Note that Taoism does not condone activities that would harm themselves or others.

  2. TBoneTony says:

    I have seen Slayers season 1, 2, 3 and also the Movie and OVA series…


    None had any relevence in world war 3 and nobody killed themselves….


    makes me laugh how some of those people just make up stupid stories…

  3. MartyB says:

    They had a follow-up story that explained it more,


    Apparently the kids were holding rituals together.

    "They told the court how close they were to Witaya, and how they attended weekly rituals at his Jalan Damai flat in Bedok Reservoir, where he would go into a trance.

    A month before the tragedy, they said, Witaya was in such a trance when he told the group that a world war was coming, and that they had to die in order to be resurrected as slayers who would save the world from demonic attacks."

    So I think this falls more into "self proclaimed spiritual powers" as many cult leaders, instead of gaming related.

  4. Andrew Eisen says:

    The Associated Press article mentions it.  That’s where GP pulled the quote from.


    Andrew Eisen

  5. MrBounce says:

    I don’t see where they refer to a video game, quote "The teens were reportedly fans of a video game called Slayers" as stated in the above artcle? Does the full newspaper article refer to it instead?

    Also, slayers + demons? Could it be a reference to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (if I remember correctly, when one Slayer dies another is "born", and they followed the theme throughout the series with multiple slayers being born). There’s a couple of video games on the series as well.

    Of course, nowadays with all this poor reporting / understanding by the media, they equate / roll into one video games, comics, tv, movies, etc as the root of all evil in current society.

  6. PxDnNinja says:

    I think the image is misleading. Perhaps I read something wrong, but it sounds like they were playing a PnP game called Slayers, and THAT is what they were "following" when they did this. The Slayers anime I doubt had anything to do with it.


    Though with society today, I won’t be surprised to find I’m wrong…

  7. MaskedPixelante says:

    Well if they wanted to do that, they should just have had their iPods taken away, that will often do it.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  8. gamadaya says:

    There was a game called Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Slayer. Maybe that has something to do with WW2? Although it was on the 3DO, so the chance that any of these kids had heard of it is like 1 in a billion.

    But seriously, I laughed my ass off when I realized what they were talking about.


    Believe in something! Even if it’s wrong, believe in it!


    -Glenn Beck

  9. nightwng2000 says:

    Breaking News:  Video games and Anime teach children integrity and honor, even when doing something everyone else thinks is stupid.

    Often, when individuals decide to make suicide pacts and claim religious reasons (cults or otherwise), the leaders or at least those who propose the group take their lives tend to back out, whether through fear at the last moment or deceit and malice. 

    But, here, whether just stupid or insane, this kid, having encouraged others into a suicide pact, followed through with it.  It was the followers who backed out/chickened out/smartened up/whatever.

    That being said, I’m for some reason drawn to Jeff Dunham and his dead terrorist puppet and the bit about the 7,000 virigns.  Really, kid, what makes you believe you won’t end up the ones the slayers go after rather than becoming the slayers?  Especially after having chosen the path of suicide as how you enter the spirit realm, eh?


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  10. Sai says:

    Maybe it was a different thing called "Slayers"? I can’t see what about a high fantasy comedy that would convince someone they had to kill themselves to fight demons in WW3. 

  11. DarkSaber says:

    Because they were idiots?


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  12. DarkSaber says:

    To quote Bill Hicks "Oh dear, two less gas station attendants in the world"


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  13. Flamespeak says:

    I just find it to be insanely stupid on about every level.  There are plenty of tragic deaths in the world (cancer, getting hit by a drunk driver, house burning down around you because of a faulty console, etc.) but when a person who claims to be a prophet for a faith that doesn’t support incarnation convinces someone to kill themselves to be a part of a World War that is never mentioned in a series they follow to become a part of that fantasy the only word that comes to mind is ‘stupid’. Not tragic, not pitiable, not mis-guided, but just plain ol’ stupid.


  14. ScotlandTom says:

    Regardless of how idiotic their reasoning the lives of two teenagers were lost.  That’s not hilarious to me, that’s pitiable and tragic.

  15. Andrew Eisen says:

    AE: Please don’t prefix every post with three carriage returns.  Thanks.

  16. mdo7 says:



    Yeah, I remember watching that anime on Youtube.  I love that anime, it may be old school but I found it to be awesome.  Too bad, they never release the game in US.  There would’ve been a lot of fan who would like to play the game like me.


  17. Arell says:

    Ahaha!  Slayers?!?  I’m sorry, but having watched two seasons on the anime, the idea of people killing themselves over it is just hilarious.

  18. Arell says:

    Maybe they were arroused by all the women in that female only town in the second season, and were shocked and dismayed to find out they were all male transvestites.  😛

    Or maybe Amelia’s English voice made them want to commit suicide.

  19. magic_taco says:


    That’s a damn shame, I really liked watching that anime.

    And i planned to buy the 2nd and 3rd seasons DVDs.

  20. magic_taco says:

    All that in signapore?; Sheesh…What gave the idea of some very stupid teens to do something like that?

    I can understand they were Taoist or something…but its chilling my spine hearing someone with a werid belief like that involving taoism.


    Uhhh….I’ll just look Taoism up.

  21. Firebird says:

    Slayer, a death-metal band about demons, satan, and all kinds of perverted shit.

    (I prefer, ANGEEEL OF DEEEAATH!!!) *growls*


    Slayers, a decade long-running anime series, based on a aggressive self-centered sorceress and her dumb-blonde guardian and their compatriots. (meh…. it’s an ok show)


    Yeah….. are they sure to have meant the anime?

  22. DarkSaber says:

    At least they aren’t blaming Slayer. RAINING BLOOD!!!


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  23. Austin_Lewis says:

    The self proclaimed medium and his best friend jumped first.  HAHAHAH.  I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious to me.

  24. Neeneko says:

    Yeah, I see 2 basic possiblities here:

    (1) The newspaper goofed and there is some other connection.

    (2) The group formed in some kind of slayers forum, and the forum was just a way for some like minded suicidal people to meet.  After that the newspaper simply sensationalized it by hearing ‘slayers’ and assuming the series had anything to do with it.

  25. ShayGuy says:

    Er, Slayers may have video game tie-ins, but it’s NOT a video game series. And it has pretty much nothing to do with WWIII. I think this newspaper goofed.

    Granted, Lina Inverse isn’t exactly a good role model.

    Lord, grant me the strength to finish what I

  26. HarmlessBunny says:

    Wow Slayers? You mean the hilarious fantasy show, with quirky characters fighting Dragons and demons? Hm. A young red-head Sorceress with a love of blowing things up and her dumb blonde guardian companion who is a brilliant swordsman do not equate "kill demons in World War III".

    If this is what the suicidees thought, then they are not just sick…they are complete idiots.

    I think the newspaper messed up somewhere in researching this one.

  27. MartyB says:

    I just hope the one who convince the others to jump, was the first one out the window…

    Makes two other jump first, and when comes his turn " Well, you know… on second thought, Lets just forget about the whole thing, it was just a silly idea…"

  28. Monte says:

     Ok, i’ve seen Slayers, and i am having a lot of trouble seeing the connection… I mean, it’s essentially a fantasy based comedy. Hell i never even really new why it was even called slayers in the first place as the name makes the series sound more serious than it actually is. How anyone could get "slaying demons in world war III" out of THAT series is beyond me…

    not to mention, that the series is a graphic novel first and an anime second… video games based off of it are more like the video games based off of disney movies. So if anything this story would have more to do with anime and manga, than video games… Though really, considering the series, i REALLY have to question the Associated Press’s reporting on this… A series like Death Note or Berserk i could believe, but not slayers…

  29. MaskedPixelante says:

    At least they didn’t do something stupid, like Codey Porter (or whatever his name was)

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

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