Ten Years On, Peter Moore Reminisces About the Dreamcast

Sega’s marvelous Dreamcast system launched ten years ago today and EA Sports boss Peter Moore, who headed Sega of America at the time, has posted a nice retrospective on his blog.

Although EA’s refusal to develop for the DC was likely a major factor in its abbreviated life, Moore is diplomatic on this issue:

Over the years, I have been asked many times whether EA’s decision not to develop and publish games for the Dreamcast was a major contributing factor in its early demise. That we will never know. But it is hard to argue with EA’s rationale at the time and the ultimate outcome – get in position for the impending arrival of the Playstation 2, deploying all resources against the newest version of Sony’s already wildly successful video game platform…

Moore also points out that the DC, which shipped with a built-in modem, was the first console truly enabled for online gaming:

With the Dreamcast’s online capabilities, we coined a phrase "We’re taking gamers where gaming is going"…  As rudimentary as those first dial-up game play experiences were, we proved that it could be done, and that gamers were clamoring for competition that extended past whomever was sat next to you on the couch at the time…


Many saw the Dreamcast as a spectacular failure… If measured by longevity and the ultimate financial outcome, they were right. But the Dreamcast had a profound and lasting impact on the world of video games…

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  1. FlakAttack says:

    "As rudimentary as those first dial-up game play experiences were, we proved that it could be done, and that gamers were clamoring for competition that extended past whomever was sat next to you on the couch at the time…"

    Not to diss anyone, but I believe that honor belongs to PC Gaming. Sorry to burst your bubble Peter Moore.

    Anyway, don’t mind me. Carry on with your nostalgia guys.

  2. TBoneTony says:

    Skies of Arcadia: The best RPG on the Dreamcast and something that was as close to Final Fantasy seven while also being individual on its own because you controlled a young optimistic Air Pirate to dreams of sailing around the sky.

    Also not only was it a great game, but it had awesome music to boot.

    I was so lucky that Skies of Arcadia came to the Nintendo Gamecube because I really wanted a Dreamcast back in the day but never had enough money, and when I did the Dreamcast was not sold anywhere.


  3. Lou says:

    You do realize that one of the mayor downfalls of the Dreamcast was the anemic lack of data storage right. While Sony was bragging about using DVDs for games the DC’s media discs has about 75% less data than a single layer DVD. The Dreamcast dien because of poor management, broken promises and Sega’s unwillingness to spend money where they should of. Oh and the last nail on the Coffin was Peter Moore’s last report to Sega pretty much telling them to wave the white flag and give up on hardware.

  4. Shahab says:

    I STILL play my Dreamcast. I am pretty much a PC only guy, especially lately, and haven’t bought a new console since the PS2 all those years ago, but the Dreamcast was pretty awesome. It was timed wrong unfortunately and with backwards compatibility and the better graphics of the PS2 it just never had a chance.

    Love the Dreamcast…Its thinking….

  5. cpu64 says:

    I don’t know why some people still compare the DC graphics with the PS2. The DC has much cleaner graphics than the garbage PS2 blurry muddy games.

    PS2 was a dvd player, the DC wasn’t. Case closed.

  6. Lou says:

    Ah a console that was way ahead of it’s time. Unfortunately a series of inconveniences stopped the console dead in it’s tracks.  Too bad though, if Sega would of put some real money in advertising the console could of had a longer life span.

  7. Zerodash says:

    Soul Calibur is available on XBLA.  There isn’t any online play, but it runs in 1080p and plays just as well as it ever did.

  8. DavCube says:

    *sigh* Curse my lack of money back in that hayday.

    It’s a good thing most of the stellar titles for the Dreamcast have been ported or enhanced or what have you since the console bought it. I’d still like to see a Shenmue or Soul Calibur port at some point, though.

  9. hellfire7885 says:

    The Dreamcast truly died before it’s time. Sure some things went wrong with it but it did a whole HELL of a lot more right.

    And many, MANY of the games for it effin rocked. I loved Sonic Adventure, Toy Commander, Crazy Taxi, AIr Force Delta… Sadly many of the same franchises died with the console. Power Stone would do extremely well today.


    And to those who want to get their hands on this beloved console…

    Thinkgeek has them for sale.

  10. Zerodash says:

    I’ve been playing my DC all week- still looks good on Hi-Def sets if you run it through VGA.  this was my all-time favorite console, and perhaps the one with the most creative, quirky, and even innovative games as a proportion of its library than any other console.  Even after it "died" the import scene was fairly active- especially if you were into 2D fighters and shmups. 

  11. DarkSaber says:

    I loved Jet Set Radio and Shenmue!


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

  12. HarmlessBunny says:

    Hey I still own my Dreamcast 🙂  I was proud to have that beast. I remember, at the time, it had a few exclusives like Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Shenmue, Virtua On II, and Soul Calibur that I played endlessly 🙂

    It was a good system. The graphics were on par with PS2, and it was a fun system to play. A shame it died after a short life *sniff*

  13. jedidethfreak says:

    Don’t forget, though, that it was during the Dreamcast era that anyone actually made sports games that were dead even with, if not better than, EA’s.  After the Dreamcast, though, the 2k series just sucked.

    He was dead when I got here.

  14. Austin_Lewis says:

    Except for, you know, SHENMUE.

    You want to know what did the Dreamcast in?  LAWSUIT.  That whole Bleem thing just fucked Sega pretty hard.

  15. Arell says:

    Heh, I remember being a stanch supporter of Nintendo during the great console wars.  Siding with one console seems so silly now.  I just roll my eyes when people argue about which is better, XBox or PS3.

    Dreamcast’s failure was a result of a lot of coinciding factors.  I think the biggest one was that the system never really generated any real excitement in the video game community.  Having a modem didn’t get more interest because everyone was on dialup at the time, so nobody really cared about online play.  It’s graphics weren’t spectacular, compared to the soon-to-be PS2.  And the exclusive collection didn’t have any must-haves.

  16. Roh02 says:

    *sniffle" I bought a dreamcast back in the day

    (I dont have it anymore but I really want to get one again)

    (I recently bought an old megadrive and a bunch of games

    (Ive also got hold of a master system 2 and a sega saturn no games though I never owned either of those when they were new though wouldve if I couldve afforded them though)

    I bought my fair share of dreamcast games

    resident evil code:veronica , shemnue 1 and 2 , ecco the dolphin:defender of the future , evolution:world of sacred device , grandia 2 , omicron:nomad soul , slave zero , sonic adventure 1 and 2 , soul calibur , phantasy star online , rival schools 2

    I may have bought more I just dont remember

    back in the old console wars I sided with sega … they really should make a new console WE CANT LET NINTENDO WIN

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